Danielle and I rewatched “Jurassic Park” last night. It is a strange fucking movie. I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen it at this point at least 3 dozen times I would think, but it is a fucking weird movie filled with the dumbest characters ever put on film. 

The girl who strangely looks like a mini-Laura Dern is one of the dumbest movie characters in all of movie history. She’s in a Ford Explorer and an actual T-Rex is standing no less than 15 feet away and she decides to jump into the trunk of the car and find an enormous flashlight and turn it on. Why? Why?!!? Pretty much every creature that has ever existed on this planet would be drawn to a beam of light that is moving around. Human beings would be attracted to a beam of light that is moving around! No one in a horror movie has ever done as stupid of a thing as being in a hiding spot in the dark then going out of their way to find a flashlight to turn it on and to point it at the thing they are worried about killing them.

THEN! 20 seconds after she just turned the flashlight on she is 100% incapable of turning the flashlight off! Incapable! Completely cannot figure out how to turn off a flashlight she literally turned on less than a minute ago.

Later, she references herself as a “hacker” and is shown to be a whiz with computers. I guess if the flashlight was turned on and off with Linux software – she would’ve been able to do it.

The movie is also filled with the oddest humor, which makes all the characters seem like sociopath buffoons.

How about Laura Dern being attacked by a velociraptor then an arm falls on her shoulder out of the shadows and she’s all calm for a second like “ohhh, Mr. Arnold” then it turns out it’s a bloody stump of an arm that I guess the velociraptor hid back there for this very moment and that revelation of the bloody arm is what makes Laura realize again that their is a highly murderous dinosaur a couple feet from trying to rip through the tiny little fence between them.

Also, by the end of the movie, Laura Dern is about one more dinosaur chase away from creaming her khaki shorts. SERIOUSLY! She starts off as some archaeological nerd and with every seen Laura Dern fucking wants IT and Wants IT and WANTS IT to the point that she ditches her glasses, ditches her top, and she’s got some pretty serious pokies happening beneath her tank top to the point that they should seriously put those kids in a different chopper off the island because she needs to get Dr. Grant’s D tout de suite in her toot sweet.

I may have missed something on every viewing of Jurassic Park, but…


Where does everyone go?

I feel like they must make some mention of it, but maybe they don’t. Did they escape the island when everyone else was manning the fort?

There are dozens of scientists as well as waiters and chefs on this island. What happened to them? Are they eaten by dinosaurs too?

There’s the shitty, park ranger/doctor who is such a shitty doctor that he doesn’t notice the sick triceratops’ gigantic eyes are dilating. He takes Laura Dern for a ride – not that kind of ride although she certainly wants IT – and then is never seen or heard from again. I mean where did he go? Am I forgetting like a mass exodus sequence where all the chefs and scientists like B.D. Wong get off the island while the rest of our protagonists/morons decide to stay on the island to ‘rassle with the dinos?



More like “gay warden” if you ask me with his sassy khaki shorts showing off more leg than Debbie Does Dallas Laura Dern over there.

First off, he’s a fucking lunatic who wants to kill all the animals in the park, so we might as well make him in charge, right?

Second off, when he finally gets the chance to show off his hunting prowess, he tries to trick the ever-clever raptors by placing his curled-up cowboy hat on a log as if the raptors would spot it and go after that instead of going after him as he tries to flank them. Uhhhhhh, what the fuck?!?!?! What kind of horrible plan is that? That raptor doesn’t know what the fuck that hat is or even going to register that that is a hat and hats are worn by humans, so it should go after it.

IF you’re hunting something and trying to draw it into a trap, you have to put something in the trap area that will lure the animal. A hat ain’t going to do it. Especially, a hat that isn’t even fucking doing anything besides sitting on a stationary log. That raptor and/or any animal ever will just be looking through the jungle and be like, “tree, tree, tree, tree, tree” they’re not going to be like, “tree, tree, tree, hat on a log, tree, tree- WAIT A SECOND! Hat on a log?!??!?! There’s a human under that hat I bet!”

So fucking stupid. Worst hunter ever and worst hire ever by the most inept grandfather of all-time.

Sure, I could criticize Sam Neil’s Dr. Grant character who has a weird perversion with children and, also, doesn’t think to climb around to the other side of the tree where the Ford Explorer isn’t dangling over head, but he’s a mole hill compared to the mountain of idiocy that is John Hammond.


Hey, you Santa Claus look-a-like motherfucker, what is going on in your fucking idiot skull?! You’re going to test drive a theme park – that you totally think there’s a chance will kill everyone that steps foot into it – with your grandkids?!

Not only does he test drive the theme park with his fucking grandkids, but could he have a more skeletal crew of people involved with keeping DINOSAURS behind a wire fence? He has one “game warden” for a fucking island of creatures that are all 10x the size of us and we have absolutely no experience keeping control of. ONE GUY IS IN CHARGE OF THAT! Shit, I worked at a non-profit for a few months and my desk was near the mail room and there were 5 people working the mail room. FIVE. Five people sorting mail to be delivered in house to a staff of like 200 people. FIVE. John Hammond hired ONE guy to handle keeping an island of HUNDREDS of DINOSAURS in line from KILLING PEOPLE! John Hammond is the fucking dumbest man ever!

And then when everything falls apart and that Col. Sanders look-a-like motherfucker is simply waiting to hear if his grandkids have been murdered by dinosaurs – what does this fucking idiot do?


Ice cream! The fucking old coot doesn’t grab a walkie-talkie and stand-by pacing around or maybe get off his rich ass and grab a fucking shotgun and try to kill a dinosaur himself. NO! What this fucker does is go into the expansive kitchen of the catering hall and pull out multiple drums of ice cream and then he carries them into the dining room and he just sits down and goes to town on some ice cream. SERIOUSLY!!

This dude bought an island, bought scientists to make dinosaurs, filled the island with dinosaurs, hired less than the minimum of people to run this island and the highly-dangerous dinosaurs that he brought back to life, and then he threw his grandkids into the mix.

Also, he is an actual moron in the movie too. The other characters point out what an idiot he is. Laura Dern mentions that John has filled the island with poisonous plants because they look pretty, but he doesn’t know nor did he do any research to know that they’re poisonous plants. Besides all the shit that we see him do that is dumb that Steven Spielberg probably didn’t intentionally think would make him look dumb and instead thought they would be nice set piece scenes – his character is actually fucking dumb to the other characters.


There’s a strange scene where he it is setup that he’s the reason why Wayne Knight’s character does the shit that he does that eventually causes all the power to go out. First, he only hired ONE person to code or decode or whatever computer nonsense that Wayne Knight is doing. This plus an apparently low salary and a shitty attitude by John leads Wayne Knight to become disgruntled and fuck them all over.

Plus, the park is just a fucking murder park to begin with. He’s got dinosaurs and raptors just being fed live animals to be torn to shreds. John Hammond is fucking PETA’s worse fucking nightmare. A live cow simply lowered into a room of raptors to tear it to fucking shreds? A live goat tied to a pole for a T-Rex to fucking pick its teeth with? He’s easily the most terrible person alive. That’s all if the park is going well too! Once the park falls apart, it’s just a T-Rex and raptors running loose eating whatever dinosaur they feel like. So, he brought back dinosaurs into existence, so they could either murder or be murdered. Isn’t that the most psychotic thing you’ve ever heard?

And, in the end, he fucking survives too. There should have been a shot of John Hammond sacrificing himself to help save his fucking grandkids. Or a shot of him staying on the island to go down with the ship ala Titanic, which in this case means to get torn to shred by the fucking horrible creations that he unleashed on the world that will all no doubt be killed by each other and/or the poisonous plants he stocked the island with because they were pretty.


If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned Jeff Goldblum or the boy – it’s because those two characters are flawless.

Goldblum points out what a death trap this island is and he tries to fuck Laura Dern and he has to actually tell Sam Neil to worry for the kids’ safety.

The boy? He knows more about dinosaurs than almost all of the adults and appears to know just as much about dinosaurs as Dr. Grant, he has a healthy fear of everything that is going on, and he’s a fucking kid. You want me to find fault in some kid? Disgusting. The girl does all the moronic things in their section of the movie.

The movie is weird. I’ll watch it another million times though. It’s fucking Jurassic Park!


THE CURSED SEAL IS RELEASED AND WE CAN ALL BE FREE (until Bachelor in Paradise starts this summer)!!!! WE CAN ALL LIVE FREELY (meaning we can now watch something else on Monday nights for 2 to 3 hours like House of Cards)!!!!!! YES!!!!!

Last night was the finale for trick ass, punk ass mark Chris Soules’ stupid ass, dumb ass season of the Bachelor.

And you may have guessed from her name trending all day on Yahoo or from the myriad of articles that are more or less lazy FBI background checks on her propagating all over the internet today…



Congrats, I guess.

So, Whitney won.

She did win. Technically, she totally won. I mean she totally got the final rose and she totally got the engagement ring. That totally happened. He said the “I love you” words and he proposed and all of that totally happened in some stupid ass barn in stupid ass Iowa with a stupid ass stained-glass spraying tie-dye colored light all over this stupid ass moment of theirs.


The thing is…


He so did.

Fucking numb nuts Chris wanted to choose Becca, but that Jamie Lynn Spears looking virgin didn’t want anything to do with him. Honestly, it was pretty amazing.

Covered head to toe in about 10 pounds of bronzer, Becca carved a hole into numb nuts Chris’ heart and proceeded to proceeded to put not an ounce of herself into it. She couldn’t have been any less committal to a guy whose TV show she is on for the sole purpose of being proposed to by him.

Becca was all like ‘you can propose to me, but I’m not sure if that’s going to make me like you like you anymore than I do now or ever and I’m also not really that into liking you just because you’re the only guy here.’ Not an exact quote, but it’s exactly what she was feeling.

After however much or little time the two of them spent together, Becca was not down to clown with Chris.


And if you’re not down to clown then I guess you have to move on and propose to the OTHER girl who is also riding in a limo on their way over to the same exact barn that the not clowning chick is leaving from because this is a fucking game show and that’s how the sanctity of marriage is dealt with on this show.

Seriously, if I was a marriage advocate who thinks gays getting married was a slap in the face to marriage… NO! The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is a fucking slap in the face to marriage. It’s not some great moment between two people who have found each other. It’s a fucking thing that you say you’re going to do because the show is coming to an end and the one chick isn’t feeling it, so you say you’re going to get married to the other one because why not – it’s not like any of this means anything because you don’t HAVE TO get married nor does it matter if you do and then divorce them because the marriage was based on winning a fucking gameshow. A FUCKING GAME SHOW!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Whatever your beef with gays is – they dress better and dance better than you probably – they’re not trying to get married because of a fucking game show. They want to get married because of government benefits and because they want the world to know they want to put their genitals together with this other person’s genitals for the rest of their life in a real way. And that’s what the true spirit of marriage is and not some fucking game show.

Back to the fucking proposal bullshit game show…

Per usual, Whitney adorned herself in pink and threw herself and her crazy type A eyes at numb nuts Chris for the entirety of the time she was shown on TV. She will do anything to win or at least pretend like she’s going to marry numb nuts Chris. Throw away her life, throw away her job, pretend like numb nuts Chris isn’t going to try and bang the hell out of his dance partner on Dancing with the Stars whose name is… Witney Carson.


She spells her name without an H like an idiot… but nevertheless…


Too fucking funny!

Whitney – the one on the bachelor who will soon be cheated on with Witney – said that she didn’t watch this season’s The Bachelor and Chris Harrison asked why every which way he could to try and break Whitney into saying that she didn’t watch it because numb nuts Chris was tongue-fucking every chick on the damn show including a 20 year old single mother, a pair of 24+ year old virgins, a clown prostitute, and he totally fucked Kaitlyn.

I’d 100% bet that Whitney has googled this shit in the middle of the night and found out about all the stuff that numb nuts Chris did and I’m sure she’ll see that numb nuts Chris would have totally asked Becca to marry him if she had given him even the slightest bit of confidence that she was at all planning on letting him pop her cherry.


It’s actually making me grossed out thinking about a grown man being into de-virginizing someone. I know it’s grossing you out, but let’s just be clear – I find it fucking creepy as shit as well.


Jimmy Kimmel was pretty hilarious saying point blank to numb nuts Chris that Becca just wasn’t into him… with Whitney right there.

The show kept pushing Ashley S. to be on Bachelor in Paradise.

And the show announced its new setup for the next season of The Bachelorette, which I feel like I don’t understand.

Next season, clown prostitute Britt – who showed up to the finale with about 1/10th of the make-up on that she normally had – and the cutest unemployed wino ever Kaitlyn will both be The Bachelorettes… for one night?

I’m not sure if this is right or not, but I think the idea is that the next season of The Bachelorette will have 25 dudes or whatever show up to the house and both Britt and Kaitlyn will be there and the guys will meet both of them and then at the end of the night the guys will get to decide who is The Bachelorette for that season.

Just another fucking slap in the face from Disney to women everywhere! WOOOO!!!

Also, the count total is 25 for Britt or 25 for Kaitlyn then there are going to be guys on the show who are faking it even more that they are into a chick they’re just supposed to be into because they’re on this game show that says they’re supposed to be into this chick — even though they just voted they would rather be into the only other option chick who they were more cool with faking that they were into her because they are supposed to be into her because this is a game show they signed up to be on.


Fucking hell.

I’d say there’s a 1% chance that Whitney and numb nuts Chris get married.

Thanks for reading!

WHAT IT IS!?!?!!

I survived a bachelor party weekend in Vermont consisting of dangerous as hell snowmobiling to watch more of this cluster fuck? YES I DID!

Last night, The Bachelor aired the shrillest and most fake tearful “Women Tell All” episode I have yet to see on the three seasons I have watched of this show.



A whole lot of nuttin’.

Or nothing.



After another two hours spent watching this trainwreck, nothing new was divulged or earned through all of this.

We didn’t learn why Kelsey is crazy, we didn’t learn why Ashley S. is crazy, we didn’t learn why Britt is fake, we didn’t learn why moron Chris pumped & dumped Kaitlyn, we didn’t learn why moron Chris let the “Wild Mustang” Jade out of the stable, and we didn’t learn a single thing about Samantha.

But were we really expecting to? Were you?

Were you really expecting to get answers? Because…


Kelsey is crazy because SHE’S FUCKING CRAZY!

Ashley S. is crazy because SHE’S FUCKING CRAZYbut it’s a harmless crazy not like Kelsey who will definitely knife you in the shower type of crazy.


Moron Chris fucked & chucked Kaitlyn because he fucking could and no one could or would stop him.

Moron Chris kicked Jade to the curb because he’s thoroughly creeped out by a pair of brothers calling their sister a “wild mustang” over and over again and he didn’t want to marry into that.

And Samantha? SHE’S NOT EVEN A REAL PERSON! She’s some black hair blown out CGI character that was in the show to pad out the numbers.

There was one funny part on last night’s ep where Samantha tried to blame Kelsey and her phoney-baloney panic attack for being the reason why moron Chris kicked her off the show and moron Chris didn’t get a chance to fall in love with her. Uhhhhhhhhh… no, CGI bitch, you were kicked off the show because no one knew who the fuck you were or why you were still there. As for you not getting to know moron Chris – I mean besides the idea of how can a human really ever get to know a CGI character – you had like a billion times to say something to moron Chris and vice versa and neither of you took advantage of it because you both inherently knew it wasn’t worth the effort. NEXT!

As mentioned, not a fuck ton happened last night. Just a lot of fake ass crying…


And the key perpetrator of the FAKE ASS CRYING was Britt.




Britt spent a good portion of last night’s episode squeezing her eyes together and puckering her clown prostitute make-up caked face to make it appear that she was truly about to burst a Hoover Dam amount of tears over her lost love – moron Chris. Maybe like one or two tears snuck through with all of her drama training, but by and large Britt made the sounds and the expressions of someone crying, but not the actual tears, which means… SHE FUCKING FAKE, SON!!!

Besides her auditioning for a guest spot on The Young & the Restless, Britt spent an inordinate amount of time yelling at Carly.

Britt blames Carly – 100% – for why Britt and moron Chris aren’t together.

The lion’s share of the first 90 minutes of the show before moron Chris came out was spent on Britt and Carly yelling over each other with Britt insisting the two of them were BFFs and that Carly ruined everything.

My two favorite parts of all this Britt nonsense was…

1. YOU’RE JUST OBSESSED WITH ME!!!! I called it in my head like 5 minutes into the Britt/Carly stuff, but I felt the need to actually say it out loud, so Danielle could be my witness in me obviously guessing the conclusion of Britt’s self-centered-ness – YOU FAKE ASS, CLOWN PROSTITUTE. As Britt hammered home as much as she could how it was Carly who was the villain of the season – which she wasn’t – Britt finally got to her point that she had wanted to make for the whole time, but it’s a bad point because it’s about the most self-centered thing anyone can possibly say – it’s because Carly was just jealous.

BOOM! We’ve had an egotistical explosion by Britt! That’s right, Britt. She was your friend and she was your friend because you were just so nice to her and because she was clearly just so in awe and had to be in awe of you and then as time wore on she became all “Single White Female” on you and got obsessed with you and couldn’t stop talking about you and then she had to go out and ruin your life with moron Chris. Typical, cruise ship singer Carly.

It’s the type of thinking that a truly self-obsessed person has and Britt has it and Britt sucks.

2. MORON CHRIS IS A MORON!!! Finally, moron Chris comes out and Britt walks on stage and has this shitty ass sit-down with him where she tells moron Chris her whole “Carly is obsessed with me” theory and that that is why moron Chris and Britt are not together. That’s when moron Chris says that it wasn’t because of Carly that he isn’t with Britt. Which Britt immediately says that she wouldn’t think that he had as simple mind of that to think that. What?


Follow that up with moron Chris totally not saying anything new besides what Carly said to him about Britt not being ready for shitty ass Arlington, Iowa… SO HE IS SO STUPID TO BE SWAYED BY JUST CARLY!

And yet, moron Chris still kicked Carly off. Why? BECAUSE HE’S A FUCKING MORON!!

What else? What else? What else?

Honestly, Kelsey didn’t do anything new either except for just be crazy, which we already knew.

Every time that crazy woman Kelsey says “Sanderson” – it makes my urethra clench.

What about Jade?

Well, she wore a body hugging dress and whined about how her sexy photos have haunted her for the 1000th time. Hey Jade, let’s be real for a minute, sexy photos are probably the tip of the iceberg with you and it’s not like you’re not about yourself being sexy. You’re not not dressing up your fake boobs and your real butt to be shown off for everyone to see including potential paying photographers to snap more bikini modelling pictures of you.

Moron Chris is a moron and he dumped you because he’s a moron and because he’s on a Disney TV show where he cannot pick the chick with the nudie photos out there because this show is all sorts of bullshit, but at the same time your family calling you a “wild mustang” is both creepy/gross and not inviting for would-be husbands.

Now, I agree with Jade that moron Chris should have said something to her about how he was pretty much ready to get rid of her after meeting her family and after seeing her nudie photos instead of saying stuff to her about how everything was cool and there were no issues and that every makeout session with him in front of his own parents and a in front of a high school at a football game really meant something to him because they didn’t.

And, I do think Jade was crying actual tears because she wasn’t doing the cry face and then there were actual tears that were coming out of her eyes.

Dear Jade, try Match.com – not The Bachelor.

Either way, I bet Jade will end up making out on TV sometime soon on The Bachelor in Paradise.

Who else?

Kaitlyn? Well, she tried to get moron Chris to tell her why he dumped her. She also alluded more to her having this night alone that the two of them “so deserved”, which I guess is the most polite way of saying “condom-less vag-fucking”. Either way, moron Chris did have anything for her. He just said the same shit that meant nothing about how he tried the best he could and he made some mistakes and he had to make a decision and he made it, which means FUCK YOU BITCH – I GOTS MINE, SO KICK ROCKS!!!

They didn’t say it last night, but everyone is rumoring that Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette, so that means that Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette because the rumors of Andi and moron Chris came out 100% true, so these will be true too and who the fuck cares.

Kaitlyn is cute, but she’s a simpleton.


Um, well, there was Ashely S.

She’s a weirdo. She looked good last night in this 1980’s cocaine party dress. It reminded me of my favorite 1980’s cocaine party dress, which was of course worn by Linda Kozlowski in the cocaine party scene in “Crocodile Dundee”.

Nothing was learned or gained from the Ashely S. interview as she just acted silly per usual and then they tried to yell at her to the point that she would agree to be on Bachelor in Paradise and then she dead panned how weird it is that they’re on TV. It is fucking weird that they’re on TV and you know what I feel like Ashley S. is really just saying what we’re all thinking if you were on the TV show and not at all interested in winning.

The best part of the Ashley S. truth-a-thon was when she mentioned how she just walked out of the house and found where the TV crew was living because she was bored and the rest of the girls in the house were crying and fighting. Yeah! Exactly! Wouldn’t it be fucking weird being in a house with women who have all made themselves crazy after this one guy just because they’re “supposed to”? It would be weird and it would be boring too, especially if you didn’t allow yourself to dupe yourself into getting crazy as well over this guy who is completely underwhelming as a human being.

Did I miss anything?

They did make fun of moron Chris’ dolphin laugh, which I’m happy about.

Next week, there is a THREE HOUR finale.

This show is fucking insane and requires a fuck ton of dedication. I hate it and love it and hate it, but then kind of love it, but then I hate it again and then I’m like whatever and I love it again, but then…


Did you see that shit coming?! Did you?! DID YOU!?!?!?!

Because I did… NOT! Seriously, I was pretty surprised with what happened last night in the sense that I didn’t have any expectations of dumbass Chris holding his second-to-last rose ceremony and right before he decides who is one step closer to being his Iowa slave-wife dumbass Chris just stops everything to have a whispery chit-chat with Becca for Buddha knows how long and then to walk back to the rose ceremony like Kaitlyn and Whitney didn’t notice dumbass Chris and Becca sneaking off to plan one of those two unsuspecting chicks’ downfall and then they mosey back over to the rose ceremony and just fucking karate chop Kaitlyn off of Bali like it ain’t no thang.

I will admit, I did not guess that shit would happen. And yet, it totally fucking did!

That was how the end of the episode played out with Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca lined up in their neon ceremonial robes with Becca’s boobs busting out of her shirt and dumbass Chris in more or less a training gi and he and Becca pulled the least subtle fast-one over on Kaitlyn.

I’m telling ya…



If you’re not familiar with those terms they loosely translate to…


That’s what fucking happened last night. That’s what fucking Disney had happen last night!

Seriously! This show is so atrocious! These people are the fucking worst!

I’m not saying I thought Kaitlyn was perfect for dumbass Chris. I’m not even saying Kaitlyn was even good for dumbass Chris. And I’m not even saying that Kaitlyn is some great prize and that I was rooting for her the entire time or that I even enjoyed watching her on TV. I’m not saying any of that.

What I am saying is that dumbass Chris definitely banged Kaitlyn. Like definitely.

I’m not sure if dumbass Chris banged Whitney. I get the feeling that he probably didn’t. But it definitely seemed like he banged Kaitlyn. And we know he didn’t bang out the virgin Becca because she’s still a virgin apparently.


The chick who is nice enough to allow dumbass Chris to enter inside of her with his penis – HE KICKS TO THE CURB THE FIRST CHANCE HE GETS!

This is who these women fell in love with? This is who they want to continue to be in love with?

What is happening in this world —- did Tyler Perry write last night’s episode?

The “whore” gets thrown back into harsh reality of a lonely life because she had sex and the virgin talks her way back into paradise? That’s some fucked up bullshit.

I think dumbass Chris is a dumbass and I think he’s a piece of shit.

There’s that.

As for the episode last night, well, we know what happened in the end. What else happened?


Besides her looking a lot like Jamie Lynn-Spears, I can’t remember much of her one-on-one time with dumbass Chris.

Did they do anything? Honestly, it’s just a blank screen in my head right now. I know she kind of told him about being a virgin in that she’s never been close to a guy, but then later that night she laid out that she’s a virgin by setting it up like she was a serial killer. Becca gave dumbass Chris this long preamble about how she’s never been close to a guy and there’s this reason— what is it? A sixth toe? The teeth in the vagina thing? You’re not a dude, are you?!?!?!

Anyway, she’s a virgin.

I like that the first reaction about hearing Becca being a virgin from dumbass Chris was this super awkward sigh of relief it wasn’t that she was born with a dick followed by a shrug of the shoulders like uhhhhh ok?

Everyone else’s reaction about Becca being a virgin? She totally could have banged like every guy she’s ever met, so what the hell has stopped her?

Becca is not crazy religious. And from the way her sister talked to her about her virginity, the sister was treating it as more of a sixth toe affliction than anything else. I mean Becca’s sister is married to an ex-NFL football player and not to make assumptions, but I would bet she was slanging around her puss to make that happen. Jacob Hester? He was playing ball in San Diego for several years – dude could have a California girl anytime he wanted, but he stuck with his Louisiana gal. I bet she gets wild in the sack.

Back to the matter at hand, Becca’s vagina may hate dicks.

Has anyone considered that? I’m just curious if anyone else has been thinking that as much as me. I mean I’m not so horny I’m out there humping strangers on the bus or anything, but not only is sex a natural compulsion to have, but there is a fucking time in your life where your body is basically tearing at the seams to get some.

I consider myself a feminist and in that I believe straight women like that dick and gay women like that poon. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. I’m not saying women are so damn horny they’re violating themselves with doorknobs or smearing peanut butter on themselves for the dog to lick off… I’m talking about a serious and healthy compulsion for sex.

And with that… I have a question- what the fuck has Becca been doing all this time?

If a woman isn’t getting some then she’s masturbating or she should be. I hope Becca hasn’t been shamed into thinking she shouldn’t masturbate. That’s a whole different and awkward KSWI post. SO! My question remains – is she just masturbating herself until chaffing? I mean what’s the deal? You’re a sexy blonde growing up in the 00’s and you’ve got a sister who has slang her puss around to the point she nabbed herself a millionaire athlete — WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM GETTING SOME OF THAT D?

Sounds crude, maybe. Maybe. May. Be. But really, what’s stopping her? You’re telling me that there aren’t at least 150 dudes in Louisiana who are exactly like dumbass Chris. Actually, I just looked up this shit and I guess the whole family moved to San Diego when the sister slung her poon at Jacob Hester and got them to San Diego, so you’re telling me that there hasn’t been a fucking smily dude who is in good shape in California with spiky blonde hair that hasn’t hit on Becca and been able to string a sentence or two together to get her to bang him?

That’s crazy balls.

Honestly, either her vagina hates dicks or she’s fucking crazier than I can imagine.


Well, she fucked dumbass Chris.

Dumbass Chris and Kaitlyn went on some date in Bali, oh did I forget to say they were all in Bali? I think I mentioned it briefly in the beginning. Anyway… Kaitlyn and dumbass Chris walk around Bali, laugh at the locals, get molested by monkeys, drink beers, made out all over the streets of Bali, and then went back to the fantasy suite and mashed genitals.

That’s really about it.

Kaitlyn didn’t real say anything controversial. Actually, Becca was the one who had some reservations about living in dumbass Chris’ shitty hometown. Meanwhile, dumbass Chris did his best at make his shitty hometown sound shitty and he did a great job at that, but all these idiot chicks still smiled and pretended like it wouldn’t be a big deal to live in dumbass Chris’ shitty hometown.

Actually, dumbass Chris did such a good job describing how shitty life is in his shitty hometown that he may be considering moving from his shitty hometown if he wasn’t such a dumbass.

Nevertheless, Kaitlyn seemed game to live a shitty life in a shitty town because she’s so stupid and she’s so into dumbass Chris, which makes her that much more stupid.

And then they went back to the fantasy suite and fucked.

I imagine Kaitlyn thought dumbass Chris’ penis being housed by her vagina for a night was a pretty safe bet to seal her spot in the final two, but we’re talking about piece of shit dumbass Chris here and he’s not playing by any rules. NO RULES!

Kaitlyn cried and cried when she got kicked off the show by the sweaty and whispery and piece of shitty dumbass Chris. All she said was, “what happened?” Well, did you notice that dumbass Chris is a dumbass? Did you notice that part where Becca walked dumbass Chris off to the side and the two talked for 15 minutes and you sat quietly thinking dumbass Chris had any loyalty to you because he had sex with you? That’s what happened.

Kaitlyn then in the van said this was the most humiliating experience of her life. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU WERE ON THE BACHELOR!!!

Next time, how about you find a boyfriend like a fucking normal person?


Well, the two of them went on a boat ride where the camera couldn’t get its lens unfocused from Whitney’s ass.

Whitney showed off a lot of her body in this episode. There were tons of butt shots and then her in this tiny bikini. And she’s got quite a body on her. It’s like her physical form and her voice have a picture of Dorian Gray adverse relationship because her weirdo cartoon, nails on chalkboard voice was in full effect last night.

Outside of the boat stuff, I really don’t remember a whole lot with Whitney either. There isn’t too much to remember because dumbass Chris doesn’t talk. He doesn’t say anything worthwhile or controversial because he’s a fucking mute with an overbite.

He did try to explain to Whitney she would hate her life in his shitty hometown because she would have to leave her job and give up any aspirations she had with all that education she has fought her way through.

And then Whitney fired back with some more Tyler Perry style bullshit that she knew that life would either be about having a career or having a family and never shall the two meet. WHAT?!?!

Fuck Whitney for being the worst feminist.

These women are such terrible archtypes for women to root for. There’s the virgin Becca, there’s Kaitlyn whose only connection to this guy is kissing or now sex, and there’s Whitney who believes she is either going to have to be an unhappy spinster with a job or a happy barefoot baby factory for some dumbass.

In the end…

Kaitlyn is kicked off.

Whitney and Becca compete to be the slave-wife of some moron who lives in dumbfuck Iowa.

Fuck Disney.

Fuck this show.

Fuck all these people.

Can’t wait for the reunion and for the finale!

Howdy, yall!

The final hour is nigh! NIGH I SAY!!!! NIGH!!!

Yes, stupid fuck Chris is down to his final three ladies that he is most certainly not in love with nor are they in love with him. We, finally, arrived at this predicament after sitting through FIVE HOURS of Bachelor shit show across two nights.

I spent an exhaustive weekend at my sister’s wedding all the while freaking out in my head over Coco – most beloved creature in the whole wide world – having surgery to remove a small tumor on the back of her leg. So, right now, my brain in jello and I don’t remember exactly what happened on what episode exactly, so I’m just going to tackle the chicks in alphabetical order and what happened to them in their trials and tribulations with stupid fuck Chris.

Right before I get to that… the final three are…



We’ve got some random chick, a virgin, and White-ney. Sweet. Obviously, this is White-ney’s game to lose at this point and there’s a really good chance she’s going to lose it with her scary words. Stupid fuck Chris hates scary words! WORDS!! BOOOO!!!

Anyway, I’ll get to that later because Whitney is alphabetically last. First up… the lady with no doubt the tightest vagina of them all!!!!


Ahhhhh, yes, the virgin. The other virgin, actually. With Ashley I. gonezo and maybe having already de-virginized herself with a lucky cameraman or bell boy, Becca is the only virgin on the show. And so far so good with Becca as she has not revealed her so innocent of a secret to stupid fuck Chris.

I’m not sure Becca did anything at all in episode 6 except not fuck anything up for herself. Becca is tall and attractive and blonde and has a bit of twang when she talks and she has done just about nothing to ruffle anyone’s feathers including the easily ruffable feathers of stupid fuck Chris. Becca made it through episode 6 and made it to the HOMETOWNS!

Stupid fuck Chris showed up to Shreveport, Louisiana and greeted Becca who had chosen to wear her flowiest top that made her look like an anthropomorphized sugar-glider – but a sexy anthropomorphized sugar-glider. The two walked around her town, they kissed a bunch, and she took stupid fuck Chris back to her home where he met Becca’s anthropomorphized cockblock sister.

There are two requirements for a chick to be on the Bachelor – 1. someone has to have just died in your life and you are using this minsogynst dating TV show as a grief counseling and 2. if you have a sister – she has to be a huge fucking cockblock.

During the hometown with Becca, stupid fuck Chris is never told about Becca’s dusty claptrap, but everyone at the dinner table gives not-subtle clues about it by mentioning over and over again that Becca has never brought a guy home and none of them have ever seen her doing any PDA with a guy ever. They might as well have just made a circle with their left hand and penetrated that circle with their right forefinger and then shook their head no and pointed at Becca and did that for two hours on a loop.

Basically, what stupid fuck Chris got out of the dinner is that Becca is an innocent Southern girl who has never really had a boyfriend. There should be some red flags there considering she’s not a racist troll with a swastika tattooed on her forehead. But whatever. No real problems were presented to stupid fuck Chris and Becca continues to skate on by.


Well, you present a single problem or hiccup to stupid fuck Chris and you’re fucking DONE! YOU’RE FUCKING DONE!!!! It’s unreal. I remember twitter nearly collapsing at what an asshole Juan Pablo was because of how he treated women like this, but I don’t see anywhere near the hate for stupid fuck Chris and he’s twice or thrice or fourice the coward Juan Pablo was.

So, Britt WAS stupid fuck Chris’ favorite, but she showed the slightest bit of hesitation and to the other girls not in stupid fuck Chris’ presence and she showed him the slightest bit of aggravation about not getting a group date rose and HE FUCKING GOT RID OF HER!

On episode 6, everything was hunky dory with Britt being numero uno. Everyone was in lovely who gives a shit Des Moines, Iowa and stupid fuck Chris went off and took Jade on a date to his hometown Arlington and some other shit. Either way, the rest of the girls wanted to see Arlington too, so Disney gave them a car and a GPS and they drove the THREE FUCKING HOURS from the middle of nowhere Iowa to EVEN MORE the middle of nowhere Iowa.

The girls get to the town and it’s a fucking shit hole collapsed in on itself town of 400 people in Iowa, so who knows what these idiot women were expecting. In a town of 400, if there was a Walmart – the entire town would just live in the fucking Walmart. That’s not a business model having a town be all the employees and customers of the store as well as use the store for shelter. There’s nothing in the damn town. And the girls expressed that. Of course, Carly really zoned in on Britt saying that she couldn’t imagine herself living there because bitches hatin’ bitches. As if Carly was walking around that town with a pair of wet panties imagining all the non-existent times her and stupid fuck Chris would have not going to the town restaurant that doesn’t exist.

I hate Britt and all, but she was starting to make some sense at the end of this show.

Then Britt, Carly, and Kaitlyn go on a group date with stupid fuck Chris and Britt has a 1-on-1 moment with stupid fuck Chris where she tells the stupid fuck how she could see herself marrying him and loving him and taking him home to meet her family – actually, specifically her dad… SPOILER ALERT! Britt has daddy issues – and Britt thought this was the most compelling speech ever and when the rose came out – stupid fuck Chris gave it to Kaitlyn.

Obviously, Britt was not happy about it and she said it. She said that she felt like she unloaded her soul to stupid fuck Chris and told him that she was willing to let him meet her dad – who we can only assume is the most important man in all of the world either working on the Super Collider or she’s the illegitimate child of Barack Obama or Larry Bird or someone – and stupid fuck Chris gives the rose to someone else. Britt is being a sore loser, but if we’re taking this show at face value and if we’re pretending what she is saying is earnest then seriously, she’s got a point. You tell someone they are your #1 and then they give the your my #1 present to someone else right in front of you. It’s not ideal and Britt speaks up.

They make it seem like she fucking flipped the fuck out. I think she came off as a sore loser, but I don’t think she seemed unreasonable. If this show is about falling in love and not just about gathering roses or points or TV time then yeah you should want to “win” everything because it means he’s in love with you and not the other chick. You’re not the second or third girl in the room that he’s considering being into.


Cut to the next episode, Britt is going to tell stupid fuck Chris that she wants off the show because she’s not sure about letting him meet HER DAD. MY DAD! HE’S GOING TO MEET MY DAD!! Ugh. Anyway, the two sit down and talk before the rose ceremony and as Britt is more trying to get stupid fuck Chris to keep her on the show than get rid of her, stupid fuck Chris reveals that Carly has been talking shit behind Britt’s back and he believes Carly more than he believes her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Brilliant. Stupid fuck Chris is such a fucking asshole coward.

So, stupid fuck Chris kicks Britt off the show like she said she wanted, but really didn’t want, but at the same time I think really wanted to happen because she’s really not at all in love with stupid fuck Chris because none of them are except for Carly. Britt goes outside and cries and cries and cries and who gives a shit – she’s gone.


Hey, Carly, you got your secret nemesis kicked off the show – how do you feel? Great! Oh wait, you’ve just been kicked off as well – how do you feel? Not great!

That’s the long and short of Carly’s life on the past two episodes. Carly got to go on a group date with Britt and Kaitlyn, and she got to visit stupid fuck Chris’ shitty hometown and drive 3 hours each way to do so, and, at the end of all that, Carly got kicked off before the hometowns.

Minus the fact that Carly probably dated a closeted gay man and/or a Morrissey-like a-sexual man which led Carly – a cute blonde who is perfectly fuckable – to have crazy issues of whether or not any man would want to be with her thus leading her to joining this show, Carly was a pretty solid match for stupid fuck Chris because she was fucking willing to be his smiling slave and that’s really all stupid fuck Chris wants. He doesn’t like back-talking or talking in general, he likes smiles, he likes kisses, and he likes for no one to question him ever. Carly seemed ready and able to follow that happy robot life that would be required of her.

It was a quick ending for Carly. She spent most of the final two episodes complaining during the confessionals about Britt and how pretty she was. BRITT IS NOT THAT PRETTY, CARLY! Maybe all the sloshing around on a cruise ship has given Carly traumatic brain injuries or something because she made it seem like Britt was the fucking hottest piece of ass on the planet and only Carly and stupid fuck Chris seemed to think that – maybe Carly even more than stupid fuck Chris.

Either way, Carly’s gone. And judging by her instagram account, Carly and Jade became good friends, so that’s cool. Carly made a friend! WOOOO!


Speak of the devil aka wild mustang. Calling your sister a “wild mustang” is up there with one of the creepiest fucking things you could say that doesn’t directly involve you saying you fucked your sister. You know? I’m not alone on that, right?

Jade had a solid episode 6 and a solid episode 7, but stupid fuck Chris is a coward – as mentioned – and he ends up kicking Jade off after telling her she was safe. Solid move, breh!

On Sunday night, Jade got to go to stupid fuck Chris’ hometown of who gives a shit intersected with why the fuck. They walked around the bombed out hometown that has no restaurants or grocery store or businesses of any real variety. There was one really random moment when stupid fuck Chris half-explained that his dad gets coffee at this place in town every morning that is not a store, but just some guy who will put on a pot of coffee for his dad. Fair enough. That happens all the time.

Later, Jade was taken to the high school and the high school football game. In the high school, stupid fuck Chris and Jade made out. And you guessed it – Jade and stupid fuck Chris made out again at the football game in front of a cheering group of high schoolers, which isn’t weird at all. With all of that, Jade obviously went on and made it to the Hometowns.

Jade’s hometown is in Nebraska, I believe. There stupid fuck Chris met Jade’s pleasant dad and her two brothers who have the same exact face as Jade except chubbier with terrible hair cuts on top of it and one had terrible facial hair below it.

Jade had mentioned while walking around the high school that high school was not a fun time for her and that she was a bad girl, which meek Jade doesn’t really express minus having big fake boobs and a sizable tattoo between her shoulder blades. At her house, her two brothers kept telling stupid fuck Chris that Jade was a “wild mustang”, which sent douche chills throughout all the holes in my body.

Eventually, this led to stupid fuck Chris asking Jade about this back at the hotel and that’s when Jade brings out a laptop and shows stupid fuck Chris a bunch of the nude photos she took for websites and a nudie video she did for Playboy or whatever. Either way, Disney tried to paint this as a terrible moment for stupid fuck Chris in the same way Steven McQueen tried to paint Michael Fassbender having sex with gorgeous women as terrible in “Shame”. Yeah, it is not!

Picture for a moment, a sexy chick who is totally into you and who you have made out with on a dozen occasions over the past couple weeks sits you down to show you professionally taken nude photos of her naked body. Is that a bad day? No, that’s a fucking great fucking day! Seriously, stupid fuck Chris had his hand firmly on Jade’s ass the entire time he was looking at fully nude photos of the girl his hand is on the ass of. Best day ever kind of shit right there.

Anyway, Jade is all scared because she says she’s been in a lot of bad relationships. You don’t say? You’re a hot chick who has nude photos out there, you live in LA and are from Nebraska, your brothers call you “wild mustang”, and you’re on the Bachelor? Yeah, you’ve had some fucking bad relationships. And she’s worried if stupid fuck Chris will judge her like others have in the past. That’s when stupid fuck Chris assures Jade that he is not judging her at all…

… cut to the very next rose ceremony when Jade gets kicked off the fucking show.

Yep. Coward. Stupid fuck Chris is the worst.

What we all can only hope for is that Jade and Carly are truly friends now. And that the “Wild Mustang” Jade teaches Carly about her own sexuality. And someone secretly films an entire video series of that and releases it on the internet webz for free.


Two things…

1. Kaitlyn was showing off some serious boobs in rose ceremony last night. Like where the fuck did those come from boobs. Like congratulations on your boobs type of boobs.

2. Phoenix looks like an absolute shit hole.

Kaitlyn made it through Sunday’s episode. Not only that, she got the rose on the date that Britt questioned stupid fuck Chris on. This lead Kaitlyn to getting a hometown. Turns out the Canadian girl with no job or back story that we know of spends half of the year with her parents in Phoenix. So, stupid fuck Chris shows up to Phoenix, which is represented by dumpsters, parking lots, and back-alleys. That was Phoenix? What in the hell is happening in Phoenix? Actually, better yet – don’t tell me. I never want to go there.

Kaitlyn takes stupid fuck Chris to a recording studio for the two of them to record a rap song because that is a representation of who Kaitlyn is… a rapper? Was that who she is? I have literally no idea who Kaitlyn is minus these four things…

1. She’s Canadian because the prompt below her name sometimes says that

2. She has a nose stud

3. She’s crazy buzzed on wine in every scene she is shown in, but no one has a problem with it

4. She’s got a set of boobs on her, which is the most recent thing for us to learn because of the deep cleavage she was showing off in that last rose ceremony

Outside of that, I know next to nothing about her and I believe stupid fuck Chris knows nothing more as well. Kaitlyn is about the same size as Britt, wears less make-up, has bigger boobs, and showers – I guess that means she’s marriage material. WOOO!! At the same time, she talks like a child, acts like a child, and says things like, “I think I heart him” to her mom who has no doubt paid for every single bill that Kaitlyn has incurred for however long she’s lived on this planet.

Whatever. She’s cute and she’s in the final 3.


I thought big tits Megan got kicked off the show at the beginning of Sunday’s episode because she never spent a single second with stupid fuck Chris, but then I saw a headline of an article that said that Megan actually walked off the show because she never spent a single second with stupid fuck Chris. Either way…

Megan did absolutely nothing on the show except for show off her big tits and give credence to everyone’s instant assumption she was an idiot by revealing she didn’t know New Mexico was a place and thought that it was just Mexico.


And… Last!!


She’s definitely good looking and she’s got a good job and she’s not stupid like Megan, but I’m just not a huge fan of Whitney’s. I don’t like her cartoon nasal voice that she definitely is putting on to try and come across as adorable like a chipmunk, but it makes me want to drive a nail into my eardrum.

Whitney got to meet stupid fuck Chris’ “best friends”, which was a snoozefest scenario. Then she kissed stupid fuck Chris outside of the bar they were at as everyone in Des Moines watched and took pictures and she jumped up and wrapped her legs around stupid fuck Chris’ waist when she did all this like she was a little girl who really wanted to make out. It was stupid and the Disney producers definitely told her to do it.

Later, the hometown consisted of Whitney taking stupid fuck Chris to the fertility clinic she works at and pranking stupid fuck Chris into thinking she wanted him to get jerk off into a cup, so she could analyze his stupid fuck sperms. He was clearly about to do it without showing any reservation because he’s just a walking overbite smile with no brain activity and he would’ve done it.

After that, Whitney took stupid fuck Chris to her aunt and uncle’s house or something. Whitney doesn’t know her dad and her mom died recently, so she’s pretty much a Disney protagonist with the chirpy voice and all. Stupid fuck Chris met some of her family and then he was wrangled into a room with Whitney’s cockblock sister Kimberly.


Themz the rulez!

Stupid fuck Chris talks to Kimberly and she’s Rachel Dratch Debbie Downer level of depressing and she’s a brunette, so she’s the WORST, am I right? Anyway, she ends up telling stupid fuck Chris that when he narrows it down to just Whitney then she’ll give the stupid fuck her stupid fuck blessing.

I’d say Whitney is the favorite leading into the final three… but the teaser for next week’s episode shows Whitney telling stupid fuck Chris that she has worked too hard to get where she is to just leave it all behind. Uhhhhhh, FUCKING DUH, Whitney!!!! I don’t know what you have to do to become a fertility nurse, but I’m guessing it is a lot more than a weekend seminar and she’s got a real job as opposed to stupid fuck Chris who is a “farmer” who hasn’t had to actually farm for the past year as he’s been featured on back-to-back seasons of this shitty fucking show. If you can take a year off from your job without any issue then your job is probably all that necessary with you filling the seat. If the job continued on without you for a year then it can continue for many more years to come without you.

Stupid fuck Chris. I hate him.

Whitney lives in Chicago and is a medical professional there and stupid fuck Chris wants her to move to a shit town that doesn’t even have a grocery store or a single restaurant. SHE LIVES IN CHICAGO!!! If the relationship has to be played on stupid fuck Chris’ terms, which it certainly seems that way then this relationship won’t last and will legitimately be as fail worthy as Juan Pablo and Nikki.

Whitney isn’t going to last living in stupid fuck Chris’ world.

Kaitlyn isn’t going to last living in stupid fuck Chris’ world.

Becca maybe could last living in stupid fuck Chris’ world.

Becca is the best bet because seemingly she doesn’t have much to leave behind and her dusty clap trap needs to be devirginized at some point before her central nervous system eats itself. I mean is she endlessly masturbating? If Becca is masturbating all the time then maybe it’s ok, but you got to have sex with a man or a woman or yourself because if you don’t then you are likely going to snap and join ISIS or something.

So, there’s that.

Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney.

What. Up. FUCK-… I don’t need to be that way. What’s up, beautiful souls!

So, last night was in a word a whirlwind.

It was also nothing like a whirlwind because it was simply another episode of the minsogynst dating show The Bachelor, which is less like a whirlwind and more like two hours of my time I give away to the ever-churning quicksand known as life.

Oh, Lord, why don’t I have the constitution to learn a second language or read repair manuals to fix my house or, at the very least, rather workout than watch this shit show that is a shit-show?

Either way, last night’s ep was filled with chicks getting tossed out on the dirt road known as loneliness once again from the beginning of the episode to the end. Somewhere in between we saw two enemies fight a twisted mental battle amongst a rocky desert landscape reminiscent of the first “Hulk” movie where the “Hulk” savagely killed US military fighter pilots and tank “pilots”. Tank drivers? Tank gunners and drivers? Why are both of the Hulk movies, so anti-American military? They’re like the anti-“American Sniper”.

First thing first, Danielle and I watched the first half of this episode aka the FIRST HOUR with the TV on mute. It wasn’t because we were doing silly voices guessing what butthole Chris was saying or what one of the idiot broads were saying. No. We were going back and forth talking to different vets trying to figure out what is happening with the most greatest dog to ever exist, nay GREATEST CREATURE to ever exist – Coco. She’s got this mast cell tumor on her leg and she needs to have surgery to get removed and I just want her to be healthy and to live a long life where, eventually, when I’m 101 years old and I die diving in front of a plasma rifle blast that would have eviscerated an orphanage on the 8th moon of Jupiter, Coco will eulogize me and then she’ll be injected with an immortality serum, which will enabler her to look after generation’s on my and Danielle’s lineage with adorable looks and smelly audible farts.

So, we didn’t hear what butthole moron Chris was saying to the ladies and we didn’t hear what those Stockholm Syndrome emotional wrecks were saying to each other and we didn’t get a glimpse into the non-conversation that Becca and sphincter Chris were having on their 1-on-1 date in the woods.


Seriously, did anyone inform Disney that the recession is over?

This season assface Chris took these girls on such exotic dates as backyard barbecue, middle of nowhere lake barbecue and tent sleeping, South Dakota, and the fucking woods of South Dakota.

Idiot Chris took Becca aka the virgin who doesn’t speaketh aboutith her virginity-ith on a date into the woods and they shot guns and hopped a fence and probably didn’t share any real feelings because idiot Chris can’t string a few words together to create a proper sentence and Becca didn’t tell Chris she’s a virgin, which they teased her freaking out about that in one of the TWO episodes next week.

I wonder if dumbass Chris asked about Becca’s ability to handle herself in “social situations”, which the more and more he says that is really a not-so-subtle code for “I SUCK AT TALKING AND REALLY EVERYTHING, SO YOU NEED TO TALK FOR ME LIKE I’M A BABY!! I’M A BIG BABY WHO CAN’T TALK!! WAAHHHHH!! CHANGE ME!!! But before you do that make-out with me or don’t get freaked out when I make-out with some other chick in front of you. WAAHHH!!!”

Who cares? I skipped the rose ceremony.


The cliffhanger from last week’s episode was solved in the opening moments of this episode as Kelsey’s panic attack was an act as everyone assumed and clearly acted like because none of the girls seemed to give a shit if it was or was not real. I know dumb Chris is dumb, but if he spent 5 seconds with these girls without sneaking off tongue fuck Britt then he would see how all of them hate the fuck out of Kelsey and not saying that “bitches hatin’ bitches” isn’t a real thing, but there is something to be said for a person who can get along with people versus marrying someone who is universally disliked by everyone she meets.

The rose ceremony concluded with Mackenzie and Samantha getting kicked the fuck off the show.

Honestly, they spent ZERO time on Samantha. By “they”, I mean the editors and fucknut Chris. The most we heard Samantha talk was right before she got kicked off the fucking show, she had a moment where she expressed a real hesitancy to the rose ceremony that she hasn’t spoken to fucknut Chris and she thought she would get kicked off. Yeah, no shit!

As for Mackenzie, I was a little shocked she was just gone-zo and they didn’t really make a big deal out of it. She had a decent amount of screen time leading up to this with her non-stop talk about aliens and her belief that a 34 year old man would be into fucking a virgin. I’m glad he kicked her off because she needs to get back to that kid of hers and she also seemed like an idiot and she was 12 years old, so it was pretty gross that jerkoff Chris was making out with her.

The rest of the episode was for the most part split-up into two themes…




I talked about this before, but if Britt isn’t showering then she must stink in general and stink of perfume. She’s smeared her face with make-up, she’s a stick figure, her positivity is thoroughly manufactured, and she must stink of fake flowers. And fuckhead Chris fucking loves her! So, that’s really what he likes. This hometown, All-American girl blah blah blah is bullshit. Chris wants pixie thin, tons of make-up, and doused in a bucket of hairspray and perfume, which is fine, but it’s not the image he’s pretending to have.

It’s fucking obvious though that’s what he wants. And it should have been obvious before the show started because Chris is not who he pretends to be or at least not who Disney makes him pretend to be.

Chris is a farmer from Iowa, right? No.

Chris is a guy who wants to be famous? Yes.

He’s on a motherfucking dating TV show… FOR THE SECOND TIME! He isn’t a farmer. Farmers are out farming! Isn’t that fucking obvious? Chris is not out farming! Chris is on his second round of being an attention whore on TV. He’s a fucking puppet with an overbite prancing around on TV doing whatever some producer is telling him to do. Hey, moron Chris, pose over there. Actually, take your shirt off and look this way. You know what? How about you sit in just a pair of cowboy boots that are not yours and have you sit ass naked in a metal tub? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pose that as a question – that’s a fucking order. DO IT, YOU DUMB MONKEY! YOU DO WHATEVER I SAY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE ON THE TEE VEE!!!!

And it’s not like he wants to be on TV to show the world his great ability at anything. He just wants to be People Magazine famous for being on TV doing whatever. He doesn’t care. A person who wants to be celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity is a…


Chris is a phony, which makes him perfect for Los Angeles. And Britt is a great for Chris and Los Angeles because she too is a phony. She’s got the make-up, the perfume, the fakeness of actually saying shit she doesn’t mean all the time… so… THEY’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!

Except, Britt will probably self-destruct because she doesn’t want Chris – she wants to be famous as well. Neither of them want each other. Both of them just want to be on TV, so when shit gets real Britt will end up getting in her own way, so that she won’t win because she really doesn’t want to win because she’s really competing for this TV stuff to get her more TV stuff and that TV stuff doesn’t involve flattering Chris anymore, but flattering someone else.

Rant over for the moment…

BIG & RICH show up for a group date where scrotum Chris takes the girls to a bar in Deadwood, South Dakota for them to write country songs and for Chris to make out with Britt in front of them and to eventually just grab Britt and run away from the rest of the girls and make out with her on stage at a Big & Rich concert and then to come back to the girls and pretend like everything is cool de la.

The group date was stupid and just made me mad thinking about how ungodly wealthy those two numbnuts Big & Rich are. I don’t like pop country music, actually I find it insulting for the most part and the huge swath of Americans that buy into it scare me for the most part. Anyway…

Carly – the cruise ship singer – turns out to be the best singer, which didn’t matter because as mentioned overbite face Chris was too busy making out with Britt to care about what the other girls were doing.

Also, Carly is looking like she is moments away from a psychotic break. She looks like a first time watcher of “Requiem for a Dream” at least three times an episode – wide-eyed, haggard, and ready to start shaking and rocking back and forth like a lunatic.

After all the Britt stuff was over…

It was time…

For the clash between…





Honestly, I was hoping for more. The build-up was great. For whatever reason, there was a 2-on-1 date to begin with. Not sure why you would have that for any other reason than to make these girls outright hate each other… oh right, that was the point. Anyway…

The build-up was fun as Ashley I. and Kelsey readied for a war with each other as they were helicoptered out to the middle of some deserted mountain range and sat on a canopy bed outside with waste of space Chris.

It was awkward and silent, which is really what most of waste of space Chris’ dates have been. He doesn’t talk, so it wasn’t that crazy that there wasn’t any talking on the date when the three of them were on the bed in the middle of a desert together.

Shit got drama-fied when dumb dumb Chris took Ashley I. aside for some alone time, which promptly started with face-sucking. FACE-SUCKING! It’s not kissing. We’re dealing with a 26 year old virgin who by her on accounts was a glasses and braces wearing nerd who sat in a corner and had no friends up until recently when she decided she was going to be a knock off Kardashian sister. So, she’s awkward as fuck with her sexuality. We’ve all come across some bad kissers or at the very least have heard tales of them and Ashley I. is one of them. She also could be just a fucking crazy person who is nervous as fuck as she is trying to suck stupid Chris’ face to get him to like her like the 13 year old girl her brain is stuck as emotionally.

And then there’s stupid Chris whose teeth probably get in the way and I don’t think his brain works well, so he’s not good at kissing either, so they’re just sucking face for all to see.

This turns into Ashley I. saying that Kelsey is fake and no one likes her. Honestly, she is being honest, right? But it is trash talk too.

Dummy Chris returns Ashley I. to the bed and takes Kelsey away on a walk and he just blurts out to Kelsey what Ashley I. told him and then Kelsey gets all crazy in this monotone voice and warped language and proves yet again what real scary crazy is as opposed to simply just whacky crazy that Ashley S. was. I mean Ashley S. was crazy like a bunny rabbit crazy… I miss Ashley S. and I lament the hometown that could have been with her cooky eyes leading the way.

So, Ashley I. and Kelsey have a little back and forth while stupid Chris is off peeing on a cactus or something and Ashley I. has a fucking cry-a-thon for no other reason than she’s not equipped to handle emotions and then she cries in front of stupid Chris and then stupid Chris looks stupid and then…


Dumb dumb Chris tells Ashley I. the two of them are in two different places in life, which is pretty true. And, he tells Kelsey that no one likes her and that’s concerning and he can’t handle drama, so she’s got to go as well.

Meanwhile, the other girls are sitting in some shitty hotel room in Deadwood, South Dakota with nothing to do besides drink wine and look at a packed luggage bag for Ashley I. and one for Kelsey. Then some mute PA walks in and takes Ashley I.’s bag, which makes the girls tiny brains go into a tailspin as they can’t imagine a world that they want to live in where Kelsey is a winner at anything and big boobs Megan falls into a depression because her nutty, spider-eye-lashes-having leader Ashley I. is gone-zo.

A few minutes later, the same mute PA comes in and takes Kelsey’s bag and the girls go ape shit and start pounding shots that the craziest of them all is going home.

I would’ve grabbed that mute PA and been like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!?!?! SAY SOMETHING?!?!?!?! GET ME OUT OF DEADWOOD!!!” But those women are amazingly more patient than me.


We’ve got Becca, Britt, Carly, Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, and Whitney left.

I do not see Megan making it through the next cut.

They’re teasing that Jade tells the girls and seemingly doo doo brain Chrs about her softcore porn past. I feel like that’s going to be the end for her.

And, it looks like Britt is having a meltdown on the next episode, but I would be more surprised if Kaitlyn makes it. I feel like he spends little to no time with her and she does look pretty hammered in most scenes she’s in. Not sure if idiot face Chris notices that or not. It’s really all they have to do is drink, but they get all hypocritical about it when someone gets plastered.

I’m guessing Becca, Britt, Carly, and Whitney make it to the hometowns. I don’t know. Or sub out Britt for Jade or Kaitlyn or I don’t care.

I need a better hobby.


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