The Pittsburgh Steelers and Christmas Shopping

December 23, 2010

That is what the majority of my hours awake will be devoted to today. It is actually just “today” in fact. It is just after midnight as I write this. I will be about doing my final Christmas shopping today. It will require much of my worthless attention. I will at some point collapse from boredom. I will then recover because tonight the Pittsburgh Steelers will be defiling the corpse of the Carolina Panthers.

In the spirit of that…

Thanks Wiz Khalifa for this anthem of the Pittsburgh sports teams. I do prefer saying Black and Gold and not simply yellow. Nevertheless, I like the song and the sentiment.

Khalifa means “successor” in Arabic.


And to be festive, here is a video commemorating my favorite Christmas movie…


Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Yep.

I believe Die Hard 2: Die Harder is a Christmas movie as well, but when having the option to speak of Die Hard and not Die Hard 2 one must take it.

17 Responses to “The Pittsburgh Steelers and Christmas Shopping”

  1. christmas shopping can sometimes be fun. some people are harder to shop for than others- I particularly love when I see something and immediately have to buy it for a person even though I wasn’t even planning on getting that person anything. that’s always fun.

    • I hate Christmas shopping. I’d give him shit for being a typical dude and waiting ’til the last minute, but I’m in worse shape. I have one and a half people done. Also, I have plans tonight and am working tomorrow, so…I may just never finish. That’s the holiday spirit!

      • if you hate christmas shopping you’re not doing it right! don’t worry. when we live together I will help you learn to love the art of gift giving: the key is to not worry about what the person actually WANTS, but what you think would be a hilarious thing to give them. this simplifies things because instead of sitting there confused panda like how the fuck am I supposed to know what someone ELSE wants, you are now instead focused on what would make you laugh. violia.

        judging by the gifts my parents usually give me, they follow this advice.

        of course if you are trying to be a “nice” person or something, just buy it from a store you think they may frequent, and ask for a gift reciept. can’t go wrong!

      • PWG said

        I failed totally at Christmas shopping this year, and I so don’t give a shit. This year is a “it’s the thought that counts” year.

        I’m just going to go totally random and give my brother Nair, nylons and Lee Press-On Nails “like you mentioned” to give him and his wife stuff to talk about later after we go home. Drive-by Christmas, that’s the theme.

      • PWG said

        Milfie, that is sage gift-giving advice. You are wise.

      • thanks, milfie tries

        it’s like in the best movie ever, Taledega Nights, when Ricky Bobby says “I chew BIg Red! and if you don’t like Big Red? well Fuck You!”

        although if you are shopping for your kids then you should probably just stick with “don’t worry, it’s returnable.”

        do let us know how your brother likes the nair and nylons!

      • Everyone’s just getting homemade coupon books for back rubs.

  2. I didn’t realize that was supposed to be about Pittsburgh sports teams. I never listened closely — not that that would really help, since it’s not like he ever just says “I like me some Steelers” or mentions the two Steelers players I’ve ever heard of (I guess Polamalu and Flozell could be difficult to rhyme…) — so in my happy delusional little world he was singing about bumble bees.

    I’ve never seen the first Die Hard. Add it to the list! I feel like a broken record saying “I haven’t seen Classic Movie X” over and over and over again. God, what have I done with my life? I saw the 4th in the theater, though. Great plot. OH MY GOD, WE’RE HAVING A FIRE! …sale.

  3. tiffanized said

    I literally gave my boss a box of paper made out of elephant shit, while she gave me a cupcake making machine that actually looks like a cupcake. I’ve officially hit Christmas rock bottom. I guess I can make her some terrifically cute cupcakes next week to make up for my error in judgment.

  4. tiffanized said

    I love Christmas movies that are not primarily Christmas movies but take place at Christmastime. I just finished watching “Love, Actually” and I’m hoping that “While You Were Sleeping” comes on cable since I don’t own that one.

    This counts as my most boring comment of 2010.

  5. cledbo said

    At least you guys are making an effort. I found my step-dad’s present in the house, and bought my partner a bar fridge months ago because I remembered to order it online when I was at work.
    Everyone else? Nada. Zip. El Zilcho. And considering that even if I did bother to brave the shops and go spend money today, everyone I know lives interstate and I am soooo no springing for overnight postage. No way.

    Merry Xmas peeps. See you on the other side of the pointless holiday season.

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