No post Monday besides this post

September 13, 2010

I thought I posted this at 11am, but my WordPress app on my iphone didn’t think that was a good idea and I’m just seeing now that it did not go up. So, fuck you WordPress application on the iphone. Send all angry letters and comments to them because they robbed you of this post about not posting, which they didn’t post.

I will not have the time to write my typical cleverness, my cleverties, because I have a lunch date. I will be meeting the woman who gave birth to me for lunch. Yes, I will be having lunch with my “biological mother”.

In short, The Steelers won, which is a weight off my chest until next Sunday when they play football again.

I watched the VMAs oddly enough. Chelsea Handler didn’t do anything really. Most of the show was live performances and to that I will raise a toast to the douchebags, assholes, scumbags, and jerkoffs who run MTV. I really liked that this VMAs was almost all about a taboo subect on the MTV network: music. Most of the performances were visually great and had really well orchestrated concepts – namely Usher and Florence + the Machine. I’m disturbed by everything Justin Bieber. When I was growing up we had “Kids Incoporated” and “The Mickey Mouse Club”. If those kids wanted singing careers they had to wait until puberty and grow up because we weren’t wasting our time on them. Bieber is the opposite where they are highlighting his youth, which makes it creep creeP crEEP CREEPIER. Not only is he a sexualized toddler eating pudding snacks, lunchables and juice boxes out of a brown paper bag with his name written on it in sharpie- but they make him seem like he is a kid who grew up in the 50’s with his awww shucks, baseball hats and school sports jackets. Lastly, I loved Kanye’s new song “Runaway” and the minimalistic performance attached to it.

And, just to clear up what I made a little merky- I am not adopted and was raised by the woman I am eating lunch with. Twenty seven years and going strong. Hasn’t tired of me yet.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Feel free to share it or anything else.


4 Responses to “No post Monday besides this post”

  1. kt said

    I’m glad I read all the way to the bottom because I was gonna ask you if you were adopted.

    I did not watch the VMA’s I watched Hoarders and True Blood and Mad Men. Much better programming. I did look at all the “white carpet” photos this morning and it made me feel old because I didn’t know who half of those celebrities were. I also watched the clip of Florence + the Machine and it was great as to be expected. It was similar to the video, but different enough to be refreshing which I liked. I heard about Taylor Swift’s stupid song but I didn’t care to watch it. Just like I heard about Kanye’s song, but didn’t care to watch it.

    I must be getting outside of MTV’s demographic these days because I’m just not interested it anymore. I mean apart from the Movie Awards that I dvr and fast forwarded through just to watch the Twilight people and the premiere of Jersey Shore last year I really can not remember watching that channel in the past few years. *shrug*

  2. I flipped between LOTR: Return of the King and the VMA’s because enough people on Twitter where twatting about it. Caught Kanye and Taylor Swifts performances, and Kanye wins that round. Caught Florence + the Machine’s performance, and now am even more excited to see her in November. Caught Justin Bieber’s performance and felt uncomfortable. Isn’t he 16? Why does he still look and sound like he’s 12? I don’t like hearing/seeing prepubescent boys woo prepubescent girls. It’s gross. And probably illegal for us to watch.

  3. susanelle said

    Question for Friday: What time did you have lunch with your mother? Because you posted at like 3 p.m., yet it sounds like lunch is still in the future.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Answer for today: The italics were supposed to have fixed the confusion with that. I thought wordpress on my phone posted the post about not posting at 11am, but it didn’t. When I got home at 3pm and clicked to see what high-layer-ee-yus comments I had received today – there was no post up. And no comments…. so…

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