Here Is A List, A List Of Things, Things I’m Into

December 6, 2010

It’s Monday and my brain is still working like it’s Sunday, which to me means it is half asleep and only wants to be fully asleep. I thought that I would make a list of things that I’m getting into… that’s what she said. Things that I’m finding particular interest in and I am actively watching, reading and/or listening to it. I’m not sticking my “Megatron” into its “Bumblebee” if that’s what you were thinking.

1. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West

I’m in love with this album. I’m on the fence about whether I’m going to write a full review of the album for this site or not because for the most part it will be verbally blowing Mr. West and his sing-a-longs, so maybe that isn’t the best article. Nevertheless, I love this album. Love it. I listen to it with my ears all the time. On any given day right now, I have at least one song off this album running on repeat in my head and I’m glad for it.

2. The Walking Dead

Last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead, which is the zombie apocalypse hour drama on AMC. I’m a big fan of the show and I enjoyed the finale as well. AMC did order a second season of 12 episodes instead of 6, which is great. The creator of the show Frank Darabont made an interesting decision and fired the staff writers for the show and will be using only freelance writers for next season. I’m guessing he knows best, but it is just worrisome to some degree because if you liked something so much you don’t want to hear there are big changes happening to it. Regardless, I really enjoyed the hell out of this first season and highly recommend it to anyone. Just six episodes of zombie survival goodness and even some sex. So, what do you have to lose? So, if you could – find the first episode online and watch it and rinse and repeat with the rest of the season and then you can join our club of zombie TV show fans.

I will say that the season finale was very Lost-like.

3. The Walking Dead comic

Yes, the TV show The Walking Dead is based on a comic book called… The Walking Dead. Instead of going through that horribly time consuming and dollar consuming task of buying the comic book and stuff – there is the internet to save us!

I just started reading it and I am in preparations to read the whole thing eventually. I’ve stock piled on chocolate milk and granola bars and a .357 Magnum pistol and I have marked off a corner of the room for “waste”, so I’m pretty set.

4. Hack/Slash

More comic books? I know. What a nerd. Pictures? Pfffftttt… who needs words and pictures to be together?! That’s just crazy.

I have heard of Hack/Slash for awhile and really only knew what the general premise was… and of course I knew about this:


Yeah, shocking. It’s supposed to be a story of a big ugly hulking guy and this hot emo girl who go around killing … killers. I have seen the artwork like this…

I have seen these pictures around in different places for years because they are particularly alluring. They, of the many “Theys”, have been saying for years that this comic book would be turned into a movie. Recently, people have been talking about that again. I’m not even sure why. I’m not sure if I keep seeing talk about because they are actually going to make it into a movie or that people are like “why the fuck hasn’t this been a movie yet?!”

Because of this, I decided to start reading Hack/Slash. Just looking at the artwork like this…

Sure, that could be a movie. Why not? A lot of people have said Megan Fox should play her … her being “Hack” of the two of “Hack” and the big guy is “Slash”. I can see that visually this could be a movie. Get a hot girl, put her in stripper punk clothes, give her a weapon, and have her fight baddies with lots of gore and occasionally slip in a few scenes of her changing or her clothes getting torn off and there you go. So I get that. But I have read the first 4 issues of Hack/Slash and I’m not sure any of those issues should be a movie. I think you could take these characters, write a new story and make it a movie, but as of right now I haven’t seen them on an adventure that would be good on screen. Right now, the comic book seems to be oscillating between funny or horror.

At the same time, if “they” are going to make a movie about a “Suicide Girl” looking protagonist with a beast as her bodyguard and the two criss cross the country looking to kill serial killers… THEN … just make that. No need to even call it Hack/Slash or whatever. Just make that. It isn’t the most original idea ever.

I’d see it. So that’s $10.

5. I Dump 4 U

I absolutely love this website. By and large, it is funny. The premise is that someone fills out a form and give this guy a few bucks and he will call and break up with your girl/boy friend for you. This guy is Bradley and Bradley is very funny. Most of the break-ups seem deserved and the result is a funny phone call. Some are not deserved and you feel bad for the person. And some are just sad and cringe worthy. Either way, it is all very good and interesting. My favorite part is Bradley quickly whispering “this phone call is being recorded” right as the person picks up the phone.

Two good breaks ups to listen to to get the ball rolling are:

Gwen dumps Frederick – turns out Frederick is abusive and is just an all around dick. I really love every time Bradley says this douche’s name “Frederick”. As the guy is yelling at him like “listen ‘Frederick'”. It just makes me laugh a hearty chuckle.

Brandon dumps Debbie – It starts off where it sounds like Debbie is a great girl and you feel bad she is getting dumped. Then half way through you realize that she is a religious nut who uses it to get her out of “pleasing” ol’ Brandon, but it is always ok for him to “please” her. Also, you find out that she constantly checks on Brandon and whatever. It’s funny.

Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it can be sad, but it is interesting no matter what.

Outside of that…

I want to see Black Swan, Tron Legacy, and True Grit.

And, of course, world peace. That would be cool to see as well.

And, bikini pictures.


18 Responses to “Here Is A List, A List Of Things, Things I’m Into”

  1. PWG said

    I am perplexed as to why “Hack” constantly needs to air out her ladybits. I understand wearing a minimal amount of clothing whilst hacking people to death, it’s MUCH easier to do laundry afterward, let me assure you. I mean, “I guess it would be.”

    The perspective’s a bit wonky in that artwork. It’s not Rob Liefeld bad, but it’s still off. For the movie role, I see Abigail Breslin.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      I read that Rob Liefeld article and it is amazing. Thank you.

      • PWG said

        “Can you imagine how hard you would elbow your friend if you saw a dude with three ponytails? You would elbow the shit out of them.”

    • That is a long article. The longest. I skimmed it though, and these gems made me laugh almost as much as your casting of Abigail Breslin.

      “How many teeth are in a mouth? Like a billion, right? I’ll just draw a billion, all the same size and shape.”

      “I’m not an expert on anthropomorphism and I’m the last person to consult when it comes to sexualizing an animal lady, but is the tail supposed to come out of the middle of the butt cheek like that?”

      For the record, I think I’d like to see Kathleen Turner play “Hack”. Because why not?

  2. kt said

    I had to skip over The Walking Dead part as I haven’t watched it yet. I don’t know if what you typed was spolier-y but I didn’t want to take a chance on it. I think I saw you post about that idump4u on facebook or something, but I wasn’t intrigued enough by your short “this is awesome” recommendation. I have changed my mind and will check it out when I get out of work in 2 hours and 23 minutes. Probably after I watch The Walking Dead.

  3. MLF said

    I think I’m going to go to publix and get a sub. this will not mean anything to the people who live in NJ but kt’s got me on this one- publix subs are fucking delicious.

  4. I’m actually very seriously considering reading The Walking Dead. This is sort of a huge deal because I don’t think I’ve ever even touched a comic before in my life, much less read one. That’s how good the show was.

    I’ve been hearing good things about “Black Swan”. I was surprised, honestly. I’d written it off as a “Wild Things” sort of deal, since all I’d heard was “ZOMG LESBIANS!!!1!” this entire time, but it’s getting nominated for awards and things. Who knew?

  5. One more thing re: Walking Dead and then I’m done:


    Ok, thanks. That was really important.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Well, his answer to every thing is violence and he is rapey. He’s a throwback to the 50’s and they were their pants at their nipples too.

    • tiffanized said

      Speaking of nipples, idump4u is apparently sponsored by I, being possessed of some of the most versatile nipples known to Earth, am having trouble understanding how the non-piercing nipple shields stay on. Say, if the room ISN’T cold? I would value the input of anyone with experience in this arena.

      • PWG said

        That website is full-on spectacular:

        “Some of the many rewarding side effects are the adoration of both women and men.” Gimme something I don’t already have,

        “BEST for nipples that are not too small or too large.” What does that mean, in terms of American coin money? In between a dime and a Martin Sheen?

        I like the Nipple Embracer II with chain. So my nipples can’t get too far away from each other. Plus, “Our HOOPS are FDA approved!” In case they’re accidentally eaten. So many worries eased, right there.

      • PWG said

        To clarify the coin sizes for our non-American readers: This is how big a Martin Sheen is.

      • tiffanized said

        I’ve never seen “Goonies”. I realize this makes me a disappointment to both my nation and my generation, but what I lack in movie knowledge I make up for in curiosity Re: nipple jewelry.

  6. tiffanized said

    None of that. None of that sounds interesting to me. I’m sorry. But it won’t stop me commenting nonetheless.

    I read “Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament” last year and then I was done with zombies. Oh sure, last weekend I had an in depth and serious [read: drunken] discussion about how much it would cost per ticket for a 50% zombie Beatles concert, but that was more about music than the reanimated dead.

    I have black panties with pink skulls on like old Hack up there. She looks better in them, sure, but I’m not a cartoon and can thusly give blowjobs, so I win.

    I was once dumped via Words With Friends, so no matter what is happening on idump4u, my story is worse. I did totally deserve it though. I guess I’m lucky he didn’t know about that site.

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