No Post Wednesday: Shia LaBeouf Edition

October 19, 2011

So… two things:

1. I hope you’re having an amazing Wednesday aka Hump Day.

2. I don’t know how to encode much outside of pictures and youtube to WordPress, so please just click on the link below and trust me it isn’t porn or sending you to a website to donate your bank account to a Prince in the Sudan.

I’m sure most of you have seen this and even more have at least heard or read about this, but…


And who said Canada wasn’t worth shit?

Probably me. But THEY BEAT UP SHIA!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!


I love Canada now.

I mean I have always loved Canada.

Canada gave us Pamela Anderson. Later they gave us Elisha Cuthbert. And now, they beat up Shia LaBeouf.

You are the 4th greatest country ever, Canada.

#1 is obviously America.

#2 is Japan. Survived two atomic bombings, they gave us videogames, hilarious TV shows and anime and all the zaniness surrounding anime.

#3 is Brazil. 180 million strong and everyone there is either a supermodel or a professional athlete. It’s kind of exactly the country I would develop in my own mind.

#4 is Canada. Don’t feel bad Canada that you didn’t get a medal, but there’s like 200 countries in the world and you’re #4. That’s good! That’s GREAT!

I think we need to find that drunken fat shirtless vagrant who was punching Shia LaBeouf in the head and give him Lindsay Lohan as a present. I don’t know what else to do, but he deserves something for his efforts.



4 Responses to “No Post Wednesday: Shia LaBeouf Edition”

  1. cledbo said

    Why is Australia not in your top 4?! We have plenty of elite athletes, plus not as many slums or monkeys to bite your face off.

    Gotta be top 6, at least. It’s 28 degrees today and all the cute girls are in short shorts already. Australia rules!

    And Shia is a douche but we always knew that.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Australia was number 4, but Canada just beat up Shia, so you’re at #5 right now.

      • cledbo said

        I promise to personally beat up the next douche actor to come within 5km of me, just to get us back to #4. Not sure how to compete with Brazil, and Japan is totally awesome and weird which I know from first hanf=d experience so I won’t even try.

  2. Ra'anan said

    Oh my gosh, THAT’S what you do on SIMCHAS TORAH??? You & Shia BOTH should be DANCING IN A SCHUL!!!

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