Packing Packing Packing for LAS VEGAS

May 25, 2011

This will be my fourth time to Las Vegas.

What can I tell you about Las Vegas?

Well, you can get anything you want to eat fried. Just choose a food item that you feel like stuffing into your mouth hole then say “I want that fried” and somehow they have a fryer and BOOM or SIZZLE it is fried!

Ice cream cake? FRIED. Steak? FRIED. Beer? FRIED!

You can also drink on the streets. Actually, it is not only legal, but often preferred. It isn’t classy drinking though. It isn’t walking around with fine stemmed martini glasses sipping $50 vodka with a rare breed of Mediterranean olives on a gold tooth pick. It is more just GET HAMMERED type of drinking. Two feet tall plastic cylinders topped with Costco margarita mix and Banker’s Club tequila. Or my personal favorite a plastic football filled with 55 ounces of beer drank through a straw. What beer you ask? Oh well we have ICEHOUSE or MILLER HIGH LIFE. Excellent choices.

Who the fuck knew they made kegs of Icehouse? That just seems insane. The keg itself has to have cost more than the Icehouse beer inside of it as well as the brewery it was made in.

And there are buffets everywhere.


At anytime of day or night.

The city certainly knows how to cater towards the whimsy of a drunk at all times. Not only the whimsy, but the true whimsy that no decision the drunk makes will work out for the best. Always heart burn and sore stomachs and sun burn the next morning type of decisions with no money in your wallet and not a coherent caring thought in your head.

Well, time to pack.

One Response to “Packing Packing Packing for LAS VEGAS”

  1. Ann said

    Have fun .

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