The First Ever KSWI Contest is OH-VAH!!!!!!!!!

August 13, 2010

I’m pretty sure whatever I write here will be immediately skipped to see who won this damn contest, so there is no point in me delaying the inevitable. After millions aka billions of votes were tallied – the winner is:


I am both proud and fully disturbed that “A” is our winner. He/she certainly wants IT. No one ever said wanting IT would be pretty. No one ever said wanting IT would have a definite gender either. Nevertheless, your 2010 Wanting IT winner is most certainly that ^ which is above.


There are two others who also placed and will receive prizes of their choosing.

In second place is…


Sexy. Kind of a punk rocker wanting IT here. A night in Brooklyn wanting IT. This lovely lady is also the wanting IT seen in pictures P and Q preceding this winning picture. There were a good deal of votes for those pictures as well, which gave her a boost to get her to second place. Three pictures wanting IT enough to garner votes from most voters? That’s a good deal of want there, m’lady. Is that how you write “m’lady”. I have no idea.

The third place is…


Wants IT. I was informed that this picture was taken at one of the Lady Gaga shows in New York City. That is definitely a place where one could have felt the want. A lot of want was going on in Madison Square Garden those nights. So this is that Manhattanite want. Going out on the town and dancing with gay men and listening to the Gaga at full tilt kind of want. Champagne and cocaine want.

Congratulations to our Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of wanting IT.

As for honorable mentions…

There were a lot of votes for the frozen margarita drinking, cute and naughty, boob grabber. If there was another metal that they made medals out of then she would have gotten it. Also, Godzilla and his natural enemy, the elderly Asian man, received several votes each.

Thank you again to all that entered. I believe you all honored Kristen Stewart quite well with your own wanting IT-ness. I really thought all the pictures were great and applaud all of you for your efforts.

So, with that the contest is over. Kristen Stewart and her wanting IT will resume next week per usual.

I hope you all have a great weekend of wanting IT.

If you need any help with that, look to the messiah herself for the archetype.



4 Responses to “The First Ever KSWI Contest is OH-VAH!!!!!!!!!”

  1. PWG said

    Worthy entries, I’m proud to lose to such strong competition.

  2. PWG said

    Oh my God, really? I’m the only commenter here? In that case, I’m sorry I forgot to mention the Perseid meteor shower in yesterday’s Greek god post. Would’ve been a great tie-in. Unfortunately I saw none of it because I slept for 9 hours straight instead. That’s practically a weeks’ worth of sleep for me.

    And since a blank comment section is anathema to me, I’ll throw in this anecdote too: my office’s e-mail filters held up this gem today, no idea why. It was an e-mail from one of our employees to a bunch of other male employees that said, “Good news, the Gulf region’s clam population wasn’t affected as negatively by the oil spill as we anticipated.” Followed by a picture of a dozen women underwater with their asses and “clams” above the surface and pointed to the camera.

    My co-morkers are classy dudes, I tell you. I did get to send him an e-mail saying, “Please don’t send pussy pictures to co-workers from your company e-mail account,” which is always fun. I’m the network admin, I can send e-mails with the word pussy as much as I want. Since I want to approximately NEVER, it’s hard to get drunk on the power.

  3. kt said

    is kstew wearing bloomers with a sweater and thigh high socks?? that is an amazing outfit.

  4. Glow said

    I need to submit my picture…i’m always wanting

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