Just a thought…

December 22, 2010

Today is Wednesday, which is supposedly my day off. But per usual, no one has stepped up to the plate to fill in with a guest post, so I feel guilty not updating the website in some way.


The only music website I read is Pitchfork and I don’t even think they’re all that great. But they are steadily better than any other major music website I know of. The above link is to their top 50 albums of 2010 list. I don’t agree with the list, but again it is better than any other I have seen. I will say this about Pitchfork – they talk about the music that should be talked about. The list of 50 albums may not be correct to me, but for the most part those are probably by and large the best 50 albums of this year. Of course, I think Drake being there is wildly laughable and angering, but no one is perfect.

My other major gripe with the list is The National’s album is hovering around halfway through the list. I thought it was easily in the top 3 albums of the year. I like their final 2 picks though – Kanye and LCD Soundsystem. Those 2 albums with The National’s album were my favorite albums of the year.

I have been going through the list, listening to the albums that I missed over the year and re-listening to albums that I haven’t listened to in a while. One of those is the Best Coast album Crazy For You. The single “Boyfriend” is really brilliant. It truly is what I imagine all girls are thinking when they look at James Franco.


For the flipside…

For the guys…

There needs to be a song written about what goes through our heads when we see our collective imaginary girlfriend…

Coco’s butt…

Oh right, there has been a song written about that.

It’s called every rap song ever.

Like ever.

All of them.

Especially the Ying Yang Twins.

They owe their careers to it.

I would like to express my first Merry Christmas to the Ying Yang Twins.


11 Responses to “Just a thought…”

  1. PWG said

    I’ll reiterate that I’m no music expert. I liked the Ying Yang Twins song better than the Best Coast one, for whatever that’s worth.

    James Franco is ridiculously accomplished. I think if he ever decides he wants to be President of these United States we’d all just better accept it. Possibly his blood is made up of pure liquid cocaine.

  2. ‘High Violet’ at 28 is stupid. I don’t understand it. Much like I don’t understand their 2.1 star review of Mumford & Sons’ album ‘Sigh No More’. Sure, I’m a bit of a fangirl and all, but that seems a little ridiculous. Especially if Amazon considers it their #1 album of the year. But I digress…

    I also don’t understand Arcade Fire’s ‘Suburbs’ being at the top of so many of these lists. I love Arcade Fire, but I don’t get the fuss over the latest album. It’s my least favorite of the three.

    Not a fan of ‘The Whisper Song’ personally. My Ying Yang Twins song of choice is ‘Drop’. And with lyrics like “booty keep poppin’ out these female pants”, I’d say it just further proves your point.

  3. Also, just in case you haven’t already seen this, I give you Top 10 Coco Twitpics Of 2010 for your viewing pleasure.

    You’ll be pleased to know that I was on Buzzfeed trying to track down this article when an old Russian dude came over to my desk to ask me a question. I think I’ve been outed as the office perv.

    • PWG said

      I viewed it, I don’t know how much pleasure I got out of it. The picture of her niece looking like she won the baby Boob Lottery did make me laugh. On the other hand, going to that page led me to this link of 20 cats in Christmas trees, which amused me.

      And speaking of . . . cats who please? . . . I went from THAT page to a link on the side named “Merry Christmas, from a masturbating cat.” I’ll refrain from including that link, but only because the music made me want to claw my ears off. My curiosity will someday kill my sanity in a cage match. But if you can see a link with that name and not click on it, I don’t want to know you.

  4. I do not like that Best Coast song. actually that’s me being nice, when I first listened to it my exact thoughts were, “this is utter shit.” and I can’t speak for ALL women, but…I can speak for many of them and say that we don’t think things like “I wish he was my boyfriend.” what we actually think is “oh my holy fuck he is hot. I wanna fuck the SHIT outa that guy.” no self respecting woman looks at a hot guy and says, omg I want him to be my boyfriend!! it just doesn’t happen. no, attraction based on apearance equals lust equals I wanna fuck your brains out. unless there are women out there who believe in love at first sight which, pffftttt. yeah right.

    I take it back. maybe twelve year olds think things like that.

    I’m so nice to you, Jordan

  5. also I feel like the obvious song best applicable to coco’s ass is I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

  6. tiffanized said

    Is that a hipster list? Are you, Jordan, a hipster? I only say this because I didn’t recognize anything on that list other than Drake until I hit the top 20. I always blame hipsters when I feel out of the loop.

    I was quite surprised to see Abe Vigoda on there, then disappointed to find that it was a band named Abe Vigoda, then happy to go to http://www.abevigoda.com and find that Abe Vigoda is still alive. It’s been a roller coaster.

    I’d have more to say but I’ve just met three guys I will henceforth call Bell Biv Devoe. Now you know.

    • PWG said

      I only recognized 5 of them, out of 50. Not “I’ve only listened to five of those albums” but “I’ve only ever heard of five of those musicians.”

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