I Am Taking My Talents To South Beach…

October 28, 2010

… New Jersey. So, the Jersey Shore. But not that Jersey Shore, but a decent proximity to it. Closer than you are to there at least. Unless you are a member of the Jersey Shore who is reading this. Basically, if you are not Snooki then I’ll be closer to the Jersey Shore than you are. Or Vinny. Or Ronnie. If you do not walk around calling yourself the Situation because of your abs and have not been a cast member of Dancing with the Stars then I will be closer to the Jersey Shore than you are. Or J-Woww. If you are DJ Pauly D and you are reading this then I am honored, but if you are not DJ Pauly D then I will be nearer to the Jersey Shore than you are. And fuck Sammi – her only purpose is to make Ronnie boring and that is not a worthy purpose to pursue in life.

I’m in the middle of moving/packing/throwing shit away. So, I will have you entertained today with videos from a previous version of myself and my former roommate Dawgz. But first, I will say thanks for all the feedback on Tuesday’s post. I will answer any and all questions for Friday’s post regardless of the moving issue. So, please feel free to ask more questions for Friday. Without further ado…

These are two videos that should have been on Asylum.com, but weren’t for whatever reasons. They are both videos of Kyle challenging people at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo in odd ways.

The first: Toe Touch Challenge

The second: Pose Down

You’re welcome, America.

4 Responses to “I Am Taking My Talents To South Beach…”

  1. Lala said

    I like the second video, maybe Dawgz should be a professional bodybuilder. Or a cheerleader. The toe touch challenge showed he has some real talent for it.

    Good to know you are going to answer the questions on Friday, I miss that. I already asked some questions on Tuesday and now I can’t remember what else I wanted to ask.

  2. Dawgz will never win that toe touch competition because he doesn’t have the extra flair added by bouncing cleavage.

    Man, I’d love it if Pauly D were reading this. And even better, commenting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they obsessively googled themselves* and, as a result, stumbled across a post or two of yours in their travels. Though I’ve never actually heard any of them speak of a computer, much less the internet, so who knows if they even know it exists.

    Good luck with the move. You should’ve gone down sooner so you could crash the next season while they were filming and tried to get it in with Snooks.

    • Amy D said

      Really HB? No *** for should’ve gone down sooner?? Perhaps you assume that all our dirty minds just insert * here as needed, but reading that sort of thing and not getting the * is like getting to the ‘o’ and not having the gasm. Just a let down….

      Sorry, they have been passing out candy at mork today and I have obviously exceeded the recommended amount…

  3. susanelle said

    What did you do with the unnamed commenters earlier this week? Were they like you pictured them?

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