If You Only See One Movie This Year… Then You Are An Idiot – Go See More Movies

January 5, 2010

My brain is fuzzy. Not like a light coating of hair, but just out of focus. I’m still adjusting to waking up early and driving to work again. Going to sleep early and not staying up so late I fall asleep on my couch. Being at work is another task altogether. Wearing a suit instead of sweatpants. I’m groggy. My current state: groggy. My emoticon: groggy. I need an emoticon that has not a frown, but the lack of strength to keep his lips straight so gravity pulls them down. Also my eyes are half closed with the perpetual raised left eye brow as if questioning everything my stare drifts to.

It’s not writer’s block I’m feeling. I don’t think I’ve addressed Ms. Kristen Stewart’s teaser trailer for The Runaways. I will put that off until tomorrow. Give me something to “look forward to”. Unless someone suggests a different topic. And not this bullshit like “do a post about Rob!” Christ, I’ve written about him. He’s mentioned in a ton of posts. Maybe I shouldn’t take suggestions from you all. The last time that I did was the Taylor Lautner post. All though it did receive a lot of comments it was all over the place with odd disapproval. Some of you wanted me to cut him to pieces with edges of clever negative adjectives and others wanted me to prepare a metaphorical bubble bath, scented candles and post bath rubdown for him. All weird.

But any reaction is better than no reaction so I guess suggestions are fine. Suggestions with pictures attached as payment are better.

There is one thing that has been gnawing at me recently and it is the movie Leap Year. I’m sure you have all seen the trailers for it. If not then here is a link. I’ll wait.

Ok, I didn’t rewatch the trailer right then. I’m hoping you watched it once or remember watching it some other point. Either way, I’m not going to call them by any character names, but by their actual names because I know those. So we have the lovely Amy Adams as our protagonist. Matthew Goode and Adam Scott play her brunette love interests. I really like Amy Adams. I wish she was in movies I could watch though. I like Adam, I am meh on Matthew and I hate the idea of this movie.

Gathering from the trailer and the TV spots that appear on every TV station I watch, Amy and Adam are an item. They are a couple. They are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are more than friends. We assume they kiss and sticks things into each other that is only appropriate in private, in public if you’re a slut or to be videotaped and then put on the internet for everyone in the universe to see including aliens – the green kind and Mexican alike.

As a male suitor, Adam seems better than average. He’s a good looking guy, he is dressed in a suit which I guess means he has money and a job. Amy and Adam are out to dinner and Adam presents Amy with a jewelry box. Like any typical romantic comedy female protagonist, Amy is expecting marriage around every corner. She thinks that an engagement ring is inside the box. Instead there are simply two expensive ass conflict diamond earrings.

Adam is a big asshole, amirite? Way to go dick. Oh you spent a fortune on your girlfriend for no apparent reason. But it wasn’t exactly what she wanted so you’ve got a big question mark on you right now. I don’t know who you are anymore. You may not be boyfriend material anymore. This whole relationship is in question even though you seem like a perfectly affable fellow and bought your girlfriend really expensive earrings as a token of seemingly your “affection”.

Adam mentions that he has to go to Ireland for business. He isn’t leaving for a year or anything. It seems like he is leaving for a week or maybe two weeks. He’s not moving for a decade or starting a long distance relationship. Adam is just going to Ireland because his job asked him to. He’ll be back. The diamond earring buying handsome boyfriend will be back in tops 14 days. Is that reasonable? Yes. Is Amy Adams reasonable? No.

Instead, Amy Adams digs up some old relic fairy tale about women proposing to their boyfriends on February 29th “Leap Day” of a “Leap Year” hence the title of the movie “Stupid Bullshit” … errr Leap Year. Being the completely irrational, uptight, “quirky”, love starved, not ground in any form of reality romantic – Amy flies to Ireland!

Once arriving in Ireland, her plan falls to pieces because she is a completely ridiculous crazed woman who has no concrete plans and some bad weather hits causing everything to be a disaster. Amy stumbles into a bar and, of course, the only man in town who can drive her is Matthew Goode. I have a hundred problems with this scenario – here are just a couple:

1. Only guy seemingly of relative age anywhere to Amy Adams. How do towns like this exist? How is there a town that is purely comprised of drunk old men and maybe their drunk old women wives and then one attractive guy in his 30s? That’s it. The whole town is a refuse for the ugly and old and then Matthew Goode is their bar tender. In every other movie like that, he would be a child of a prophecy that uses the town’s golden sword to slay some ghost in a cave who has kept these people under it’s spell for all these years. I guess in this scenario, Matthew Goode is still the prophetic child, but he is using his own golden sword to slay the ghost of monogamous sex in Amy Adams’ “cave”. Her vagina. I’m talking about Matthew Goode’s penis is a “golden” or “relative skin tone color to the rest of his body” “sword” and the “slaying of the cave ghost” is him having vaginal intercourse with Amy Adams destroying the faithful relationship she had built with Adam.

2. Bartenders are never that helpful and if they are then something is wrong. I’ve been to some bars in my days. I’ve met some good bartenders. I’ve met bartenders who actually follow the implied rule of tipping that they buy you a round after you have bought 3 or 4. I have met bartenders who have reopened the kitchen in the bar when it was closed to make food for us the drunken bar patrons. I’ve met bartenders who will call you a cab. I’ve never met a bartender who BECOMES the cab. That’s ridiculous. I can understand a bartender saying “yeah, I’ll take you somewhere” and then it is back to his place for some flesh colored sword penis ghost vagina cave slaying. I get that. Oh, I get that. But no bartender is willing to become the traveling cab driver for some chick out of the goodness of his heart to take her from town to town through the Irish countryside to meet her boyfriend so she can propose to him.

2a. He is a fucking bartender! Glorified beer bottle opener and drink pourer! Come on! He’s not Mother Theresa. She’s dead. And he’s not a she unless that is the third act twist or Mother Theresa was a he and is not dead and is Matthew Goode which is also implausible. Or you believe in reincarnation like a hippie and Mother Theresa’s dead soul came back and dropkicked Matthew Goode’s current soul at the time out of his body and now she has taken over Matthew Goode’s body. Which is just unlikely I think. Why would Mother Theresa pick Matthew Goode in particular?

2b. Any bartender willing to take you from their bar by car and drive you to another town more or less for the hell of it- SERIAL KILLER! You’re dead, lady! You’re a dead lady! He’s going to kill you!

Ok, so Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are now together. Matthew Goode is this grimy, blue collar, rough around the edges (which I know you all want to sand paper down with yo booties), but good looking bearded guy. He is the complete opposite of Adam because of this beard. But at the same time he is “perfect” right? He is so cute with his crass humor that he uses to build a wall around himself never to let anyone in even someone as adorable and sweet as Amy Adams. Awwww… He’s just a big puppy who has taken shelter in a drunk old folk’s community in Ireland because he was probably hurt by some bitch temptress and he just needs a quirky good natured and completely irrational woman who is willing to cheat on her supposed future fiance to help him rediscover love again. Awwww.

So, they’re traveling around Ireland together in his shit car. Trying to find good ole’ Adam. Ireland’s not that big of a country so the time Matthew and Amy are together has to be a few days to a week at best. And if it is a week then what the fuck? Where the hell did Adam’s job send him for work? Of course, Matthew’s “charm” starts to rub off* on Amy. And they end up hooking up.

The final clip in the trailer is Amy and Matthew and Adam are altogether in a room. Adam is down on one knee proposing to Amy and seemingly Matthew is about to propose to Amy as well. Yuck.

Can you fucking believe this shit?

First, Adam was going to propose to Amy after all. So, all the idiocy of Amy Adams’ character is for naught because Adam was going to marry her. So all that conspiracy theorizing was wrong. You’re wrong, Amy Adams! Adam is a good man!

Second, I wish I was there for that moment if this was at all a real moment and not some fictional bad romantic comedy. I would step in right before Adam proposes –

KSWI Jordan (J) – Adam, can I call you Adam?

Adam (A) – Sure. I guess so. Who are you?

J – I may be the guy who saves you from a whole lot of future heart ache, but does give you some heart ache right now is who I am. Adam, this is your girlfriend Amy, right? I’m too assume you think everything is perfectly fine in your relationship with Amy, right? And so fine in fact that you were planning on proposing to her to be your future wife, right?

A – Yes. Yes that is right. Did you say “heart ache”? What “heart-

J –  I’ll get to that. Adam, can you see that bearded gentlemen of comparable age and aesthetic value to yourself over there?

A – Yes. The one who looks a little depressed and almost has tears in his eyes. Yes, I see him. I have never seen that bearded and slightly dirty yet attractive man before in my life.

J – Right. His name is Matthew. Your girl, Amy, fucked Matthew. Or at least they half fucked or quarter fucked. I’m not the best with calculating fractions, reciprocals et al, but they either had sex or came close enough to it that you would be real real real pissed.

A – Is this that “heart ache” you were talking about? Because I’m feeling some heart ache right now.

J – Yeah, this is that “heart ache”. But trust me I’m hear to help. Let me just reiterate what is going on. You, Adam, went to Ireland for a business trip. In doing so, you left your girlfriend for a day by herself. In that day, your crazy girlfriend decided to follow you. Stalker shit aside, in the following day after that she met Matthew. In the couple days after that, she has hooked up with Matthew. And right now, she thinks she is deciding between marrying you or marrying Matthew.  

A – I feel ill. I feel like my insides are a mob of South American revolutionaries trying to commit a coup de tat on the rest of my intestinal tract.

J – Maybe not even marrying Matthew. Maybe just “giving it a go”. Maybe it’s just a “don’t marry that guy so you and I can try out if this works in a dating situation” type of thing. Maybe it’s a “don’t marry that guy so we can try out a casual relationship with sex involved” type of thing.

A – I think I’m going to throw up.

J – So this is what I’m saying. However long you’ve been together with Amy has all been put into question in her mind with about one week of time she has spent with Matthew. All the time, the money, the sex, the presents, the holidays, the family shit, all that was about as concrete to Amy as the past couple days she has spent in the Irish countryside with bearded Matthew over here.

A – *throwing up*

J – Amy is very good looking. I’ll give her that. But you turned your back on her for a minute and she is already doing some other guy and questioning everything she knows about you and the supposed future she at one time thought you two would have together. So my advice to you, Adam, is to find someone else that you can trust. Amy is not trustworthy. Not trustworthy at all. I’m sure with your relative youth, good looks, money, and ability to make a committed monogamous relationship in the eyes of the Lord that you will find another woman comparable to Amy if not much better. Ok?

A – *cleans himself up from the vomit* Fuck you, Amy. He’s right, I’m out. I’m going to find a better chick. Peace. *Adam exits*

J – Matthew, have you been paying attention?

Matthew (M) – I have.

J – I would say you have 1 of 2 options. 1. You can take Amy. Adam has completely left this equation and you can freely take Amy. You can take her, but you will only be the “new Adam”. You too will need to question Amy’s loyalty every time you leave her side for more than a second because she has a wandering eye.

M – Ewww gross. How did I not notice-

J – Not a literal “wandering eye”. She doesn’t have a “lazy eye”. I mean in a journey that she decided to take to propose marriage to her long term boyfriend she ended up sleeping with another man. That’s the type of wandering eye I mean. You need to watch your back. Unless you decide to stay with Amy all the time, day and night, to make sure she doesn’t meet some other guy. Because it didn’t take too much this time. This time she left a successful attractive man who she had been with for seemingly awhile for some muddy going nowhere in life, but handsome bartender. Next time it could be a below average pig farmer.

M – What’s my second option?

J – Leave now. Leave Amy behind and go find another chick. I would suggest you move first. Unless you dig old broads like your great grandmother old. Move to New York City where you can use your looks and Irish brogue to easily seduce at least 80% of girls at any bar who have had at least a drink in them. You’re not in Taye Diggs corollary territory, but you are up there. Or you could go to Hollywood and be horribly miscast in arguably my favorite piece of literature of all time in the movie rendition which was “eh” and never should have been made.

M – I think I’ll go to New York City then.

J – Good choice. Leave Watchmen alone.

M – *runs as fast as his lily white Irish legs can take him*

J – Hey there, Amy Adams. So Red, I hear you’re single. Want to go for a drink?

So, I hate Leap Year. Amy Adams is hot. She was great in Junebug. I haven’t seen Leap Year. But I’m guessing it is terrible. These are generalizations I’m making from the trailer. I doubt I’m too far off base though. Either way, I’m seeing Youth in Revolt this weekend.


35 Responses to “If You Only See One Movie This Year… Then You Are An Idiot – Go See More Movies”

  1. Julienne said

    Do a post about Rob!

  2. Susanelle said

    Ha, you’re so right. I am embarrassed for my whole gender when this kind of movie comes out. (But men have twice as much to be embarrassed about in terms of movie releases so I don’t lose sleep over it.)

    I sense that you love the movie “All of Me” which you’ve never mentioned, I don’t think, but which you allude to in this post. You’re right again! Great movie! I laugh even to think of some of the scenes, lo, these many years later. I laugh even when there’s merely a vague allusion. “Backinbowl.” LOL. Thanks!

    • Susanelle said

      Also, I love that necklace and dress Amy Adams is wearing, which was her Oscar outfit last year and for which she got lambasted… lambasted… by all the fashion experts.


    • PWG said

      Oh man, thank you. I’ve had this weirdly accented “back-in-the-bowl” phrase tumbling around in my head for years, with no way of ascertaining how it got there. My unconscious addition of ‘the’ was a horrible Google roadblock preventing me from figuring out WHERE THE FUCK THAT CAME FROM. If you’re available, I also have random song lyrics I’m trying to place and possibly childhood recipes to track down.

      • Susanelle said

        Heh — I have a bit of a lint-brush brain myself.

        It’s a sign of heavy drug use, btw.

        Cure? Heavier drug use.

  3. tiffanized said

    So, if Amy picks Matthew, what? She’s moving to Ireland? Way to be a strong female lead, Amy, dropping your job, family and culture for a bartender. We have those here, bitch. I guess Matthew could move to the US, but then how would all those ugly, elderly Irish folks get their drink on?

    How about Adam, trying to buy her off with diamond earrings to soften the blow of leaving her alone for two weeks while he goes on a business trip? This reminds me of my female friends who got diamond jewelry as “pushing gifts” when they had babies. Do you know what I got as a pushing gift? A goddam baby, that’s what I got. Suck it up, ladies; you shouldn’t expect expensive baubles every time something remotely uncomfortable happens to you.

    I know I’m cranky, but I have pinkeye (but unlike Vinny I came to work and shared it), and I was disappointed because Jordan mentioned Legion and I thought I was going to get 2500 words ripping that trailer apart. Fingers crossed for another time, then.

  4. Julienne said

    KSWIdude, with your perpetually raised left eyebrow are you also muttering ‘kiss me’ to all passers by?

  5. Take your whole first paragraph, then multiply it by the fact that my body still can’t seem to figure out what time zone it’s in, and you have my sorry jetlagged ass. If this is what your brain does when it’s “fuzzy,” I approve. I’m impressed. You’re “lucky” I can even muster up the energy to comment coherently.

    I dislike most romantic comedies. It seems that the vast majority involve one person cheating on the other, but we’re all supposed to find it acceptable and romantic all because it’s done in the name of true love. Wuh? I will not be seeing this movie. I do wonder which character will end up being a vampire, though…

    I watched a lot of movies while over in Scotland. Sherlock Holmes, Inglorious Basterds, Jennifer’s Body (I watched that on the plane actually, which made me feel a little awkward when sexy things were going down and there were children and old people around that could see my screen), District 9, etc. I saw about 5 mins of Watchmen, and now I’m intrigued, even if Matthew Goode’s character reminded me of the Ambiguously Gay Duo. I remember him from Match Point. He’s had quite a varied career…

    I’m excited for Youth In Revolt. I have moderately high expectations for it, so hopefully it lives up to them. I’d say that I’m sure I’ll love it because I love everything with Michael Cera, but Year One proved that theory wrong. Very, very wrong.

    • MLF said

      so very, very true about Year One. I saw that with my dad- quite awkward during the scene where Jack Black compares the squab(?? poultry/bird of some kind..whatever.) they are eating to a vagina and goes on to lick it suggestively.

  6. MLF said

    There are several things in this movie that I find utterly absurd. Firstly- Amy proposing to her bf on leap year. It says right in the trailer that it is an Irish tradition- but is Amy even Irish? No! I now know thanks to Jordan that she is Italian, so she has no business using this “Irish Tradition” excuse just because she is being desperate like so many other sad sad women and wants to get married. (I can say this because I used to be one of those sad sad people obsessed with getting married. Thankfully I realized this before said marriage. Anyway) I am old fashioned when it comes to gender roles and I’m sure there are crowds of angry liberated women who would want to stone me for saying this- but women should not propose. That is the mans job. Men are imascualized more and more ever day- let’s not take this last shred of manliness away from them.

    Secondly- I agree with Jordan about Amy being fickle- she flew to Ireland to propose but instead she goes on a batshit crazy adventure with a bartender who she falls in love with while still forging on in the search for the man she plans to propose to. That is damn fickle! Also- in the scene where she leans against the car when it rolls down the hill- WTF! Ireland is a hilly country- who doesn’t put on the parking break?! I live in FL and I ALWAYS put on the parking break! So not only is the bartender most likely broke, he also has questionably poor motor vehicle operating skills.

    BUT- I am a newly sappy romantic person and in my pathetic little romantic heart I want to believe that Amy and Irish bartender guy are soulmates(!!) and they are meant to be together and somehow they will find a way to make it work- even if Amy has to leave her job/country/friends/family/excellent rent controlled apartment/seemingly financially stable suit wearing guy to be with the love of her life. They will make it work because it is true love, sigh.

    That being said- I am not a big fan of romantic comedies (read: I generally strongly dislike them) and I will not be seeing this movie in theaters- not when it comes out on DVD- not even when it eventually makes it’s way into the $1 used DVD bin

    • MLF said


      but I am still on *break* and my brain is operating as such so I will overlook that typo.

    • PWG said

      This is how my marriage proposal went: I was at work looking at a calendar and noticed that the 10-year anniversary of when I started dating Mr. PWG was going to be coming up in 7 or 8 months. I called him at the office and said, “You want to get married on our 10-year anniversary?” He said, “Sure.” Fuck, I’m like ten pounds of romance in a five pound bag.

      • MLF said

        *opens mouth inserts foot*

        my mom did the same thing with my now- stepdad. They had been together for 16 years and just got married this past fall when she finally said, “HEY GUESS WHAT WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!” I am very non-judgemental and it doesn’t really affect me, as long as my immaginary future mate doesn’t expect me to get down on one knee. But I still think men should propose.
        Maybe I am young and naieve,(I am young and naieve) but I really, really want the next time I get proposed to to be special. The way it happened with me was: Boyfriend was asking me what I wanted for Christmas. It was August. he suggested a ring, I said “like, an engagement ring?!” BF: “yes” Me:”NO! you are suposed to suprise me I don’t want to know I’m getting it and I don’t want to get that as a Christmas gift”

        then I thought about it and since I was one of those girls obsessed with getting married I said “I changed my mind let’s do it”

        I don’t really care if it’s a huge rock from Tiffany’s or a Ring Pop (actually I lied- I want the Ring Pop), I just want the guy to get down on one knee, suprise me, I will cry (I’m a sap) people around us can clap and go “awww” but hey, you are a strong, smart independent woman so kudos. I could still never do it.

      • PWG said

        No worries on my account, it’s not like if he planned some elaborate proposal I would’ve said no out of feminist principal. Figured we might as well do it before any out of wedlock children made an appearance. We did agree that he doesn’t need to wear a ring and I wouldn’t change my name, with no hard feelings on either side. I bought the rings – $150 for a pair of plain bands and I don’t wear mine half the time. 19 years together now, I think we both picked okay. I have no plans to make off with an Irish bartender. The man read all four Twilight books for me, for the love of God. I’m keeping him forever. Wait, now we sound like gay actors who married each other in the 50’s for cover.

      • tiffanized said

        I don’t know if this counts as a marriage proposal, but I called my erstwhile lover to let him know I was knocked up, and he actually said the words, “I’m gonna make an honest woman outchya”, quoting a Don King biopic. Immediately following the phone call, I vomited. Before you pass out from all the romance, let me add that we bought our wedding bands at JCPenney, my dress came from Wal-Mart, there were Beanie Babies in the wedding party and the honeymoon took place at Chuck E. Cheese. It’s like I had a white trash wedding checklist. I know you will all be shocked to find out the marriage imploded three years later.

      • MLF said

        my dreams of a romantic proposal/wedding/honeymoon in Europe are rapidly dwindling.

    • Zees84 said

      ::comes out of self-imposed exile::

      my husband took me to a local park and showed me the video he made of all the places we had gone on dates, narrated with funny stories about said dates, gave me two fake cracker Jack rings to throw me off, then gave me 13 red roses. Thirteen because one was fake and held my ring in it. Granted, I designed the ring, and told him that we were having an engagement party Thursday the 19th, and my parents were coming Sunday, so it would be a good idea to make it happen between those two days.

      Our 5 year wedding anniversary is a week from Saturday.

      See, you can have your cake and eat it too.*

      ::back into hiding::

  7. PWG said

    I get Amy Adams and Isla Fisher confused. Matthew Goode was in The Lookout with Isla, which isn’t going to help me keep it straight. He was fantastic in that, unlike in Watchmen.

    • campbelld said

      I watched The Lookout last night for the first time. It was freaking great. I would get Isla Fisher and Amy Adams confused, but Isla is Australian, so I always remember her. Her name was Luvelly Lemons in The Lookout. Yeah.

  8. AmyAlmost said

    Are you related to Dr Phil? That’s some good advice you got there.

    I love romantic comedies. Even if they make no sense.

    But I’m not at all a romantic. Husband proposed over a beer. I don’t wear a wedding band or diamond, and probably never will and I’m okay about it. Got married in a court house and went for slurpees afterward.

    Have to agree with your opinion on bartenders. Also – doesn’t Ireland have public transport? Wouldn’t he just direct her to a bus stop to catch a bus that drove around Ireland? Not to mention the cost of fuel. No one gives rides anymore even if they were that way inclined.

  9. Forgetful Lucy said

    So… I watched the trailer. You have it ALL wrong Mr. Grumpy pants. I didn’t see any implied fuckery with the bartender, except the kiss at the dinner table. But, hello? they HAD to pretend to be a couple to stay in the only room, with the one bed. Come on! It’s like battling to house music. “Honey, there was only one room, with one bed, perfectly innocent I swear… Snooki will even vouch for me.”

    Anyway I say she never effs the bartender always thinking she wants the other guy but not understanding her draw to the beard. Then when she finally gets what she thinks she wants, the proposal from guy #1, she realizes something isn’t right. Usually guy #1 ends up being a douche of some sort, making guy #2 the prince charming. We will see.

    You know I like romantic comedies, I thought the trailer was cute. I laughed out loud when Mr. Beard told her it was the stupidest thing he had ever heard that she was there to propose. I also like that she threw his sandwich out the window. I’m definitely going to see this movie, thanks for the heads up Jordan. Heh.

    • tiffanized said

      I don’t know. I say the seductive showertime silhouettes count as foreplay. I’m just saying that if I were trapped in a European inn with a bearded bartender/cab driver (I bet he has some far-reaching ambition he never had the guts to fulfill, which he confides in her and she encourages him) I would not be dancing in the shower. The protocol for this situation is certainly a quick hose-down followed by cursory towel off and getting dressed before you exit the shower area. No woman would do the dancing/running around in a towel bit unless she had already entertained the idea of screwing the man witnessing it.

      • MLF said

        ehh..I don’t know. I personally HATE getting dressed in the bathroom after I’ve showered because it is all steamy and hot and the clothes stick to you when you try to put them on. I always leave the bathroom and get dressed in my bedroom, or whatever room available if I’m not at home, and yes- sometimes… oftentimes… many people see me in a towel that I certainly entertain no idea of boinking. But I forget this part of the trailer and I think it comes down to how she secures her towel: If she secures the towel all sexy with the girls pushed up and out and tucks the end of the towel into her cleavage- then maybe fuckery is afoot. If she wraps her towel around her pressing the girls DOWN and hiding any cleavage- then I proclaim her innocent.

        As you can tell I am a sane and logical person *snorts*

  10. campbelld said

    I must send you the Mathew McConaghey (or however the fuck you spell it.) movie poster parodies. They are pretty amazing.
    Ughhhh I must disagree with you on Watchmen. I like the movie. Granted, they fucked up Ozy, and part of that was Mathew Goode’s fault. But apart from that I think they did just about the best job they could of done. Jackie Earle Hayley for instance was pretty much as I imagined Rorschach. Anyway. Sigh.

    • PWG said

      I liked Rorschach and the Comedian, but I kept expecting Goode to break into song or something. I got a real La Cage aux Folles vibe from him.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      “I think they did just about the best job they could of done.” —- 100% agree

      I think in all intent and purpose, Mr. Snyder did pretty much everything he could possibly done to have made that adaptation perfect and a success. I am an enormous fan Snyder. I think he did a terrific job making that movie.

      And with that, they should have still never made it into a movie. The greatest form of art is not the movie. And all art does not have to end up as a movie. Some comic books should stay as comic books. Some novels as novels. Some TV shows as TV shows.

  11. amanda said

    fuck rob.
    id rather talk about how i am going to see leap year because it looks sooo good!!!

    bahaha gotcha. that movie looks terrible and i will kick my mom if she goes to see it. kick her.

  12. Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

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