A List of “50 Women Over 60 Years Old” Men Should Want To F@#K

June 30, 2010

Do you have a thing for older woman? That’s a little faggoty, isn’t it? – Carrie Fischer in “Shampoo”

Hark! Yes! I see it. It has finally arrived. The sequel to the ever successful “List of 50 Men Over 60”. Today is a truly glorious day! Indeed.

For anyone who is new to these lists of sexually attractive senior citizens, a brief overview. I am a 27 year old man who decided to take on the task of crafting a list of 50 men who are all at least 60 years old who I believe women would still… fuck. Despite their wrinkles and inability to text, these men still have much to offer the female species as a one night fling. With the help of my friend, Dawgz, we published this list in mid-January of this year.

What is insane and funny for the goose is still insane and funny for the gander, so a few months later – Dawgz and I were under our perverted thinking caps yet again. This time it was to find 50 women over 60 that men would want to fuck. In the corresponding video and in the title it says “should” just for aggressiveness’ sake. But why wouldn’t you want to bed these fine ladies? Also, we did not simply want to post the list as before. This time there is a viiiidddddeeeeeooooo (that was the hold up).

As with the previous list of men, the idea isn’t that you would read said list and agree on every single one of these choices. The idea is that we do not believe you can read this list and say “no” to every single one of these women; you will say “yes” to at least a few. At that point, you will have accepted a new level of ridiculousness into your life where you are actively thinking about and agreeing with having sex with women over 60 years old.

In the end, the list speaks for itself. I believe it is a fine assortment of women who have excelled in their chosen careers. There are actors, comedians, writers, politicians, musicians, models and so on. This is not the definitive list. There is room to add others that we have forgotten. And there is room to discuss the chosen few we have mentioned here. Please feel free to suggest other 60+ year old women. Also, feel free to question any on the list for a full explanation.

Without further ado, “how old would you go?” Enjoy.

1. Meryl Streep – 61
2. Susan Sarandon – 63
3. Helen Mirren – 64 – just released nude photos
4. Dolly Parton – 64
5. Nancy Pelosi – 70
6. Goldie Hawn – 64
7. Charlotte Rampling – 64
8. Joanna Lumley – 64
9. Lauren Hutton – 66
10. Sophia Loren – 75
11. Debbie Harry – 64
12. Pam Grier – 61
13. Jessica Lange – 61
14. Sigourney Weaver – 60
15. Susan Lucci – 63
16. Jane Fonda – 72
17. Raquel Welch – 69
18. Suzanne Somers – 63
19. Olivia Newton John – 61
20. Peggy Lipton – 63
21. Diane Sawyer – 64
22. Cheryl Tiegs – 62
23. Jaclyn Smith – 62
24. Barbara Streisand – 68
25. Kate Jackson – 61
26. Diane Keaton – 64
27. Laura Bush – 63
28. Anni-Frid Lyngstad – 64 – from ABBA
29. Agnetha Fältskog – 60 – from ABBA
30. Donna Summer – 61
31. Barbara Walters – 80
32. Ann-Margret – 69
33. Julie Christie – 69
34. Tina Turner – 70
35. Doris Kearns Goodwin – 67
36. Joy Behar – 67
37. Blythe Danner – 67
38. Stevie Nicks – 62
39. Christine McVie – 66
40. Hillary Rodham Clinton – 62
41. Martha Stewart – 68
42. Vera Wang – 61
43. Jess Walton – 61 – turned 61 on June 27th – video was recorded prior to that
44. Phylicia Rashad – 62
45. Diahann Carroll – 74
46. Arianna Huffington – 59 – turns 60 July 15
47. Joan Collins – 77
48. Jackie Collins – 72
49. Catherine Deneuve – 66
50. Cher – 64

*Honorable Mentions:

Priscilla Presley – 65, Shelley Hack – 62, Anna Wintour – 60, Barbara Bach – 62, Olivia Harrison – 62, Bonnie Raitt – 60, Emmylou Harris – 63, Carly Simon – 65, Linda Evans – 67, Bette Midler – 64

Questions and comments? There will be follow-up videos for the list including a “remix”.

Thank you


68 Responses to “A List of “50 Women Over 60 Years Old” Men Should Want To F@#K”

  1. Brian said

    Well done my friend, seriously genius.

  2. Lala said

    Well… the list does exist, I was already thinking you were lying about it. I liked this list better than the 50 men over 60, maybe you gave more importance to this one. Anyway, the video was a nice touch.

  3. Dawgz said

    The video wasn’t just a nice touch LALA it was epic and lead me to think of that old “The Bad Standards” jam “I had sex with your mom.”

    • Amy D said

      I found the music selection to be quite regal, leading me to believe that finger sandwiches and tea would be served before any fucking took place.

  4. susanelle said

    Good voicing over, bunny. Also — very nice teeth! Why haven’t we noticed the teeth before?

    I’m agreeing with the list and hon.menches totally. Apparently it is easy to find beautiful women over 60… the trick is to find women over 60 who actually want to go to the trouble of fucking. I bet none of these do except Susan Sarandon. I bet they’re all “a vibrator is so much easier and 100% successful, thanks.”

  5. Did you wear a suit for that video?! You classy motherfucker, you. Literally, in this case.

    Good or bad that I’m now trying to combine the two lists to determine my ideal geriatric threesome? And by “ideal”, I really mean “least repulsive”. I’m having an easier time coming up with all-girl threesomes… I guess women just age better.

    I’m surprised by your number 1. I also think I would’ve ranked Laura Bush higher. Nice of you to include her and Hillary both – equal opportunity, nonpartisan hate-fucking. You’re reach(around)ing across the isle, if you will. Heyyoooohohooo…


    • PWG said

      This comment makes me want to send you presents as some sort of reward for how your brain works. Plus now I have your address. You’re on notice. I feel like I must attempt to equal the glory of the panda ears.

      • Thank you. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual, which is people wanting to give me drugs to make it stop working that way… I think my ability to inspire people to send me weird things is probably one of my favorite traits.

    • PWG said

      I feel like it would be psychologically damaging to me to be the least fuckable member of an otherwise geriatric threesome. But if Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren are there, what do they need me for, really? Applause?

  6. PWG said

    This whole post is making me laugh uncontrollably. Starting with the tags. Just more ways for Google to help new sexual deviants find us.

    • Amy D said

      AARP is fantastic. I also quite enjoy the flow of the tags; menopause senior citizen sex. It sounds like a geriatric porno.

      • kt said

        So Richard Gere was on the cover of AARP awhile back. My mom’s comment, ” It’s really bad when you think the cover of AARP is sexy.”

  7. Amy D said

    I would add Betty White. People like individuals with humor and she has been nailing it lately*.

  8. PWG said

    The chamber music, the font, very elegant. And are you kidding, I want full explanations for everyone on the list. I wish I could’ve been there for the conversations you had making the list in the first place. Like, how did Vera Wang get on there? I’m not denying her makeloveableness, I’m just wondering how the hell you guys even know who she is? And Jackie Collins? Did you just find her when you were looking up Joan, or are you boys over there reading trashy books we’re not hearing about? I’m giving you brownie points for including Doris Kearns Goodwin and the little slide action you gave to Arianna Huffington with her birthday update.

    And are the cuts/edits because you had to edit out the uncontrollable laughter when Dawgz was making faces at you, or did you have to stop for some Me Time after you got all worked up over this list?

    Enjoy Vegas. I’d fake-marry you all over again.

  9. campbelld said

    Amazing. AMAZING!
    You are now responsible for future me bringing this up when I am drunk and creeping out all my friends. Be proud. That is a special baby.
    Also I think I luaghed the loudest at the tag, ‘gilf’. There are not enough posts tagged that.

  10. PWG said

    I was going to add Diana Rigg (71) but her Wikipedia picture has a wandering eye thing going on that perhaps you’d find disconcerting.

    I think Judi Dench (75) is a glaring omission though.

  11. kt said

    There are more woman that I would fuck on this list than men I would fuck on the other list… I am skurred and confoosed by this. And I seriously had no idea half the women on that list were that old. I’m just gonna chock both of these points up to the fact that celebrities don’t have the same aging process as normal people.

  12. JumbledFartNOIZES said

    this is an amazing list. uncanny feat. it appears you were not wearing a shirt under the suit. is this a rumor, or confirmed?

    for the people wondering if this was possible, it obviously was, because he didnt have a problem, obviously. im almost positive that is a line from a ‘standards track. is that the one you’re talking about, dawgz?

  13. ODBlivesButIsntLiving said

    theres already a remix floating around for this isnt there?? i cant find the link

  14. Where'sJudi? said

    Judi Dench needs to be on the list before Helen Mirren.

  15. amanda said

    saw eclipse. it was the best of them so far… but thats not sayin much. the acting has much improved though… except taylor lautner. hes just eye candy.

  16. cledbo said

    Ann-Margaret tops my list of women older than my own mother who I would do bad things too. Bye Bye Birdie was a bit of a watershed moment for me as a proud, extremely loud bisexual minx. Mr. Cledbo should meet her too, if only to thank her appropriately.

    Can’t watch the vid until I get home from work, but I’m looking forward to it. Almost as much as the piece of someone’s birthday cake I’m about to eat, but not quite.

    • cledbo said

      Still haven’t watched the video, because I went to see bad wigs and worse acting instead. I’m comfortable with my decision, though, and will watch tonight seeing as you’re hanging around in Sin City instead of posting from the road as you should be.

      You at least have to reenact part of Fear and Loathing for us. Even if it’s ony wearing a hat and taping a huge old-fashioned tape recorder to your chest whilst wearing a dinosaur tail.

      It’s the least you could do.

  17. campbelld said

    Dammit. I added like another three comments to this earlier, but wordpress had eaten them and now I can’t remember what I said.

  18. John Smith said

    Hillary Clinton – are you FREAKIN NUTS?

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      For anyone wondering, I am alive and in Las Vegas. I’m letting the “50 women over 60” have its time in the sun just like all these old women have rightfully deserved for ages. Plus the 3 hour time difference isn’t helping anything.

  19. kt said

    i came back to add debbie harry because npr told me it was her 65th birthday today, but after reviewing the list i realize she was already on it. and quite close to the top like she should be.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      The list is not in order of doability. It is just 50 women over 60 in general. Although one could look at the list that way if they wanted. To each is own when thinking about having sex with women over 60 years old.

  20. Ahmad said

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  21. Md.S.Hossain said

    I am male 41 from bd. want to older women for known everything who can interested seriously and waiting for everythings from any where in the world.

  22. Nitesh said

    hi i m nitesh from India i want to fuck women who want to fuck by me, pls hot women contact to me on antibhargava@yahoo.com
    i m waiting to fuck and suck your boobs ………

    • kristenstewartwantsit said



    • PWG said

      Yeah, man, I’m just not sure how that’s going to work. We don’t even know where you are, first of all. I’m sure as a regular reader of this blog you’re familiar with Operation: Find and Bang? We’re not even all that far from each other and can’t make that happen. If you’re actually in India right now I think you’re going to have to write off the majority of these common taters.

      On a positive note, I’m glad to see you’re not interested in fucking women who DON’T want to fuck by you. We don’t need any creepy rapists in our midst.

      Do the needful, my friend.

      • kristenstewartwantsit said

        Any woman not willing to travel to have their boobs fucked and sucked by this gentleman, Nitesh, just isn’t ready for true love.

  23. Kumar said

    I need women to fuck i am 22 years very hot.eagrely waiting for sex

  24. Lewis said

    Im 30 in kenya with a 9inch hard cock, need a white woman above 50 for some hot moments.

  25. mabimpact said

    How many of these gorgous ladies ever posed naked or partially naked.?

  26. Tony said

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  27. Okporua Aherheoghene said

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  28. Okporua Aherheoghene said

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  29. wigger said

    shit r u crazy i would fuck all of these women like they say age is just a number im a 30 year old white male and i would fuck any women ova 60

  30. The Player said

    Go wigger, these old chicks need guys with your attitude. Personally a women over 60 is not something I want to tackle. Tons of them wanting sex, so go to town my friend…I would prefer walking the dog and pulling weeds……

  31. The Player said

    Forgot. I would rather have my eyes slowly poked with rusty needles than to even see Hillary Clinton or Pelosi naked……ugh!

  32. jagafernando said

    all are lovely women

  33. Jeff Booth said

    Pretty much all of them. And people like The Player will have a different attitude when they’re older. I’m 63 and I’ve just thought of a fabulous fantasy; a threesome with Helen Mirren and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Now that would be a night to remember.

  34. vincent harrison said


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  35. abby said

    it would be nice to hear some thing important from one of the old woman

  36. raj said

    i like a 50years woman sex

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  38. elayne said

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  39. creed said

    You forgot Barbara Carrera, Morgan Fairchild, and Crystal Gayle just to name a few.

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  43. joy said

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  44. Albert M Catlos said

    Goodness, here is a beautiful lady: Carol Knight Armstrong. Your list is somewhat puzzling.

  45. Slim David said

    Really good

  46. quinni said

    hi im 42 im currently seeing a beautifull woman of 60
    i’ve only been with her a few weeks now and im really enjoying the pleasures that it brings

    q ….uk xx

  47. Goodraj ramkissoon said

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