I Slept On A Celebrity’s Couch and Happy MLK Jr. Day To You Too

January 17, 2011

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to everyone after such a wild and glorious weekend this past weekend was. I thought back on what I wrote about with last year’s MLK Jr. Day post and I don’t think I want to try to outdo it because I still like it a lot, so…


If you want to get all Martin Luther King Jr. today and I suggest you do, then check out last year’s post.

As for this post will be short and sweet…

This man…

Christopher Evan Welch…

I slept on his couch.

He sold his couch to Dawgz and I slept on it. He is most famous in my eyes for his character Grant Test on AMC’s mystery television show Rubicon. Which I believe on Dawgz and I watched and then Dawgz ended up with one of those fine actors’ couch.

Weird world.

It’s a nice couch.

I also spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday sitting on that couch drinking bottled beers, discussing esoteric statistics, laughing at inside jokes and loving the hell out of some American Professional Tackle Football.

I think the game of the weekend has to go to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens putting on another spectacular emotional and hard hitting football epic. I feel like the Steelers/Ravens games should have their own wing in the pro-football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio and they should just play the games on a constant loop while you sit there eating 32 ounce porterhouses and pounding shots of white dog bourbon.

I think the Packers are going to the Superbowl representing the NFC. I was fully expecting them to romp on the road against the Falcons. I thought the Falcons became stagnant at the end of the season and their final loss to the Saints in Atlanta was the killer of any and all momentum for them into the post-season. The Pack seem to be peaking at the right time. Everyone seems to be healthy and they’re all ready and wild. Rodgers is playing like the pro-rasslin’ heavyweight champion he believes himself to be, the running game has some legs under it now and their wide receivers are back to out athleting their opponent on the field. Lastly and most importantly, their defense is ready. Charles Woodson is a first ballot Hall of Famer in Ohio and in my heart and he is lording over that defense with the steroided lunatic Clay Matthews sacking the opposition like an Ostrogoth horde. Desmond Bishop is also playing some great football as well as their entire secondary.

The Bears stomped the Seahawks, which should have been very expected by people who actually watch football. The Seahawks did the “unthinkable” and won at home and against a battered and bruised New Orleans Saints. But the Bears at home are a different story. The elements mixed in with a much rougher and better defense was the story of that game. Plus Mr. Cutler showed up to play on his very first post season appearance.

Lastly, wow. The Jets and Patriots. Two teams I absolutely hate. Good for them. I think it was one of the most puzzling games to watch as Tom Brady looked more fallible in those 4 hours than I have ever seen. I think Harris and Pace played outstanding games. And Antonio “Crowball” Cromartie played a wild game as well. The Jets seemed really ready for this game and the Patriots seemed to think it was a foregone conclusion they would win. And I believe it was a foregone conclusion they would still win up until the 4th quarter when the Patriots went on a 14 play nearly 8 minute drive that only amounted for 48 yards and 0 points. I have no idea how that drive even existed, but it did and once it was over the game now switched to a battle with the clock and the clock usually wins.

I’m super-psyched for next week with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the New York Jets in a pseudo rematch of the December game.

And The Packers continue their road to the Bowl with a road game against the Bears in Chi-Town.

I’m expecting a blue collar Super Bowl of the Steelers versus the Packers.

I’ve been listening to this high school football speech maybe a billion times over getting me crazy excited all weekend for football and I prepare to listen to it all this week leading up to next Sunday’s games.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably do a Red Carpet Golden Globes making fun of thing.

Happy MLK Jr. Day!



Let’s go get these fools!


14 Responses to “I Slept On A Celebrity’s Couch and Happy MLK Jr. Day To You Too”

  1. kt said

    My weekend was all kinds of boring. The highlight was watching three movies, two in my bed and one at the theater. Right now I am sitting at my desk eating cold pizza wishing I had a bottle of water or soda or something but it is raining and I refuse to get my hair wet today and I don’t have an umbrella. Also I have a new UPS man and he is HOT. I signed for my package and then he shook my hand and introduced himself and then stood at my desk and talked to me for 5 minutes. My life is so boring it hurts.

  2. Forget playing football, that video makes me want to go out and commit murder. Bloody, violent, inspired murder. I mean, it probably doesn’t help that I’m full of repressed rage due to my stupid job and I am the absolute boredest at the moment… Plus, you could put The Last of the Mohicans theme song behind an old episode of My Little Ponies and I’d probably still be overcome with impassioned blood lust… But, man do I want to stab things right now. I won’t, though; it’s Marty’s day, and he wouldn’t approve. Also, I wouldn’t stand up to jail well.

    Congratulations on the win. And even though I was uncharacteristically excited for the Jets’ win last night, I will still wish you luck next weekend.

  3. my stepdad is a jets fan….

    that’s really all I have to add.

  4. kt said

    KaySwidge, I watched Welcome to the Riley’s this weekend and it got me thinking about KStew’s want as an underage stripper/prostitute. Have written about that and I just missed it? If not, I think a review would make a good blog topic as I’m still not sure how I feel about it 2 days later.

  5. PWG said

    Imagine carrying a big platter with 500 of those 1″ super bouncy rubber balls on it up six flights of stairs. At the top of the stairs is your co-morker. All he has to do is open the door for you and you can walk inside, set the tray down safely and go about your day. Instead, you get to the top and he reaches out and pushes your ass down the stairs and then you have to spend the next four hours finding each and every one of those bouncy little fuckers. That’s figuratively how my Sunday at work went.

    We moved our office. It did not go well. Plus I pulled something in my back and it feels like it was something vital. I was reminded of your post with “Christian Bale-levels of rage” in it.

    Luckily we had the perfect football weekend. Steelers beating the Ravens and Patriots losing in the playoffs made me feel better than watching the Steelers beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl. I felt 1% bad about that because I like Kurt Warner.

    I do not know who Christopher Evan Welch is. I’m happy for him if he got a new couch recently. IMDB tells me he was hotter when he was covered in more hair.

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