Too Much Estrogren In Your Hair, Too Much Estrogen In The Air

July 6, 2011

Yesterday was a day full of chicks and not the good kind.

The good kind is the giggly ones who accidentally fall out of clothes or look sly and playful, which can be taken for sexy sexy and then they accidentally fall out of clothes. Also, a lot of times they’re drinking with you.

But I was dealing with the bad kind yesterday and not the “oh you’ve been a bad girl” which leads to spanking, but really she hasn’t been a bad girl and you’re just two consenting adults horsing around before getting to plow town.

I was dealing with the bad kind who are annoying and possibly evil. Probably evil.

I hadn’t gotten sucked into the Casey Anthony trial at all, but I did watch the verdict.

I know a lot of people were talking about the Casey Anthony trial and that stuff, but honestly don’t listen to any of them when they say this trial was the trial of the century or as big as the OJ trial. Absolutely nothing was bigger than the OJ trial. NOTHING. That was literally an all encompassing trial where people giving daily breakdowns not only on the trial itself, but on the peripherals like what Marcia Clark was wearing and what brand computer Judge Ito was using. That was on another level.

This Casey Anthony trial really only got popular in the past month and it has a lot to do with the media’s making of it. If all a 24 hour news network does is talk about it then they talk about how all the media is talking about it and you’re the media, so stop talking about it if you want to. Nevertheless, I did watch the verdict because I was near a TV and the few people on twitter who had been tweeting about it did mention that the verdict was about to be read and I was like I can turn on a TV for a minute or two to hear a jury read “guilty” and then I’ll be like ok well there was that and then I’ll go make myself another coffee because why not it’s not like that Keurig has anything else to do and I like coffee and I’ll turn the TV because I really couldn’t careless about this and seeing her being taken away to rot in prison or get the death penalty or whatever is beyond me because it won’t feel “satisfying” because I’m not involved in this at all and I won’t pretend to be like I just saw justice happen, so I’ll just get my coffee and maybe eat a piece of that crumb cake that I decided I would eat for dessert, but fuck dessert time being at 9:30 or 10pm, I’ll just eat it now it’s not like that is the final straw that will break this camel’s back, so I turned on the TV and…




Well, that sucked. That suckity suck sucked.

Now, I’m watching this bullshit. Now, I’m on Twitter tweeting about this bullshit. Now, I’m scouring my TV to actually find where the hell “Head Line News” is because I never watch HLN. Now, I’m going to different websites seeing people’s WHAT THE FUCK reactions. Now, I’m flipping channels to CNN to see what they’re saying. Now, I’m on Facebook and seeing what rage these status updates are about. Now, I’m flipping to Fox News Channel to see them f-l-i-p-p-i-n-g…


Fox News thinks Casey was “not guilty” and they’re applauding the verdict.


Are they on the opposite side of every argument?! THAT’S UNBELIEVABLE!

I haven’t seen ANYONE applauding this decision and yet there they are on Fox News. Why? WHY?! Just because! Is that it?! Just because everyone else is saying one thing then they say the other no matter what the issue is and no matter what it means? I can understand them doing that as far as political talk because most political talk is total bullshit and people don’t know what they’re talking about and there are people who just want to be mad and especially mad at the government or specifically a democrat run government or a black President. I get that. I get that there is racism in this world. I get that there are people who have a lot of money and don’t wan their taxes raised because they have tons and tons of money and they want to horde it all away and not give it to other people because fuck other people and I get that they will say anything and do anything and vote for anyone to keep that that way. I get that! I GET IT!





After that…

I ended up watching Teen Mom on MTV.

To be honest, I like the Teen Mom 2 girls better than these girls, but that’s just general preference.

My major criticism with all these kids I see on these shows is they are making graduating from high school sound like it is tough. It isn’t. It’s really not difficult to graduate high school. Is it difficult to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA and a whole slew of AP courses under your belt so you actually have filled some of the general requirement classes in college? Yeah, that’s difficult. That’s not the easiest thing to do. Is it difficult to graduate high school with a C average and get that diploma, so you can say your a high school graduate? NO! THAT IS NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL. Even a bunch of non condom wearing and non birth control taking kids can figure out how to pass high school.

Getting through high school is mostly about showing up to it. That’s about 80% of the battle.

Also, what schools are these kids going to? We live in AMERICA. Our public school system isn’t so high on the global list remember. Half of these kids haven’t graduated high school and not to sound prejudicial, but I find it hard to believe that high school in some rural areas of the country are tough. As mentioned, high school in general is not tough. In general, American public schools are not necessarily fawned over. And then to top it off, most of these kids are not living in posh areas of the country where they could have really well attended to high schools. So… JUST PASS HIGH SCHOOL ALREADY!

Everything in life will be much Much MUCH MUCH tougher than high school, so get ‘er done already.

As for the girls/guys in general…

Catelynn and Tyler are maybe the most and least compelling. They are the most compelling because they don’t look like they should be together and yet they are and they seem committed to each other for whatever reason…. maybe because they are step-brother and sister. On the other hand, they gave their kid up for adoption which means they’re not raising a baby like the rest of the girls on these shows, so it seems odd at times that they’re still on it.

Farrah is… hmmmm… I’m not sure. She seems kind of snotty and stupid, but I feel bad for her because of the whole father of my baby dying unexpectedly. Also, her mother looks like Blythe Danner if Blythe Danner was about to have a nervous breakdown and was heavily medicating herself from having it. She looks ready to snap at any minute, but her face appears to stuck from botox or something. Farrah had to make the decision of whether to get new boobs or save that money for her kid. She got new boobs. Well done.

Amber and Gary. Well, I kind of hate the both of them. I see a lot of people being pro-Gary and I guess I should be because he seems to be committed to raising his daughter even though the daughter’s mother is an abusive cunt like Amber. But Gary also seems like a sad sack of shit who wears Yankees hats for the fashion of it, so I can’t root for him completely. He looks like he is 34, but he’s probably only 18 or something. What the fuck, Gar? Pull yourself together.

Lastly, Maci. She seems like a sweet girl and I don’t have problems with her. Maybe I don’t know enough about her, but she doesn’t seem to have the idiocy circling her like the others. I’m a big fan of any time they go to check on Maci because of her and the rest of their southern accents. I love hearing her call her boyfriend… Kah-Ul … They don’t pronounce they “y” in Kyle in the South. It’s a silent y. It’s just the K-an inflection change- then the UL.


Too many chicks.


2 Responses to “Too Much Estrogren In Your Hair, Too Much Estrogen In The Air”

  1. I graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA. BOOM, take that, Teen Mom’s. Too nerdy to get knocked up.

    I like Tyler and Caitlin. Their story can even get me a little teary-eyed on occasion. I give them a lot of credit for being as smart and mature as they are, especially when you see the parents that are raising them. No comment on the step-siblings thing…………

    Farrah’s an idiot. I used to feel bad for her because her babydaddy died and all, but sounds like maybe she whored around and the kid’s not even his. And then she does stupid stuff like getting implants when she can barely afford to feed her baby. But I like when they show her story because watching her spontaneously burst into tears and then try to talk through it is the greatest entertainment ever. I’m heartless.

    Amber repulses me. I don’t understand how such awful people find people – MULTIPLE PEOPLE – to love them. I get convincing yourself that you’re not a terrible person, but how do these devil women convince other dudes that they aren’t disgusting? Are vaginas that powerful? Gary needs to grow a pair.

    I like Maci for the most part, but I get distracted whenever Kyle’s on screen because he is quite possibly the most unattractive person I’ve ever seen on TV. The ex-fiance asking her if he was slow was the highlight of last night’s show.

    So I’m really shallow and heartless apparently…

  2. cledbo said

    Never watched that show and don’t know what that court case was about. We mustn’t get as much American news as we used to, and it also proves that it wasn’t bigger than OJ because I remember that case even though I was an age where you didn’t have care about anything past Disney movies and recess.

    A show I’m really getting into here for the sheer what-the-fuck-ery of it all is Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. I thought it’d be like Toddlers and Tiaras where they’re clearly making fun of the moron parents who do that stuff to their devil children, but it’s not. Apparently, all those insanely massive dresses and tiaras are part of traveller culture, though when glitter spray came into it I’m not really sure. It’s funny and sad at the same time, so from that point of view it sounds a lot like Teen Moms.

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