Rorschach Inkblot Test Subject: KSWI Jordan

January 20, 2010

Today, I am going to psychoanalyze myself. I think this works best for two reasons: 1. If you want something done right then do it yourself and 2. If I find anything really fucked up in my answers then I can just pretend like I never heard myself say it and bury it deep down inside back where ever it first orignated from because it is just me and me on this. That is unless I post it on a website for anyone to see. DAMN IT! Eh, whatever. I’m from the suburbs – how crazy could I possibly be? It’s not like there is some famous filmmaker named David Lynch who has made a whole career about psychos and their psychotic adventures in the suburbs. DAMN IT!

Before I analyze myself, I heard this song on the radio this morning:

I knew pretty much all the words. I may have gaffed on a couple, but it was all there. That is scarier than anything that will be revealed in these inkblots. Even “scarier” was while looking through youtube, by title recognition alone I knew at least 2 more Real McCoy songs. This was then immediately followed by the epiphany that I know easily three La Bouche songs. Why La Bouche? I wrongly, so wrongly, attributed “Another Night” to La Bouche’s diverse catalogue of singles as well as a whole host of other people. THEY’RE UNIQUE BANDS PEOPLE! GET IT RIGHT!

Hermann Rorschach, born in 1884, was a Swiss Freudian psychiatrist. So if he were alive he’d be turning 126 this year and you all probably wouldn’t want to do him. Neither did the people in his day because in 1921 Hermann tried to publish his much famed nowadays inkblot test in his book Psychodiagnostik and no one cared. Yes, sadly, no one cared for Hermann or his book. He died the following year suddenly from a broken heart. I’m kidding, actually it was from ink poisoning from making all those damn inkblots. I’m kidding he died from a ruptured appendix HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH… ahah ehhh hem. Right.

The validity of any results from the Rorschach test are disputed especially now with the proliferation of these images like I’m doing. Either way, my scholarly pursuits in the psychoanalytic field started and ended with Psychology AP in High School. From what I’ve read on Wikipedia, it seems like a lot of the test depends on how the person acts when actually being given the test. Being nervous, rotating the cards, excitement or any emotional reaction to certain cards over others, speed and clarity of answers and all that jazz. For transparency’s sake – I answered quickly on all the cards. I then read a little about each and looked at them again. And I have no intention to try to figure out the “scoring systems” like the Exner system. It is fucking 10am on a Wednesday and this blog is free, so figure out the Exner system yourself. So turn up the Real McCoy and/or La Bouche and let’s delve into our brains(!).

Card 1 

Wolf. My first reaction is most definitely a wolf. I am relying on Wikipedia like most do already for any and all explanations of these cards. It says this card mostly is there to just get the ball rolling. Seeing how the subject attacks the card. Do they ask a lot of questions concerning how they should proceed? Man, people must go crazy while having this experiment done. I could see someone asking “is this the right way to hold the card?” and the doctor is scribbling notes “There is no right way to hold the card”. “What are you writing? Are you writing what I’m saying?” Scribbling more notes “Please tell me what you see in the card.” Nervous shifting voice rising “I’m just saying I’ll tell you what I see if I know which way the card is supposed to go. I minored in Art History at Tufts so I can visualize really well obviously and I just want to know what are you writing. WHAT ARE YOU WRITING!?!” And, of course, it gets much much better from there.

The more I look at the card, I see two Wile E. Coyote heads pressing their faces up against one another or one Wile E. Coyote pressing his face against a mirror or an object with mirror-like capabilities. I think this card proves that I’m a sexy lone wolf out on the hunt with my powerful wolf legs pushing through the artic tundra of humanity. Or I watch a lot of cartoons.

Card 2

Two elephants slapping trunks*. I definitely see elephants. The bust of two elephants giving each other a high five. I think this would be an excellent beer logo. If I started a beer company today, the symbol would most certainly be a bust of two elephants high fiving their trunks. I would buy that beer. Actually, I have bought beer with elephants on it because it in fact had elephants on it. Carlsberg Elephant, anyone? Also, I have bought beer with elk on it too. But if given the choice of elephant beer or elk beer – I would go with elephant beer. Damn it! I have had Tiger beer as well. It is called Tiger and is from Singapore and it has a tiger on it. Elephant or tiger? These are the tough decisions I can not make and it is why I am not President. That and age requirements. And if given the choice between elephant beer or tiger beer I would choose both and drink both and be drunk, which leads little time for my Presidential campaign.

In my head, I believe the color may be a shock to most. Generally speaking, when I think of inkblots I usually think of black, white and shades of gray. This is also how it is usually portrayed in movies and TV. So I think most will be a little surprised to see that there is color on a bunch of these cards. Also, I believe there was a period of time crica 1880 until rougly the morning of December 7th, 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor that the entire world was in black and white. That’s right. The Great War – World War I – was not in color! At best there were some moments of “sepia”. These inkblots originated in this literally gray area of history, so I was a little surprised at the color and thusly through inductive reasoning every one is surprised with me.

So, what’s the red? The elephants got into a strawberry patch. I don’t know. How the hell am I supposed to know what these two elephants were doing all day? It doesn’t take a psychiatrist (or does it?) to guess if someone sees the “red” as blood then we got some ‘splaining to do.

Card 3

Two fencers shaking hands. But that isn’t “really” what you see, is it Jordan? Nope. I see two duck fencers shaking hands. Damn it cartoons! I see two cartoon-like ducks wearing tuxedos or partial tuxedos (just the collar and bow-tie and cuffs like cartoon animals wear or Chippendale dancers. Remember Chip and Dale? Rescue Rangers? That was an odd name choice for those characters, right? Right, FREUD!?!) They appear to have red gloves and red foils. They are either shaking hands or just have clasped hands. Whichever. They’re ducks fencing in tuxedos so I think the least of all our worries is if they’re shaking hands or holding hands. If ducks learn to dress in formal wear, brandish Olympic or romance novel weapons and present themselves in front of you then there are too many things to worry about besides whether or not they are shaking hands.

Wiki says most people perceive humans. I get that. I could see humans too if my brain wasn’t a thousand times more interesting than everyone elses. Sure. Whatever, everything doesn’t have to be a competition. It also says this is supposed to tell us about how we feel about human interaction. Noted that a slow response time to the card may indicate struggle with social interactions. First, I answered quickly, but I also hate interacting with people socially so YOU’RE WRONG HERMANN RORSCHACH! My brain is just super quick.  My brain is the Usain Bolt of deciphering inkblots! As for interactions, I said they were shaking hands initially, which could mean that I perceive people as friendly on the surface or I am on the surface friendly to people, interesting. But(!) they have a weapon! A sword! Or really a FOIL! So people may be nice up front, but in reality they carry a long thin flexible sword to pierce your heart when least expected. Or I do that to other people or at least I’m prepared to.  OR Or or I believe we are all willing to be friendly, but we’re cynical and poised to strike at anytime if a person gives us provocation.

And when do I receive my honorary diploma of psychology from Harvard?

Card 4

Allon from Bleach. My first thought was of a Japanese anime/manga side character.

Besides the tail, they could be brothers. Or sisters? They look unattractive if they were either sex so they look like they could be related. Or one of them could win a look-a-like contest of the other. Regardless, this does work for the test. This card generally illicits a response about an imposing/threatening male figure of authority. Allon is that. He is bad ass and is tearing through the Vice Captains of the Gotei 13 that is before Captain Commander Yamamoto kills his ass.  

If I forget Allon for a minute, I do see an elephant with tusks/mastodon head. That really doesn’t fall into the mix for Rorschach assessment, but does show my obsession of elephants is far from over. If memory serves correct I wrote a whole post on Hannibal so I could talk about WAR ELEPHANTS! And I talk openly about my belief in an ELEPHANT APOCALYPSE! Also, I love the band “Clutch” and they had an album called Elephant Riders and there were many moments when I considered getting a tattoo about that. I’m just saying I don’t like authority. I especially don’t like male authority or at least being a larger mammal myself I feel like there is a chance that I can take whatever male authority there is in a fight so I’m resistant to male authority. And I love elephants. But I wouldn’t have needed these cards to have told you any of that.

Card 5

Bat. Really? No. A bunny rabbit with wings is more appropriate to what I’m thinking. It is some “thing” with wings though. You’d have to be absolutely nuts to not think this looks like a winged animal or butterfly. It clearly has wings and you would need to be trying your ass off to not picture a winged creature in this inkblot.

This is supposed to be a gimme card. A “change of pace” card to I guess clear one’s thoughts of oppressing male authority and bloody elephants and stick fighting humans and wolves. This is the lemon sherbert card. So if you don’t say “winged” some thing then you’re crazy.

Card 6

This is about the only one I have difficulty with. My initial instinct is to say “ray gun”. Specifically, a ray gun that is in some state of repair because it is split in half. It didn’t take me long to think of that, but I think that is a bullshit answer. I can do better than a ray gun cut in half. Every card could be something cut in half because they have a bilateral symmetry. So I’m not the biggest fan of my initial response.

It says that this is a “sexual card”. Unless “ray gun” is the nickname for my penis then my answer wasn’t all that sexual. Or maybe the fact that my answer was not sexual at all makes it sexual? That’s dumb. I can see the idea of this being vaginally inspired. But that’s not my initial instinct. And I think you are kind of stretching it* saying that it looks like a vagina. The top of the image has a dragonfly look to it. So maybe it is a dragofly that is carrying a vagina? Or a dragonfly that has the largest vagina ever? Or it is a ray gun that when opened up becomes a vagina? That would come in handy – the ray gun not the dragonfly.

I have no idea what any of this says about me besides my imagination is weird.

Card 7

Definitely human. My two immediate thoughts are of basically the same image. First, the Argonath. In Lord of the Rings,  there is the likeness of Isildur and Anarion standing upon either side of the Anduin river. They are carved out of stone and are hundreds of feet tall. Second, in the manga/anime Naruto there is a place called “The Valley of the End”.  This place is where the First Hokage Hashirama Senju and Uchiha Madara fought. To remember the battle two large  stone structurs were built on either side of the waterfall that remains there. These two images which are nearly identical are what I thought of first when looking at this card. I believe that my interpretation of this card means I’M A FUCKING NERD!

Oh my God. Not only is my first first reaction an obscure reference to a fantasy novel/movie trilogy involving ancient kings, elves and orcs, but my second first reaction is an obscure reference to a Japanese weekly comic book about teenage ninjas who can do magic. Fuck My Life. Seriously.

Supposedly, this is a “mother card”. Supposedly, people view this as human and female humans at that. This could show how one relates to their mother or women or feminity in general. Well I guess I don’t relate well because not only did I view this as two men and not women, but these were either two kings or two ninjas and NOTHING is manlier than that. Also, people see the middle as a vagina sometimes. I saw it as air that just so happens to sit between two colossal stone statues of men who basically formed the worlds these stories take place in with their damned hands and swords and fighting prowesseseseses.

The more I look at the card, I guess I can see some feminie qualities in the faces. But again, the feminites that I see are really just images from another Japanese anime/manga called Claymore that has an odd subplot of twins and more disturbing conjoined twins. So … nerd. Fuck.

Card 8

My immediate response was disection. I pictured a fish or a frog being pinned down in biology class and disected. I did a few disections. I didn’t like disecting the worm because it stunk and I hate worms. But all in all, I really enjoyed disecting and I was good at it and I kind of wish I did something along those lines in my life, but didn’t. Anyway boo hoo. The more I look at it the more prominent the pink becomes. The pink on the outside looks very cat like to me like a cougar or mountain lion climbing something. Or if this was a picture taken horizontally, so it is just walking and then the person switched it vertically. So a mirrored image of a big cat walking around on a mirror like object or two big cats climbing up a completely 90 degree angled cliff racing to the top. Even better, two big cats running up a giant fish that for whatever reason is out of the water and somewhat hovering in the air and allowing two big cats to climb up the sides of it.

This is a “change of pace” card yet again. The colors are supposed to be uplifting and help warm the subject who has grown cold answering all these other seemingly vaginal cards. If one has trouble processing complex situations then this card may be difficult. I think what the difficult thing is that the two big cats on either side in pink look so much like big cats that it is hard to not want to add them into your general definition of the card. Maybe it is just me, but they look like they are nearly drawn perfectly to illustrate a quadriped climbing. There are four legs and they are in different strides and pushing and pulling to move its body weight. I’m just thinking about how much I like tigers and such again.

Card 9

My initial response  is it looks like an X-ray or an MRI of a person’s crotch, but upside down. That does not explain the branch or claw like objects that are striking inward at the top in orange. Or maybe it does. Maybe that is why they are getting the MRI or X-Ray done in the first place. Case closed this one is done. Cue up “The Who” Les Moonves because this CSI investigation is OH-VAH! 

Apparently, people have trouble figuring this card out. There is really no popular response except for it looks human. Also there is no “pull” like “mother card” or “sex card” like some of the others so who knows what the hell this card is supposed to tell me.

Fuck this card. Bunch of nonsense. I hate you Hermann Rorschach. Since there is nothing else to speak of concerning this card, I thought it would be a good time to mention that there will be a Jersey Shore inspired porno coming out sooner than later. I’m not too comfortable putting a link to porn on this website so if you type into your URL address bar “www.” and then type in “jerseyshore” then “xxx” followed by “.com” and then press enter or “go”, I’m sure you’ll find it. If not then you’re an idiot. It is going to be so good. My only gripe at this moment is that the guy “Johnny Castle” who seemingly will play the part of “Vinny” is entirely way too jacked. Vinny is no where near in that good of shape. Also, the porn chicks are hotter than the Jersey Shore chicks by a long shot. But that is one of those good problems.

Card 10

And finally the final card! Clearly, this is a screen shot from the movie Little Mermaid during the musical sequence of “Under the Sea”. I’m not sure how this got in here. Must’ve been one of those Wikipedia pranks everyone is pulling nowadays. Supposedly this card is similar to the last two in their complete openness to interpretation and little “pull” in what they are looking for. It is the final card so that finality allows the subject to feel a sense of relief and “sign out” from this process. They can sum up how they are feeling and their experience. So….

Fuck this – I’m watching “Under the Sea” and then going to lunch.


31 Responses to “Rorschach Inkblot Test Subject: KSWI Jordan”

  1. tiffanized said

    I love the Rorschach. Some of the best arguments I’ve been in are with people who think they are seeing the inkblots correctly & I’m somehow seeing them incorrectly.

    This is what I see, if you want to analyze me:
    Card 1: Face with horns.
    Card 2: Bloody clown face. The first thing that actually came to mind was “John Wayne Gacy”. Nice.
    Card 3: Busty women drumming. The red is music. I don’t know how you looked at this and didn’t see boobs, Jordoodle.
    Card 4: Defeated monster/beast on it’s back. If this card is supposed to be male authority, my feminist studies have apparently destroyed it.
    Card 5: Butterfly flying away. I was thrilled to find out this card wasn’t supposed to have meaning; my answer felt so unoriginal.
    Card 6: Penis, penis, penis. I don’t know what it’s sticking out of, but the protuberance on top is definitely a penis.
    Card 7: Two thumbs up. The Siskel & Ebert card.
    Card 8: Animals climbing a pagoda. I want this as a tattoo.
    Card 9: War. I see giant warring beasts atop a cloud of destruction.
    Card 10: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  2. Susanelle said

    So I did what probably all the commenters will do — I wrote down my own reactions to the cards before looking at KJord’s.
    1. two puppies trying to get at some food in a vase
    2. two traditional Chinese dancers doing a traditional dance
    3. two hummingbirds and some butterflies hanging around a birdfeeder. Two of the butterflies are plummeting.
    4. a large Attila the Hun type hat
    5. a bird about to take off
    6. a leopard-skin rug
    7. two dainty old ladies chatting and pointing in opposite directions
    8. upper half of a really fit hippie who is angry and has his hands on his hips
    9. two antelopes facing off behind some bushes at the edge of a rose garden
    10. Ring-Around-the-Rosy being played by some adults, children, ducklings and crabs
    Conclusion: Aw, it is so cute and wholesome in my rosy and birdy world. There is much dancing!

    • tiffanized said

      I wish I had your brain. Mine is full of penises, beasts, blood and war.

      • I am not the least bit surprised by any of this so far. Susanelle’s like the sweetest person around these parts. And Tiff and I are… special.

        I’m actually surprised I didn’t see MORE vagina’s in these. I’ve been inundated with vag news all day what with my brother’s girlfriend being in labor and all. Will they still let me near the baby even though I’m pretty sure I’ve proved myself to be violent and mentally disturbed? Guess we’ll find out.

      • Susanelle said

        I saw yours earlier and thought you had a lot of music and modern culture going on. Anyways, not as weapons-oriented as Jordoodle’s.

  3. I played along too. I’m assuming this was your intention. If not, well… too bad.

    Card 1: I literally saw nothing. I’ve seen this card before, and I’ve never made it past it because I see nothing at all. I’m not super creative. Things do improve as the test continues, though (please note the term “improve” is debatable).
    Card 2: two bears high-fiving with seriously critical and debilitating leg injuries. So, guilty… I saw the red as blood. Analyze away.
    Card 3: two effeminate men in tuxedos riding on one of those spinny carousel things they have at the park. Clearly they’re in a park because HELLO, BUTTERFLY! (P.S. sweet Rescue Rangers reference, btw)
    Card 4: I see nothing concrete, but I do get a threatening feel of someone standing over me… Except it’s counteracted by the fact that I totally see a vagina at the top of it. A vagoo-faced enemy?
    Card 5: a moth mid-flight. Boring.
    Card 6: initial reaction was a sword in a stone of sorts. Guess that could be seen as peen-related.
    Card 7: two Moulin Rouge/Can-Can style dancers, looking back at each other while they grind on each other’s asses. They also have tiny t-rex arms. I’m concerned for myself.
    Card 8: some sort of animal (bear-cat-groundhog mix, if I’m being honest) dancing around a fire with smoke and flags, etc. Destruction of some sort. I’m starting to give up…
    Card 9: FIGHTING DRAGONS! Fuck yes.
    Card 10: mermaids and their sea creature friends.

    A few other things:
    – Yes, you’re a nerd. No, it’s not a bad thing. Or better yet, we’re all nerds so you’re in good company.
    – What god-forsaken radio station are you listening to in the morning?!
    – This was fun. And your “visions” were epically hilarious.

    • MLF said

      I’ll take the blame for the t Rex arms since that could have still been in your subconscious from my reference yesterday to windows 7 guy looking like Reptar.

  4. Forgetful Lucy said

    Ahhhh! the pressure. I hate this. I can’t see shit. You know those dot pictures where you are supposed to stare and then like blur your vision and then suddenly you see some amazing picture? Guess what I see? Dots. I have never been able to do those.

    I tried to play along, but I gave up because I wasn’t having “first reactions”. My fist reaction was “ink blot”. Here’s what I did get:
    2-a reflection of someone kneeling-red is a hat?
    Oh dear, I just went back and now I could see that the person kneeling has had their head and feet chopped off, hence the red as blood. But this was not my first reaction.
    7-two happy monkeys facing each other with their mouths open, fist bumping.
    8-I give up. I’m tired now.

    Seriously, if I really had to do this, it would take FOREVER. I think we have learned I’m lazy, or too analytical, or indecisive, or uncreative, or something. Great. Your nerdiness is to be considered cute.

    • Susanelle said

      You think you’re lazy or uncreative or whatever but, really, these are the only rational and intelligent reactions possible to such random shapes (aka Jesus on toast). If we start going down in the Hudson or something, I’m clinging to you.

  5. Amy D said

    Fantastic post today, I love the interactive feeling to it.

    #2 – I saw Russians dancing.
    #4 – That is the shit I pull out of my shower drain.
    #7 – Bunnies that ran into eachother as they were backing away from something. They turn as if to say “oh hello, I didn’t see you there”.
    #8 – Two chameleons walking up a store mannequin.

  6. Zees84 said

    I don’t have time to play along, since I am literally buried under mountains of work, had a doctor’s appt with my hottie vag doc (who I’m pretty sure is gay), lost my ipod on the bus and spent a long time locating (!!!!) it….

    So maybe I’ll get to this later, but perhaps not. I’m guessing you’ll determine that you are disturbed. Perhaps you are correct.

    What I did come to say was that yesterday I gave my best commenting of late (from let’s say October on)….and not even a sniffle from you, KSWI Jordan. PWG gave me five Pussy Beards. You? Nada. What the fuck, Baby Bjordan, what the fuck?

    • Zees84 said

      I’ll mention that I really hope I can do the Rorschach tests on myself, because I would love to know my answers in comparison specifically to the common taters.

      Some day…

  7. MLF said

    1: two guys holding on to a railing banister while singing a showtune, OR two guys working to rip another guy in half. The first impression was the showtune but then a second later I could see the ripping plot as well.

    2:two gnomes playing pattycake. I can’t believe no one else though this with the red clearly being gnome hats and gnome boots, duh…

    3: two de-feathered chickens trying to lift a pot, OR the face of a rabbit. I saw the chicken thing first, but saw the rabbit almost immediately as well

    4: Big foot

    5: a bat

    6: volcano erupting

    7: two grandma’s in rocking chairs

    8: LOBSTER!!! I can’t believe no one else saw a lobster. It was sooo obvious to me. If it had the head tentacle claw thingy’s that would be an exact picture of a lobster. the body sections are even accurate.

    9: mirror image of the girl from the excorcist vommiting, OR a reverse image of a uterus. like instead of coloring the uterus they colored around it? but mainly the girl vommiting.

    10: alien lobster man with a red cape, blue hands and green boots. and his legs are crossed.

    make of that what you will.

    • Susanelle said

      You are jonesing for some seafood.

      • MLF said

        Aha! That would explain it, but actually I don’t even really like seafood ironically. Although I do love Lobster…but growing up in FL you get pretty tired of it. Right now I am sick and I am totally jonesing for soup.

    • MLF said

      actually the more I focus on the white/orange parts of number nine the more I see a near perfect cow face.

  8. Forgetful Lucy said

    What sort of plot/scenarios do you think will be in the Jersey Shore porno?

    I’m confused by this concept. Will it be a porno of folks not from NJ, who like to call themselves guidos and guidettes just doing it. Or will they re-enact certain scenarios from the actual show? Like battling to house music but then actually stripping and going at it on the dance floor. Oh, I bet JWoww gets more than just a glance of PaulyD’s peen piercing. I also suspect an orgy in the hot tub too.

    So I watched it a couple times over the break, it wasn’t so bad.

  9. PWG said

    Gah, I’m with Forgetful Lucy. I hate these fucking things. My unfortunate psychiatrist would scribble that I was surly and uncooperative as soon as he/she broke these puppies out.

    1. A headless angel
    2. Russian circus bears in hats, high-fiving each other
    3. Women stirring pots of soup
    4. A tree monster standing on its penis
    5. A moth
    6. A goat wearing a headdress and robe
    7. Rabbits looking at each other
    8. Bears climbing something
    9. A WTC tower on fire. Guess that made an impression.
    10. The Eiffel Tower with fireworks

    I think you can make a case for all of that, except #4. In my defense, its feet-things looked like leaves in the Fall, and I’m apparently unable to visualize a male figure of authority.

    Looking down the cards again, I still don’t get any instant vagina impressions. I think a lot of heterosexual women wouldn’t see #6 as a vagina, honestly. How often do we see one from that perspective without a mirror? Five out of my ten were animals, if that means anything. By the way, what am I seeing this psychiatrist for? I’ll guess . . . a homicide investigation?

    • Susanelle said

      Cosmopolitan, with a penchant for circus acts.

      • PWG said

        Thank God, finally I have something to put on my tombstone. “Here lies PWG. 1970-20xx. Cosmopolitan, with a penchant for circus acts.” Actually, never mind. I’m going to be cremated and illicitly dumped in a lake, I think.

        This one, in fact. There are mountain lions, but no sharks.

  10. Lala said

    Ok, I couldn’t see anything in most of them. But let’s try, anyway.
    #1: two gremlins holding something or one gremlin in front of a mirror.
    #2: two people facing each other or, again, one person in front of a mirror.
    #3: nothing
    #4: some sort of monster with really big feet… yeah, I’m pushing it, I didn’t really see anything.
    #5: bat
    #6: nothing again
    #7: two rabbits facing each other or thumbs up
    #8: nothing
    #9: definitely nothing
    #10: I didn’t see any mermaids, but definitely fish

  11. cledbo said

    This is fun! I love this crap because I, like most of the common-taters it seems, don’t see what you’re supposed to see. Same with word association.

    I am a total personality test junkie as well.

    #1: Deformed bat with tiny T-Rex arms (I blame MLF for this one)
    #2: 2 people in red Lady Gaga masks playing patty cake, with fetching red boots on.
    #3: Hah, this is hilarious – I appear to be the only one who didn’t see 2 people. I saw the torso of a really fat chick whose corset has just split. The red parts are ‘action lines’ – very dynamic.
    #4: Weeping willow with shadows behind it. I like Jordan’s answer the best though. Buriichi wa sugoi desu yo!
    #5: Butterfly. Duh. Or, as the Watchman Rorschach would say, “A pretty butterfly”.
    #6: The skin of a rare cat, which has been made into a throw rug. Hmm.
    #7: 2 women wearing Playboy bunny ears, who appear to have succeeded in Op:F&S.
    #8: Otters or ocelots climbing…something colourful. Does this mean I’m less aggressive than others, because my animal choice was more blase?
    #9: BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL! Come on, tell me you lot can’t see it too. Now who’s the cartoon nerd?
    #10: Dancing people with birds and shit. No seafood though.

    Well that was an entertaining use of half an hour.
    Maybe I should send you some of the quizzes from my old Dolly and Girlfriend magazines – I would love to know which teen hearthrob would be your perfect match, KSWIJ!

    • Amy D said

      By the power of Greyskull!! That killed me, and of course now I see it clear as day. Oh and I loved #6, very disturbing in a creative way. I like that personality trait in individuals.

  12. amanda said

    disney movies kick ass

  13. Crystal said

    I love all of you for actually doing your own views on the pictures. I’m beyond exhausted right now but my boss will be gone tomorrow and maybe I’ll do it then….probably not.

    Very informative and fun post though!

    I ❤ nerds.

  14. Michelle said

    Netter Artikel den du da geschrieben hast. Wuerde gerne eigentlich deinen RSS Feed abonieren aber irgendwie finde ich ihn einfach nicht obwohl ich meiner Meinung nach jetzt eigentlich ueberall geschaut habe.

  15. vimax said

    Love your post . Really

  16. But wolves try to eat livestock. Wolves try to eat online game animals. Wolves try to eat animals. Managers have reported from the early nineteen eighties, every time they first up and running chatting about reintroducing wolves into the Northern Rockies, that to possess wolves, there will frequently be a have to destroy wolves.

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