My Trip To Las Vegas Is Nearing Its End…

May 31, 2011

I have a red-eye at 10pm or so back to the East Coast, which means I should be arriving around 6 in the morning!


I saw some fights, I talked about those fights, I saw some dogs, I pet those dogs, I saw some drinks, I drank those drinks, I didn’t do any gambling, which is all good stuff. I really don’t have any appetite to gamble. Any dollar I spend on gambling is a dollar that I could potentially lose and could have spent on alcohol. And I would never forgive myself for doing that.

I saw Hangover II. Apparently, so did everyone else. It was pretty good. I definitely laughed a bunch and thought the movie was fun. Everyone is saying that it is a complete ripoff of the first and. it. is. But wasn’t that what we expected? It’s still fun. It is pretty much the same story, but ratcheted up. If you could imagine Hangover as Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence then Hangover II is Bad Boys II aka the movie where they invaded CUBA. It’s fairly non-stop ridiculousness after ridiculousness.

Also, Todd Phillips knows how to make a good looking movie. It’s visually the best looking comedy out there right now and has a good soundtrack. And as good as Todd Phillips seems to be at being the Michael Bay of comedy – the female characters may even be worse in this movie because there are none. Not that it matters it’s just funny. The first one at least had the attempt at a couple ladies having lines, but this one not so much. If people thought Jamie Chung was “useless” in Sucker Punch then I would love to hear what adjective they come up with for her in this movie. She’s only seen like two maybe three times in the movie and her character is absolutely robotic and brainlessly “in love” with Ed Helms. Nevertheless, she is  the prettiest goddess angel to play a brainless robot.

I did see a couple articles I wanted to critique for articles from this week, so hopefully I remember to do that on Thursday or next week or some time soon.

By the way, I’ve been watching Nick cartoons while I’ve been typing this for reasons that don’t need to be elaborated on. The first show that was on was Power Rangers Samurai or Samurai Power Rangers or something. IT WAS INSANE! Kids should not be watching that show. It was all screaming, stupidity, flashing lights, colors with absolutely no substance at all. And at the end of the show they promoted eating cotton candy. Don’t let your kids watch this show.

Now, Sponge Bob is on. It’s ok. I’ve never really watched this show, but it’s pretty good. You can let your kids watch it.

That’s it for now.

2 Responses to “My Trip To Las Vegas Is Nearing Its End…”

  1. I used to watch SpongeBob every Saturday morning. I’m pretty juvenile, but it’s pretty entertaining for the 20-somethings. I don’t think anyone here is worried about you watching cartoons… it’s when you start getting into iCarly we’ll be concerned.

    Also, it’s like 95 degrees in Jersey these days, so you don’t have to worry about shocking your system by reentering comfortable temperatures or anything — it’ll be like you never even left Vegas.

  2. cledbo said

    Vegas sounds like a hoot, and if you replace all that beer with food you basically did what my parents did when they visited (though I’m not sure if they saw any fights).

    I’m so buried in work I feel like Ryan Reynolds, but not as man-hot. Later, bitches, believe in the power of love and that one day I’ll return to read all your funnies eventually.

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