Better Late Than Never… I won’t be posting on Monday and Tuesday

November 1, 2011

Yeah, sorry about that.

I probably should have mentioned I wasn’t posting on Monday.

I did tweet a photo of my right arm with a Conan wrist band on Monday, which is I guess my way of saying:

A. follow my twitter – @jordan_is_ok

B. I’m not posting on Monday because I’m too busy watching Conan O’Brien tape his TV show at the Beacon theater in New York Cizzle.

And today, well I slept in today and was driving around and all that nonsense.

I’ll post a meaningful and insightful and emotional-ful post tomorrow.

It will be about the harrowing tale of the first half of the NFL professional tackle football season for the NFC.

Then Thursday will be about the AFC most likely.

So, tomorrow will be 16 teams and then 16 teams on Thursday.

It’ll be a break down of my thoughts on those teams and how well they did this first half of the season, good, bad, and what to expect. I’ll also try to throw in a few of these things called “jokes”. That might happen.

Outside of that…

The Walking Dead was good. I think the shorter brown haired chick has yellow fever for our fan favorite Asian. For a discussion about praying – that was awfully flirty. I think he could have gotten it in with her if he had moved quickly before she started freaking out about fat ass Otis. Also, T-Bone is a complete waste. He better do something helpful soon or his character may be the most racist character on television – an overweight, completely useless, completely unthankful, prick, black guy with the name T-BONE. Why is his name T-Bone? He looks like his name should be Carl. I know that that is the kid’s name, but kids aren’t named Carl! Kids just eventually become old men at some point and they start calling themselves Carl. There are no young Carls anywhere in the world. That kid looks more like a T-Bone to me. Do you think they just screwed that up in the pilot and stuck with it? I think these scenes with the kid living or dying would be much more emotional, dramatic and touching if the parents were calling their only child T-Bone instead of Carl. How do we get my young son, T-Bone, to stop seizuring?! Tell me, Herschel! Hold on my beautiful boy, T-Bone! My sweet, T-Bone! Be strong!


Until tomorrow.


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