It is a good thing I am unemployed…

August 2, 2010


I am hungover. I went to a wedding Saturday night. I tweeted about it on with pictures and everything. I didn’t get much sleep that night. Woke up early Sunday morning to drive back from Long Island to Jersey City. Once I arrive in Jersey City, my phone rings. My friend needs help moving. I say “sure”. I immediately start packing my car full of their shit. Then we need to wait for their landlord. Landlord jerks us around for about two hours. She says she’ll take another 2 hours to get to Hoboken. So we start drinking frozen margaritas. We’re pretty tequila drunk/buzzed when the landlord finally shows up. Now, we have to get back to the moving. We drive three cars full of stuff deeper into the suburban sprawl of New Jersey. We unload the cars in the rain. It ends, it is a little after 7pm. I drive back to Jersey City. I get stuck in some traffic. I get into my apartment about 8:20. I need to eat. Also, the UFC is starting at 9pm. I walk over to one bar. I drink and eat there until the UFC ends. My bartender was very nice and ended the night by her pouring us Jameson shots. I walk back to my apartment. Dawgz is awake. I suggest we go to a different bar around the corner. He’s down for it. We walk over there. I drink another four or five beers and another free shot of Jameson.

So, I’m hungover.

How was your weekend?


14 Responses to “It is a good thing I am unemployed…”

  1. My weekend was nonexistent. Thanks for reminding me.

    This post wasn’t entertaining enough. DANCE, MONKEY!

    • I’m kidding. I can’t even leave that there out of fear of aggravating you or hurting your feelings. I need to man up.

      You look very debonair. This wedding seems like a pretty high end affair. (I feel pressure to keep rhyming things but that was 100% unintentional and I’m out of ideas.) Anyway, ou should wear nothing but the tux from here on out.

  2. MLF said

    love the painting behind you in that picture. so familiar…anybody recognize it or know the artist?

    does your face feel naked without it’s beard? and that totes counts as a friday question so you better not bitch about not getting any this week!

    like I’ve said before- the cure for your ailment is sunshinE. go outside. bring sunglasses. sweat out your hangoer. violia.

    in other news, I’m sick, and I don’t mean mentally although probably that too. I will be taking my own advice and going outside to get some doses of vitamin D. ciao

  3. kt said

    I wish I had a reason to get all fancied up. The next wedding that I have coming up isnt for like 18 months. And I’m a bridesmaid… I coincidentally, or not, started a diet today. lol.

    • I’m in a wedding this October. I spent the weekend arguing via email with the other bridesmaids about what we should do for the bachelorette party. The Maid of Honor was pushing for – get this – Medieval Times. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to have my bachelorette party at the same place I had my 8th birthday party. Also, we just went like 2 years ago and got really drunk and I felt really inappropriate being like that around children. Didn’t stop me, of course…

      Anyway, not impressed with being a bridesmaid so far. If the MOH gets her way and we end up somewhere lame, I’ll be smuggling my flask in somehow.

  4. cledbo said

    Mmm tux. My weekend involved irritating wedding talk, as in my abject refusal to ever ave one so instead we’re throwing a party where everyone can get ‘fancied up’ as kt put it, and get drunk and be passive aggressive to each other just like a real wedding! But without costing $50,000 and involving a church and me having to take Mr Cledbo’s last name. So this weekend we wine-tasted at the winery the party will be at (because, duh, getting pissed is the point) and spoke to the caterer which made us all really hungry even though we’d just had lunch.

    I am going to send you pictures of me wanting various things soon, I promise. Very likely on the day of the deadline, because that’s just how I roll. But fear not! And none of them will be pet pictures, because my cats won’t sit still long enough for me to capture anything resembling Want.

  5. Lala said

    My weekend was over way too fast. Then again it’s probably because I was sick and got a little high on Friday and Saturday for taking too much cold medicine. I didn’t even know somebody could get high with cold medicine. Well, I didn’t know that I could. I had some pretty bizarre dreams.

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