Blogger Wednesday Post Guest: HOWL!

December 8, 2010

No, not Allen Ginsberg or even the poem by Allen Ginsberg or even the movie that is oddly based on a poem called “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg who is attractively played by James Franco even though Allen Ginsberg looked more like a skinny Rick Rubin later in life, but I suppose earlier in life Franco looked like Allen Ginsberg in the best Extreme Makeover: Beatnik Edition.

Anyway, I mean HOWL as in The Wolfman, which I am currently watching.

It’s shit.

If you wanted to skip my review and get to the short conclusion of it.

The movie sucks and that is not really anyone’s fault outside of the director, writer and/or producers. The actors are kind of giving it their all in the shittiness that is this movie. I’m not sure which came first, but I don’t like the casting decision of Benecio Del Toro if the movie is set in England or I don’t like the casting decision of England if the main character was always Benecio Del Toro. The rest of the actors are Brits and I truly dislike movies where everyone has an accent and the main character doesn’t have an accent and it isn’t because that is the focus of the movie, it is because they hired an actor for name value and didn’t ask him/her to do an accent because it would sound even dumber.

Why am I watching this movie? Well, it’s on. ???? Also, I thought this movie looked bad and sounded bad and they kept delaying it, so it should be bad, but this director, Joe Johnston, is still getting work like the Captain America movie and I just want to have as clear of a negative opinion set up as possible when that movie comes out and is terrible.

I generally blame directors for the failure of a movie. They hold all the keys to the locks. Although, in many movies one can blame the actors, producers, writers, editors and so on and so forth, but the director is usually to blame in that scenario as well.

Anyway, I was watching a lot of action scenes from 70’s Asian cinema yesterday… instead of watching the myriad of cop shows that are on Tuesday nights. Jeez, I get it – everyone is being pedophiled and murdered. How depressing?

So, I was watching a bunch of HK China’s attacking each other with machetes.

This scene is epic and brilliant…

This scene is epic and brilliant… in a far different way that also mean ridiculously laughably stupid.

That seems good enough for today. Twenty minutes of ridiculous Hong Kong ACTION?! Pretty effn good.

I guess I’ll do the other astrological horoscope tomorrow unless people have objections.

The horoscope is about me… sort of.


7 Responses to “Blogger Wednesday Post Guest: HOWL!”

  1. uhmmmmm….

    ok. I have little to no interest in that movie, or reading your review about that movie, but I have a lot of interest in horoscops and associated things sooo I will just be excited for tomorrow in today’s comments section.

  2. I won’t watch The Wolfman because my friend that usually likes terrible movies told me it was horrible, so it has to be pretty damn unbearable if even she hates it. Right now she’s watching something called Lesbian Vampire Killers. And thoroughly enjoying it. A movie about a cursed village where every female child turns into a lesbian vampire at the age of 18? And involves a weapon called “The Sword of Daeldo” which, I’m told, is extremely phallic? And a crucifix-covered car? And ends with a gay werewolf? BRB, I have a Netflix queue to rearrange.

  3. PWG said

    I watched three minutes of the first movie, then figured I wasn’t really going to get much more out of the next seven minutes or the second movie. I may change my mind.

  4. cledbo said


    Is it Friday yet?

    (btw that was my impression of a poorly acted werewolf. or perhaps my mind has finally melted into a puddle of goo and dripped out of my ear. work – who needs it?)

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