More Street Cred than Nas, Jay Z and the Wu-Tang Clan put together

January 7, 2010

Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Remember this name. If you do not recognize the name then today I will explain why you need to remember for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

I had never heard of Tsutomu Yamaguchi until yesterday. Sadly, it was in his obituary where I first read his name. Tsutomu Yamaguchi was not an athlete or an actor. Tsutomu was not rich or a celebrity. Tsutomu was not a famous musician or novelist. Tsutomu did something much more amazing: he survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.


Can you fucking believe that?

Oh man, that is the nuttiest nuts. That is just sheer ridiculousness. He survived two, the only two, atomic bomb attacks ever. EVER! In the history of mankind and in the history of the atomic bomb, they have been only used twice in an attack. The US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. TWO! And he was in both explosions! That is the fucking craziest. How did he end up in not only one, but two, TWO, atomic bomb explosions? AND HE SURVIVED THEM BOTH! And he died this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The US didn’t drop those bombs last month. Which would have been really crazy if the US dropped two atomic boms on Japan last month. We love Japan. Anyway, we dropped them a little over 64 years ago. YEARS! Sixty! Four! Years! Ago! The man was a full grown man when those fuckers were dropped and he survived them, BOTH!, and lived for another 64 years!

Tsutomu Yamaguchi motherfuckers!

You want to talk about gangster? Tsutomu Yamaguchi is fucking gangster. TWO ATOMIC BOMBS! And then 64 fucking years of life! Shit is so crazy.

I honestly want to just shout this man’s name from a mountain top right now. I wish I knew who the fuck he was when he was alive. Oh man, I am the biggest fan of this guy right now. The building I’m in right now isn’t all that tall, so going onto the roof wouldn’t be a big deal. Instead this place echoes real well, so I just want to yell that man’s name like he single-handedly won the Super Bowl – TSUTOMU YAMAGUCHI!

I remember when Barack Obama was elected President of the Universe about 14 months ago, all I wanted to do was scream BUH-ROCK-OHHHH-BOMB-UH!!!! I still just want to scream it. We’ve got a black President, y’all! It’s the craziest! I fucking love it. Oh, I’m from France. We’re so liberal. We have nationalized health care. We don’t start wars in the Middle East. Well shut the fuck up FRANCE! I got a BLACK PRESIDENT! And he runs the bball court playing point guard. So fuck off, France. Talk about historic – a black President. Oh I’m from Canada (sounds a lot like my France impression) we had a woman prime minister. Yeah? Well take a step back Canada because you’re standing on my dick. BUH-ROCK-OH-BOMB-UH! Oh man, I love Barry Obama.

Did anyone watch the Kennedy Center Honors? They inducted “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen. Unreal. Fuck DeNiro and fuck Mel Brooks. I love them both, but fuck them in their old wrinkly asses. BBBRRRRUUUUCCCCCEEEE!!! And you know who was sitting next to Bruce Springsteen? Michelle Obama! And you know who was sitting next to Michelle “I wear elegant dresses and whoop every other first lady’s asses with my buff arms” Obama? BUH-ROCK-OH-BOMB-UH! Barack Obama was sitting there within a foot of “The Boss”. It was “The Boss” aka Bruce Springsteen with “The Real” “The Boss” Barack Obama.

Not surprising that Barack was there because “The Rising” is one of Barack’s campaign theme songs. As it should be because that song kicks ass and so does “The Boss” and so does New Jersey. To fill you in on why you need to watch the Kennedy Center Honors, they have other artists come in and play that person’s songs. They usually get some random ass people so it isn’t always the best. John Cougar Mellencamp did a terrible rendition of “Born in the USA” and Melissa Etheridge screwed her song up as well. But two people killed it: Eddie Vedder and Sting. STING! Yeah, that Sting. As in “Roxanne” – Sting. As in tantric sex – Sting. As in real name is Gordon – Sting. Eddie made “The Boss” and America cry with his cover, but Sting brought the house down.

Sting’s song of choice was “The Rising” and he closes the show with it. First, Sting walks out looking like a Civil War re-enactor which is just amazing. Why is he looking like that? He looks badass, but is he in a Civil War movie? Is he playing a 19th century Russian novelist? Secondly, he starts to get into it. The camera is cutting back and forth between Sting and Bruce up in the balcony. When they do the wide shots on Bruce, you can see Michelle, Barack and one other man rocking along: Reggie Love! Mr. Love is another man whose name you need to get familiar with if you are not already. Reggie Love is Barack Obama’s “Body Man”. Talk about one of the greatest position titles out there, the “Body Man” for the President of the United States of America. “Body Man” means that Reggie is Barack’s special assistant and aide. One of Reggie’s assistant roles was to play basketball against Barack everyday during the campaign for the 2008 election. Fucking unreal amazing.

So, Sting is playing “The Rising”. Come on up for the rising! When the song starts to kick in, a curtain falls behind Sting to reveal this huge chorus behind him. They’re all singing along, mostly doing the “A Dream of Life!” harmony. They cut back to Bruce, Barack and Michelle are getting And what’s better? Reggie fucking Love is singing along. You can see he is absolutely loving it. Sting sings “Sky of mercy, sky of fear” and Reggie right on cue “A dream of life!” Glorious. Then being the natural leader Barack Obama is, he makes the executive decision and he and everyone else are going to stand up. Barack gives a little hand motion to Michelle and everyone follows suit. And then everyone in the place is standing up clapping along to “The Rising”. A dream of life!

What was I talking about?


At 29 years old, Tsutomu Yamaguchi took a business trip to Hiroshima. On August 6th, Tsutomuwas preparing to leave Hiroshima after having lived there for the past three months. It was 8:15 in the morning, Tsutomu was making his way to the docks to leave Hiroshima. Do you know what happened next?


Are you fucking kidding me? After three months of living in Hiroshima, Tsutomu was getting his ass out of there and heading back home when hands down the worst thing that could possibly happen happens. The B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay dropped the eight thousand and nine hundred pound atomic bomb on the place where he was just about to leave. Just about. If he left an hour earlier he wouldn’t have been hit by a damn ATOMIC BOMB! Guess what? HE SURVIVED ANYWAY!

Unbelievably, Tsutomu survives the atomic blast. He witnesses countless others die in the most ridiculous science fiction and horrific ways. The explosion destroyed his ear drums, the white light blinded him temporarily and left him with severe burns on the top left half of his body. But he survived. And I know all that stuff sounds bad, but really – he didn’t get it all that bad.

The burns definitely had to fucking hurt. I’m not saying that. The worst pain, I’m sure. But I saw video of this guy when he was in his 90’s (because remember he lives 64 years longer than the bombings) and he was walking around and talking. Sure he used a cane, but a 90 year old only needing a cane to get around? This guy was in great shape. You put a shirt on and I bet you don’t even see the burns. No one would even know. He had hair, he could see, he could get around, he had good memory. Unreal, right? It is unreal he survived an atomic explosion. It is unreal that he survived an atomic explosion with injuries that seemingly did not prevent him from leading a completely fruitful life for another 64(!) years.

What was that other thing Tsutomu did?


Yeah, it’s fucking nuts.

Let’s back track for a second, the “Little boy” 8,900 pound atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was dropped on August 6th. Tsutomu gets hit by that. Now, when was the second atomic bomb dropped? THREE DAYS LATER! The B-29 bomber Bockscar dropped a ten thousand and two hundred pound atomic bomb named “Fat Man” about 190 miles away on Nagasaki, Japan. And… TSUTOMU YAMAGUCHI GOT HIT BY THAT ONE TOO! Unbelievable!

For a minute here, think about the worst 72 hours of your life. Don’t dwell on it too much because this website is not here to add to the depression we all feel already by just being alive. So think about the worst 72 hours of your life in bullet point format. Now, when you look at that list, does it anywhere mention that you got “hit by an atomic bomb”? Just curious. I mean on my list, I don’t mention getting hit by an atomic bomb not once. Mainly, because I have never been hit by an atomic bomb! So the question is, on your list of worst things that happen to you in a consecutive 72 hour span of time does “hit by an atomic bomb” appear on this list? Follow-up question, does “hit by an atomic bomb” appear TWICE!?!?!?!?!?! FUCK! And he survived that one as well. How did this happen?

After Tsutomu miraculously survived the first atomic bomb explosion, he was treated for burns and spent the night in an air-raid shelter. The next day, Tsutomu thought it was about time he went back home. I think so as well, Tsutomu. There is no sense in sticking around a town that A. you were already planning on leaving and B. IF IT IS HIT BY AN ATOMIC BOMB! Tsutomu decides to go back home. Quick question, what do you think Tsutomu Yamaguchi’s hometown is in Japan? NAGASAKI! That’s just crazy.

Tsutomu gets hit by an atomic bomb. Survives. Decides to go home to rest after getting hit by said atomic bomb and … HE GETS HIT BY ANOTHER ATOMIC BOMB! What gives? Seriously, do you know how unlucky Tsutomu must’ve felt? He must have thought the US hated him in particular! They dropped an 8,900 pound atomic bomb on him and it didn’t kill him and then he moves 190 miles from there and the US follows him only to drop an even bigger bomb on him this time. Some might think that is luck either because he survived or because the unlikeliness that it would happen twice. That is not luck though. You do not want to have an atomic bomb dropped on you and you don’t want it to happen twice in three days. If I stub my toe today and then three days later I stub the same toe – I would be furious! Now let’s replace “stubbing toe” with an ATOMIC BOMB EXPLOSION!

If this story couldn’t get any wilder, I’ve never read that he suffered any injuries in the second atomic bomb explosion. That’s the craziest. Tsutomu survives an atomic bomb explosion with for the most part minor injuries and this is followed by him surviving a second atomic bomb explosion that is even bigger three days later with no injuries to report. I have a theory. We all know that an extreme dose of radiation leads to 2 things: cancer and super powers. One or the other or both. Tsutomu never stated that he had any super powers. My theory is that Tsutomu did have super powers, but they were all used up in surviving the Nagasaki atomic bomb explosion WITHOUT A SCRATCH ON HIM.

Tsutomu is a regular 29 year old Japanese guy. He gets hit by an atomic bomb and is just bombarded with insane amounts of radiation. This radiation gives him super powers, naturally. The super powers help him survive and recover from the first explosion. I imagine his powers were a regenerative power like Wolverine has and maybe an ability to survive extreme amount of punishment like Superman or the Hulk et cetera. I don’t think Tsutomu could fly or anything. Another way of saying it, Tsutomu was like the cheerleader on Heroes. Sidenote: Hayden is sexy. Also a sidenote: Hayden dates Heavyweight Champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko. Wlad is 6’6” easily like 250 pounds of muscle. His nickname is “Dr. Steelhammer” aka “What I wish my nickname was every day of my life”. Hayden Panettiere is supposedly 5’1” and she can’t weigh more than a 100 pounds. We’re all thinking the same thing, right? It’s got to look like wild. Like someone should call the cops with guns wild.

What was I saying again?

Tsutomu Yamaguchi had super powers. The problem is he unknowingly used them all to survive the second atomic bomb explosion. If he didn’t end up in Nagasaki and instead decided to go to Osaka or anywhere else in the world that wasn’t hit by an atomic bomb, he would have been able to fight crime or become a super villain for the rest of his life. The second scenario is unlikely though. He would’ve been a super hero. Tsutomu was a good guy. A great guy. He held no ill will about being hit by two, TWO!, atomic bombs from the United States. After the war, he worked as an interpreter for the US military in Japan. Wild, right?

Tsutomu was also incredibly humble man as well. In 1957, Japan recognized the survivors of the atomic bombings and they were treated to special government assistance. His original identification card only mentioned that he survived the Nagasaki blast and not the Hiroshima blast as well. That oversight was ok for “Joe Cool” Tsutomu Yamaguchi. That isn’t how I would have played it. I could see Tsutomu over looking a minor error like it saying he was 5’7” and not 5’8” or something. No big deal. People misspell my name all the time on stuff and I have gotten used to letting it slide. It’s always “Jordon” instead of “Jordan”. Like people haven’t seen the name “Jordan” on about ONE BILLION pieces of Nike apparel in their life. Oh yeah, there isn’t one guy who walks this planet who is so fucking famous that his silhouette is all you need to recognize him on every continent of this world named “Jordan” out there. And at the same time, there are so many “Jordons” people know walking around, right? People are fucking idiots. I’ve never met a “Jordon”, but the greatest basketball player of all time is “Jordan” and his name is EVERYWHERE and has been closing on 20 years. If I do meet a “Jordon” – I’m going to fuck ’em up.

Tsutomu didn’t think it was a big deal they forgot he survived two atomic bombings and not just one. Wasn’t bent out of shape at all about it. He didn’t officially correct the Japanese government until January of last year. So yeah, Tsutomu Yamaguchi. He survived two atomic bombs, was a translator for the people who dropped the bombs on him, became a school teacher after that, wrote a book about his experience, spoke out for the abolition of atomic weapons, allowed scientists to study him, appeared in a documentary in 2006 with other survivors about their experiences, and lived until he was 93.

That dude was gangster. The most gangster. Tsutomu Yamaguchi. Remember it.


44 Responses to “More Street Cred than Nas, Jay Z and the Wu-Tang Clan put together”

  1. Lala said

    I don’t really have nothing to say, but i’m First to comment. yay!

  2. Susanelle said

    Sorry but the bombs were dropped in 1945… which was zerominusfiveisfiveborrowingaonefromthesecondcolumnmakingthatzerominusfourwhichissixandnowthereisn’tmuchleftof2010so…65 years ago. Where are you getting 55, hon?

  3. “You put a shirt on and I bet you don’t even see the burns.” Thanks to your visual aides, I see that Tsutomi didn’t just put on any shirt, he put on a motherfucking Cosby sweater or Hawaiian-esque shirt. He easily could’ve spent the rest of his life being all serious and wearing black head to toe and being all emo, but nope. Colors and patterns, my friends.

    This man is unreal. Mythical. Legendary. He brings new meaning to words like “humble” and phrases like “be the bigger person.” If I could pronounce his name without drawing it out syllable by agonizing syllable, I would turn his name into an adjective. Or it’s own saying – like “pull a Tsutomi Yamaguchi” if you know what I mean. Thank you for bringing this juggernaut of a man to our attention.

    Also, why the hell are people spelling your name “Jordon”? Unless you pronounce it Jor-DON instead of like the normal Jor-DAN (or, realistically, more like Jor-DIN), in which case that’s your own fault for pronouncing your name stupidly. I thought people were idiots because a surprising number can’t tell the difference between the male/female version of my name… but “Jordon” is making me question the future of our society.

    Also, your math was wrong. Har har har. Poke.

    • Crystal said

      I will now be using that phrase on a daily basis.

      As some random dude is riding his bike on the narrowest of paths along a mountain side and falls, lives to tell the tale with only a few scratches I will say….”That dude just totally pulled a Tsutomi Yamaguchi.”

      I expect this scenario to happen on a daily basis.

      • The saying is totally versatile too. Not only is the dude a death-defying badass and can be used to describe those who defy death in badass ways, but he’s apparently the world’s most forgiving person. I’ve held grudges against people for a lot less than dropping TWO ATOMIC BOMBS on me. So the next time someone treats me poorly, I’ll take a page out of Tsutomi’s book and let bygones be bygones. I’ll pull a Tsutomi Yamaguchi and be the bigger person.

    • Forgetful Lucy said

      I like to remind myself when shit happens, “it could’ve been worse”. Babygirl busts her head open falling off the bed = 5 staples to the back of the head. At least she didn’t bust her eye or teeth out.
      Tsutomi Yamaguchi could definitely say, “it could’ve been worse.” His ass could’ve been blown to bits! Pink Mist. Nope. Amazing.

    • MLF said

      thanks a lot HB, I just spit my drink all over the keyboard and it was limited time only throwback Mountain Dew! that shit should be cherished, which it was- I was cherishing it until you had to go be all hysterical and make me spit it out!

      nah just kidding. I really did spit soda on my keyboard but it was worth it, so whatevs

    • MLF said

      I had a kid in summer camp one year whose name was Jordon. I pronounced it Jordon as in Jordan or actually as Jord’n since that is how I talk- and I was quite quickly and angrily corrected. I’ll never forget it- I was calling role for my group on the first day before we got on the bus (we were going to a public pool. Yes I had to swim with the kids. Yes I am sure half of them peed. Yes I scrubbed my skin off every Monday night when I got home) anyways. I called out Jord’n and instead of the usual Present! or Here! or Santa Clause! I instead got “IT’S jor- DON! LEARN IT LIVE IT LOVE IT!” Kids say the damndest things I’m telling you. But jorDON turned out to be one of my favorite kids. He was a cool dude and had strength in the face of adversity. He could have been embarrased about that name and let it slide- but no. He embraced it and proudly corrected all of the counselors. People call me by all fifty states and I answer them- I should take a page out of this kids book and stand up for my own dumb name as well.

  4. Forgetful Lucy said

    First- I love it. When you’re a happy camper it makes me smile.

    Second- Exactly just how much coffee have you had today?

    Third- Things KSWIJ hadn’t done in a bit that I missed:
    “Cockteases”. Check.
    Song embed. Check.
    Educational post. Check.

    Woo! Your excitment has worn me out.*

    PS- I love Springsteen. I named my cat after him…

  5. Crystal said

    Dude, that fool is magic.

  6. tiffanized said

    Big hairy deal. I squeezed two humans out of my body, one without benefit of pain medication.

    I just read that Yamaguchi went back to work three days after the bombing and that’s where he was when the second bomb hit. Let me just state for the record that if a bomb of any sort hits me, I will not be going to work three days later. Or ten days later. In fact, I may never return to work, but instead choose to lay about my house and moan about being burned up by a bomb. This seems like appropriate post-bomb behavior. But to go to work with all the bandages on—I have to think Yamaguchi had ulterior motives. Like the hot secretary who never accepted his sexual advances, and now he thinks, “She has to fuck me. Even if it’s a pity fuck and I’m all gross and burned up, there’s no way she can turn me down.” This is the only motivation I can think of that would put a man back into his place of business three days after surviving an atomic bomb blast. That, or it was pretzel day.

    Also, James Cameron killed Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

    Apparently Yamaguchi received a visit from James Cameron a couple of weeks ago. James “Avatar, Aliens, Terminator, and Titanic” Cameron. I have to think he was involved in Mr. Yamaguchi’s untimely demise. Yes, it was untimely! He survived two fucking A-bombs. If anyone had a shot of becoming an immortal, it was Tsutomu Yamaguchi. So he lives through WWII, two A-bombs and disco, then all of the sudden gets a visit from James Cameron and drops dead two weeks later. I call fuckery.

    • MLF said

      GOD DAMMIT. My keyboard was finally dry. WTF. I don’t know how I missed this earlier but more importantly I don’t know why I haven’t learned my lesson about the dangers of putting things in my mouth* while reading the blog and the comments section.

      Oh well. It was just water this time so at least it won’t be sticky*

  7. Joe said

    I knew the man. Would that we were all as gentle and friendly as he was.

    • PWG said

      Oh Joe, I’m scared for you. You Googled Tsutomu Yamaguchi and ended up here, didn’t you? Because what are the odds that one of Jor-El’s existing readers knew The Yamaguchinator? Infinity to one, that’s what. Maybe you had a quick (wtf?) moment when you saw the blog title but I bet you read the whole post, because Jordin Sparks is fucking hilarious. Maybe you’ve bookmarked this page thinking you’ll come back for more touching and insightful posts on other subjects. How do you feel about Megan Fox and Charles deGaulle, Joe?

  8. Julienne said

    I’m amazed at your excitment, KSWIJ, and even more amazed at the amazingness of this man who survived two bombs. Holy shit! This man deserves a shrine, and kazillions more recognition than some other losers are getting these days.

    As far as the Kennedy Center Honors however, I am a bit disappointed in your complete lack of disrespect for Mr. Dave Brubeck. I understand your bias towards Mr. Springsteen, since it’s a New Jersey thing and all, but to not even mention the king of West Coast jazz in your post? Dave and his quartet will Take Five all over Bruce’s ass from here until the end of time. Did you not see every single person in attendance that night (including POTUS n FLOTUS) jamming in their seats to the musical miracle they were witnessing? It was beautiful, I tell you.

  9. PWG said

    If I had any Photoshop skills whatsoever, or even Paint skills, I’d toss up a picture of Tsutomu and St. James Davis superimposed over Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider in that Jaws scene where they’re comparing scars. I’d leave Robert Shaw alone, because fuck, eleven hun’red men went in the water, 316 men come out.

    Davis was mauled by a chimp a few years ago. “He said his New Year’s resolution was to stop crying and get out of the house every week.”

    Quint and Tsutomu at least have The Bomb in common, and I’d throw Davis in there just as a reminder of what a huge pussy I am and how I could never survive horrible things like that and I’m desperately glad I haven’t had to.

    • Damn it. I’ve been saying “Tsutomi” this whole time and it’s actually “Tsutomu.” Your comments finally clued me in (though, admittedly, only after I kept seeing/reading “tomstu” repeatedly).

      I feel like an ass. Sorry Tsutomu. Though in typical Tsutomu fashion, I’m sure you’ll forgive me this oversight.

      • PWG said

        I think the confusion comes from the fact that Jordan spelled it two different ways up there. He started out all “Tsutomu” and ended up all “Tsutomi.” The one with the U is correct, I had to look it up.

      • kristenstewartwantsit said


      • PWG said

        We’re not picking on you, sunshine. I mean not here; we’re not specifically picking on you here. None of us can say or spell it or do math or anything. It was an awesome post today. Fantastic. Here, this is just for you:

        “Don’t ever stop with your incredible post, Jordan.” *****

      • kristenstewartwantsit said

        I’m telling people to remember his name and then apparently I can’t remember his fucking name, but I still love’em.

        Would a rose by any other name…

      • Should we also discuss the irony of you complaining about people spelling your name wrong in the same post? I bet “Tsutomu” is no harder than “Jordan” in Japan.

        What was that you were saying about not getting enough comments? We taunt because we love. And beggars can’t be choosers.

      • It does. It mysteriously switches following the Obama/Boss lovefest. I wasn’t going to blame him, though. You know, pulling a Tsutomu Yamaguchi or whatever.

        It’s my own fault for being lazy. When I see something that I can’t easily pronounce, I just gloss over it. If I’d been paying attention, I would’ve realized it sooner. Truth is, I spent most of this post saying “Tamagotchi” in my head.

      • Lala said

        I thought I was so stupid because I couldn’t read his last name, every time I thought “Tamagotchi”

      • MLF said

        You’re not stupid- or maybe we both are. I was actually pronouncing it in my head as Tomstu Tamagotchi.

        side note: Tomstu= Tom Sturidge= the guy in pirate radio- incase anybody was confused. although I’m sure all the RPattz fans knew who I was talking about, but I have a feeling KSWIJ might not be learned in the knowlege of who Rob is bffl’s with.

  10. Eris said

    Thank you for that!! You are the muthafuckin man**** ;)*

    • PWG said

      May I just say that I love your profile name and contemplated naming my last cat Eris, Goddess of Discord and Strife. It’s possible you’ve taken it from the solar system’s largest dwarf planet, or that it’s actually your real name. If so, I hope I haven’t insulted you. If you’re a Robert Anton Wilson fan, however, then you rock.

  11. PWG said

    I watched the WTC South Tower fall on 9/11, live on a 4″ black and white TV in my office. Every time I hear The Rising it makes me tear up and think of that exact moment. It’s a great and horrible song, and Sting nailed it.

  12. PWG said

    If The Tsunami is in any way responsible for Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable” movie, then I no longer admire him. He’s dead to me. I mean, I know he’s dead, but . . . I’ll just stop now.

  13. Amy D said

    So the question remains, would he have survived the full effect of KStew’s want if she chose to unleash it upon him?

    • Forgetful Lucy said

      Is KStew’s Want > , < , or = TWO ATOMIC BOMBS?

      This might be like comparing organges to assholes.

      • Forgetful Lucy said

        erm… make that “oranges to assholes”.

        I knew something wasn’t right.

        I hear Organges are found of the term SPALT.

      • Forgetful Lucy said

        *facepalm* fond, not found.

        Gee Lucy, why don’t you reply to yourself some more.

        Why thank you, I think I will.


  14. Forgetful Lucy said

    You know if I was here earlier I would ask if you were pouting. And you know what I have to do when you pout. No sad panda.

    Here’s a question…
    How do you think Brett Rogers feels about the color pink? Smiley Face.

    • MLF said

      oooooh I think you should remind us again. You know, just to make sure everybody still remembers?

      and Great Scott! It’s Thursday! (insert “you’ve finally learned Days of the Week joke here)

      My question is: How would Kristen’s Want have altered the course of history via the whole A-bomb incidents? I know turning Kristin’s want into a bomb has been discussed before (at least I’m pretty sure- I can’t be certain until PWG or HB confirm this with their infallible archive knowlege) but what if the US had unleashed The Want instead of the bombs?

      Also- another intriguing idea- what if instead of trying to harness The Want into a weapon of mass destruction, we harnessed it into a weapon of mass peace? We could take it into outerspace and beam the whole plannet with it. Puppies and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns everywhere, sigh.

  15. amanda said

    whatta g

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