Expect a big load, that’s what he said to her

December 10, 2009

There are so many things to talk about –


I mean seriously!

B-mf-A-mf-M! BAM!

This is what America has been waiting for: Snooki gets decked right in the face! IN THE FACE! Tonight is the new episode of Jersey Shore on MTV at 10pm. I’m so fucking psyched. Realistically, I feel like Snooki getting sucker punched with vengeance is not happening in tonight’s episode. But it might! Even if it doesn’t happen tonight, I’m pretty sure that DJ Pauly D, The Situation, Ronnie aka “Brains”, J-Woww, Angelina aka “Hate Fuck”, Sammi, and even Snooki herself can do something entertaining to keep me watching until Snooki actually does get her face blown up. Regardless, I have this gif to keep me warm at night.


Not Wham.


Like WHAM!

I seriously cannot stop watching this gif. I have had this gif since Friday morning and I have watched it for at least ONE MILLION hours. I don’t think that is logically possible, but neither is a 26 year old guy from Jersey becoming mildly popular on the internet for writing about a teen actress who appears in vampire movies he knows nothing about. And that seems to be going ok. Either way, I cannot stop watching it. It is a gift that keeps on giving like herpes, but visual herpes from your computer. And with less puss. Herpes sores secret puss, right? I’m not 100% sure. Have fun eating lunch.

Or it is more like a Where’s Waldo? picture. There are so many things going on in Where’s Waldo? besides finding that four eyed bastard, Waldo. There was a whole glossary at the back of those books for you to try and spot tons of other weird little funny things that are happening in those oddly adult pictures like the wizard, the dog, the evil Waldo et cetera. Why was Waldo marketed towards kids again? I distinctly remember a Where’s Waldo? where he is hidden in a dungeon straight out of The Spanish Inquisition. I guess we need to teach kids about The Spanish Inquisition at some point, but shouldn’t they know how to read first?

Check list for teaching children: colors, shapes, alphabet, most violent periods of time in human history, cursive, nouns, kickball and it just keeps on going until you learn that life is one big charade and the world is in chaos and that professional wrestling is fake and there is no hope for humanity because it only takes a few people to kill thousands and that male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant and that everything in this world is built on the backs of the millions of deranged and inept and less educated people from thousands of years before you existed and it will take a fucking miracle to bleach all our collective subconscious clean of caste systems, racism, bigotry, misogyny, greed and a desire for world domination so you get drunk and listen to Daft Punk and watch a Bill Murray movie and discuss the greatness of Barry Sanders’ career on a garbage Detroit Lions team and laugh about someone slipping and falling on a patch of ice with groceries in their hands that go flying everywhere which is funny because it was not you.


Obviously the Waldo in this Where’s Waldo? is Snooki getting cracked with knuckles. Which reminds me of a quote:

 In a way, each of us has an El Guapo to face. For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education might be their El Guapo. For us, El Guapo is a big, dangerous man who wants to kill us. But as sure as my name is Lucky Day, the people of Santa Poco can conquer their own personal El Guapo, who also happens to be *the actual* El Guapo!

I believe that. We all can conquer our personal El Guapo’s or Waldo’s. But at this time it is Waldo is Snooki getting HIT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING FACE!

What else is in this picture? What else and who else can you spot? This is like “The Last Supper” or the Zapruder film or at least it is that way to me. Fuck you Dan Brown! This is my Da Vinci Code

1. So here is Snooki getting blasted in the FACE! But not in the “good” way where everyone is calm and giggling afterwards.

2. Snooki appears to be the same height as her attacker in this picture. Snooki is only a foot tall and also appears to be taller than some people in this picture. Unless Snooki is fraternizing with Caucasian gnomes then Snooki is on a bar stool.

3. Also, you can clearly see in this picture no one is prepared for this guy punching Snooki in the face.

4. The guy is really giving it to Snooki*. If you look closely he is gritting his teeth. He didn’t just punch a girl in the face (I actually did type “woman” then deleted it, let’s be honest that Snooki is not much of a “woman”), he punched this girl in the face as hard as he could given the situation.

5. The punch itself. He doesn’t really get his hips into it. For the most part it is just an “arm punch”. He isn’t transferring his weight or getting any shoulder/hip rotation. A lot that goes into a good punch is your legs and his legs seem to be stationary. You need to generate power from your legs and snap the power through your body into your fist for the most desired impact. It’s like a whip. You need your body to act as one and throw your whole body into a punch. Nevertheless, this guy’s opponent is Snooki who is precariously teetering on a bar stool so he didn’t need to hit her that hard. Although it looks like he really clocks her for just an arm punch.

6. So who is this guy? He isn’t a cast member. He appears to be just holding a drink at a bar in his left hand and scanning the area for someone to punch with his right clenched fist. Perfectly normal behavior, right? He finds that someone in Snooki’s face. Snooki is yelling shit at him. A lot of people on the internet wrongly accused this guy as being The Situation, but…

7. But that’s The Situation to the right there! To the right of the action. What’s The Situation up to? Not hitting Snooki in the face is what. He’s just chilling. The Situation is assessing the situation at the given situation and the situation looks pretty good as far as situations go for The Situation.

Do you notice something right under The Situation’s face minus his rippling chest muscles barely being contained by his t-shirt?

8. A pointing finger! Someone actually sees that Snooki is getting punched in the face! Or is about to get punched in the face. The hand does not appear to be apart of the human being across from The Situation. You can see the guy across from The Situation is gesticulating while telling his story that The Situation does not appear to be listening to in the slightest. Unless that guy has three hands then it is not his. I tend to believe he does not have three hands. The Situation may be out at a bar clean shaven, hair primped, tan, veins popping from his biceps and looking for chicks, but I think The Situation would pay some interest to a three handed man who was talking to him. That’s how The Situation rolls. I have a theory of who the hand belongs to. It is Ronnie’s. Why? Because Ronnie can predict the immediate future! We knew that from the past two episodes. He sees what is about to happen and in this case he points.

9. This guy. Sometimes when I watch the gif I think it is Vinny, sometimes I don’t. I’m not sold on it being Vinny. Either way, he is just minding his own business sipping on his drink. I’ve been told there is a gif out there that is a little longer where the guy’s face does show recognition of Snooki getting clobbered at the bar. You can see his eyebrows raise slightly right at the last millisecond in this one. This guy’s life was going perfectly normal, just enjoying his beverage through his sippy straw and then BAM girl getting punched!

10. Snooki’s Ed Hardy hat flies off. You don’t get to see the follow through in the gif, but you can see it is happening.

11. Snooki’s left hand. It is not the easiest with MS-Paint to go frame by frame, but I’m trying. You can see Snooki is falling backwards like a tree. She is leaning forward then gets hit and her left arm goes stiff like a zombie arm and she falls backwards off the stool. That girl is going to land hard back of the head first on that sticky bar floor. And her expensive trucker hat is not going to save her because as mentioned in #10 that thing has flown off. Maybe her poofed hair can cushion the fall. Of course, there is not much of value to protect in her head.

12. Pauly D! Yeah, there is Pauly D in the background spitting some game to a blonde. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, am I right? Good for Pauly. He doesn’t need to be concerned with all this punching girls in the face silliness. He already stuck up for Vinny in the second episode and punched a guy being held back by four guys. He has shown enough courage as is. I do believe that Pauly will figure out what happened and we will see more of the street warrior that is DJ Pauly D. I am so curious what happens right after the punch. A big fight has to erupt since The Situation is right there, Pauly “Momma Said Knock You Out” D is there, the finger pointer is there, the maybe it is or maybe it isn’t straw sucking Vinny is there and…

13. This fat faced guy is there! He is right in the middle of them. I’m not completely positive, but he looks an awful lot like a fat faced guy who shows up around 25 minutes into the second episode at the t-shirt store. He is not looking at either of them and he appears to be looking at something off screen. He wants something off screen. We are all familiar with that wantingness look off camera. In this case, it looks like he is ordering a drink or trying to flag down some cleavagey bartendress. Or he could be staring at pie to fill his fat face. The best part is this guy gets hit with the punch too.

14. He gets clipped with the punch. His reaction is priceless.

15. After fat face gets hit, his arm is going for the most eligible bachelor’s shoulder. I think this will be followed by him shoving that guy into The Situation and the ominous finger point.


16. Another guy in a hat! It looks like a fedora or a bucket hat. Why are there so many people wearing hats at this bar? Why are there girls getting punched in the face? Sure. But hats? You’re indoors. No need for the prolific amount of hats. You can see 9 people’s heads in this gif and 3 of them have hats. From this one can only assume 1/3rd of the people in this bar are hatted. That’s ridiculous.  

I don’t know all that goes into who gets the blurry face and who doesn’t on TV. But you can clearly see this guy’s face. Usually a person has to sign a sheet of paper to allow a television show to show their face. In this case, the guy could have signed it prior to hitting a completely defenseless girl or he thought fuck it and signed it afterwards. I guess all press is good press, right.

I would like to say that if I was there I would have participated in beating this guy senseless. I am anti-hitting chicks. I don’t know if they would have needed me considering all these Jersey Shore clubs have hired goons who are crazy on steroids and God knows what else just itching to kill people with their fists. I imagine that this guy does get the shit kicked out of him or gets arrested or both. I have seen some bouncers at those bars chokeslam guys for fighting other guys; I can only imagine what they would do to a guy hitting a girl.

To continue with the idea of lack of anonymity and punching people in the face, I wrote an article a little ways back before you all knew my last name about such a subject.

Also, later today one of those projects, the drawing one, will be up on Asylum as well. I’ll provide a link or you could go to their site and keep clicking refresh like you do with this one. The drawings are crayon drawing predicting the outcomes of the UFC fights this weekend. I have done two previous articles like this. I don’t know. This is an odd ending. Hmmmm…

Questions and Comments for tomorrow’s weekly wrap up would be nice. This week has been long and tiresome. And I’ve been writing about the Jersey Shore too much.


39 Responses to “Expect a big load, that’s what he said to her”

  1. Zees84 said

    Two Points:

    A) It warms my heart that you spent as many days writing about Jersey Shore as you did New Moon. I don’t know why, but I love it.

    B) This was going to be a rant about how your commenters are awesome all week, not just Thursdays, and to ask us to put it all in one day’s comments isn’t fair, but then I felt bad because you said you’ve had a long and tiresome week. I did too. I’m sick at home today. Sad Zees.

  2. Julienne said

    God am I thankful I don’t have cable TV! This show would’ve clearly sucked me in and kept me from doing anything productive and in turn force me to have massive feelings of guilt afterwards. Anyway, I’m grateful you’ve been here to deal with the burden of watching it. Not all the peeps from NJ are like this, right?! I am no judge, since I’ve only been there once and that was driving through Bayonne unfortunately.

    As far as comments for tomorrow’s weekly wrap up, can we make requests? I would like to hear about all the reasons you’re jealous of RPattz please.

  3. Susanelle said

    Morgan Freeman has been reading your blog!

    “Morgan Freeman says Nelson Mandela personally asked him to play him in Invictus. Freeman says he replied: ‘If I’m going to play you, I’m going to have to have access to you. I’m going to have to be close enough to hold your hand.'” [Reuters http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5B83XR20091209?type=entertainmentNews%3FfeedType%3DRSS&feedName=entertainmentNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+reuters%2Fentertainment+%28News+%2F+US+%2F+Entertainment%29%5D

    • I saw that this morning while I was getting ready! Clint and Morgan were joking around about holding hands with each other on top of Morgan joking about holding hands with Nelson Mandela. And AGAIN I’m reminded of a person I don’t even know. IS NOTHING SACRED?

  4. TDawn said

    Damn! Punching a girl in the face is just M-E-A-N, Mean. Unless you’re a girl too and she really deserves it. I actually feel bad for Snooki. But if she was getting clocked by another chick, no sympathy from me. I would just assume she deserved it, plain and simple.

    It has been a long week, all this discussion of Jersey Shore has made me stupid. I couldn’t even remember what Monday’s post was about. Oh that’s right, “Dirty Fingers”. Well, and then there was that other thing that had happened…KaySwidgeFBgate. This is what you can use to reference the time “before you all knew my last name”.

    Can you share you thoughts about revealing yourself to all the followers of Kristen Stewarts Want? Did it just feel right, so you joined eazy peezy? If someone had created it 2 months ago would you have had any problem joining then? I think its great, I also had a moment of pride when clicking over to your Asylum article and seeing your name all official like as “Asylum’s MMA Correspondent”. Smiley Face.

    • TDawn said

      PS- I love the MMA gif…SPLAT!

      And…your drawings. Or should I say Calvin’s drawings. I was like “WTH, who is Calvin?” Then I read from the top, OOOHHH…got it.

  5. Raven said

    Da Vinci Code and The Three Amigos in the same post? Hilarity.

    Oh, and this…

    “A real street fight is a lot like losing your virginity. Everyone’s adrenaline is real high, a few smacks to the face, some rolling around on the ground, and you’re spent and sweaty after a minute.”

    Thanks for that. With all that fanfiction I read, I was beginning to think I was the only one with the awkward first time.

    • MLF said

      HAH no you definitely aren’t alone. WHICH leads to me to this: I wanna hear about kay swidge’s first time. *gasps!!!*

      yup I went there.

      Apparantly there has been some sort of memo about not hitting on KSWIJ anymore or being all weird and stalkerish and retiring O:F&B but I never got it so I feel ok about wondering this.

      Also I am drunk so I feel pretty ok about a lot of stuff right now.

      • I say this with nothing but the utmost respect and with love in my heart, but… you’re demented.

        Also, everyone should feel free to continue hitting on and sexually harassing KSWI Jordan. Lord knows I’m not going to stop. I just feel like the “F” part might be a little more creepy and a little less funny now. Time I start acting like a normal human, where banging should be by invitation only.

      • MLF said

        A- yes, yes I am. I am suprised it has taken anyone so long to point this out.

        B- I still think it’s funny…but then again things usually are when you are drunk.

        C- the quote “if this is wrong, I don’t want to be right” comes to mind. I personally don’t aspire towards normal (although I am fully supportive of those that do) Besides, I think most men have issued a standing Feel Free to Bang Me notification. At least it seems that way…I have never met a guy who was like, just fyi going forward- I don’t ever want you to feel like it would be ok to find me and have sex with me. I would not be down with that.

        Although I have never tried to hit on a priest.

        And don’t let me confuse anybody- no means no! cuz that’s rape.

        I watched Jersey Shore. I don’t want to talk about it- I do want that hour of my life back though.

      • Zees84 said

        I’m being totally serious here…is “your first time” something that people talk about often? Is that a regular conversation piece?

        The following is the only conversation I have ever had about that topic:

        Me: Hey friend I’ve known my whole life who got married two months before I did! How’s it going?
        Friend: Everything is great! So you’ve been married a couple of days, how are you?
        Me: I’m good!
        Friend: It gets better with practice.
        Me: Good to know.

        Then we talked about china patterns.

        I guess that’s the beauty of this blog; you get all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds and life stories.

        So KSWI Jordan, I won’t mind if you don’t discuss this topic.

      • MLF said

        Is it a regular conversation piece? You might be thinking, “This isn’t real. This kind of stuff just doesn’t exist.”
        My response to you would be “It does in my world.”

        ahahaha I can’t believe my poor little hung over brain remembered those lines. How very sad for me that I can quote Twilight first thing in the morning…

        anyways, yes that has frequently been a conversation piece.

  6. Holy. Shit. How is this the first time I’ve seen this?! I’m questioning a lot about myself because I’m torn between being disgusted and highly amused. But I guess that’s what I should expect to feel every Thursday night for the rest of the Jersey Shore season. I literally can’t wait for 10pm.

    MTV’s a big fan of the spin-off, right? I’m hoping Snooki fraternizing with Caucasian garden gnomes is the route they go… So many potential jokes about “Snooki’s Secret Garden” there.

    Look at you throwing caution to the wind these days and putting it all out there. I thought your comments over here were bizarre – which they kind of are (and by kind of I mean really) – but they pale in comparison to the puzzling rationalizations of the “Bitch Deserved It Club” that seems to follow you on Asylum. I have to wonder what women these men are hanging out with that they’re constantly justifying the need to punch them. Glad to see you hold your chivalrous ground. And offering to pick up the check? Stud.

    More drawings! Excellent. But it would be nice if you could stop hogging all of the talent what with your ability to write AND draw, but whatever. My own fault that I’m a talentless, imagination-less hack, I suppose.

    I guess that’s not entirely true. I do seem to have quite a knack for making mildly popular 26 yr old bloggers from NJ uncomfortable.

  7. Susanelle said

    Aw, Jordan, you are handsome.

  8. Zees84 said

    KSWI Jordan,

    Hey, what’s up? Is it weird that I still call you that even though I know your last name? It’s only a matter of time before someone figures out your home address and phone number. In my dreams, even your street address is funny, like 69 Fake Street. Or 666. Either would be appropriate.

    In any event, now that your extreme popularity on this blog has made you mildly popular in the blogosphere and the other sites that you write for have become intertwined with this one, I’ll be perfectly honest, I feel a bit strange being as open and gross as I have been in the past (though, as my own biggest fan, I am still chuckling at my late night “eaten by a bear” line in yesterday’s comments). I’m not sure what has changed, because uh, this is the internet, so its not like this blog was hidden, but it’s how I feel. Its not good or bad, just different.

    While reading your three days of Jersey Shore commentary (love it!) I couldn’t help but feel confused. I have been a reader of this blog for months, and I feel like I know KSWI Jordan pretty well. And KSWI Jordan likes women. And their boobs and butts. Yet you are able to look past those qualities that are possessed by all the women of Jersey Shore to point out that they are all crazy cockblocking dumb-ass ho bitches.

    So KSWI Jordan, for your Friday comments, I couldn’t help but wonder: What is it that KSWI Jordan looks for in a woman? And now that we are being open about who we are, if you want to answer the question of what does Jordan Newmark look for in a woman as well, I am certain that inquiring minds would like to know.

    (I can’t hit on you anymore because you are real (though old habits are hard to break, and I apologize in advance), but at least I can try and get you a woman out of this whole thing.)

    Fridays are insane for me, so I wanted to wish you a Happy Chanukah in case I don’t get a chance to comment tomorrow.

  9. Julienne said

    Yes! Jealous of RPattz’s level of comfort in exposing his sternal head as often as he does (thank you, btw, RP), that’s probably reason numero uno! And is it just me, or does anytime a dude makes a disparaging remark about another dude just means he’s jealous of said dude? Call me crazy, but I thought that was how the world worked…

  10. AmyAlmost said

    That gif really is addictive. I can’t stop watching it. I’ve seen guys kick/punch down half a house after a fight with a woman, but never punched a girl in the face. I got punched in the face the same time as my friend once in the Valley by an Aboriginal woman. I was sort of glad for it because I’d never been hit before and now I know how it feels, well sort of I didn’t really feel it because I had a few too many beers that night. Never seen a guy hit a girl in the face though. Until that gif.

    “so you get drunk and listen to Daft Punk and watch a Bill Murray movie and discuss the greatness of Barry Sanders’ career on a garbage Detroit Lions team and laugh about someone slipping and falling on a patch of ice with groceries in their hands that go flying everywhere which is funny because it was not you”

    which Bill Murray movie? I watched Stripes recently. I really miss John Candy.

  11. PWG said

    When I was a lass my sister broke my nose with a pool cue. I got in trouble for it instead of her because I was standing in the wrong place, namely behind her pool cue lining up the shot. The bottom of the cue had a metal star, which I had tattooed onto the bridge of my nose for a couple weeks. It looked mighty fine with double black eyes. I can’t remember what reprehensible stuff Snooki did this week, but I feel for her. That shit hurts.

    You know that cartoon thing they draw, with tweety noises and birds flying around in a halo over your head? Totally real.

  12. campbelld said

    Holy shit. He really hits her. I mean, it’s not a a full body punch, but he gives as much as he can. Their does not appear to be any peliminary, contact, no shoving or, poking. Just, BAM! Whoppachang!
    Ugghhh not cool dude. Don’t hit girls. Just dont. But I was drunk? No. No excuse. But this place is just douche central, so y’know.
    Yeah. Three Amigos (I use that quote as often as possible). Life lessons rant. Gold. I love it.
    I have never been punched in the face. I have been slapped by several girls and one guy, that hurt, but not so much. I have, however, punched someone in the face myself. The guy who slapped me. I am not a big person* (no, wait!) but I bruised up his cheek good. I am still proud of that.

  13. MLF said

    I cannot take my eyes off of Snooki getting punched in the face. Ironically this *might* have made me watch the show tonight, but now you have provided me with a giff of the only part of the show I would have watched. So once again I won’t be tuning in. What a shock, I know.

    Right now I want to know the inner workings of kay swidge, so my questions are:

    Are your eyes still glued to that giff? Because mine are.

    If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    What did you do the night you graduated?

    How do you feel about Hot Pockets?

    What would your first act as President be?

    What is your favorite Disney movie?

  14. Crystal said

    Wow. He punched the crap out of her.

    That’s amazing….and he should be castrated. And I dont feel that way because he hit a girl per se I just think it’s fucking ridiculous to hit anyone. I dont care what the reason is, just walk away.

    But that’s just my opinion. And I’m a fairly violent person….I will stab you….but I wont punch you.

    • Crystal said

      Oh I forgot a question. Do you like candy?

      What kind of candy?

      Would you share your candy with me?

      That’s like 3 questions. Smiley Face.

  15. aneira said

    the creeper in the background was my favorite. and is it terrible that i almost peed myself laughing at this guy punching snooki. im sorry but any woman that calls herself snooki deserves a good whack in the head.
    random question for tomorrow:
    why do we no longer call thursdays, “agressive thursdays”?
    i would very much like that to get started again. i love thursdays.

  16. The original Jersey Shore. Maybe I’ll buy the dvd for my department’s Christmas party grab bag…

    • Zees84 said

      Forget any of the other questions posed to you (except mine, because that one will only help you in the long run), KSWI Jordan. Instead, please write a fan fic about where all the people from “The Original Jersey Shore” are today. I am so glad I was too young to choose my own clothing and hair in the 80s. Can’t be held responsible for what I looked like, whereas, these upstanding citizens consciously chose things like shirts with the shoulders cut out. DAVE!

      P.S. I watched this with no sound, so I’m guessing she was yelling “Dave!” Maybe it was “I Want It!”

    • Crystal said

      Oh. My. Fucking. God.

      That was terrible.

      I think everyone in NJ is constantly high and/or drunk. I’m never going to NJ.

      No offense to KSWI Jordan or HB. I love you guys.

  17. Pol said

    I don’t care how annoying/slutty/stupid people in Jersey shore are: seeing a guy punching a girl in the face makes me depressed.
    My question is: will there be criminal charges?
    As you pointed out, this ‘snooky’ character is only a foot tall… big man punching little girl. Disgusting.

    What a trashy show, please, no more… Coco’s ass looked more classy.

  18. MLF said

    Last night I turned the AC off and when my roomate complained about how hot it was I told him it was so I would sweat out all of the liquor while I slept. I am literally craving vegetables. All I’ve put in my body this week is alcohol and hotpockets.

    This should explain the state of mind I was in when I watched Jersey Shore last night. In my defense, not only was I drunk, I was also at someone else’s appartment and there was a large group of people who were watching it, so I finally caved.

    All I have to say is I did not find the show entertaining in the least and Jordan your three days of review were far better than the actual show itself. So kudos for that.

    I think I’ll go sweat out some more alcohol now.

  19. kt said

    I spent two hours of my life last night watching Jersey Shore. Sure my roommate was the one who had it on and sure I could have gone upstairs and watched TV in my room and sure I could have just said “I’m not watching this change the channel” and she would have, but I may have wanted to be in the cool crowd for a minute. I want those two hours of my life back. I could have been watching last weeks DVR’d episode of Flash Forward or my newly acquired copy of Pineapple Express . Snooki didn’t even get punched in this week’s episode!

    I am however loving The Situation and his panty selling abilities. I like Ronnie and Sweetheart, as they seem the most normal. Snooki annoys me the most. “I felt like I was going to make out with someone so I did.” What? Is that what happens when most people make out with randoms and their same-sexed friends? Because I’m not gonna lie and say I’ve never done that, but my night does not begin with a “feeling” that I was gonna make out with someone. Usually it’s a 5 drinks in, minimum, mixed with a little flirting and then all the sudden their lips look really soft. But I didn’t have any “feelings” at 10 o’clock that night when I was flat ironing my hair. And of course no one wanted to dance to the shitty techno in that bar with her and her friend. THERE WERE 5 OLD MEN IN THAT BAR. And two attention whores. The old men would much rather watch than participate.

    I’m gonna stop recapping now, because I’m getting annoyed with these people all over. An interesting conversation came out of this show in my house. My male roommate was having a shit fit that we we watching this show because it is racist. He started to lecture us on the term guido and how racist it is how much Italian Americans take offense to it. He forgot that I am Italian American, but apparently the fact that I’m not offended by it doesn’t mean anything nor does the fact that they call themselves that and take pride in it. Apparently its the same as the N word. This is news to me. I’ve grown up in an Italian household and the only term that is offensive to me/my family is wop and that stems pretty much from when my great grandparents emigrated and it meant you were illegal.

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