She Says, “I Like The Nightlife, Baby”

April 12, 2010

I am sunburnt.

For all of yous who were worried about my pale white skin – GOOD NEWS – there is no need to worry anymore. I am a very rosy red right now. I look like I just finished a marathon except I’m not sweating. A non-sweating marathon runner. A non-sweating marathon runner who is nowhere in-shape enough to run a marathon or even a part of a marathon. That’s what I look like. An out of shape, non-sweating, marathon runner. Or some guy who HAD pale skin who was outside no where near an umbrella’s shade for a lot longer than he was expecting yesterday and is now sunburnt.


Wearing a suit is coming in quite handy today. Besides my face being burnt, so are my arms and part of my legs. The way people react to my sunburnt face is one thing, but if they saw my arms then they would probably quarantine me for anti-burn medication experiments.

I am tired. I am tired usually, but being sun burnt makes me feel even more tired. I am fairly energy free right now. I’m yawning. I’m also really missing the welcoming feeling of a cool dark room with a bed in it for me to just wait out this sunburn in.

Today’s post will be about pop music. Random, miscellaneous, stream of consciousness about some good ole’ fashioned chicks with good voices singing pop music. Today’s femme fatale artists are Selena Gomez, Orianthi and, of-fucking-course, Lady Gaga.

Selena Gomez

Until Saturday, I could have picked Selena Gomez out of a line-up and that’s about it. I knew of the existence of Selena Gomez. I knew she was some fabulous jail bait for the past few years. She is 17 and turning 18 this summer. I could only guess that she was in something for Disney. I could not tell you with certainty any movie or TV show or anything that she has been in. I am not sure I have ever even heard her talk. For the most part, I just know she is young, cute and it was a big deal when the paparazzi got pictures of her in a bikini once.  

What happened Saturday? I was confronted with the fact that I am a Selena Gomez fan. Who fucking knew? The past few weeks on the radio, I keep hearing this song with this great declaration chorus – “You are the thunder and I am the lightning!” I had no idea who sang it. As much pop radio as I listen to for whatever reason nowadays, I never seem to get a better grasp of the names of the artists who are singing these ridiculous songs. But I’ve been digging the song, mostly because of the chorus – “You are the thunder and I am the lightning!”

I had absolutely no clue that Selena Gomez sang this song or even what the song was called. It is “Naturally” by Selena Gomez & The Scene. I don’t know who “The Scene” is at all. I don’t know why exactly, but I never would have guessed that a brunette sang this song. In my mind, it was a Cascada looking lady. I was really expecting a blonde. Also, the video for the most part is a bad rip off of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”. I would have made this video much better. I wouldn’t have ripped off The White Stripes. I would have ripped off “Fire” by Charlene – from the greatest movie ever The Last Dragon. Obviously, replace the “fire” with “thunder and lightning” and you have yourself a fucking VIDEO MUSIC AWARD 4 LIFE!

That chorus is perfect for my favorite over-the-top dramatic stage movements. “You are the thunder!” – That is a confident point right there. You don’t even have to point your finger, just a confident angular gesture with one or more fingers parallel to the ground. An outstretched arm with the fingers spread wide facing your target like you’re Magneto. Also for good measure you can add in a Shania Twain-esque rhythmic foot stomp. Oh I’m just making it perfectly obvious that you, yes you – the one I’m extended my arm to, are the thunder and I’m solidifying that point by stomping my foot along to this beat.

This is followed by the patented turn your hand inward into a fist and bringing it close to your chest – all dramatically – for “And I am the lightning!” It is a humbling moment for the both of us. You are the thunder and I am the lightning. It makes perfect fucking sense. This revelation that I am the lightning needs to be shown by myself capturing that knowledge with my hand and then bringing it close to my heart.

Feel free to compliment this classic dance movement with side-to-side head bobbing, hip shaking, foot stomping or flip of your hair. All this can be performed standing or sitting in your car while driving. If you are a straight male in his late 20’s with tattoos who spent much of his formative years at metal, hardcore and punk shows then I would suggest keeping your windows all the way rolled up and turn the air conditioning off just for the duration of this song. There is a conspiracy going around that when the air conditioning is on some of the music sounds actually leak out the vents and alert people of the outside world that you are listening to the girliest pop music and they should shame stare you.

Footnote: if you are stopped at a red light or all alone in your apartment with the shades pulled down, feel free to use both hands/arms ambidextrously. If you are using both arms and standing then you must run in place like you are a linebacker about to make a tackle. These are the laws of pop music; not my laws.



I have been meaning to write about “According to You” by Orianthi for a very long time. I had been worrying I was over saturating you all with the dissecting the lyrics of songs posts. So this won’t be a full run through of the lyrics, but a partial one. The song itself is a girl pop rocker similar to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” (which is the greatest song ever as we all know). The storyline in “According to You” is flat-out priceless!

Orianthi and “you” are going out. It seems like “you” and Orianthi have been going out for awhile too. Seems like “you” and Orianthi have not been getting along recently. It also seems like “you” have had some choice observations about Orianthi. Apparently, “you” said Orianthi was stupid, useless, she can’t do anything right, difficult, hard to please, and she has zero convictions. Then “you” can’t help “your”self and say Orianthi is a mess in a dress and not punctual. Sounds like there are problems in paradise, am I right?

Orianthi is sick of “you”. Orianthi’s solution is to get hit on perpetually by some other guy. More or less this song is Orianthi rationalizing cheating on “you” or dumping “you”. While “you” and Orianthi are in a fight, this new guy is telling Orianthi that she is the greatest, most interestingest, the bestest, prettiest girl in the world. This guy thinks Orianthi is beautiful, incredible, he can’t get her out of his head, she’s funny, irresistible and, the topper of toppers, Orianthi is everything he ever wanted.

What should “your” reaction be: what the eff, guy? Why don’t you stop hitting on my girlfriend? Of course, the new guy thinks you are incredible, irresistible, and he can’t get you out of his head – he just fucking met you. He hasn’t had the time to hear you belly ache about not having enough shoes or remember that time you got so drunk you threw up all over the back seat of my car? I’m sure the new guy would still think you are “everything he ever wanted” when that was going on. Asshole.

I’m not saying “you” isn’t an asshole as well. I don’t know “you”. “You” could be a total dickhead for all I know. But it just sounds like Orianthi is a little infatuated with what men like to call “new pussy”. At some point, a relationship stops being make-out sessions and steamy sex and turns into now we livin’ together. And in that world, the guy isn’t full of hyperbolic compliments and the gal becomes a nag. Why don’t you fix the garbage disposal? Why don’t you drive me to the mall? Why are you drunk at 2pm? Baseball is on! That’s why I’m drunk! Do you know how hard it is to watch baseball sober? It’s impossible. Also, it is 80 degrees out and I’m thirsty, so I’ve drank a 12 pack of beer. Do you want me to drink a 12 pack of Gatorade? Do you know how much sodium that would be? It would be unhealthy.

Lady Gaga

The ever amazing Lady Gaga is headlining Lollapalooza this year. I really want to go. There are an incredible amount of incredible bands playing this year and the Gaga is playing too. Dawgz had an ingenious idea that Lady Gaga should cover a Cars song, namely “Let’s Go”, at Lollapalooza. I have been twatting a variation of this sentiment everyday and will continue to.

The reason I think this is a brilliant idea is that it would fucking floor the hipster kids at Lollapalooza. The Cars are an excellent band from the 80’s with all the hit singles. If you’re listening to a song from the 80’s and you aren’t sure who sang it then there is a 75% chance The Cars sang it. And Lady Gaga is most definitely an 80’s creation. She sounds like Madonna, she sounds like Annie Lennox, she sounds and even looks like the 80’s.

The hipsters are going to be skeptical of Ms. Gaga. That’s what hipsters do – they’re cynical creatures. Cynical for the sake of being cynical. But Gaga is going to give them the dance party extravaganza that they know deep down they will love. But if she also extended a hipster olive branch and covered a rock song like “Let’s Go” she and the hipsters will mate for life!

And, seriously, what the fuck is Ric Ocasek up to that he couldn’t join Gaga on stage for this cover? I know that Ric still makes music and still has an INSANELY hot wife. He also does guest spots on the Colbert Report from time to time. So why not? Why not cover “Let’s Go” by The Cars? Why not have Ric Ocasek walk on stage during the second set of lyrics and blow all those stupid hipsters’ minds? Why the fuck not!?! Gaga did that duet with Elton John and that was cool, but Elton John is a duet whore. He’ll duet with anyone. I know I’ve dueted with Sir Elton at least twice and those are just the duets I remember. With all the coke we were doing Elton and I could have dueted 5 maybe even 6 times. A duet between Gaga and The Cars would be a billion times more unique.


So, I really would like this to happen. I’m not sure how to make it happen though. I am only one man, one man with a dream of Lady Gaga playing “Let’s Go” with Ric Ocasek at Lollapalooza. I will continue to post it on twitter. But if you all could share in this dream with me! Help me spread this message of fusing catchy 80’s synth rock and the GAGA! Petitions? Sure make a petition! Facebook pages? Start them! Please help me make this beautiful shining dream into a reality! We need to convince the Lady Gaga to do this.

If not for me, do it for the sake of the children. And helping out a sunburnt man.


36 Responses to “She Says, “I Like The Nightlife, Baby””

  1. PWG said

    I am also sunburned, fellow pale-face. But I got my sunburn last week and apparently it takes a couple of weeks for all the cancer to fall off. Like Kim, I was sporting a pair of big sunglasses so I have the raccoon eyes as well. I tried to pass it off as “Oh, me and Shaun White were just snowboarding up at Vail and I was showing him up so hard that he begged me to stay out there on the mountain all afternoon so he could learn my tricks and that’s how I got this ridiculous sunburn.” But you know, people have seen me trip while standing still so I don’t think they’re buying it.

    Also, I think it might make more sense for whomever actually sang that song to duet with Gaga. Far as I can tell Ric was just banging around on his guitar that whole song and didn’t go anywhere near the microphone. I don’t know who the singing guy was, but the red bandanna around some of those guys’ neck gave me 80’s flashbacks. Why did rockers dress like Border Collies?

  2. PWG said

    You’re totally right, Sir Elton is a duet WHORE. He and I gave a rousing performance of “Pancho and Lefty” last week at the Grizzly Rose. Brought down the fucking house, I tell you.

  3. I’m so out of the loop. I don’t even know who this Orianthi person is. I feel old.

    I would kill to go to Lollapalooza. Maybe not kill, but I’d certainly maim someone. Lolla or Bonnaroo. Though I think I’d actually prefer Bonnaroo… It has a similar line-up plus the added benefit of comedy acts. No Gaga, but I’m seeing her in July anyway. I guess it really comes down to who you’re rather hang out with: dirty redneck hippies or cranky holier-than-thou hipsters?

    I shouldn’t tease myself with this since I’ll be going to neither of them. And you should probably stay away from three-day events held outside in open fields during the summer, white bread.

  4. Susanelle said

    ::45-second NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!::

    Aw, Jordan, how could you go out and thoughtlessly destroy your beautiful white skin, the skin that set you apart from all other men??? Why? WHY?

    On the other hand, I’m picturing it, and you will look hawt in about four days. Like, really hawt. That will last for about two days (then, larva-pupa stage, then back to white).

    Finally, I can’t believe you are still holding the throwing up in the back of the car against me. That was years ago and you don’t even have the same car anymore. Jeez.

  5. tiffanized said

    You are correct about Orianthi’s “you” being able to accurately define her shortcomings because he has spent more time with her than “him” has. One of my favorite sayings is, “No matter how good looking he is, some woman, somewhere, is SICK OF HIS SHIT.” (This saying, coincidentally, is the only thing that keeps me from hanging myself because I’ll never have Rob Pattinson.) I’m guessing this also works in the reverse, though in my experience men will put up with significantly more garbage to hang onto a hot woman than the other way around. The key, I suppose, is loving the other person more than you hate their bullshit. Look at me, waxing poetic.

    • Pol said

      Yeah, but what is up with incredibly good looking women who stay with ugly men who treat them like shit?
      I mean case in point is Sandra Bullock (and a number of my friends)… that dude she was with was with some nasty looking women… neo-nazi fetishist too…blegh.
      At least Tiger had better taste…

      • tiffanized said

        Ah, Pol, don’t get me started about the comparative attractiveness of mistresses to wives. This is the stuff many of my feminist rants are made of.

        But yes, many women of all levels of beauty stay with men of all levels of attractiveness who treat them like shit, and vice-versa. We live in a culture that tells us we need to have a mate, and we will romanticize the most awful people for the sole purpose of not being alone.

      • Pol said

        Indeed, though I love a good feminist rant.

        I guess being alone is more difficult for some people than others so no judging here.
        Though I think the freedom of being single is bloody awesome. Real dogs are much better at unconditional love than man-dogs as it were.

      • MLF said

        I’d rather be alone. *shrugs*

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      The reverse line is: You show me a hot chick and I’ll show you a guy who is tired of fucking her.

      • Pol said

        Do guys ever really get tired of fucking?

      • MLF said

        the problem with that line is that just because the chick is hot doesn’t mean she’s good in bed. and if she isn’t good in bed her hotness means nothing. it’s not hard to get tired of fucking someone if it’s not even enjoyable- but guys don’t get tired of fucking hot chicks that are also good in bed. that would like, go against all laws of God and man and physics and…whatever else.

      • kristenstewartwantsit said

        Yeah, I’m not saying I made up the line. I’m just saying it is something dudes say.

      • tiffanized said

        You can get tired of fucking the same person regardless of hotness and goodness in bed. The favorite food analogy is always a good one: if you eat your favorite food every day, every meal, you will learn to hate it. Especially if your favorite food leaves its dirty socks on your side of the bed, doesn’t ever (EVER!) put anything in the fucking dishwasher, and expects you to keep your legs silky smooth every day for its touching pleasure while it trundles along growing hair in weird places and expecting you to ignore it.

      • Pol said

        Yes but I suspect the only people who fuck all day are porn stars, Tiger Woods and that crazy basketball player…I suspect they could get tired of fucking…though evidence points to the contrary.

        I wish I could get tired of chocolate…but that is NEVER going to happen…ditto peanut butter.

        My point is that guys could fuck the same girl all their lives…especially if they are allowed to fuck other women.

        Because anyone who prediminantly calls ‘it’ fucking is not looking for love and as long as said vagina changed outward apprearance regularly they wouldn’t care.

        lol! I don’t hate men, I’ve just seen a lot dogs.

  6. PWG said

    I went to the first Lollapalooza in 1991. All I remember is that Nine Inch Nails was so loud I felt like someone was pounding me in the chest during their whole set. I just looked up the lineup to remind me who I saw:

    Main Stage: Jane’s Addiction, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, Living Colour, Ice-T & Body Count, Butthole Surfers, Rollins Band, Violent Femmes, Fishbone, Emergency Broadcast Network

    Now that I’m old there’s almost no one I’d pay to see in concert anymore, unless it was at Red Rocks. Small venue, great view.

    • tiffanized said

      The only people in the lineup I’d like to see that I haven’t already seen are The Black Keys. I’d also love to see Gogol Bordello again. I watched “Everything is Illuminated” this weekend and everytime Eugene Hutz was onscreen David Cassidy started singing “I Think I Love You” in my head.

      I think it’s cruel the way they have the acts listed in descending font size on the site. What happened to make Minus the Bear a whole size lower than The Cribs? First of all, I’ve fucking heard of Minus the Bear. Who are these Cribs to be so got-danged important as to be a font size=”3″ instead of a font size=”2″? Perhaps White Bread could start writing the blog with this method, putting the most important parts in a really big font and the less important stuff in smaller fonts.

      • tiffanized said

        Shit, that won’t work; all of Jordaddy’s words are important.

      • I have no idea why, but I seriously can’t stop laughing at “Perhaps White Bread could…”

        It’s probably because my pale ass has no right to call someone White Bread, but you could get away with it. And you do so well.

      • tiffanized said

        No, I’m White Bread too. My profile pictures are deceptively pigmented. My big project this week is to get a tan because I have to wear a dress on Saturday that shows a lot of skin. People are dying all over the world, people being raped and starved and enslaved, and my focus is on baking myself in a tube full of light bulbs.

  7. PWG said

    I’m glad for Ric and Paulina. I bet they have very tall, skinny, long-necked children. Maybe they just adopted giraffes.

    I can’t see you picking a grey suit/grey shirt combo like Ric’s, but correct me if I’m wrong. They look happy together, he doesn’t look 100% like Roy Orbison or Keith Richards yet, and I’m glad she never succumbed to the pressure to get a boob job when she was modeling. I’m perplexed by the odd smudge in her hairline in that photo though.

    I must be jaded by the Tiger/Jesse/Pitt/Law/etc./etc. stories these days, because it actually made me inordinately happy that those two are still married.

  8. Pol said

    WEAR SUNSCREEN JORDAN!!! They make it in factor 100 now which is what your lily-white skin needs.
    We cannot lose you to skin cancer, that’s not cool.

  9. campbelld said

    I feel an innate feeling of ironic enjoyment in the post, Jordan. And with the early spring sun-burn that would kind of swing you towards the hipster crowd. Dude? Are you part hipster? There. That’s a friday question from Monday. Don’t say I’m not on top of things.
    I’m fairly indifferent about the other two, but like you, I am, for some reason, a fan of Lady Gaga. Although I do feel like she is just fucking with us a lot of the time. Like ‘look at me being mental and you kids just shrugging and saying how cool these utterly ridiculous outfits/hairstlyes are’. Did you see what she wore when she met the Queen of England? A red PVC outfit. The Queen was totally cool about it though. She just did the dainty handshake and said, ‘You look very nice, dear’. Lizzy’s a class act. She was freaked out a little, but did she show it? Hell no.

    Also, I did this and I’m excited about it

  10. MLF said

    the storyline in according to you is complete and utter shit. “my boyfriend hates me, he is so mean to me, he think’s im always late and a hot mess and whahhh whahhh whahhhh”

    dude. any girl that would stay with someone who clearly hates her so much is retarded. I mean cheese and crackers if this new guy thinks you are so great then go be with him instead of this other douchebag who seemingly despises you. wtf, is this a hard decision?? I don’t see the problem here. Although- when I listen to it is seems to me like she has already made the decision to be with the new guy who adores her and is just rubbing it in the old and seemingly ex bf’s face, and that’s not cool either. Firstly- if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. no matter what. yeah he is your ex and he is a douchebag but you never know- someday somehow you may need his help. never burn bridges if you can avoid it. Secondly- who wants a long drawn out and dramatic break up? for realz. this song has several verses and numerous chorus repeats, like- cmon. I think he got it the first time? I’m pretty sure he understood after the first five “according to you’s” and there’s really no reason to keep hashing this out- it’s obvious you two are breaking up and as far as I can tell he isn’t going to fight too hard to keep you from leaving and you have no problems with leaving him, so I really feel like we should all just move on now.

    • Pol said

      What you say is true and I wish I was a nicer person.

      It us very difficult, in the heat of the moment when you find yourself with a douchebag in sheep’s clothing, to not burn bridges.

      I can’t say on the the two occasions that it’s happened that I regret it. A true douchebag never changes his spots.

      • MLF said

        true. being nice comes easily for me. too easily. I am far too nice sometimes. But for me to actually be “mean” to someone just requires too much effort on my part. By nature, I very rarely get mad, and when I do I get over it usually within thirty seconds. So for me to actually yell at someone or be mean, well. It would just be a lot of work for me. It’s always easy to take your own advice when it’s something that comes naturally. I have never had a dramatic breakup, even when it was warranted- but I will keep you posted. Maybe I will have an epic freakout on someone and burn several bridges all at once! how exciting would that be? but see look. I’m already going about it with the wrong attitude: polite interest and mild excitement rather than the more appropriate and necessary rage and desire to kill everything in my path. Also I am very ADD so even if I did manage to work myself up to furious I would be distracted and forget within a couple minutes. Like- “I’m so mad at you, you suck, my new bf is so much better…..he likes me and he doesn’t mind that I’m late sometimes! So what if I’m not the most punctual person! Who hasn’t shown up five minutes late every once in a while and don’t you roll your eyes! It was only twenty minutes that one time!… I hate you….I’m hungry. I think I want pizza for lunch. Even though I just ate pizza yesterday and I should really eat something healthy since I had a doughnut for breakfast..that has like, no protein in it…wait. I HATE YOU! DON”T THINK I”VE FORGOTTEN JUST BECAUSE I DECIDED I AM GOING TO GET HAWIIAN PIZZA FOR LUNCH! and they have those garlic sticks that are so good! and…fuck. I’m over it. I just can’t be mad at you anymore. wanna split a pizza before you leave?”

      • Pol said

        LOL!! I admire people who can’t be bothered to hold grudges.
        I am very dramatic and very argumentative, I’ve just accepted it. I’m slightly less hot tempered (I don’t throw my stilletoes at people anymore now matter how much they deserve it because I have bad aim and my shoes always come off worse) but impulsiveness is part of my nature.

        I think if I was sniffing funny white stuff I’d turn into a mega-bitch like Naomi Campbell.

  11. AmyAlmost said

    All my hipster friends love the Gaga. ‘Let’s Go’ – is it really Gaga range? I mean someone like Gwen Stefani could ruin it because she has no vocal range, but Gags can actually sing and sometimes it’s hard to fake out a tune when you have range. It ends up sounding flat… I love ‘Let’s Go’ but I’m just feeling too superbowl half time show with your idea. Covers should be personal. Duets are saved for awards shows and superbowl halftimes.

    I can’t believe you guys still Lollapalooza, is Woodstock still happening too?

    PS I found a link for love lost!:

    • I saw you added that to the post we first talked about it on, but forgot to comment! I can’t watch it because I’m in the US. Apparently Australia doesn’t want to share their musical goodness with us. But I was able to track it down on youtube over here ( I don’t know why I like it, but I do. But really, what’s not to love about awkward preteen boys jogging and “dancing” in unison? Excellent.

      • AmyAlmost said

        You know this whole international barring is stupid. I get it all the time yet you can always find another version.

        I know what you mean about the video, it’s like Billy Elliot all over again. Can’t figure out where it’s filmed though. Is it British or is it part of Victoria where it seems British? My sister said that Ballarat sort of looks like that. I know I could probably find out if I google it but sometimes it’s fun to not know things and make wild guesses.

  12. cledbo said

    Apart from generally not wanting to be at work, I now want to go home so I can watch all of these music videos. I don’t think I know the “Disney princess turned Hollywood fresh meat”‘s song, and I’m struggling to hear the Cars song in my head (80s child fail!).

    Sunburn sucks. It sucks more down here, because getting one bad burn can give you CANCER EVERYWHERE thanks to that big fuck-off hole in the ozone. I have been burnt badly more than once (spending 8 hours at the beach will do that, no matter how much 30+ you put on).
    I got the *worst* farmers tan living in Darwin too, I couldn’t ever wear sleeveless tops unless I wanted to look like a moron.

    Tiff is right with the needing to love someone more than you hate their bullshit. Because everyone has it, and the love just makes you more patient with it. Allegedly. It also ups the forgiveness factor when you come home from a fairly to very shit day and the dishes haven’t been done and there are millipedes all over the tiles again, and you snap and start ranting at the top of your voice. Then you go to the gym and come back and he’s *not* still mad at you, because he loves you, and you don’t mind so much that there are millipedes everywhere because really, there’s no getting rid of them. No forgiveness for not doing the dishes though. That is my line!
    Warm fuzzies for highly dysfunctional but loving relationships. Not everyone is a douchebag, thankfully.

    MLF, now I want garlic bread sticks. Thanks for that. No, really. 😉

    Gaga for Earth’s ambassador into space. I can think of no better representative of what the human race is all about.

    • AmyAlmost said

      ‘…She doesn’t wear her shoes..’ ‘She says “I like the night life baby” She says “Let’s go”‘ and they do the clapping thing. It was/is the Kmart ad song, don’t watch free to air anymore so I can’t confirm if it still is. Much preferred when they were using Counting the Beat by the Swingers.

      • cledbo said

        I’m counting the beat two three four five…

        I’m wishin’ that you…that YOU were MINE!

        Love it.

  13. cledbo said

    hey here’s one for you, now that you have admitted (again, if I’m not mistaken) to an irrational enjoyment of fluffy pop music.

    How wrong is it for a person such as myself, sitting here at my serious job in my serious pin-striped pants, drinking very serious green tea, to really truly like Ke$ha and her song instructing hot boys to shut up so she can have sex with them?
    How wrong is it to find the line “Come put a little love in the glove box” absolutely hilarious, and be tempted to use this on one’s partner the next time one wants horizontal love? Whether or not one is in serious pin-striped pants, or behind a jukebox with a bottle of JD, at the time?

  14. Crystal said

    I love Selena Gomez. Naturally is the greatest song ever. Okay, that’s a bit much. But I love that song.

    I’m impressed with your musical tastes my friend.

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