It’s My Day Off Wednesday Because No One Wants To Guest Post Wednesday

November 10, 2010

I used to live with a guy I went to college with nicknamed Dawgz.

Now, I live with three furry animals who walk around on all fours that are Dogs.

She wants IT.

Is that an Indian chief on her t-shirt? Kids these days.

Major difference:

On a Wednesday like today, I may have woken up to Dawgz drinking coffee, listening to Bruce Springsteen on vinyl and reading the New York Times.

On a Wednesday exactly like today, I did wake up to a horrendous stench of poop, followed by poop being in the middle of the living room, and, ultimately, followed by me having to clean up that poop.

Minor difference:

Dawgz would entertain me with engaging and energetic conversation concerning sports, politics, pop-culture events, and/or drunken tales of mischief.

Dogs entertain me by me scratching their faces and petting their coats of fur.

On occasion:

The Dogs will do something that normally a human would do and that will make me laugh.

The Dawgz would do something that normally a dog would do and that will make me laugh.


What else?

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

FUCKING BUY IT! I did. I love it. In some parts of the world, I may be technically married to this bluray disc. I’ve been doing weird things with it. Weird things, but all in the name of love. FUCKING BUY IT!

There are a ton of extras as well on the bluray. I watched a bunch of them last night and I’m really glad they went with the current ending and not the other one they shot. I believe the other ending they shot is more like the comic books’ actual ending, but fuck it. The new ending is better in my opinion.

2. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

I’m sure some of you have to be sick and tired of the nearly nonstop ad campaign for this game that was on cable for the past 3 weeks, but it was worth it. I finally got around to downloading the Undead Nightmare new add-on expansion pack for the western themed videogame Red Dead Redemption. It is amazing. I played for an hour last night and I loved it. I really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption the regular game, but this zombie world they have created on top of the game is already frighteningly amazing. I really wish the whole original game was like this. I can’t wait to see how the rest of it plays out. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead TV show or zombie movies in general then this game is now a must have for you. A zombie uprising in the Wild West? Love it.

3. Conan

Last night’s show was excellent. I thought Monday’s night show was good and entertaining, but I really wasn’t that into it minus the Jack White stuff at the end. Meanwhile, last night’s episode had me genuinely laughing out loud. The opening bit about meeting with the TBS standards and practices guy was hysterical. The bit they did with Tom Hanks and the whales was also very funny. Jack McBrayer was hysterical. And Soundgarden killed it. Just when I think I’m out, Conan is pulling me back in.


8 Responses to “It’s My Day Off Wednesday Because No One Wants To Guest Post Wednesday”

  1. MLF said

    ugh fine. I’ll guestpost next week. nobody get excited and keep your expectations very, very low

  2. Amy D said

    I’m sad for you and Dawgz not living together anymore, it sounds like you miss his company.

    I have kids, but they annoy me more than entertain me. One of the kids has a bunny. Watching the bunny chase the candy-ass cat we have, major entertainment.

    • I’d miss anyone’s company if the alternative was a pile of excrement… That said, I get sad when he talks about not living with Dawgz anymore, too. I consider their pairing a bromance for the ages; one that gives Frodo and Samwise a run for their money. Only funnier, taller, and less gay.

  3. 1. I tried to get Scott Pilgrim via Netflix, but apparently that’s not even possible until DECEMBER 7th. There is fuckery afoot.

    2. I am thoroughly enjoying The Walking Dead, though probably not enough to download a video game. Plus buy the original game so that I can download it. Oh, and the entire system so that I can play it.

    3. I could never quit Conan.

  4. kt said

    Whenever I get paid and get ahead on bills I am buying myself an xbox 360 just so I can play left 4 dead and red dead redemption. In reality it will probably never get played, just like my Wii.

  5. cledbo said

    Scott Pilgrim is on special order at my local music/DVD shop, as we bide our time til it’s imminent arrival. Along with Supernatural Season 5, and between those two and the four Doctor Who specials I will get nothing done until after Xmas.

    One of these days I’ll think of something interesting, and remember it long enough to write you another guest post. I could write heaps about work, but that is not interesting and it’s also probably illegal.

    So MLF, over to you!

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Thank you for coming back to us Cledbo. I was worried I had lost all of Australia. We have not seem campbell in ages. Has he been taken by the natives. I have heard the are quite restless and have a taste for young collegiates with glasses.

      You are safe, which is wonderful. Stay strong lovely Clare. Your power resides in your raven hair. Oh Clare! What are my words to you, fair Clare? What are my feelings for you, fair Clare? What are my feelings for you as you are high above me, do you even care? Do you even care about me all alone watching you soar. I’m watching you soar. Fly away Clare. Take away all your cares on your wings and spread them out to sea. Oh Clare. Oh sweet Clare.

      This is just a piece of the lyrics I’m writing for Clare and her song winning picture.

  6. Vidunegrprt said

    Great post, will now visit site on a regular basis 😀

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