No post today – I got real drunk last night

June 10, 2010


17 Responses to “No post today – I got real drunk last night”

  1. PWG said

    Congratulations, and thanks for the blank canvas. I hope you didn’t allow your body to be compromised in the course of your debauchery. And if you did, I hope she’s not psycho.

  2. susanelle said

    I saw on Twitter that there might be “gracing” between You-Know-Who and Mumble-Mumble-Mumble! I’m so excited!

    Or maybe it was the gracing that landed our hero in Fuckmyblogville today????

    I will be watching the internets closely.

    [By “You-Know-Who,” I do NOT mean Voldemart! Or anybody with a snake/eel head!]

  3. kt said

    this sort of made my morning. its been pretty uneventful today.

  4. Lala said

    Wow, you got really drunk on a Wednesday. I mean, I know you are not working, but it was still a Wednesday.

  5. amanda said

    Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup !!!! : D

    i just got the eclipse soundtrack
    Metric + Florence&the Machine + The Black Keys + The Dead Weather + Vampire Weekend + Band of Horses + Muse + many other amazing artists.

    i think you should check it out via internet and youtube. youd like most of it. I mean there are a lot more girl singers on this one so idk if youd be into it as much. but come on. even if you didnt listen to metric or florence and the machine or sia all the other artist are still fabulous.

    except for muse. i LOVE muse, dont get me wrong. but the song they wrote was mediocre. i expected so much more from them. but they wrote the song for the movie and theyre probably just like who the fuck cares. its twilight. we dont give a fuck about this. which i respect completely. who does give a fuck about twilight anymore?

    • Amy D said

      Me, I still care. Still a complete fangirl. Bought my tickets to the midnight Eclipse opening over a month ago.

      Question for Friday – if you’re not too loaded* to come back from fuckmyblogville (thank you Susanelle). Does NJ local media really give coverage to that bi**h who wants to become the fattest bi**h in the world??

  6. AmyAlmost said

    The husband got drunk last night too and had to take the son to day care this morning because I couldn’t find my shirt. Hope we get your story.

  7. It’s like The National Enquirer up in here today with all these rumors…

    I’m proud of you. So annihilated on a Wednesday night that you’re in no shape to write today? Bravo. Unemployment is fantastic. If given the choice between suffering from a mind bottlingly terrible hangover, or working 8-5, I’m honestly not sure which I’d choose.

    Feel better. I have drinking of my own to get back to.

  8. campbelld said

    I still can’t believe I didnt come and get my drunk on with peoples. I did it with other internet friends!

  9. Janetrigs said

    I love you dearly for this post. Glad and proud to be your Wife #3.

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