My Hand Writing Is Stuck In Caps-Lock

May 11, 2010

You may want to click on the pictures to see them in all their full gloriousness.






43 Responses to “My Hand Writing Is Stuck In Caps-Lock”

  1. Trying to decide if handwriting a comment, taking a picture of it with my phone, and uploading it to photobucket to share here, is worth the effort…

  2. PWG said

    My quarterback is a douche, and I’m not happy about it.

    I read this today and it’s depressing. Sports are about money in the end, and no one wants to piss away a $50 million quarterback and our chances of another Super Bowl victory in the next decade just to teach that asshole that the Rooneys and the Steelers fans deserve better than him. Except we do. Because he blows donkey balls. Probably underage donkey balls, and against the donkey’s will. Then he probably skips out without paying the donkey prostitute, too. Jackass.

  3. PWG said

    Speaking of brains, Friday question:

    Ever since Stephen Hawking brought up the point that maybe we don’t want contact with aliens, even if they exist, I’ve been doing a little thinking.

    Global warming aside, at some point Earth will no longer be hospitable to life. We’re sitting right next to a great big star that’s going to run out of hydrogen in a few billion years, creating a red giant which will eventually consume our planet. Assuming we don’t take a huge asteroid hit before that, knocking us out of orbit, or catastrophic solar flares, etc. etc. etc. We have a shelf life, is all I’m saying.

    Humans are going to be extinct long before that unless we make some long-shot contingency plans. Hawking’s big downer prediction means maybe we shouldn’t be counting on sympatico extra-terrestrials to scoop us up and preserve enough of us to colonize another lucky planet. Which is too bad, because we’re not exactly funding the space exploration program as if our lives depend on it, when in fact they probably do. Or at least the lives of our great-great-great-by-a-factor-of-300-grandchildren and our species in general.

    So I was wondering: if we could map out a human body down to the last atom, and all the molecules’ positions relative to each other in exact detail, and you could use advanced technology to create a perfect duplicate of those blueprints, would the creation actually be the same as the original person? Is your personality, are your thoughts, pretty much just a series of 1’s and 0’s represented by 100 billion neurons in your brain?

    If you sent those blueprints across the universe and some friendly-ish race of aliens built it and kept it in a suitable environment (space zoo!) to preserve it and communicate with it, it would be the equivalent of transporting your body through impossible space/time distances. Practically time travel, depending on how long it took them to build you.

    Would you volunteer to have a model made of you, knowing that you might “wake up” in a galaxy far, far away, eons in the future amidst aliens of unknown intentions? Possibly the last representative of your entire species, native to a planet that was sucked into a black hole a billion years ago? Would it make a difference if they also built a really hot Earth chick model to keep you company?

  4. PWG said

    Oh, um, Kristen Stewart wants IT. I felt like someone should throw that out there somewhere. Fulfill the charter, as it were.

    p.s., Jordan, you’re an even better Sharpie artist than MS Painter. And that’s saying something, because you know we love the MS Paint.

  5. MLF said

    oooohhh!!!! a handwriting post! what a lovely idea Jordan!

    two thumbs up. I’m getting my hair done as I type this and I’m pretty sure the hairdresser wants me to get off my phone so I’ll stop looking down. but two thumbs up. You’re handwriting is very nice. espesh the all caps.

    also, Susanelle yours is pretty also *smiley face*

  6. AmyAlmost said

    You have nice handwriting.

  7. SingleStrand said

    #1 Is your dad’s convertible a 1988 Sebring? Cuz that would be awesome and rad.
    #2 That thing that you drew underneath all the brain talk is obviously Africa.
    #3 Who was on the cover of Marie Claire? If it was ScarJo, I’m sure plenty of men would be sold on the house but plenty of women would be meh.
    Love the writing. Get a charger.

  8. amanda said

    this is precious.
    i enjoyed the bit about the fuzzy non-brain.
    you know whos awesome.. noel him hes heeelarious.

    … Thom Yorke is drgged out of his mind and its hilarious!

  9. Forgetful Lucy said

    I thought you should know my brother actually uses
    SarahPalin2012 as his password. No lie.

  10. Cristalena said

    I wanted to add a handwritten note but then I have no idea how to link on this here thing.

    …I am ashamed.

    but your sharpie fine point skills are just a l33t as your ms paint skills. I am definitely interested to see what you can do with other mediums.

  11. cledbo said

    Read it and weep, mainly because it’s as hard to decipher as the Enigma machine.

    Also, a surprise tomorrow. Not for Jordo and his Republican lich friend, they already know. But the rest of you!

    I hope you’re excited.

    • PWG said

      Is it wrong that I’m trying to read the shadowy words behind the ones in dark letters? You don’t even have the severe word tilt all my other sinister friends have, your writing is totally legible.

    • MLF said

      I’m very excited

  12. Freya said

    I think skeletons send in absentee ballots.

    • cledbo said


      election humour, I love it.

      The only bigger joke is the UK democratic system – look at me I’m John Stewart!

  13. MLF said

    I conformed: for my non twittering common taters-

  14. raven said

    I’m not making a hand written reply. My handwriting sucks and I lack the computer skills to figure that shit out. I just wanted to say awesome post. I think I like crazy, creative, unemployed Jordan the best.

  15. kt said

    I’m with whoever said that your lack of job is doing good things for you creative posting. I like it. Also, I am a follower. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo… I took like 5 and this was the best.

  16. sandune said

    does anybody know who wrote this blog?

  17. d.h.t.h. said

    is that kristen stewart’s handwriting?

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