A List of Men Over 60 Years Old I Think Women Would F@#K

January 15, 2010

No explanation necessary. I think the title says it all. Here is a list of 50 men who are over 60 years old that my friend, Dawgz (pseudonym, not actual name) and I think women would fuck. The list in is no particular order. Maybe a little explanation is necessary to justify why two men in their mid to late 20’s decided to craft a list of men over 60 who they believe a large percentage of women would have sex with.

I have admitted I think Helen Mirren is sexually attractive. She is 39 years older than me. I do not have an older woman fetish by any means. Even with this 39 year age gap between the two of us I will most certainly recognize she is a good looking woman without a second thought. On the other hand, I see women struggling to lay claim to men over 60 who are “doable”. I think this shows a lack of imagination as well as a boat full of lies that they cannot think of a man over 60 they would fuck.

I do not believe this is the definitive list of men over 60 that a significant percentage of women would sleep with. I do think this is a strong list from 1-50. It ranges from actors, musicians, athletes, political figures, writers et cetera. I do think there are plenty of other 60+ year old men that we are not familiar with and missed (Latin/Hispanic men mostly) or men we have misjudged and could be added with a cohesive argument. The number 50 was an arbitrary number to simply show that there are way more than just a couple of senior citizens that women of all ages would get cozy with. So please add to the list.

Lastly, I fully believe that any woman who says she would not have sex with any man on the following list is a liar. She is lying to herself. She is lying to America. And with that, “how old would you go?”. Enjoy.

1. Ted Danson – 62
2. Michael Caine – 76
3. David Bowie – 63
4. Mick Jagger – 66
5. Sidney Portier – 82 (83 in February)
6. Bob Gibson – 74
7. Bill Clinton – 63
8. Bruce Springsteen – 60
9. Robert Redford – 73
10. Richard Gere – 60
11. Walt Frazier – 64
12. Arnold Schwarzenegger – 62
13. Harrison Ford – 67
14. Alan Rickman – 63
15. Paul McCartney – 67 … if at least just to fuck a Beatle instead of Ringo Starr at 69
16. Jim Palmer – 64
17. Samuel L. Jackson – 61
18. Paul Hogan – 70
19. J.D. Salinger – 91 – no one knows what he looks like, so he could be a great looking 91
20. James Caan – 69
21. Warren Beatty – 72
22. Mitt Romney – 62
23. Eric Clapton – 64
24. Dan Rather – 78
25. Julio Iglesias – 66
26. Tom Jones – 69
27. Christopher Walken – 66
28. Richard Roundtree – 67
29. Jesse Jackson – 68
30. Sean Connery – 79
31. Burt Reynolds – 73
32. Steve Martin – 64
33. Jeremy Irons – 61
34. Carl Weathers – 61
35. Billy Dee Williams – 72
36. James Brolin – 69
37. Armand Assante – 60
38. Pat Riley – 64
39. Richard Dean Anderson – 60 in 8 days and counting
40. Donald Sutherland – 74
41. Michael Douglas – 65
42. Timothy Dalton – 65
43. Peter Fonda – 69
44. Jeff Bridges – 60
45. Frank Langella – 72
46. Christopher Plummer – 80
47. Powers Boothe – 61
48. Eric Braeden – 68
49. Tom Selleck – 64
50. Chuck Norris – 69


*Honorable Mentions:

Kevin Kline – 62, Tommy Lee Jones – 63, Scott Glenn – 68, Carlton Fisk – 62, Rod Stewart – 65, Robert DeNiro – 66, Martin Sheen – 69, Clint Eastwood – 79, Morgan Freeman – 72,  Jerry Jones – 67. Hugh Hefner – 83


108 Responses to “A List of Men Over 60 Years Old I Think Women Would F@#K”

  1. Zees84 said

    From what I understand, the odds are that Warren Beatty has already fucked all of your readers, and probably you and Dawgz as well. It’s a number’s game, really.

  2. Susanelle said

    Please, please, please, people of KSWI Nation, both men and women, don’t fuck anyone over 45… Just don’t. (And try to keep it under 40, if you can.)

    I’m serious, you will regret it — it will put you off sex forever if you fuck a 50- or a 60- or a 70-year-old. The sights… the smells… the sounds… no, you don’t wanna.

    You’ll have plenty of time to fuck the over-45 set when you’re over 45, so defer those dubious pleasures till then.

    Don’t even think about it, or make lists.


    • MLF said

      THANK YOU SUSANELLA. I feel better, much, much better. Now I can continue on with my day and pretend like I wasn’t just assaulted by traumatizing mental imagery AND called a liar.

      • I do agree TOTALY with you ! I would say that this IDIOT who weote this column is a twisted MENTALY ILL NIMPHO MANIAC who would hump even a dry branch of one of the trees in our park ! I am NOT a teenager either but go to bed with this man even the taught of them turns my stomach direction to NORD ! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, fuiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii 😦 NOoooo

    • PWG said

      I’ll tell my husband he’s only got one more year of fucking in his future. I’m sure he’ll see the sense of that. I can’t make the cutoff point tied specifically to age. There are plenty of 25-year olds I wouldn’t fuck, and plenty of 55-year olds I hypothetically would. Just not Mitt Romney. Or Arnie. Gah, it burns, it burns.

    • gabbybird said

      Wow….I guess I am dead at age 48. What a stupid, stupid thing you wrote. I guess only 18 year olds who have no experience and overactive hormones are the only ones of us who enjoy sex. I really wonder how you KNOW that it would put you off sex to be intimate with an older person? Your personal bad past experiences probably influenced you here….so sorry for your callousness.

      • PWG said

        Boy, I hope she’s (he’s?) talking to you, Jordan or Susanelle.

        I’m torn, because the easily offended aren’t going to enjoy the posts or comments as much as they should (remember “women can’t drive” day, anyone?) but those of us who are legal in all 50 states spell so much better than the jailbait.

        I think we can all agree that there’s nothing wrong with wanting the experience of a Jedi knight in the body of a padawan. That would be a padawan of legal age, Chris Hansen, not creepy boy Anakin.

        My God, I’m a regular Thich Nhat Hanh. Young people look that up.

      • MLF said

        PWG- once again I bow down before you and your awesomeness. I looked it up, and whoah. He definitely wants it. Also, “live in the moment” – definitely words to live by.

        I’ve been legal in all fifty states and Canada for a while now, and my spelling is still shit. whoops. And the more I think about the list of people I want to fuck, the more I realize that list almost entirely consists of awesome people who write hilarious blogs about wanting it, and awesome people who post hilarious comments on said hilarious blogs about wanting it.

      • Sorry PWG, but I was busy googling Sam Worthington, one of the more recent additions to the REAL list of men women would like to fuck. Or mine at least.

        So this Thich Nhat Hanh dude did some nice stuff, huh? Wikipedia tells me he’s 83. This means he could be added to Jordan’s list, since he meets the minimum age requirements and most women are suckers for an activist/bleeding heart.

        I can’t believe how much action this post continues to get.*

      • PWG said

        Well, I was comparing my peacemaking attempts with gabbybird to the good monk’s lifelong pacifism (because they’re like, you know, totally identical *cough* Valley Girl), but I see now I’ll have to consider fucking him blind.

        First I’d better Google him to make sure he’s not alreay dead. Or blind.

        No kidding on the Topic That Will Not Die, Unlike Some of the Nominees, Shortly. I’ve already personally asked three real-life people to name the oldest celebrity they’d bang. It’s a real conversation starter, I’m tellin’ ya.

    • Svitlana said

      My God and this writes woman!!!!! I am shoked susanelle . I don’t know how old are you (I am not 60 and not 50 and not 40 yet) I am 36 , I am mother of a nice son .You SMELL so bed if you wrote this words. Poor your parents, all you know about relation between woman and man is durty fucking… you are worse than animal, and you never knew what does it mean real feelings. I hope my son will never have relation with so ….. I have not words to describe you – You so bed wrote about aged people…….. that…I don’t know…..chek your opinion about your life dear, poor susanelle I think men only used, use and will use woman like you, use as a sponge…!

      • kristenstewartwantsit said

        My favorite comment

      • MLF said

        how can you say that after bob’s comment down at the bottom?!

        although I have to admit this comment has kept me laughing for a solid ten minutes now. I’m doing the thing where I finally stop laughing but then I think about it again and start right back up.

      • Svitlana said

        MLF I think you must be only 20 – 21 year old so… at this age you will laugh if somebody will show you just finger… this theme about sex betwen old people is not for you. So go and continue to do what you did, let’s talk after 15-20 years.BUT believe me some not old men can be so BED in sex. have so bed smell and be so stupid that…..

      • MLF said

        hey now, don’t be hatin cuz I said I liked Bob’s comment better

      • kristenstewartwantsit said


      • Do we think we could get Svitlana to guest post?

    • paty said

      My bf is 50, soon to be 51, and he’s waaaay better than all of the younger men I have done in my life….. I guess you haven’t done the right 50+ man, sweety.

  3. MLF said

    Jordan Jordan Jordan

    NO NO NO NO NO. *head shaking* (not the good kind) *foot stomping* *vommiting* *brain bleaching*

    All of those people are old enough to be my grandpa. I would not fuck them. I am not lying to myself, America, the continents, our solar system- I am not lying to anyone.

    Here. Let’s play a little game, shall we? It’s called, “Fuck or die”

    1. Ted Danson – Die
    2. Michael Caine – Die
    3. David Bowie – Die
    4. Mick Jagger – Die

    need I continue? I’m sorry. Actually I’m not. Maybe I’m being a weensy bit melodramatic here but I totally warned you about how if I thought about boinking anyone over forty it automatically made me picture my parents, (gross) so what do you do? You add another generation and then have the balls to tell me if I say I would not fuck them I am lying to myself and this great nation?!

    Unbelievable. I call shenanigans, stick poking, fuckery, whatever. I call it.

  4. PWG said

    Jordan, you and Dawgz are fucking high. High, I tell you. Some of these men? Yes. Jeremy Irons jumps out at me. But to paraphrase HB and me paraphrasing someone else, I would not fuck the vast majority of these men with a rented vagina. I mean, not even to save our species. In some screwy Wall-E scenario where some of these dudes are alone on a planet and I’m on a big ark spaceship and he flies up into space and gets into the ship and somehow we’re the last hope for perpetuating homo sapiens as a viable life form? Still no. Not just no, but HELL no. You should have quit at Christopher Lee. Mitt Romney? Fuck you.

  5. Yeeeeaaaah… the majority gets a big no. Mick Jagger? REALLY? I was thinking Bruce Springsteen yesterday after my first comment, and I could maybe go for Richard Geere. I would entertain the idea of Carl Weathers if for no other reason than to ask him if we could get a stew goin’. But the rest? Negative. Huge negative.

    I’m particularly scarred by the idea of James Brolin because he looks like a woman I work with. No, that’s not a typo.

  6. brandy said

    1) how could you make this list and NOT include jack nicholson (72), the consummate ladies’ man of several generations who is also FROM NEW JERSEY? also, buzz aldrin, who will be 80 on the 20th and neil armstrong? they’ve been on the fucking moon!

    2) you really need to get laid.

    3) honestly, when i read yesterday’s query, i didn’t give it much thought, but today’s list has made me say, “hmm?”, so good on ya.

    4) thinking back over my long history as a single woman, i had a brief involvement with a 40-year old when i was 25. also, at 32 i dated a 23-year old (fun!)

    i am 36; bill clinton is 63. i would not currently “do” bill clinton. mainly because he has a history of heart problems and i wouldn’t want to kill him. however, my 20-year old self totally lusted for him @ age 47. same age difference so i say it counts. i feel the same about many of the other geriatrics on your list:
    chris walken – intriguingly doable
    tom selleck – only because in my mind i’d be doing thomas magnum
    robert redford – i’d totally do him now
    phil collins isn’t quite 60+ yet, but i’ve lusted for him since i was 14.

    so, jordyn, thank you for making me “think outside the box” when it comes to fantasizing about famous, unobtainable men and have a great weekend (hopefully finding and banging someone).

  7. PWG said

    I’m curious about how you came up with this list, though. Did you find a website of old actor pictures? Or were you two girls able to come up with a list of 50 old bangable men, you know, off the top of your heads?

    • Agreed. Did you kick off your heels and throw on some pj’s, crack open a bottle of wine, let your hair down, and it all just came to you while you gave each other pedicures? Because I tried to find a site yesterday with a directory of bangable geezers, but came up empty handed.

      P.S. The idea of “A List of Men Over 60 Years Old I Think Women Would F@#K” showing up somewhere as a related post makes me very very happy.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      There are some very aggressive comments today by some of you. I wonder if it is because you are starting to realize there are a lot more older men you would sleep with than you previously thought and you don’t know what to do with those feelings. Very aggressive actually. Name calling and everything. We must have touched a nerve. “A nerve” that would have sex with 60+ year old men. Lots of them.

      I don’t care if you wouldn’t have sex with the majority of the list. But majority is not all. And that means you would have sex with some of them and that is the point of the list. And there are women who would have sex with Mitt Romney. Money, good looking, full head of hair, famous, successful.

      • PWG said

        Why you little . . . son of a . . . you-you-you

        Okay, now you’ve done it.

        Olympia Dukakis 78
        Linda Evans 67
        Elizabeth Taylor 77
        Sophia Loren 75
        Raquel Welch 69
        Julie Andrews 74

      • Lala said

        I wouldn’t have sex with any of the list. It’s just disgusting and, as somebody mentioned before, they are old enough to be my grandfather. And no, I’m not lying. Gross.

  8. PWG said

    I don’t know why, but this post just cracks me up so much today. I’ve been laughing about it since it went up. Both you imagining us fucking them, and me imagining me fucking them. My outrage over your choices is faux, for the record.

    In no particular order, to quote you, this is my reaction while reading it: no, hell no, (giggle) no, no, no, no, no, sure, maybe, yeah, OH GOD MY EYES AAAH, no, no . . . and so on.

    Well done, you.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Fuck. And then you acknowledge the genius after all. Thank you.

      I cannot imagine other websites are thinking of these lists. But they should be.

  9. So yesterday we’re too bland and boring for you, and today we’re too heated and bitchy. Someone is very difficult to please.*

    We’re passionate. No one said we didn’t like it. You should always assume we do. PWG had to go and spoil all the Jordan-torturing fun by telling you that it’s genius, the stupid sentimental woman.

    • PWG said

      Shit, sorry, back to my regularly scheduled unhinged curse-filled rant.

      • It’s ok. All is forgiven because you just made Jordan think about fucking Elizabeth Taylor. For that, I bow down in worship.

      • MLF said


        I agree with HB. Maybe one good thing did come out of all the digusting. But I stand by what I said- and I’m hungry and cranky and I want a refund for my wasted sandwhich.

      • PWG said

        Can you eat a sandwich while imagining Jordan having sex with Rue McClanahan (75)? She never got the same hipster love that Betty White (87) gets, but I’m going to imagine him calling out, “Oh Rue” like a lusty wolf until my heart actually stops from convulsive laughter. The sandwich in this scenario is a French Dip, by the way.

      • MLF said

        This would have been an excellent day to start a diet since apparently it is not in the cosmo’s for me to eat today.

        Although to be fair- I would have had no interest in the French Dip, before, durring, or after the potential boinking. Not a fan. but in general I don’t think I would be able to eat any sandwhich, no. Most likely my hands would be busy covering my ears while I rocked back and forth with my eyes closed humming Mmmbop which is my go to happy place song. no one can be sad or scared when Mmmbop is playing. As long as no lusty wolf cries make it into my ears I would probably be able to enjoy a sandwhich of my choosing afterwards though, provided imaginary Rue is dressed and gone when I reopen my eyes.

      • I’ve been laughing for a solid 10 minutes now. I was going to throw Angela Lansbury into the ring, but I think I’ll surrender after the Rue McLanahan card. Even in this hypothetical scenario, I still hold some concern that lusty wolf-boy over there could get too carried away and shatter his precious Rue’s hip. Be a gentle beast with her, please.

      • Zees84 said

        I don’t know what the fuck a French dip is, but if there’s mmmbop involved, I am so fucking there.

    • MLF said

      uh *raises hand* I didn’t like it. I’m squeamish and I was about to enjoy a delicious lunch and now I can’t eat anything because I keep picturing someone fucking that old naked guy in The Hangover from the scene where they’re at the Hospital. yeah. Thanks bunches. And I meant what I said earlier- not that I wouldn’t have sex with the Majority of the list, but that I wouldn’t eff ANYONE from the list. Nor anyone fourty plus years older than me. OR TAYE DIGGS GODDAMMIT!

      • You’re still hot, young, and living in a place where you’re surrounded by other young and beautiful people. Of course this repulses you. A quick glance in any direction and you can imagine yourself in the throes of passion with any number of handsome co-eds.

        I, on the other hand, though only a few years older, am trapped in the world of cubicles. A quick glance to my right or left and I realize I’m surrounded by balding (mostly married) men in polo shirts and khakis. Every once in a while I’ll catch myself looking at a guy thinking “he’s not half bad,” even though he’s easily as old as my father. It’s not so much out of desperation as out of a need to entertain myself. Why else do you think I waste my days around the bizarre virtual landscape of KSWI, taunting and sexually harassing a stranger? It’s better than the alternative…

      • MLF said

        oh dear. If only that were true. I wish that were the case but the truth is I’m generally surrounded by retired snowbirds. Especially my hometown. And as for my school…mostly female.. but at least they are attractive and in my acceptable for fucking age bracket so I won’t complain. Surely your work place has at least one hot secretary?

  10. Zees84 said

    I don’t know where this comment will end up bc I’m a bberry newbie, but I’m waiting for m’dear HB to say something abt preferring someone closer to her age, perhaps a 6″3 blogger with wrist tattoos, to touch her nerve. Repeatedly.

  11. Zees84 said

    Also, brandy, are you a regular commenter? I can’t see your avatar of want, and I don’t recall the name. I don’t smoke, so I’m using KSWI as a stress reliever this week, hence why I’m here. In any event, whether you are newly out of lurkdom or not, kudos to you for coming out and telling Jordan he needs to get laid this weekend. I know I do (and will).

    • brandy said


      nope, i think i’ve only commented once before, way back in august or september, but i am a devout follower of the want and preach the gospel of kswi and kswi jordan to anyone who will listen.

  12. Forgetful Lucy said

    Wrong-o! I’d rather stare at Coco’s ass some more than imagine doing it with anyone from this list. I did have a ray of hope when I saw MacGyver, but then I looked him up and he’s gotten a bit puffy, so I’m gonna pass. 55 and 56 are close enough to 60, so there.

    All you’re trying to do is justify being a total perv by having lustful thoughts of Helen mowin’ on her cheeseburger. It’s ok KSWIJ, it’s perfectly normal for a young man to have special feelings sometimes.

    I think you have too much free time. Why don’t you look into volunteering? I hear senior homes like when the young people come to visit. You could teach those seniors how to blow shit up with your video games instead of playing boring old Wii hula-hoop. And you know, maybe catch a little grandma tail in the broom closet?

    I’m going to my happy place now. Every guy in my happy place is 26.5yrs old or younger.

  13. kripley21 said

    THANK YOU! David Bowie and Christopher Walken have been on my list of old dudes I would do for YEARS. People thought I was nuts.

  14. Sam said

    Alec Baldwin is not 61. He was born in ’58.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Fuck. Ok. Good catch. 51? 61? I’ll change that.


      This might change, but I put Christopher Walken up there and put Rod Stewart (65) on the Honorable Mentions. If he started singing an acapella version of “Maggie Mae” —- I’m saying he’s taken home at least half of the women.

  15. Zees84 said

    The way I see it, why spend time thinking about banging Dan Rather when I could be thinking about banging this: http://twitpic.com/xyivt ?

    I would like to be friends with Steve Martin. King Tut can play “Whats New Pussycat” on the ukelele for me any time he wants.

    • Zees84 said

      P.s. So very sorry to bring him up on a blog that’s (not really at all, and I’m totally fine with that) about Kristen Stewart and the Wanting of IT.

    • tiffanized said

      I would fuck Dan Rather while thinking about fucking Rob Pattinson. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I sometimes think about fucking Rob Pattinson while fucking men my own age. He’s bound to slip in there at some point or another*.

  16. tiffanized said

    I’m old, so these guys are actually in my range, dating wise. Okay, they are older than my dad, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to give heart attacks to:

    David Bowie
    Bill Clinton (liberal social policy turns me on)
    Alan Rickman
    Paul McCartney (does it count if I think about young Paul McCartney while doing current Paul McCartney?)
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Eric Clapton
    Tom Jones (only because my grandmother would strangle me if I had a chance but didn’t)
    Christopher Walken (he’s always been ugly, so the age part is just incidental)
    Jeremy Irons (I will wear my heart-shaped sunglasses and saddle oxfords)
    Carl Weathers (stew goin’)
    Donald Sutherland
    Jeff Bridges (the Dude abides)
    Kevin Kline
    Morgan Freeman

  17. kt said

    I had some story about how I would only fuck the following just to say I had, I decided I was kidding myself. I’d do the following. It makes me feel like I have some underlying undiagnosed daddy complex or something admitting this but…

    7. Bill Clinton – 63
    8. Bruce Springsteen – 60
    9. Robert Redford – 73
    10. Richard Gere – 60
    13. Harrison Ford – 67
    14. Alan Rickman – 63
    23. Eric Clapton – 64
    24. Dan Rather – 78
    30. Sean Connery – 79
    31. Burt Reynolds – 73
    40. Donald Sutherland – 74

    While Paul McCartney should probably be on my list just because he is a Beatle, I saw a picture of him yesterday in a bathing suit and I gagged a little bit. That memory was just to fresh to put out of my mind so soon.

  18. Rachel said

    Roger Daltrey – 65.
    Yes. And I don’t agree with some of these commenters – I’d consider at least half of the guys on the list.

  19. Lauren said

    1. Ted Danson – 62. YES YES YES. Ever since Becker, I’ve wanted him. I think he was my first older-man-crush and I was fairly young when Becker was in its prime. Now I love him on Bored to Death.

    7. Bill Clinton – 63. Yes, who wouldn’t want to bed someone who was in control of a country?

    10. Richard Gere – 60

    14. Alan Rickman – 63. My second older-man-crush. I saw him as Snape in the first Harry Potter film and fell in love and started seeking out his other films. I could listen to him recite the dictionary.

    20. James Caan – 69
    21. Warren Beatty – 72
    23. Eric Clapton – 64
    30. Sean Connery – 79
    31. Burt Reynolds – 73
    32. Steve Martin – 64
    33. Jeremy Irons – 61
    36. James Brolin – 69
    41. Michael Douglas – 65
    42. Timothy Dalton – 65. Yes yes yes.

    44. Jeff Bridges – 60. YES. Fell in love with him because of The Big Lebowski. Oddly enough, I wanted to bang him as The Dude, the loveable slacker. But I’d still do him today regardless.

  20. glitrbug said

    Geez, I am 57 & I wouldn’t do most of those men. I hate to break it to you, but most of them can’t get hard after 50 anyway. Ask the wives. I draw the line at 15 years younger, 20 just seemed too young. Felt like his mother. I do like to boy watch though.

  21. Anonymom said

    Max von Sydow……especially how he looked in Needful Things……..am I alone here?

  22. Anonymom said

    He won’t be 60 until May, but I’d do Gabriel Byrnne in a heartbeat……..

  23. LindsLu said

    I’m sorry, but how the fuck is Jesse Jackson on this list, but Morgan Freeman is honorable mention????? Um, no! Not quite! And I don’t know where you got the idea that women my age want to screw some of these men. And I don’t know why my #1 pick isn’t on the list… TOM BROKAW!

  24. InLoveWithDRJ said

    I would fuck David Bowie in a split-second of a heartbeat. He is a sex GOD! Yummmmmmm… 🙂 (so delicious)

  25. Jody said

    you forgot Al Pacino and Robert De Niro! How could u?

  26. Anonymom said

    Why in the world is Sam Neill not on the list?????? I’d do him in a second.

  27. Emily McGuire said

    The only ones for me are:
    David Bowie
    Mick Jagger and
    DEFINITELY Harrison Ford.
    Oh wait, and don’t forget Sean.
    I would pick Paul, but he hasn’t looked so good recently.

  28. jepleure said

    How could you have forgotten Sam Elliot?!? Between his sexy voice and that epic mustache (which I would absolutely LOVE to ride, btw)…I don’t know his exact age, but I’m 99.9% sure he’s over 60…

    There are quite a few guys on that list that I would totally do, even if they are old enough to be my grandfather; I wouldn’t even care about the age gap. Besides, I know from experience that the older guys know quite a few tricks…;)

  29. Nicole said

    Dudes who made this list. You totally need to e-mail me. I can make a drool-worthy list, better than this. I expected much better. You are so wrong.

  30. Purz said

    I want Alan Rickman, Sir Patrick Stewart and/or Brent Spiner. Oooh yeah.

  31. Harrison is incredbily talented. I don’t think I’ve ever not liked one of his movies.

  32. rick said

    I am a male over 75 and I wouldn`t want to fuck any women … but I get hard once or twice every day thinking about making love to a young woman under 25 and would love getting her pregnant if she was a keeper … if I can`t make love to you 3 or 4 times anytime of day and and keep you satisfied I will give you your money back … r – j – philips on ya hoo … kristenstewartwantsit my mind works well and I realized your reasoning in first reading the heading of your post and also know it`s an old one.

  33. Maturity said

    I’m 22 and my Fiance is 60. Our sex is Great! I love him beyond age. Young people don’t understand the connection older people bring into the realationship. It’s a been there done that type of thing so for me, there’s no pressure. Sex is more fulfilling and sensual. If I was single and had the opportunity i would have slept with half of this list lol…

  34. Christy said

    some older guys still get hard or semi hard but can’t keep an erection. Also lots of premature ejaculation.

    • bob said

      Hey some of us can still keep an erection for a long time and hard also not twice a day maybe once a month twice a day. And there is always viagra for back up. But can really understand why a young thing would be grossed out about sex with someone dads age. Im 59 women from 50 to 63 still stand me at attention although only love one lady. Loosing my self in a passionate hour of sex bringing my lady to heights of quivering exhaustion then finishing her off with nice 10 or 15 min. of missionary work is still an experience that washes me into a bliss of pleasure and love where I disappear into nothingness.

      • kristenstewartwantsit said

        I just re-read this and it is better than any bullshit Chaucer ever wrote. I LOVE THE INTERNET!

      • PWG said

        I’m trying to keep an open mind, but I do not understand how 10 or 15 minutes of reading the Bible to someone could wash you into a bliss of pleasure. Then again, I’m a heathen.

        Willing to go

      • PWG said

        Pardon the interruption. That truncated post makes it look like I’m hitting on you, Bob, and that’s not the case. I was pointing out that you’re willing to go 10 years younger but only 4 years older? Very specific of you.

  35. HandsomeOlderLustyBlackLad said

    I’m 2.5 years short of 60,but am regarded by a lot of(younger)
    ladies as a handsome older but STILL VERY lusty black lad,so
    I may be biased here…how ’bout it,gals?(buxom blondes between 24 and 40).

  36. HandsomeOlderLustyBlackLad said

    Perhaps,PWG,but without being braggadocious-and in all honesty-if you saw me up close and,err,VERY
    PERSONALLY,you’d agree that the “older lad” des-
    cription fits me to a “T.”Ms. Stewart,thanks much for your favourable opinion of my username.(Should I now leave this thread until my 60th birthday,
    July 6,2013?)

  37. HandsomeOlderLustyBlackLad said

    Well,okayKristen,and thanks very much,though the men mentioned most frequently here are famous.(I don’t know how many of you gals-or your boyfriends-are sports talk show listeners,but under the nickname
    “Cowboy in Windsor,Ont.,Can.”,I can be heard opining on sports-and other topics on Detroit,Mich.-based
    (Windsor,Ont.,Can. is ONE MILE SOUTH of the U.S.-
    Canada border with Detroit’s being the Stateside
    partner city)and U.S. syndicated sports talk shows,
    i.e.,The Ben Maller Show,1-7 a.m.,ET Saturday-Sunday,
    10 p.m.-4 a.m.,Friday-Saturday,Saturday-Sunday PT.
    Check out my 5:66 a.m.ET(2:55 PT)two-minute
    “Cowboy’s Corner” segment and comment on it.

  38. Susan said

    One important point. From what I have read about ED, a huge percentage of men over 55 can’t even keep an erection that lasts long enough to complete the sex act. I am 57 and ready and willing. My past 3 relationships were sex-LESS. I certainly empathise but I am not ready to give up sex because of that! It’s hit the gym time and diet so I can be hot enough attract a younger guy who still has a little kick to his boner.

  39. JKB said

    As a 35 year old man who adores men over 60 (my boyfriend is 65) I think you’re way off with the list. What about John Forsythe (sexy Dexy Carrington), Marcello Mastroianni, Jean Marais (when he was 65 not younger as he was fairly grim then). Ok, they’re all dead but, hell, what do you expect when you fancy older men. Really there is a lot more to older men than many would believe and as far as the sex goes it can be wonderful.

  40. Thanks for your blog. It sure helped me with this letter:

    Open letter to People Mag. re: the Sexiest Man Alive:

    Don’t you think there are any sexy men in their 60s and older? Here are a few I can think of: Sidney Portier, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Warren Beatty, Steve Martin, Jeremy Irons, James Brolin, Christoper Plummer, Tom Selleck. And in case you’re thinking that your 20 and 30 year old readers won’t know who these people are, your 60 and 70 year old readers don’t know who half of the 20 and 30 year old selections are either. Perhaps you can add an addendum to a future issue. And btw, if you’re thinking of doing a piece on the Sexiest Women, Helen Mirren and Jessica Lange would be at the top of my list.

  41. […] I like being right, so seeing Mitt still at the top of the pack is comforting. I also like that he is on the 50 men over 60 list and he’s still kicking it strong out there. https://kristenstewartwantsit.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/a-list-of-men-over-60-years-old-i-think-women-… […]

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  46. FitzGrisly said

    Chris Walken is not schtooping ANY women. That goes for some other “panelists” as well.

  47. Tanesha said

    Hey there! I just want to offer you a huge thumbs up for
    the great information you have right here on this post.
    I’ll be coming back to your web site for more soon.

  48. Randal said

    I’m 60, male, in great shape, and only have sex with younger women. Crucify me, but that’s life. I have no problem finding partners in their 20:s and 30’s, especially out of this country. Post pics on dating sites in Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic (I like Latinas, lol), and your inbox is full. Unlike American women, Latinas appreciate older men. The last thing they seek is sex with a guy their age. Good luck, guys. Learn Spanish and Portuguese, lol. Seriously!

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  51. stiilquiteablackladbrad1953 said

    I became 60 July 6,2013,so you can include this good ol’ black Canadian lad with the boyish god looks,muscular build-I’m 5’9″,200-205 lb.,sporting 181/2″ biceps,though like MOST of us older chaps,I’m attempting to drop about 20 or so lb.-who’s said to resemble a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers and other casual and/or Western wear-in your list of
    “diamond studs,”i.e.,desirable dudes 60 and older!!!!!

  52. handsomerandyblackladbrad1953 said

    How ’bout it,girls!!!!Your favourite black Canadian lad,60,
    with boyish good looks,a muscular build-I’m 5’9″,200 lb.,18-inch biceps-and black cowboy appearance is ready to be your stud!!!!!

  53. Its not the milage its the make! True, if you want to get pounded for a couple minutes a young guy is best. If you like foreplay included, older, experienced could be better.

  54. Valerie said

    I am 61 and am now having the best, most active, sweaty, collapse into each other sex I’ve ever had in my life. And sex while younger was pretty great too. He is 57 and not old at all, whew it’s friggin fantastic! But that’s just me.

  55. Bastet said

    Ewwwwwww… Not in a freaking million years! No. No. No.

    This should be called ‘Deluded male fantasy list coz wish women were blind’

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