Quick Picks On This Wednesday…

October 20, 2010

I was contacted by someone to write a guest post article for this Wednesday and I have not heard from said someone since. Instead, I’ll mention a few things, so I don’t feel like guilty that I didn’t post anything to the 2 of you who read this website still.

1. http://www.twitter.com/jordan_is_ok

That is my twitter account as you should already know and should be reading. I’m not going to lie, I think I say some funny shit on there from time to time. My main critique of my twitter account is I don’t post enough pictures. Although, I might be biased because I might like pictures more than most people. My eyes really like to be used. They hate not being used.

2. Enemy Mine

For those of you who get high and like to watch wild movies when high – I thoroughly suggest this movie. Or if you don’t get high (jeez stop bragging about it because you’ll just hurt the feelings of the other people who use drugs as a crutch) and like to watch wild movies sober – I still thoroughly suggest this movie. It is currently on “watch instantly” on Netflix. A brief summary of the movie, Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. play enemy space fighter pilots who crash land on a foreign planet and learn to become friends to survive on the planet. Did I forget to mention that Louis Gossett Jr. is an alien that looks like this…





Yes! You read that correctly. At some point in the movie, Louis Gossett Jr. becomes a pregnant alien and then later gives birth to an alien baby. So it is Wing Commander meets Cast Away meets Junior. Amazing.

Also, I would imagine if you are high while watching this movie you will find alien Louis Gossett Jr.’s speech patterns to be the funniest thing ever.

3. Claymore

I read Japanese comic books aka manga. I am a nerd. Nevertheless, I think you all should read Claymore. It is one of my favorite mangas and it is an almost entirely female cast. Mostly, vagina havers end up on this site and yes it is pandering to think that you would only want to read about about fictional vagina havers, but who cares. It is still an amazing manga. The premise: there are human eating werewolf demons in the world named “Yoma” that prey on people. The only thing that can kill them are an organization of half-women half-yoma who carry around enormous swords. The women use these swords and their demon power to kill the baddies, but if they use to much of their power then they’ll become even worse man eating monsters. The story becomes more complicated as it goes on, but no spoilers from me.

The manga is violent. No mistake about that. And sexual and disturbing at times. But what isn’t these days, am I right? I really love the artistry of it all. It is in black and white like all manga, but their use of the black and white and their use of light detail and heavy detail is incredible.

Like most mangas, the series starts off pretty slow and simple and gets better. I do like the early stuff, but I think the show really starts to get going when the character of Teresa is introduced and from then on it gets better and better and better and better.

This next couple sentences will be in code, so the authorities do not catch me:

Don’t Google “Claymore manga”. Don’t! Don’t click on the link to a website with the words “manga” and “reader” and “.net”. Don’t do that. Seriously, don’t do it.

4. German ram

It’s a fish.

I was surprised too. I thought “German ram” would be a “ram” from “Germany” or at least had German lineage or spoke German or was a ram that was very structured, organized, intimidating because it may invade its neighbor’s borders and put them in concentration camps, makes great cars and beer.

But no, it is a fish.

Supposedly, they have breathing problems.

5. Andrew Cuomo will win, but… who doesn’t want to vote for this guy!?!

By the way, Jimmy McMillan is an amazing human being and all, but I’m surprised no one is mentioning that there was a former madam aka a female pimp on stage as well saying hysterical things.

6. Gundam Wing

I’m rewatching it. It’s a Japanese cartoon series about giant robots that people pilot for war purposes. What?

Anybody have any random interests they want to mention that people should be getting into?


5 Responses to “Quick Picks On This Wednesday…”

  1. What’s it say about me that I’d rather see Jimmy McMillan elected than Paladino? Or (and yes I’m aware they’re not actually opponents but that’s not important) O’Donnell? Hell, I’d also rather see pregnant alien Louis Gossett Jr. get elected. I need to see that movie.

    Anybody have any random interests they want to mention that people should be getting into?
    Just me, or is that begging to be answered with “My vagina.” Oh, it is just me? Thought so.

  2. kt said

    I really would love to see Jimmy McMillian elected. He is amazing. Have you been to his website? He has a song! A damn catchy one at that.

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