YOUTUBE WEDNESDAY! Moving pictures and sounds are better than reading!

November 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

You’ve made it halfway through your week!

You’ve made it to the proverbial hump day!

Which we all know was a reference to the golden age of the American civilization when sexual harassing/assaulting the females of your particular workplace was not only approved, but was expected. I mean how else can a guy get through the working week without grabbing some butt plus he’s drinking too, so really it was your own fault.

Traditions are fun!

Greatest Generation!

Anyway, I thought I would take this Wednesday to share some youtube videos that you may or may not have seen that I have seen and I have done the grand sweeping gesture of “like”-ing. I won’t lie to you… several of these videos will be MMA related, but fucking grow as a person and watch them. Enough of your cynicism. I watched your damn vampire movie and I’m a better person because of it… basically from me knowing I’m a better person than the people who made that movie – oh God was it bad. And I think The Hunger Games will also be bad, but I have a strange feeling I’ll end up seeing that just like how I saw I Am Number Four. What the fuck am I doing? Screw writing! It’s time for videos!


Up first are two videos of the fairer sex in MMA…

That is Ronda Rousey who I believe is 3-0 in MMA showing off a judo throw. Ronda won a bronze medal in judo at the 2008 Olympics and was I believe the first female from the US to win an Olympic medal in judo. All of Ronda’s MMA fights have been lightning quick as she has gotten a hold of her opponent, taken them down, and gets an armbar all within a minute. Just looked up the times and they are 25 seconds, 49 seconds, and 25 seconds and her amateur record is nearly identical – 3 armbars in less than a minute. Rousey will be taking to the Strikeforce cage for the second time on the 18th of November. So, I’m a fan of “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey for all this mentioned… and because of this…

Yeah, she’s a cutie. As many notice, she looks like Julia Stiles if Julia Stiles was hotter and an action hero. Plus this whole Chun Li look is tapping into my love of cosplay, so that doesn’t hurt either.

I’m just saying women’s MMA kind of is the best of both worlds where I can watch MMA plus I can be thoroughly attracted to the fighter where it doesn’t play tricks with my brain and make me repent to my local religious society. There are a lot of good/great looking chick fighters like Strikeforce’s current 135 pound women’s champion Miesha Tate. Or the chick she took that belt from Marloes Coennen. There are a lot of them out there and hopefully there will be even more to grow this side of MMA for years to come.

But the original lady of hotness of women’s MMA is still Gina Carano who hasn’t fought in 2 years. She’s been busy acting in movies like the upcoming Haywire. Nevertheless, up until she fought Cris “Cyborg” (who if you’re into butch Latin chicks – you’ll love), Carano was laying ass whoopings on the chicks that she fought.

She beat those bitches down! I wish she still fought like this. Easily, one of the most exciting fighters from 2007-2009.


Let’s skip over to the UFC…

UFC President Dana White does video blogs of each event. The videos used to just follow Dana around and were all about him. Actually, the first few blogs didn’t even follow him around as much as he just talked to the camera for like 4 minutes and then that was it. Then Dana got himself in trouble with one of the blogs by thoroughly cursing out a female reporter who he believed was making shit up about his company’s shady contract tactics. Anyway, the past is the past and Dana still does the blogs, but they’re different then him ranting. The biggest change has been a couple months ago the blogs started showing the immediate backstage tests by doctors on the fighters after their fight is over. You can see just how drained or beaten or depressed or elated and so forth they are. It’s a very real and intimate look at these fighters and I love it.

Also, it gets a little gruesome in this one in the second half of the video. Specifically, Papy Abedi and Chris Leben both get cuts that look unnerving up close. And you get to see the doctors taking care of Leben’s cut like local anesthesia shots and then stitching him up. I’m a weirdo and I love seeing that stuff.

Are you ready for more?



I only heard of these guys recently, but EPIC MEAL TIME is wildly disgusting and entertaining at the same time.

Basically, these guys make the most absurd foods, which usually starts with fast food. They are disturbing creations and the videos are well done and pretty funny. More than anything, the food is like a car crash that you can’t stop watching. I think this Chinese food one is one of the few I could actually imagine trying some of the stuff they make. Some of their ideas are purely genius in both their “I would never eat that” and the “that might be good?” Watch, get disgusted, but also have your mind blown.





See you tomorrow….


One Response to “YOUTUBE WEDNESDAY! Moving pictures and sounds are better than reading!”

  1. The UFC: now with 400% more hugs than you could have possibly ever imagined.

    My YouTube contribution of the day: Iron Chef America, Secret Ingredient Montage. Turns out Epic Meal Time is more Iron Chef than Iron Chef is Iron Chef.

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