I Hope You Like Watching Videos That Might Make You Cry

April 14, 2011

I’m really not in the mood for this writing nonsense today. I’m tired. Haven’t had my coffee and all that cliche business.





Is the word “video” Latin? It looks Latin.



This is OC training or something. It is one of those amazing things done to people in the military for a reason, but looks hilarious if you’re not apart of it and dreadfully painful if you are. They spray this kid with pepper spray and then make him run around and fight punching bags. He cries throughout most of it while you cry from laughter. There are a million of these OC videos online. Most of them are pretty good. It is also a co-ed activity as there are plenty of videos with military chicas getting pepper sprayed et cetera.

Up next!!!

Either from laughter or adorability, you might be crying. Or crying that we lost another potential Jedi to the Dark Side. Damn you EVIL! Damn you for being so alluring!

That kid is amazing for doing that. The more I watch Star Wars or think about it, which is often I realize how difficult it would be not to join Darth Vader. The man is the coldest pimp in all the universe! He has his own planet that is a giant weapon, he’s one of the best fighter pilots, he is boss with the light saber and force powers, he wears an amazing black cape and everyone is shitastic afraid of him. It would be really hard not to join that guy. Also, he’s got the best theme song in the biz.

Up NEXT!!!

Can you believe this show ended like this? Did you remember this show ended like this? It’s horrifying! The Dad caused the Ice Age and the end of the world as they knew it and the extinction of all their species. Incredible. At the end of Boy Meets World I’m pretty sure they just go off to college or move or something. Everyone dies at the end of this show! EVERYONE! Insanity.

On another website I was reading they had a list of the saddest moments on TV shows and someone put this up. I didn’t remember the show ending like this.

Someone also put this up…

Wow. Will Smith tears the roof off that place. I remembered this scene from when I was a kid and since then I read that he improved that scene. I’m not sure if that is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Will Smith is a genius.

Like this type of genius…

Which makes me cry because he’s smart, he can rap, he can dance, he’s funny, he’s more athletic than me, he’s rich, he’s successful, and same can be said for his kids and they’ll always be that way. Damn you Will Smith! Damn YOU!

Although, I did watch The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan and was thoroughly disturbed by most of the movie. I’ll have to remember to write about that another day.



3 Responses to “I Hope You Like Watching Videos That Might Make You Cry”

  1. I need to know right now if cledbo’s been sprayed in the face and asked to go beat people up with Nerf bats. If I were, I would most definitely use it as an excuse to grope every thing and every one in my way. If I’m going to suffer through that, I want a palm or two full of someone’s goodies as payment.

    I can top these. Randomy today, my friend tweeted me a video and said he was an asshole for doing so. Why? Because the video is “Dog Welcomes Back Mom from Afghanistan.” And then, because it’s on Bing and who watches videos on Bing? It segues immediately into ANOTHER video of dogs flipping out over their owner coming home from war. Awesome. And then, finally, a montage of soldiers surprising their loved ones.

    So yeah, I got a little misty-eyed at work today. Monsters.

    • cledbo said

      I think I’ve seen that soldiers surprising their loved ones video. Mr Cledbo hated it for some reason, probably because that’s actually kind of mean if you think about it, not telling your family you’re coming home from a dangerous place you’ve been in for rather a long time.

      And no, I haven’t been pepper sprayed. Yet. Though I’m not sure it’s ever really a requirement for us. Which I’m kind of grateful for, because that looks uncomfortable.

  2. PWG said

    Gah, I can’t watch these right now. I need headphones. I’ll be back.

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