I Want To Get A Tattoo Of Thomas Jefferson

March 16, 2010

I try to keep a level of transparency on this blog. I’m not really trying to maintain any level of “professionalism” here by pretending that I can truly compartmentalize writing this with my jokes and then the real everyday world. Currently my little Myspace mood is FURIOUS. I would say 90% of it has to do with this article http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_ts1253. Sure, there are things going on in my life causing me frustration (technology, work, Alice Eve’s cleavage), but right now Texas is the basis of my fury. If I had 6 problems, Texas would be 5 of them.

There is a lot to be angry about with these changes. Instead of being angry about all of them, which I most certainly am, I will just hone in on the one change that is ABSOLUTELY MOTHERFUCKING INSANE. And that would be:

Thomas Jefferson no longer included among writers influencing the nation’s intellectual origins. Jefferson, a deist who helped pioneer the legal theory of the separation of church and state, is not a model founder in the board’s judgment. Among the intellectual forerunners to be highlighted in Jefferson’s place: medieval Catholic philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas, Puritan theologian John Calvin and conservative British law scholar William Blackstone. Heavy emphasis is also to be placed on the founding fathers having been guided by strict Christian beliefs.

I do have a humorous topic of sorts to talk about. But if every once and awhile, I break into a rant about how THOMAS JEFFERSON IS THE MOTHERFUCKING FOUNDER OF THIS GOD FORSAKEN COUNTRY AND YOU INGRATES IN TEXAS ARE FUCKING TREASONOUS PIECES OF SHIT TO TRY AND PRETEND OTHERWISE then you will at least understand the context. I just want to forewarn you there may be, as in definitely will be, outbursts about how Thomas Acquinas HAD BEEN DEAD FOR FIVE HUNDRED YEARS before the Declaration of Independence was even written for the United States.


In light of my HORRENDOUSLY foul mood, I think I should tread on an even lighter subject like shitty pop music. Over the weekend, I was hanging out with a friend and no it was not Dawgz. There is more in my life than Kristen Stewart, Dawgz, the Steelers and HATING THE 10 PEOPLE WHO VOTED TO PASS THIS EDUCATIONAL REFORM  IN TEXAS. I mean there isn’t much more in life that one needs than those things, but I do have other friends just in case you were worried. This friend and I were watching music videos, which is crazy – who knew you could still watch music videos on the television?

One music video was particularly memorable/interesting: Bon Jovi’s “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore” featuring LeAnn Rimes.

I am from New Jersey. I am proud of being from New Jersey for many reasons. One recent reason is that my educational system is not trying to pretend that THE THIRD PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DID NOT MATTER IN THE INTELLECTUAL CREATION OF THIS COUNTRY. Even with my love for New Jersey, I outright dislike Bon Jovi and pretty much all their music. At their very best, Bon Jovi has 3 or so songs that are fun to sing-a-long to when absolutely plastered at a bar. And when I’m plastered at a bar the list of things I find “fun” are very questionable when sober. I hold no critical praise for any of their music. Couple this with my dislike for popular “country” music like LeAnn Rimes.

Either way, if you like the song or don’t – you cannot deny it is wildly disconcerting and/or plain creepy. First and foremost, let’s setup the “givens”. The song is a duet between Jon Bon Jovi and LeAnn Rimes and the title of this song is “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore”. One can assume a lot of things. Just as one can assume without hearing the Bruce Springsteen song “Prove It All Night” it is about a man and a woman “getting it on” – scientific term. Jon and LeAnn will be doing “something” until they are not “strangers” anymore. What could be an activity that a man and a woman who are alone together can do until they are not strangers anymore? Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Watch reruns of Arrested Development on IFC? Maybe name all the Presidents of the United States in chronological order conspicuously not skipping the THIRD PRESIDENT OF THE FUCKING UNITED STATES NAMED THOMAS JEFFERSON?

Or they could be fucking. That’s my guess. Or is that too crass? Maybe I’m just imagining… oh wait a minute what’s this? There are lyrics to this stupid song? Do you think that the lyrics may help?

It might be hard to be lovers
But it’s harder to be friends
Baby, pull down the covers
It’s time you let me in
Maybe light a couple candles
I’ll just go ahead and lock the door
If you just talk to me baby
Till we ain’t strangers anymore

Huh? That’s exactly like I said. So Jon and LeAnn are going to go into a bedroom. Lock the door. Light candles. Get into bed together. “Talk”. Until they are not strangers anymore. This is at the point in the song (the beginning of the damn song), I would like to mention that Jon Bon Jovi is a married man. Jon got married on April 29th, 1989. Jon is still happily married. There is a crazy twist; Jon is not married to LeAnn Rimes. What was LeAnn Rimes doing on April 29th, 1989? Probably eating paste because SHE WAS SEVEN.

The majority of the lyrics to the song are like the above posted. It is a lot about Jon and LeAnn hanging out in bed together “reconnecting”, if you know what I’m saying. It would be really easy to just write a bad song with extra marital affair connotations, but they went a step farther and made a video with even more extra martial affair connotations. I would like to submit evidence “A”:

Here is a picture of LeAnn Rimes and Jon Bon Jovi doing, what I call, the “twilight”. It isn’t “making out” per-say, but even more creepy it is just them rubbing foreheads, noses and chins. This sequence is replicated several times throughout the video. Very intimate close-up shots of Jon and LeAnn lightly grinding their faces on each other, but leaving just enough separation between their lips to breathily whisper the arduously terrible lyrics that Jon and/or some random music producer wrote.

The main thrust of the video, outside of their facial thrusting, is Jon and LeAnn wandering the lonely streets of New York City’s borough Manhattan. Why Manhattan? Who the fuck knows? Jon is from central New Jersey, so I guess that is close enough to Manhattan. I would venture to guess Jon really has a bigger following in southern New Jersey and he spends a great deal of time in Philadelphia, but whatever. Meanwhile, LeAnn is from Mississippi, which you may remember as being such an overly patriotic state that it SECEDED FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and there had to be a WAR fought to bring it back as well as TEXAS which also SECEDED because it “loves” this country so much.

They’re not just walking the streets of Manhattan, but also lying around on beds on the streets of Manhattan. This is both dumb and dumb. The first “dumb” is that it is just dumb looking having them sitting on these beds randomly on an intersection in New York City. Secondly, it is “dumb” because it is highly dangerous. There are cars everywhere whizzing around in Manhattan. Don’t lie around on the streets on a bed or not in any city let alone the most populated and busiest traffic city in the country. This country in particular is the United States who actually uses currency with THOMAS JEFFERSON’S FUCKING FACE ON IT.  

Here is LeAnn on her bed in the street. Wildly unsafe as mentioned. It gets worse though: no shoes and I would say she is not properly dressed for the weather. The shoes idea is a no brainer. You need to wear shoes when walking around New York City. I’m not talking about the parks, but the damn streets require shoes. Even if you are precariously laying on an even precariously placed bed in the middle of a street in Manhattan you should be wearing shoes. Jon is wearing shoes LeAnn, so take a tip, Hester Prynne, and wear some shoes on the city streets of New York City. Also, they are in winter coats the rest of the video and those silk sheets and that thin sweater will give her little to no warmth. Oh wait, what will give her warmth? The adulterous hands of Jon Bon Jovi.

I think this is the point in the post that I mention LeAnn Rimes is a well-known “home wrecker” – scientific term. LeAnn was married. While married LeAnn started getting a little frisky and cheated on her husband with some guy she made a movie with that I have never heard of – the guy and/or the movie. That guy was also married at the time. And he got a divorce as well. I’m not saying that Jon Bon Jovi is having an affair with LeAnn Rimes, but I am saying that Jon Bon Jovi’s wife should be real creeped out that her husband chose a woman who is pretty well known for recently breaking up an 8 year marriage with some guy who she worked on a project with.

Jon looks like a man who is tortured not by a fictitious failing marriage in this video, but a man who is currently getting way too involved in what was supposed to be a few flings. Just one singer and one a lot younger singer having some fun without their significant others around. The type of stuff that LeAnn’s costar thought they were getting into until LeAnn got all clingy and made everything dramatic. To me Jon’s expression denotes, “I can’t believe I fucked this broad and now she is talking about our ‘relationship’, ‘our future’, ‘our feelings’. Damn it. I should have gotten Shakira or some other chick who doesn’t even speak English. Why did I try to appeal to the South? Those people are stupid. They want to stop teaching about Thomas Jefferson and instead want to teach about obscure British property lawyers from the 18th century whose beliefs were denounced by Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson and later who died before Thomas Jefferson was even in the preparation stages of writing the Declaration of Independence which is the document and that this country is founded on. Damn me and my wandering penis.”

Shit. She is right behind me on this bed. Why are we on this stupid bed in the middle of the street? Oh shit, she is pretty much naked. If I tilt my head just right I think I can see right down her satin nightie she is wearing. LeAnn gets the freakiest in the sack too. Oh man, I can’t believe I’m going to do this again. But she wants it.

Uh, no honey. This is just work. I’m just working late. Where am I? I’m on a bed. Yeah, LeAnn is here. Yeah, I’m playing with her hair. I’m also putting my lips like a nanocentimillimeter from her youthful lips. Yep. We’re pretty much fake doing it. Yep. Oh no, I didn’t come up with the idea. I’m just a slave to my craft. Ok, I’ve got to go. LeAnn is wearing very little clothes and she gets cold easily with the wind going right up her slip and everything. I have been put in charge of warming her young body with my hands and breath. So, I’ll see you later. Love ya, honey.

The song and video continue with Jon and LeAnn getting closer to fucking on the bed. And the lyrics culminate with this bit:

Tell me who you think you see
When you look into my eyes
Lets put our two hearts back together
And we’ll leave the broken pieces on the floor
Make love with me baby
Till we ain’t strangers anymore

It is all metaphors about “talking” in bed or “holding each other” in bed. That is until the final stanza where they just “make love”. I mean at this point they are lying in bed, candles, door locked, holding, staring – I doubt any significant other would think that at that point they weren’t just banging each other anyway. I would imagine a spouse wouldn’t be cool or wouldn’t believe you if you said something along these lines, “Me? I did nothing of the sort. Yes, we were in a bedroom. Yes, the door was locked. Yes, it was just the two of us. Yes, there were candles lit – you know how much I love candles. It just seems to be a shame not to use the candles if they are already there. Yes, we were in the bed and under the covers. And yes, we did hold each other all night while staring longingly into each others’ eyes while whispering about our feelings for each other. But! We did not make love!…. oh you heard that? The part where I said to her ‘make love with me baby till we ain’t strangers anymore? Well that’s interesting isn’t it? I’ll pack my things.”

We’re not strangers anymore
We’re not strangers
We’re not strangers anymore

Yeah! They fucked! Yeah! They balled each others’ brains out! Yeah cheating on your spouse! Yeah, this song being perfectly acceptable for channels like PAX and middle American family values or something!

I have not seen a music video on television in forever and I get subjected to this and that D’Angelo song where he is naked. I’m never watching music videos again. And fuck Texas. Even Austin – stupid hipsters! Go drink your lattes and talk Malcolm Gladwell in HELL!


51 Responses to “I Want To Get A Tattoo Of Thomas Jefferson”

  1. Susanelle said

    I have always wondered how it is that women are able to wreck perfectly happy homes. Do we have some kind of power that compels happily married men to fuck around on their wives and abandon them whether they want to or not? Why do we have only this specific power, and not one that compels supervisors to give us promotions at work until we far out-rank them?

    Actually, I’d be happy with the power to clear doddering old men off the roads when I am driving somewhere (translation for Pol: “whilst I am driving somewhere”).

    • Pol said

      are you talking to me?

      • PWG said

        Travis Bickle?

      • Pol said

        are U talking to ME?

      • Pol said

        LOL, ok I’ll be sure to try and not use funny fancy language…and by the way I am not a stripper… I need to be more careful about what I blurt out, lol!

      • Susanelle said

        I just love “whilst” is all. Like Kristen Stewart, I loves me some British English.

      • PWG said

        Shoot, I say “whilst” all the time. In fact I think I used it in the comments already today. But then I’ve read a lot of trashy Regency romance paperbacks. I’m sorry, I mean I’ve watched a lot of Merchant Ivory films, or something else that doesn’t make me sound so pathetic.

      • Pol said

        PWG I think the problem was I used ‘whilst’ when referring to stripping…

        Reminds me of being teased at school for speaking ‘proper’ english when everyone else spoke some hodge-podge of two languages, the fun times: the getting my lunch money taken away, the beatings, the hair pulling, the hiding away behind electric boxes…

        cue the world’s smallist violin being playing by a sad little man.

  2. Susanelle said

    Also, nobody’s ever thought of Texas as an intellectual state, have they? So now Texas just wants to make sure that you never do. ::shrug::

  3. PWG said

    I love you, love Thomas Jefferson, hate Texas school board members with exactly the same fiery passion if not more, refer you to the KANSAS school board which is so fucked up it spawned the Flying Spaghetti Monster deity, appreciate your Hester Prynne reference, am indifferent to Bon Jovi and have nothing but disdain for adulterers.

    I will point out a great quote from the other woman in Sex, Lies and Videotape: “Cynthia: I’m not the one who stood up before God and everybody and promised to be faithful to Ann.” Except the jury will note she was banging her sister’s husband, and even if she weren’t I’d still call that a serious lack of fucking character, pun not intended.

  4. SingleStrand said

    Dude, I didn’t see a thing about flamingos in here…
    maybe I skimmed through that part. *gasp*

    Question: Why is LeAnn Rimes wearing a ridic large wedding ring in this video? Is she flaunting the fact that she is an adulterous mistress to Bon Jovi or is she supposed to be the victim of an arranged marriage to him prompting them to have to make love until they aren’t strangers anymore?

    Texas has nothing on Kansas (see PWG’s note above). They are crazy apeshit up in the KS Dept of Ed. Trufax.

  5. PWG said

    Nanocentimillimeter is a very good word.

  6. Next time, forget the music videos and just watch the Arrested Development reruns on IFC. You should know better, but I digress. And you will watch a music video again, because Lady Gaga will come out with another 10 minute long work of artful mindfuckery, and you will watch it and you will love it.

    We’re doing the youth of this nation a serious disservice. Not only by allowing the curriculum changes you’ve already covered, but by teaching them that “the twilight” is normal behavior. Instead of just making out with randoms like “normal” people, I have a vision of future generations standing around in bars rubbing their faces against each other’s like it’s the damn Lion King. Thomas Jefferson would not approve.

    Actually, on a serious note, those changes are bullshit. My out of date textbooks were bad enough (learning about two separate Germany’s in 2002 as if that was still happening was just so helpful and awesome); the idea that visionaries like Thomas Jefferson will now be excluded to satisfy some sort of conservative agenda is infuriating. And I’m not just saying that because I’m liberal. If the history of our nation was comprised of nothing other than the most conservative shit ever, then fine – it’s fucking history so it should be taught. But trying to twist history to meet your idea of what’s appropriate today is, in itself, entirely inappropriate. I’ve always believed that we should be taught the unbiased facts – even if it doesn’t paint America in the best light. What’s the point in propagandizing? It’s fucking history, nothing’s going to change what already happened. Until time machines are invented and then all bets are off.

  7. PWG said

    What the fuck? (from the article):

    “A recommendation to include country and western music among the nation’s important cultural movements. The popular black genre of hip-hop is being dropped from the same list.”

    Look, I love Johnny Cash as much as the next woman . . . okay, probably a lot more than the next woman, but “important cultural movement” status, whilst giving hip-hop the boot? You just go ahead and be your own little lone star, Texas. Oh except for the fact that that shit trickles down to most of the rest of the country’s textbooks. Gah!

    p.s. Crystal, can you tape a nickel and a $2 bill to a placard and just walk around Texas with it for a while? We need you.

    • crystal said

      I’m on it.

      My state embarrasses me. I’ve been trying to get out of here but it’s not happening quick enough.

  8. Lala said

    I don’t think I would be offended by this post if I were a flamingo.
    Anyway, it’s kind of stupid to change those textbooks in Texas. It’s like trying to change history itself or something.

  9. PWG said

    I’m currently viewing an e-mail chain where a married man is in trouble with his wife for something; meanwhile he’s offering to go over to some other woman’s house to warm her up because it’s so darn cold right now. Later, when I get the subpoena from his wife’s divorce attorney for his mailbox, I’m sure we’ll all have a hearty laugh over it.

    The local radio station was asking people this week to define when cheating begins. One answer was ‘when the girlfriend/boyfriend (let’s call it Rielle Hunter) knows a lot more about the spouse than the spouse knows about them.’ I suppose another good checkpoint would be when you’re playing eskimo kiss with your “really good friend who’s going through some tough times right now.”

  10. crystal said

    I will only say a few things as you are in a bad mood and I easily piss you off when you are angry AND I’m from Texas….so….yeah.

    Leann Rimes is from Texas too. I hate that bitch. Not only is she a homewrecking tramp I competed against her in singing competitions from the age of 4-11, who won those competitions? ME!! And yet…who is famous?? HER!! Lame.

    • tiffanized said

      Crystal > Leann Rimes

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Kudos on beating LeAnn Rimes. I looked at her bio and it said she was born in Mississippi.

      • crystal said

        She may have been born in MS but she grew up in good ole’ Garland, Texas. And by good ole’ I mean, ghetto.

        Really ghetto.

        Thanks on the beating Leann props. She did beat me ONCE. But I don’t count that time. Smiley Face.

    • Pol said

      go you for beating Leann!
      P.S. I would be too scared to protest in Texas… I know some people who’ve been there and as charming as most texans are there is some scary shit going there.

      I don’t know about that Thomas Jefferson Tattoo…I mean how good could it possibly look and how many people will actually get it?

    • If you ever made an appearance on Star Search, I will bow down to you in worship.

      • crystal said

        Nope. No Star Search for me…I was going through my “I don’t want to do this anymore” phase.

        How stupid.

        I could have been famous but NO I had to be a lazy kid. Geez.

    • aneira said

      i jus wanna say, go you. leann is a BITCH!!!! and i didnt know that you were a singer? thats soo awesome!

      • Crystal said

        I WAS a singer. Now I waste my God given gifts by not using them.

        What a terrible person. I’m partially kidding. But not really.

  11. Pol said

    Shew, you let Texas get away with this…and what next? A lot of bad things start with smallish changes to things like textbook things like like apartheid and and the third reich.

    Good heavens but will people ever learn????
    I don’t understand how American states work, they seem almost autonomous?

  12. tiffanized said

    I feel like I should point out that it wasn’t the entire school board participating in asshattery, but the 2/3 of the board that were Republican. The Thomas Jefferson thing was just the tip of the iceberg, too. I hope the measures fail after being open to public comment, but I’m sure they won’t.

  13. tiffanized said

    Did I already rant at some point about how much I dislike Bon Jovi? I remember a post about Aerosmith, and I wrote a long and scathing account of my ongoing hatred for Jon Bon Jovi and his crowd, but I can’t remember if I submitted the comment. Sometimes I hold back.

    So, to recap, let me know if you need an empassioned declaration of my distaste for Bon Jovi and all that they stand for.

    • You did rant against Bon Jovi. I only remember this because I recall confessing that I’ve attended a Bon Jovi concert at some point in my life, and worrying you’d think less of me. You promised you wouldn’t; I hope that’s still the case.

      I think everyone in college is obligated to love Bon Jovi. Journey, too. They force “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Don’t Stop Believin'” down your throat at all mixers, karaoke bars, keggers, etc. I still like Journey, but could do without Bon Jovi. I actually saw Journey and Def Leppard in concert as well, which was pretty good fun. Next up: Lady Gaga.

      • Pol said

        I really don’t understand this lady Gaga thing, I’ve been too scared to say anything cause all my gay friends love her….
        Geez, I mean I love Freddie Mercury, George Michael and KD Lang cause I love a lot of their music…but Gaga I do not love at all.

      • Um… I don’t know. I can’t explain it as I’m usually not a fan of over-manufactured pop music. But aside from the fact that I love how unapologetically crazy the girl is, I do genuinely like her music. I also believe she’s talented – like she can actually sing and play instruments, unlike some of her piers (Britney, etc). As to why I want to see her in concert? Live Lady Gaga is a guaranteed mindfuck. There’s no way it won’t be mindbogglingly entertaining.

        But really, I can’t explain why I like any music. I just do. My taste in music is all over the place. The last playlist I made consisted of Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars, Phoenix, The XX, The Dead Weather, The Black Keys, The Knife, Lucero, and… Lady Gaga. It’s borderline schizophrenic, sort of like me.

      • Cristalena said

        mumford & sons AND bon iver?! marry me!

      • I was the only friggin person I knew listening to M&S last November, and couldn’t PAY someone to go see them live with me. Now, everyone knows how awesome they are and tickets for the NYC show sold out in like 4 minutes. So instead I’m going to Boston to see them in May. Epic birthday weekend!

        See, I go to legit shows too…

      • Cristalena said

        i discovered mumford & sons through laura marling who i saw here in la last month. i just wanted to go up there and kiss her!
        i also wanted a dollar for every hipster there wearing torn leggings and ankle boots.

        in turn, i discovered laura marling and this blog through twilight. so some good things did come out of that ridiculous vampire story.

    • Pol said

      Since we’re being tranparent etc thanks to Jordan…I have to admit that while I think Bon Jovi is silly…I did love that Bed of Roses song…. besides Carla Gugino was in the video and she is hot.

    • aneira said

      HeyyBorther has nice taste in music.
      Muse was mindboggling, and im sure Lady Gaga puts on a show as well. im not much for pop music at all, but i like Lady gaga and it wud be pretty cool to see her in concert.

  14. Cristalena said

    i don’t think i’ve heard any LeAnn Rimes songs since Coyote Ugly.

    I went to high school in Texas and you bet your sweet ass I got out of there the second they handed me my diploma.

    I don’t even know what to say as far as that goes because it’s so ridiculous.
    Students won’t even notice. It’s all about football and keggers in the desert.

    I’m packing my shit and going to the UK. I can drink there.

    • Cristalena said

      also i can say “whilst” and not seem weird.

    • AmyAlmost said

      ‘I’m packing my shit and going to the UK. I can drink there.’

      On the street and in parks! That’s what blew me away. We drink in Australia but that whole public drinking has to be disguised by the good old paper bag. I was in West End and there was this fountain/statue thing in a middle of a roundabout with all these Brits with pint glasses sitting around it. It was like an acoholics heaven.

  15. campbelld said

    Oh god. Do they hate Ben Franklin as well? He did love the french, so Texas should disavow him. John Hancock was a smuggler, with a funny name, maybe they should dig up his corpse and wack in ol’ sparky. Sorry, I just see Texas as a big empty place filled with cowboys. Most of them are wearing huge hats and have guns. Maybe ponchos. I have a very limited view of the world.

  16. kt said

    It is things like this that make me have a generally disagreeable opinion about so many people in the world. It is so depressing that not only does someone think these changes to our history are ok, but that they manage to have so many supporters of such measures. Where the fuck is the common sense in the world?

  17. aneira said

    i fucking hate conservatives who think that Jesus did everything and if you dont believe in him you go to hell. and apparently tj isnt cool enough for them. tj is the MFin meaning of cool. he fucking wrote the declaration of independence. and he doesnt deserve a mention in your fucking jesus loving textbooks? fuck you haters.
    fuck you.

    your going to hell for believing in a god that would choose christianity over any other religion.
    your going to hell for rolling around in poor peoples money.
    your going to hell for believing that you above all else are the bees knees.
    you know nothing of the bees knees. you know nothing.

    i really hate conservatives. especially the southern ones.

  18. AmyAlmost said

    This is my kind of post. Hating Americans even though deep down I love them to pieces.

    I really think you guys need to stop calling yourself ‘United States of America’. Who says ‘I hate Texans’? I mean I think people from Tasmania are a little weird, but I don’t hate them.

    Text books can say what they want, teachers should be able to teach beyond that. My history teacher told us that whole controversial thing about Americans bombing Japan after Japan had conceded even though we weren’t tested on it. Apparently there was factual evidence but since googling it just now I couldn’t find anything but people denouncing it’s plausibility. But what I’m saying is they can take Thomas Jefferson out – but that doesn’t erase Thomas Jefferson.

  19. Forgetful Lucy said

    Thomas Jefferson is pretty great, I think you’re kinda great too. Is it ironic that one of the founders of our democratic society is being kicked out of textbooks by members of a school board who were elected by their community?

    I do not think this song means what you think it means. I also think you don’t really care. I agree the video is the dumbest. I’m sure LeAnn and Eddie will be quite happy together. And this song isn’t foreshadowing of their relationship drifting apart, at all. Especially after the next Lifetime movie either one of them films with someone mildly attractive.

    I love Bob Villa. I could watch This Old House, Ask This Old House, and my new favorite home improvement show- Holmes on Homes, for HOURS.

  20. AmyAlmost said

    Oh and I have a question about music videos. Have you seen that Jonathan Boulet video (A Community Service Announcement)? What the hell is going on in that one?

  21. lapushbaby said

    I am a third generation Loather of Texas, don’t ask, it’s deep-rooted.

    Also, I was hoping that you knew that the state of Jefferson is the 51st state. http://www.jeffersonstate.com/

    We appreciate him out here on the left coast.

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