I take every bad word I have said about Jimmy Fallon

November 19, 2009

I can’t effin’ believe I missed this. Incredible. I’m sold on Kristen Stewart forever now. Also, she wants it. She should’ve just stared at the plates until they broke under her want, but that wouldn’t have been football related.

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16 Responses to “I take every bad word I have said about Jimmy Fallon”

  1. This gets it’s own post? Amazing.

    I stayed up to watch this last night. Well, I stay up stupid late every night. I was writing an absurdly long email until 1:45am last night and that’s not a weird thing for me to do.

    Anyway, Kristen’s stint on JF last night has turned me into a fan of hers. I started off disliking her, you made me feel rather neutral, and now I straight up like that crazy chick. Well done all around.

  2. PWG said

    I’m glad they used a continuous shot for the first throw, where she nailed it. The others had camera jumps, so you couldn’t tell if it was really her throwing it. Based on that great first throw, I’m convinced. She’s awesome. When’s the last time you saw a female celebrity in heels do that? Never, that’s when. That has to be so much more fun than answering questions about who she’s banging.

  3. Susanelle said

    La, is that girl perfect at everything she does???

    You’re right, Kay Swidge, there’s a supernatural element going on there.

  4. tiffanized said

    Rob could have never pulled that shit off.

    • kt said

      dude. just thinking about rob trying to do that ruins almost any sexual fantasy i may have had about him. it would be so awkward turtle.

  5. MLF said

    omg. I love this girl so sooo much. I have loved her since she was but a wee little thing playing melinda sordino in Speak. which I own on DVD. that’s how much I love kristen.

    • kt said

      i just watched speak yesterday after i read the book. i was surprised by kstews lack of stuttering and blinking.

      • MLF said

        yeah…I haven’t seen any stuttering/blinking in any roles other than Bella. I own In the Land of Women, Speak, and Adventureland, as well as Twilight. I actually saw Adventureland in theaters before I saw Twilight on DVD- that’s why I innitially watched the film- because Kristen was in it and I heart her <333

  6. Tori said

    That’s pretty badass.

  7. TDawn said

    I loved how Jimmy was totally fangirling over Kristen and her Want.

  8. zees84 said

    While waiting for original KSWI Jordan material, I can’t help but laugh at the title of this:

    I’m sure you meant to say “I take BACK every bad word I have said about Jimmy Fallon”…but I’m playing a different game:

    I take every bad word I have said about Jimmy Fallon….and use them in a hilarious and inappropriate mad lib about Glenn Beck.

    I take every bad word I have said about Jimmy Fallon….and write another Fake Kristen Stewart fanfic. It get’s very very dirty.

    I take every bad word I have said about Jimmy Fallon….and email them to Oprah in the hopes she will have me on her show before she goes off the air.

    Good times.

  9. cms said

    I love her. She is such a fierce bitch.

    I imagine Rob is equal parts turned on and intimidated by her. She could easily give him a smackdown.

  10. aneira said

    shes soo fucking awesome.

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