Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day – All Day Everyday

January 18, 2010

I sincerely believe in Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I believe it should be a national holiday and this country should shut down because of what he did for this country and because he died to do it. I am not big on holiday traditions. I don’t really have any for any holidays minus present giving on the ones that expect you to do so. But I do believe in the rewarding of holidays and just giving people the day off in some form of reverence for some truly amazing human beings who shared the same nationality as yourself and shaped those countries for the better. For a better that most did not think was possible and if it were not for those people it may have not been possible.

And with that, I am selfish. I am selfish because I love that Martin Luther King Jr. was American. I love this country because of people like him. Most countries have had a figure or several figures that have led the people and challenged authority and have made their countries better places. But I am biased. I am biased because MLK is from the US and I am from the US and there is pride in that. He is one of the reasons why I vote, he is one of the reasons why I have an American flag tattooed on me, he is one of the reasons why I have hope for the always looming future.

If you are at work or not and you have time on your hands to read about him or watch these videos. If you think you know everything about Martin Luther King Jr. because you know “I have a dream” then you don’t. He was a scholar and he spoke and wrote on many subjects. You can find his essays online and videos of speeches. He was a brilliant man and probably the greatest public speaker ever. His dreams may not have been completely realized by any stretch. There is still racism in this country, there is still prejudice in this country and there is not equality in this country. But it is certainly better. It is most certainly better. And how can someone not believe in a holiday to recognize a man who helped make a country better. A country better. He made the United States of America a better place. You cannot ask much more from a person than that. So have a good MLK Day.


9 Responses to “Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day – All Day Everyday”

  1. Zees84 said

    ok, so maybe you aren’t a racist.

    I’m at work…but my office is closed. We are here manning the phones for people making donations for Haiti.

    I grumbled about having to be here, but at the end of the day, its quite humbling to know that I am a part of such a huge and noble effort.

    I can only imagine what those who fought for things such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and equality in general felt.

    Thanks for this, Jordan.

  2. You make an excellent point. Were it not for Martin Luther King Jr., we could never have discussed and appreciated the Taye Diggs Corollary so publicly (assuming it would even exist).

    Inappropriate? Probably. But everything else I wanted to say was far too positive and sentimental, and no one expects/wants that from me. But thanks for this. It was nice.

  3. Crystal said

    Very nice. I’m at work today and it’s a mad house because everyone else is off and therefore they feel the need to bring their cats in on this “free” day off. I wonder if any of them stop and think about the amazing things MLK did besides getting them a day off. It makes me kind of sad to think that they don’t. MLK was a great man and we were blessed to have him spread his positivity and hope for the time we did.

  4. Forgetful Lucy said

    Thank you. If it weren’t for this, I don’t think I would have actually thought about MLK Jr. today and the fact that he did make our country a better place. Of course I knew it was MLK day, it says it right on the calendar. I have the day off work, woohoo! But would I have stopped for a second to appreciate why we have the day off? No. Short and sweet and just as amazing as any 4000 word post about nothing. Thank you for sharing your pride in our country and a truly amazing man with us.

  5. PWG said

    First of all: ditto on all the supportive and complimentary sentiments above.

    Second of all: am I the only one who likes to imagine conversations between deceased historical figures and living policymakers and pundits? Probably, yes. I’m not always eloquent enough to put into words why something a person does or says is so very wrong. But I like to think if I could sit George W. Bush down in a room with James Madison for four hours or so, Mr. M would set the man straight. Or at least read some of the Articles of the Constitution to him.

    In my head this week, Rev. King was putting the smackdown on Pat Robertson. This is probably why I’d make a lousy history teacher. “Okay class, today in my mental Rolodex of history’s best bitch-slappers, we have Benjamin Franklin, who . . . yes, Jordan? Oh, well a Rolodex was this file card system used in the 70’s . . . forget it.”

  6. duncan said

    this post wasnt very funny

  7. my favorite speech ever. It still relates to us even in this time. “Let us not wallow in the valley of despair…” 🙂

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