My computer’s coming home today! What should I wear?!

October 13, 2011

I got a call from a “Genius” this morning and I should have my grubby fingers molesting those silky Macbook keys later today. So, I’ll post a regular-sized, a life-sized, post tomorrow. I’m eagerly anticipating some “funny” looks from the “Geniuses” with some of the especially odd clutter on my desktop. This is a Kristen Stewart site, so for “business” purposes I do have several pictures of the WANT on the desktop. Also, some illegally downloaded feature films. Oh yes, DARK WOLF from “Fire and Ice” is my background.


Honestly, Dark Wolf doesn’t take shit from anyone and neither should you.

That’s why that animated, spirit hood wearing, axe murdering badass is on my desktop. What is your desktop wallpaper?

Hugs and kisses,



11 Responses to “My computer’s coming home today! What should I wear?!”

  1. tiffanized said

    Clearly, you should be reclining nude on your sofa, a silk scarf draped over your junk (for modesty) when your MacBook arrives. Act at first like you don’t forgive it for it’s absence, allowing it plenty of time to grovel and offer you gifts in return for your favor. Then let the scarf to flutter gently to the floor, and quoting Bridget Jones Diary, say, “I’m joking, you daft cow! I just don’t work without you.” Unless you have to pick it up at the Apple store–in that case I recommend none of those things. I do recommend avoiding the hand scrub kiosk. Two days in a row of that and your hands will bleed.

    This is my desktop picture, which is totally safe for work because I have it displayed at work on two 24″ monitors:

  2. I was going to say that I hope you welcome that MacBook back with the fervor of those dogs I’ve watched for hours on YouTube as they welcome back their soldier owners from war… then was intrigued by Tiffanized’s interpretation and how we both saw this so differently. Perhaps it’s because I once had to surrender my MacBook to the Genius Bar for 3 weeks, so I know the pain of being without it, and the pure jubilation and desire to hump it upon it’s return… Or perhaps because I’d never consider myself worthy of being groveled at (to?). While mostly naked. Psychoanalyze that!


    Work desktop: boring, standard company-issue, and features a pineapple…? Dark Wolf would not approve.
    Home desktop: my MacBook cycles through several photos I’ve taken in my travels, my favorite of which being stalker sheep.

  3. MyRobbie said

    Oh! Exciting! And I agree, stay away from the handsy woman. And she’ll totally recognize you and act like she’s so over the top happy to see you again. Just, keep in mind, she did the same to me.

    As for what you should wear, why, a push up bra, of course! I’m telling you, your wait time will be cut in half. I still can’t get over that I’ve been in the *same* Mac store as you and been accosted by the *same* exotic woman. In my book that’s one degree separation in real life.

    And lastly, my background is a photo of my kidz, because as I’ve learned the hard way, the RPattz background automatically counteracts any benefits gained from the push up bra. In fact, you go into negative territory. I think that that time, I went out and let the exotic lady rub me with things because I needed a self-esteem boost. Huh.

    Good luck!

    • tiffanized said

      Yes, I’ll never forget the day that my boss walked into my office and commented on my New Moon background. And lenticular cup. And small plastic Burger King toy. “You like that fella, huh?”

  4. My background photo (both home and at work because it keeps me sane) is a photo I took in Olympic National Forest on our second and last trip to Forks this year. Because I am trying to win some sort of a dork award, clearly… And also because it’s REALLY beautiful out there. No giraffes or high-rises, but seriously, if you have never been to that general area, GO. I am about as outdoorsy as Zsa Zsa Gabor, and I loved it there.

  5. cledbo said

    Backgrounds are a specialty of mine. I have about 20, and at least half of those are of the very dry-hump worthy Jensen Ackles. Our assistant is a fan, and I always minimise a window for her when she comes over, so she can enjoy the view. I was going to post one of my favourites, but if you’ve got about 30 mins spare to try to resist the urge to lick your monitor, Google Image search Jensen Ackles.

    The rest are either Doctor Who (10th, of course), or lolz and nerdy webcomics. My newest addition – all in the interests of web security, of course.

  6. queer idea to cry out “I’m dying”because the battery goes empty !
    electric imput to lively up the desk-top again &again;

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