I Was Not Attacked By A Tiger, But I Could Have Been

August 27, 2009

I have not been on a computer in 24 hours so, I’m warning you now, I am feeling aggressive.


Yeah, I said it. I wear suits. I wear them. I wear a lot of suits. I’m not talking about “birthday” suits or “swim” suits. I am talking about man suits; the ones with the jacket, pants, tie and buttons. I’m wearing one right now. I have a whole closet full of man suits from the Men’s Warehouse in my closet. It stinks of fine wool, cologne and sweat. If your mind has not already suffered battle damage from this revelation then how about this… I’m wearing a pink shirt!

BOOM! That just happened! Is your mind blown to bits? I feel like I may lose some readers today because of my hostility concerning what clothes I’m wearing this Thursday, but sometimes vetting is needed. If you can’t handle the fact that I’m wearing a black pin-stripe suit, a pink shirt and a pink paisley tie then you need to move on. This website isn’t for you.

Shit like this is going to happen. On some afternoon, you may clickety-click over to Kristen Stewart Wants IT and you are hit with a sledgehammer of knowledge that I am wearing a pink shirt and a suit and today is that motherfucking day. It may be too much for some to handle. I never said reading Kristen Stewart Wants IT would be all fun and games. Sometimes real world issues like me wearing a pink shirt and a pink tie are going to sneak in like a ninja and cut “fun and games’” head clean off. I wish I could say I was sorry, but I can’t. That is how KSWI rolls; that is how I roll.

I had two thoughts about me posting a picture of what I’m wearing today:

1. What if one of you recognizes me from what I’m wearing? I wrote last week that if any of you can track me down from these clues – Jordan, Steelers’ fan, currently wearing a black suit and pink shirt – then more power to you. I fully believe in giving credit where credit is due and in that case you deserve to have your attempt at chloroforming me and then locking me up in your sex dungeon. Death by Snoo Snoo. Also, I really doubt anyone at my job reads this website. The only other people who saw me today were the people at Dunkin’ Donuts for the morning coffee – KSWI runs on Dunkin’. Of those people, you are either the severely obese man who ordered every donut and made me question what I’m doing with my life that I may end up like him, but he seemed perfectly content in his sleeveless t-shirt and jean shorts eating the new toffee donut, so I felt comfortable again in the DDs. Or you are the elderly man who ordered the exact same breakfast sandwich and coffee I did and when the “chef” called out the food was ready we both reached for the bag and locked eyes thinking the exact same thought: “are we soulmates or is this a Highlander moment and now we must do battle until one of us is decapitated?”

2. Should I begin posting pictures of my suit/shirt/tie combinations regularly? I wouldn’t do this everyday, but maybe once a week. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be repeats. There will definitely be repeats. But there would be some diversity. How many suits do I own? 9. ka-fucking-blam. That is a question not only am I comfortable answering, but I will answer it will authority. A lot of personal questions that involve numerical answers can be embarrassing and/or intimidating. Once you start quantifying some “thing” about yourself you can get defensive. How much money do you make? How about you go fuck yourself? How is that for a question? Answer my question first about go fucking yourself. How many ice cream cones have you eaten in your life? A lot, Ok. What are you the “Ice Cream Cone Baron” all of a sudden? It is more than 50 and back off about me and my ice cream cone eating habits.

On Tuesday, I put up the first picture of Kristen Stewart and her mullet. I saw some derision in the comments section about Kristen and her mullet. I also said on Friday that I’m not the biggest fan of mullets. There is an ironic humor to mullets, but no one goes to the clubs looking to hook up with someone’s ironic sense of humor, believe me I know. On the other hand, Kristen Stewart wants it. She wants it always and forever and that includes her and that freakin’ mullet. I’m not saying that I will be adding Kristen avec mullet into my daily rotation of pictures of her wanting it, but safe to say I could.

Yeah, she wants it. Kristen Stewart is wanting IT more than any person ever with a mullet conceivably could. She has broken the “mullet wanting it” Richter scale. Yes, that means that in this picture you are currently experiencing a “mullet wanting it” earthquake. An off the charts earthquake involving an obscene amount of want and a purely obscene mullet. This picture will destroy city streets, shake your house off its foundation, and conceivably cause a rip in the time space continuum bringing the 80’s into the future where they rightfully belong.

Also, why is Kristen Stewart dressed like a Nascar driver? Did Joan Jett participate in stock car racing after the Runaways broke up? Is this what the end of the movie looks like because I may go see it now. I am on the fence about seeing it. If I’m still writing this website by then it might be an obligation to go see it, but if the movie ends with Joan Jett having an impromptu Nextel Cup run then I’ll see it. That is a plot twist that I would not see coming.

Also, Also, Kristen’s pants are undone in this picture which we all know means she is pregnant or Joan Jett is pregnant. She is a pregnant Nascar driver who wants it. This movie is going to rock.

This is two pictures sandwiched together for you and she wants it in both. Kristen looks like she may have stumbled out of a drug rehab in these pictures, but she wants it. That rehab didn’t cure her addiction to wanting it. The first picture (we’re reading left to right, this isn’t Hebrew school, but what if it was? What an insanely messed up Hebrew school this would be?) Kristen’s want is intimidating. She’s wanting a hole right through you. You want to look away because her want is so powerful you dare not look at and because the mullet is off putting. But you can’t. You are caught in her gaze like a mulleted Medusa of want.

The second picture’s want is more innocent. It may be all the candy bars in the picture, but it looks like she is politely and with a child-like naivety is pointing and saying “I want it”. The store clerk is like “It? What do you want a 5th avenue bar?” Then she looks at him dead in the eye and says “I want it” and he sees the glory of the want and strips himself naked and leaves the story never to return forever. He will walk the deserts of this Earth kept warm during the day by the sun and kept warm at night by the memory of Kristen Stewart’s want.

Kristen Stewart not only wants it here, but I think she looks good here. She has her mullet up so you can’t tell that it is a mullet. Kristen is lying to us all here. Me? No, I don’t have a mullet. But she does have one. I’m not saying women should at all go for the mullet look, but women can still want it with a mullet. Joan Jett had plenty of moments when she wanted it with her mullet, but like all others her want is that of an insect compared to Kristen Stewart’s King Kong want.

Joan Jett wants IT. She has a mullet and she wants it. To be fair, Kristen can want it when she is doing anything. Joan Jett wants it, but this picture has been completely produced to allow for wanting it to happen. Joan Jett is wearing tight leather pants and she is bent over a table unless this is how she naturally reacts with a table then this is manufactured want. I’m so tired being a female rockstar, I think I’m just going to precariously bend over this table in the middle of the room because this how I relax. Don’t mind me I’m relaxing with my back arched and ass on display. This is relaxing.

Again, Joan Jett clearly wants it. The last picture she looked good. This picture is giving me a lesbian vibe to be honest, which is cool. I feel like Joan is saying she wants it, ladies who like other ladies or who are at least drunk enough to try it out once or again since the last time you were this drunk. This is more manufactured want though. Don’t be fooled by her amount of want. Joan Jett wants it, but the scene the photographer has set makes the want appear to be greater than it is like during the Cold War when the Russians took pictures inside their weapons supply depots and used mirrors to make it seem like there were hundreds of rows of missiles, but there really weren’t. Joan Jett is wearing a t-shirt that says “SEX” on it, she is sitting on a bed, and, again, she simply enjoys relaxing with her right hand dug into the crotch of her pants. Oh no, this is how I normally sit on beds: left arm propping me up for balance and my right arm elbow deep.

Joan Jett’s want is like Cold War Communist Russia: she wants it, but not enough to destroy the real super power (America aka Kristen Stewart).

Enough with these damn mullets!

That is the Kristen Stewart we want to see wanting it. The Clash fucking rule.

48 Responses to “I Was Not Attacked By A Tiger, But I Could Have Been”

  1. Janetrigs said

    Haven’t read the whole thing yet, but Pink shirt, suits, & snark. I am in love all over again.

    • Janetrigs said

      I may or may not love the Clash, Highlander, Hebrew school (for Brookie), & random movies that end with Kristen Stewart becoming a pregnant NASCAR driver. Oh and laundry, of course.

      You are gifted and yes, daily suits or weekly suit pics, will make me smile, despite the fact that I work in a building full of suited men. The fact is, I am unaware if the suit clad men of my building have your level or witt or snark, or whether they can fully appreciate how much Kristen Stewart Wants IT.

  2. HeyyyBrother said

    Son of a bee sting that ensemble is delicious. There is nothing hotter than a dude in a suit and tie. Loves me some paisley. And I’m fine with pink. Lots of guys look good in pink. The fact that you wear suits tells me that you’re probably a big deal. That, or you’re the crazy dude who works at McDonald’s who THINKS he’s a big deal and insists on taking drive-thru orders while dressed like a stockbroker. I’m pretty sure I’d be ok with either of those scenarios, honestly.

    I vote yes for suit updates. Why the hell not. I don’t have any eye candy around my workplace… Too many unattractive dudes in khakis and polos. Come on guys, I’M WEARING A DRESS TODAY. Do your part.

    I would like to dispute this statement:
    “no one goes to the clubs looking to hook up with someone’s ironic sense of humor, believe me I know.”

    Dearest Jordan… If it were easy enough for me to spot a man with a sense of humor, I would pounce on him. Ok, that’s a lie and a bit of an exaggeration… But I would definitely spend the evening trying to think of a witty pick-up line so I could get all up ons the steamy train of sarcastic makeouts.

    • Janetrigs said

      I would straight up pounce. Ask Brookie, I have no qualms about walking up to random people (that is why I am the stewardess, always friendly) and starting a conversation. Then of course ending it with “I haven’t made out with anyone yet tonight” = pounce.

      • HeyyyBrother said

        Fair warning: when it comes to studly Jordan, you WILL have some competition. I’m not afraid to throw a few elbows or cutabitch.

  3. Clare said

    Perhaps the excessive agression stems from an unconsious need to reassert your masculinity which has been, due to cultural gender sterotypes, endangered by your wearing of pink?

    She wants it.

  4. Susanelle said

    Hmm. I’m now thinking “Jordan” is your glamour model name, like Katie Price.

  5. StageManageThis said

    “this isn’t Hebrew school, but what if it was? ”

    OK – I didn’t even finish reading this genious entry. I came right down here to comment and tell you that I loved you before, but now I seriously LURVE you. Lurve.

    More than I loved בית ספר עברית(As we of the Jewish Persuasion may have once called it. But only in Hebrew School.)See how diversified your clan of wives is? I know Hebrew, Spanish and American Sign Language.

    Also – I think that if we are expected to post bikini photos, we need suit photos in return.

    Alright. I’m going back to reading.

  6. Dear Hubs,
    I no longer want to share. You have tamed my rebellious heart, and I want to be your true one and only.* The suit? Hot. I believe it takes a true man to pull of pink. Highlander reference? Brills. Did the old man in DD look like Sean Connery? Did he have a Scottish accent and wear eyeliner like an Egyptian? If so, MacLeod, you should make sure you carry your sword to your next visit to DD.

    Talk about dropping little clues, I don’t even say that much and my e-besties do it for me. Yes, I’m a tribe member, are you? I’ll give you even more, though you can tell from my IP address…I live in Philly, I love Penn State. I love the Phillies. I’m a SciFi and fantasy nerd although I can be quite girly. I love cartoon super heroes. I may or may not have once Tivo’d the Spiderman cartoon series from the early 90s.

    Please start up your email address already, so we can start our relationship through email correspondence. Aren’t you already in love with me? Look at my one eye showing in my avi. It’s filled with want, for you Jordan.

    And now for my favorite part of the KSWI posting:
    “This picture will destroy city streets, shake your house off its foundation, and conceivably cause a rip in the time space continuum bringing the 80’s into the future where they rightfully belong.”

    Gros Bisous,

    *This statement is false. My rebellious ways will NEVER be tamed…although I still do want to be your true one and only.

  7. tiffanized said

    “Death by Snoo Snoo.” Futurama ref FTW! Okay, I’ll go read the rest of the post now.

    • tiffanized said

      Sorry about the delay in my reply. My mother called and asked me who the guy was that played Edward in “Twilight”, and I may have blacked out.

      When you first said “man suits” I had a terrifying “Silence of the Lambs” flashback picturing you in your basement with a sewing machine and a bottle of lotion, and thus the revelation of pink-and-paisley was a relief instead of a deal breaker.

      Let me ask you, since your entire ensemble was in that photo, can we all safely assume that you were quite nude when you took it? We will anyway. Or perhaps you were wearing just the trousers, which IMHO is even hotter than naked. I just hope they were at least buttoned so that people didn’t assume you were pregnant.

      • cledbo said

        This site needs the thumbs-up button so I can thumbs up your call on men in just trouser pants being the epitome of hotness.

  8. Nora said

    Wow. NASCAR and Hebrew school. WOW. And, just so you know, you and my dear husband are dressed alike today, except his tie is cooler than yours. Paisley…ehhh… his tie is a dark purple/grey/pink stripe. His tie is a wants it tie, yours is a what is it? tie.

  9. Kristin said

    I don’t make it here for a couple days and I come back to hot suit/tie pics (yes, continue to post those) and the best highlander reference I have heard in all my life. Also, The Clash…the do rock. I love you. but you know this. As a single digit wife (number TBD) I must tell you that I love to iron. No I’m not kidding. It makes me feel complete. Your shirts will forever be the envy of Dunkin’ Donuts patronss everywhere.

    The want. It hurts.

  10. I want it said

    I want it… known.

    I’m on a crusade to educate Twihards. To educate KStew Fans. Jon Hamm fans. Hebrew school fans.

    That ain’t a mullet. (It’s not?? It is!! Nuh-uh!!)

    No, for reals. Google dat shizz. Google a mullet picture, and you will see how closely cropped hair has to be up top AND on the sides, exposing everyone’s unfortunate ear lobes and funky head shapes, to qualify as a mullet. You know the drill- ‘business up front, party in the back’?

    Then go and Google shag haircut pics, or wiki Sally Hershberger’s bio, and see for yourself. You know the drill- ‘I know it’s only rock n’ roll but I like it’.

    Kristen’s got herself a shag.

    Imagine the fun with double entendres!

  11. aneira said

    is kristen stewart jewish? idk you mentioned somethin about hebrew school..? im merely curious.

  12. Proselyte3 said


    If you love The Clash, then we can officially get married today. I don’t need any more assurances. You can have a third eye, and be a seventy-five y/o, naked man in his Mother’s basement…and it’s still on.

    Question: How do you feel about blue-eyed, flat chested, blondes with type ‘A’ personalities, who only bond with those who appeal to who her dark side? Oh, and a husband and two kids? TMI?

    Please post more suit pics…fantastic.

  13. Leigh Anne said

    Um…don’t let these wannabes fool you. I mentioned Nascar on another blog not too long ago and they all went ape-crap on me. Not only do I watch Nascar, we have season tickets to both Bristol races. And my husband’s groom’s cake was Dale Earnhardt. Senior, not Junior. (But we love Junior, too. If you say you’re a fan of car #24, I resign from my first wife status. As #24 is gay.) Yeah, we take it seriously. Educated rednecks who love Sci-Fi are not easy to come by in this world. Especially educated rednecks who are pissed at Sci-Fi network for changing its name to the lame monstrosity that is “SyFy.”

    But that’s another rant for another time.

    By the way…
    not only am I wearing my vintage Clash t-shirt (“Rudie Can’t Fail”), but I’m wearing it over a pair of pink leggings. They’re not paisley, because that would look ridiculous. Paisley and The Clash? Uh, no. But The Clash and some big 80’s throwback leggings, in an obnoxious shade of pink? Hell yeah.

    Well…you showed me what you were wearing, so it’s only fair that I share my ensemble. That’s how we should operate, Jordan.

    P.S. Kristen Stewart’s king kong want? Damn. That’s one sexy sentence. Yep.

    • Oh Leigh Anne, I love you and your redneck self. I am in no way claiming to love Nascar. In fact, I believe Nascar is the ONLY reason Budweiser is the top selling beer in America. (come on, Bud? ick) I respect your like of Nascar, I just choose to vehemently hate it.

      • Janetrigs said

        What she said. Sorry Lula.

        But pregnant NASCAR drivers, would make one interesting movie. I would see that shizz.

        PS forgot to tell you, hubby that I loved your fucking cussing today. I may or may not throw the word “Fuckery” around like it’s my job.

    • cledbo said

      Aaaahahahahaha!! <— this is how I laughed when I found out that America now has 'Syfy', while we got to keep SciFi. (We being Australia)

      I'm so pleased you are pissed about that.

      "On the route of the 19 buuuus"

  14. Freya said

    It’s taken me a while after seeing those suit pics to recover enough to comment. I shall respond with like agressiveness: FUCK YES to the SUITS! Hell, yes. I just get a visual of taking that paisley tie, wrapping it around my fingers, and rocking your world.

    I had hoped to be the first to identify the “death by Snoo Snoo” quote as Futurama, and once again beat out by the genuis Tiffanized. Dammit. Not agressive enough? DAMMITTTTT!!!!!! But just remember, no one else identified your Crucible quote–only me.

    I only have one beef with today’s post. You seemed to indicate that someday, this blog might end. That you may not be around forever, commenting on the want, showing off your suits and your wit, pandering for bikini pics, and making comments about JJ being “elbow deep”. Kristen Stewart’s want is forever. This blog should last nearly as long. Although the want will outlast you through the beginning stages of Armageddon, I urge you to hang in as long as you can!

    Your sixth wife (no one has decided on wife numbers, so I took this one!),


    • HeyyyBrother said

      Freya raises an excellent point. Will you be deciding wife numbers? Or is it up to us to jockey for position (that’s what she said)?

      If it hasn’t been called, I say dibs on #5.

  15. Janetrigs said

    #1 Barb-Anne (lula
    #2 Janeki (janetrigs)
    #3 Brookgene (brookelockart)
    #4 Marta (aramisette)
    #5 Heyyybrother
    #6 Freya
    #7 Stagey? (stagemangethis)

    • Janetrigs said


      #1 Barb-Anne (lula)
      #2 Proselytki (Proseltye)
      #3 Margenerigs (janetrigs)
      #4 Brookgene (brookelockart)
      #5 Marta (aramisette)
      #6 Heyyybrother
      #7 Freya
      #8 Stagey? (stagemangethis)

      • Kristin said

        #1 Barb-Anne (lula)
        #2 Proselytki (Proseltye)
        #3 Margenerigs (janetrigs)
        #4 Brookgene (brookelockart)
        #5 Marta (aramisette)
        #6 Heyyybrother
        #7 Freya
        #8 Kristin (it was posted on twitter while I was off ironing. You think I’m kidding)
        #9 StageManageThis
        #10 Too Far Gone (I’m throwing her in the mix because she said she likes to fuck, and cook, I’m deeming this information slightly important)

      • Marta said

        I like being in the middle. 🙂

      • Marta, you are such the sweet and innocent one of the bunch that $10 says you are the kinkiest one of all.

        ❤ you

      • Marta said

        Well I do read fanfiction. 😉

  16. cledbo said

    So much to comment on, I’m going to go with the tried and tested ‘numbered list’ here:

    1. Official term for jean shorts = “jorts”
    It has been determined (by those officials of officiality over at LTR) that jorts are not a deal-breaker if the guy is hot enough.

    2. I may have stifled a laugh so violently at the Highlander reference that I sounded like I was choking, and had to minimise browser and go do work for 5 minutes before I recovered. I think my colleagues now believe I can accidentally swallow my own tongue without provocation.

    3. Julie’s been working for the drug squad, and picked up Kristen in her ‘Revolution Rock’ t-shirt for having feathers of want in her eyes.
    Yes, The Clash fucking rule.

  17. PWG said

    Christ, I thought I could lurk here forever but I see that if I don’t jump in now I could end up a 2-digit wife. That’s like when you go to pick a new e-mail address and your firstinitiallastname@newshit.com is already taken and you get the random suggested firstinitiallastname2039@newshit.com. Anyone who ever sees that will always know you were slow and lame. Slow enough to be picked off from the back of the herd. I stake my claim to #9 here and now. PWG is #9. That stands for Private Walter Gibson, but I don’t want you thinking I’m a guy, just a really big fan of The Sure Thing. No way no how you even have guy readers, and if you did they were scared by your tie.

  18. Heather said

    I love how I’ve commented on almost every post and I’m not in the wife line up. Now I’m bitter. No bikini pictures. It’s ruined.

    And…oh, God, please tell me you’re not a car salesman with all of those suits. Please.

    I sound a little Nell-ish in this comment. Sorry.

    • Sorry Heather! Things were decided on twitter. We’re petty like that. Plus, I just staked my claim last week.

      I’m sure if Lula knew what was going on, she’d wedge you in a spot.

      We are an aggressive bunch, we are.

  19. PWG said

    I see I was too slow after all. I don’t think 11’s going to work for me, so I’m willing to elbow someone out of the way with my awesome qualifications:

    1. I am a long-time Steelers fan. You know why? Because they don’t have any fucking cheerleaders. A real professional sports team does not need scantily-clad Barbie dolls telling them how fabulous they are all the time. That’s what six Superbowl rings are for, bitches. I can produce my ticket stubs from the Superbowl XXX Cowboys vs. Steelers fiasco, and bitch for an hour about the tragedy that was the Kordell Stewart years.

    2. I’m not so hot at the domestic choring, as evidenced by the pizza deliveryman’s inquiry, “Did you guys just move in?” No asshole, I’ve lived here for 10 years. I’m waiting for the boxes to unpack themselves. So I volunteer to manage the compound’s computer needs. Want a flat screen mounted on the ceiling with a continuous loop of KS Wanting It photos? WiFi porn cam setup to pay for harem upkeep? I’m your gal.

    3. I will keep your drinks topped off. Seriously, that’s my only other skill. I just told my children to go upstairs, Mommy’s working, so I probably shouldn’t be in charge of child-rearing, either. Hm, I don’t think I’m talking myself up the list very well.

    • HeyyyBrother said

      Terribly sorry, PWG, but lurkers cannot throw elbows to dethrone any of the sister-wives who staked their rightful claims over a week ago. You see, I’ve spent hours – HOURS! – pouring over the comments section, trying to match the wit and intelligence of Mr. Jordan-of-KSWI-fame with my contributions. Sadly, I’ve failed miserably (it was inevitable, though – trying to match his wit is like trying to match Kristen Stewart’s Want)… But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve put hours of blood, sweat, and tears into getting the ball of communication rolling between us. And we all know that communication is the foundation of a healthy polygamous relationship.

      I promise you that spot 11 won’t be so terrible. The sister-wives are a friendly and generous bunch with a mutual understanding that we must all share. But, if you start shoving wives out of their rightful places, you may find yourself with a massive mob of women married to each other rising up against you with Want-fueled rage.


      • PWG said

        Hm, I see your point. It was just my terror of missing the wife cutoff point and being relegated to being the compound Schneider that made me so crazed.

        It’s not easy finding a man who can juggle references to Schrodinger’s Cat, She-Ra and the superposition principle. Possibly I would need such a man to be on the verge of exhaustion from sexing up nearly a dozen other women before I could handle him.

        But here’s the thing.

        I’m detecting a serious dichotomy in Jordan’s personality here.

        Jordan A: I’m feeling aggressive! My closet smells of sweat!
        Jordan B: I wear pink paisley.

        Jordan A: Lock me in your sex dungeon!
        Jordan B: I slyly slip in French words like “avec” when no one’s looking. Possibly while clubbing.

        The Cold War and He-Man shout-outs have me convinced that Jordan is at least of appropriate age for us (34 to 42, gotta be), but the gay/hetero conflict has me wondering if we’re not in fact worshipping at the altar of a tag-team. If that turned out to be the case, we might need two wife lists.

      • HeyyyBrother said


        We never discussed a cutoff point for wives… I’m pretty sure Jordan would never put a cap on how many ladies are allowed to lust after and bed him. But I don’t know him personally so maybe I’m wrong. [I’m not.]

        I don’t think there are two Jordan’s. I think Jordan is a well-rounded individual. I also think Jordan’s a little sarcastic (just trust me on this one… I have a feeling I’m right), and is a fan of hyperbole. In other words, I think he could very well be exaggerating the hell out of some of this stuff.

        Dear Jordan,
        PWG brought something up in her comment… I was going to ask this earlier, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ruin the mystery. But I do. I was always the annoying brat that tried to find the Christmas presents too… I don’t know who I thought I was fooling. Anyway, how old are you? It won’t change anything, but if for some reason you’re 75 years old, I need a little time to mentally prepare myself for undertaking my wifely duties. Also, I promise not to add this information to my “Where in the World is Jordan” scrapbook I’ve been keeping in order to better help me find you one day… one day. Thanks, dear. Hugs!

  20. Lvrobsten said

    You (as always) are made of awesomeness!!!!! Thanks for gracing us with your wit/brilliance/snark–you truly have a gift! 😉

  21. MariaM said


  22. Marta said

    P.S. I may not comment a lot on here (too intimidated by the amazing wit & funny), but I AM the one that introduced you lot to this amazing blog, and that is why I get a wifely spot. Just to clear things up for those not in the top 10 and wondering why the H I’m there. 🙂

  23. Bandmum1 said

    This blog & you ladies made me snorfle my coffee. Win.

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