Happy Friday – I’ve Got Errands To Do

April 29, 2011

Two people got married today – to each other. It was a big deal.

I have all these errands to do, which is like three, but I’m planning on it taking my whole day to do them.

This picture made me laugh uncontrollably…

And this picture is the meeting of all the nexuses of the universes together in perfect harmony.

I hope you have a great day… a great Fri-day. And weekend.

UFC 129 is all I care about in my big banzai tree brain.

I won’t lie, I’m kind of rooting for Jake Shields because it will be a disturbance in the force like no other.

I’m probably 55% – 45% rooting for Shields, but if I was betting on the fight I would put my money on GSP.

I think Jose Aldo will keep his belt. Good luck to Mark Hominick, but I don’t think he is the man to unchampion “Scarface”.

I also don’t believe this is Randy Couture’s last fight unless Lyoto Machida humbles him. Even if Randy somehow humbles Lyoto, I bet there is still a fight out there that would interest Randy if the setting/price was right.

I think Pippa could tap out Kate. Just saying.

Have a great weekend.


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