A Glorious Monday with Me and You and Reggie Watts!

August 15, 2011

I got off to a late start today.

Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was the gloominess of this particular Monday.

Maybe it was because I didn’t get much sleep this weekend. I sometimes feel like my worst sleep happens on weekends and thus I need a weekend for my weekends.

Maybe it was because I was so satisfied by the bloody bloody cage fighting violence from last night’s UFC event on Versus that I slept like a little baby that enjoys watching men beat each other with their fists and the graceful, but deadly art of jiu-jitsu.

Sincerely, last night’s UFC Live event on Versus was one of the most entertaining cards I have ever seen. I don’t know if they’re pumping testosterone, gun powder and cocaine through the water of Milwaukee, but it wouldn’t surprise me. That’s right, the fights were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Octagon action was fast, ferocious and non-stop. Just a truly great night of competition.

The main event featured Chris “Lights Out” Lytle versus Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. Let’s forget about Hardy for a moment as many are doing because this really turned into Lytle’s night. I would say 3 days ago, Hardy was the story of the fight. He was the former number one contender who was on a 3 fight losing streak and desperately needing a win over Lytle to keep himself employed by the UFC. But at the weigh-ins on Saturday, Lytle handed UFC President Dana White an envelope prior to getting onto the scale. Inside that envelope was a thank you letter and a retirement letter; this would be Chris Lytle’s last fight.

Turning 37 years old on August 18th, the father of 4 and a full-time firefighter was calling it quits on the career that he loved the best: fighting. With over 60 professional MMA fights to his record and 15 professional boxing matches (probably many other amateur fights), Lytle was marking his final cage fighting performance with this Hardy fight and he was leaving on his own terms. Earlier this year, Lytle had been rehabbing some injuries and while at home with his 4 kids he started realizing how much he was missing being a father. He started to feel a guilt about it how he has put his own fighting career in front of his family and he thought he should change that. So, Lytle had easily become the story going into Sunday’s bout.

If you’re not familiar with the fighter – Chris Lytle – he’s damn entertaining. In his past 12 fights, he has won 8 “_____ of the night” bonuses: 5 Fight of the Nights, 2 Submission of the Nights, 1 Knockout of the Night. Lytle’s style is fastballing his punches for 3 rounds and a craft submission game. In his last fight in the cage against Hardy, all of that was shown. For 2 and a half rounds, Lytle and Hardy threw concussion making punches one after another without backing off an inch. The high stakes of those two rounds is something we’ve come to expect from Lytle and he did not disappoint in his final match. And you have to give credit to Hardy for standing there and going with it. There’s one thing to ask for three rounds of intense stand-up action from Chris Lytle and there’s another thing that when you get it that you don’t back down and you continue with it. In the third round, Hardy definitely knew he was down on the score card and made a desperate attempt about half way though the round to take Lytle down, but Lytle is just as good on the ground as he is standing. Lytle promptly stopped the takedown and turned it into a guillotine choke, which he rolled into mount and secured the choke tighter for the tap.

“Fight of the Night” and “Submission of the Night” bonuses went to Lytle as well as a new Harley Davidson (Harley is a UFC sponsor). Honestly, there couldn’t have been a better retirement fight for anyone. Well done, Chris Lytle. He walks away from the sport after having one of the best performances of his career.

As for Hardy, if you’re wondering, on Twitter the UFC owners said they weren’t cutting Hardy even though he is 0-4 in his last 4 fights. It might not seem fair to some that have lost less in a row and got cut, but for Hardy I’ll defend this. He’s lost to 4 great fighters, he’s an exciting fighter, he’s got a great personality, he does a lot of press and Q&A’s and so forth for the UFC, and in the end he’s the type of fighter the UFC wants. Plus, he’s from Nottingham, England and the Brits love him whether he loses 1 fight of 30, so he’s good to have on the roster.

What else? I saw 30 Minutes or Less – it was funny. Short, but funny, which I guess can be said about one of the main characters Aziz Ansari. It’s only 83 minutes, so it’s not the greatest movie ever, but it is funny and better than just about anything else in the theaters. So… there’s that.

Lastly, I found myself watching a lot of Reggie Watts videos on Youtube this weekend. He is one of the most talented performers I think out there and I’m just completely in awe of Mr. Watts and when I watch one video of his I feel like I have to watch 100. There are some really great great great videos of Watts on Youtube ranging from him doing live comedy, comedy music videos and then some of the most intriguing are older videos of Watts’ non-comedic music being made in front of a webcam. So… here are three videos of Reggie, they’re all from Watts being on the new Conan show. They’re all incredible. My favorite one is the first one I’m going to post, but the other two are just as great. So… watch… and become enthralled by the Watts.

LOVE IT!!!!!




I’m done. Happy Monday.


One Response to “A Glorious Monday with Me and You and Reggie Watts!”

  1. PWG said

    I just watched the Reggie Watts videos. He’s going to have to content himself with the love of you, and apparently the audience. I . . . didn’t.

    First the “meh” on Jason Bateman in The Change-Up, and now the “meh” on these Watts videos. I feel like I’m floating away on my own culturally irrelevant ice floe.

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