July 8, 2009

KristenStewartWantsIT has one goal and that is to impress upon you that Kristen Stewart wants IT. Always. All the time. In every photo. In every frame of celluloid.

There are thousands, if not dozens, of young, beautiful, hot, sexy actors, actresses and models that have their picture taken a million times a day everyday. Then there was the birth of the celebrity gossip blogs which are dedicated 24 hours a day to share with you each and every one of these pictures. When these actors, actresses and/or models are on the red carpet at an awards show or more likely at the opening of a new martini bar, they dress themselves up in the finest of sluttiest clothes and they contort their faces at the camera in such a way that they appear as though they want it. But there are times when these same glamorous neophytes do not have the time or energy or zeal to feign that want it at the paparazzi cameras. It has come to our attention that nobody wants it more than Kristen Stewart.

There is not single recorded second of Kristen Stewart’s existence where she has not wanted it. With every look, with every pose, with every line uttered and every reverse-shot of her listening – she wants it.

Let us begin.


Yeah, she wants it

3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Damon said

    Here’s another one for you that shows you are correct… she WANTS IT.

  2. damn that was just so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Had It said

    I love this, finally someone can see the WANT.

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