GUESTING THE POST: Youtube and Foreigners

November 3, 2010

I have laughed until I cried on multiple occasions watching this video.

Kid on a pony


Ostrich chasing kid on a pony

Father shouts in foreign language

Kid falls off pony

Kid starts crying in foreign language and crawling away from ostrich

Ostrich stalks kid

Father lightly jogs towards scared kid

Ostrich rears up

Father begins to sprint

Everyone disappears off camera

Donkey walks by

Ostrich falls into frame

Father head kicks ostrich

Ostrich scurries off

It is just*mwah* brilliance! I think the video is perfect as is, but I would love to see the father fighting the ostrich off screen. He literally fights the ostrich like it is some drunk hobo assaulting his kid. The ostrich falls back into frame, so that father was tussling with the big bird and threw it. Than the father comes back into frame like Jean Claude Van Damme and head kicks the bird. And you can hear the impact as well. The bird seems to be unfazed and gets up and runs off like the drunk hobo it is.

And just for hilariousnesses sake…


7 Responses to “GUESTING THE POST: Youtube and Foreigners”

  1. MLF said


    bless you for bringing me this on this wretched day of wednes

  2. I hate ostriches. Ostrichi? They’re evil. But I don’t like seeing any animal get kicked, so I’m good with not seeing the majority of the beating. The rest of this is pure gold, though.

  3. kt said

    I was totally into this until he kicked the bird in the head. 😦 yeah I just sadfaced up this comment.

  4. cledbo said

    I’m sadface because I can’t watch ostrich beatdowns at work. Ostriches scare me too. They ride them in races in Africa, which to me seems like an activity best left to Johnny Knoxville.

    I didn’t comment on Halloweenie posts because I’m Australian. I did see a slutty bee in the mall on Friday though (she got the memo, but the date was wrong, obviously).

    • kt said

      Wait… are you saying you dont have halloween in australia?? It never really occurred to me that this was an american thing…

      • cledbo said

        Some people do it, mainly small children in ‘safe’ neighbourhoods accompanied by their parents, and teenagers with access to eggs and too much time on their hands. The slutty memo gets passed around a bit to young women when parties are to be had.

        Most Australians think of Halloween as an ‘American’ holiday, though, associated in our minds with Thanksgiving and Labor Day etc.

  5. Lala said

    Awesome video! And I didn’t even mind the beating.

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