Random Wednesday Post Is Random

December 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you all are enjoying the middle of this particular week.

I hope you are also ready to read three movie reviews for three movies you’ll never take my advice on seeing as well as a couple of other things.


I dream many dreams every night because I have sleeping problems. I wake up a lot and turn and fall back to sleep. With that, I get at least 5 dreams a night. I don’t remember all of them, but I do make note of them for that moment I wake-up and I’m like “that was pretty fucked up” or “that was boring” or “I wish I was getting a new puppy today” and so on. Last night, I can remember two of my dreams. The less meaningful and yet truly apropos one was about meaning procrastinating on articles I need to write for money. Although, I’m currently not procrastinating about any – I will be shortly and have done much of it in the past.

The second dream was much better. It started off oddly with me living in a college dorm room setup, but I was with some of my college friends, so that was ok. There was a lot of turnover in this head movie where people kept coming in and out of the room like my parents and as mentioned kids I went to college with. There were two ladies who came into the room who looked fairly similar and were completely off my own fabrication – Scarlett Johansson’s twin sisters. They weren’t twins with Scarlett because she is a twin herself with her brother. But these were sisters of Scarlett that looked like Scarlett and were twins to each other. Let’s just say it was very difficult leaving that dream world of basically 3 Scarlett Johanssons to now a world of only one. Also, in that dream world I knew two of the three Scarlett Johanssons and in this world I know 0 of the 1. So that sucked.


Over the past three days, I have seen three movies. Three FOREIGN movies. They were all good movies and all in a sense action/thriller movies. They are all recent movies too.

POINT BLANK (France) – This was the most evenly distributed action/thriller of the bunch. There was a lot of chase sequences and most of the action was really plot driven, so it was all very tense. The movie is about a career criminal who was shot in the stomach by police while being apprehended by the police under suspicion that he murdered some famously rich guy. So, the guy is under police supervision while recovering from the gun shot. That criminal is one of the main characters of the movie. The main main character is a male nurse who works for that hospital who is married and his wife is 9 months pregnant. A partner of the criminal kidnaps the nurse’s wife and tells the nurse he has to break the criminal out of the hospital to get her back. That’s the start of the movie. From there the movie unravels into this world of crooked/murderous cops that have the nurse running for his life and at the same time trying to figure out a way to get his wife back. It’s definitely an intense movie and worth a watch.

THE MAN FROM NOWHERE (South Korea) – This movie is available on Netflix at the moment and is definitely an enjoyable action film. The movie is pretty similar to The Professional and/or Leon depending on how ridiculous you feel like being – it’s the movie with Jean Reno as the hitman and Natalie Portman as his 12 year old or whatever sidekick… which by the way is one of my favorite movies of all time. Everyone, boss? EVERYONE!!!!!!! … Anyway, in this movie there is a boring/keeps-to-himself guy who lives in an apartment complex and has befriended this little girl who lives with her mom in said apartment building. The mom is a stripper and a junkie and doesn’t take care of the kid that well. The mom also ends up stealing a lot of drugs from someone at work, which turns out to be apart of this major drug deal between these two warring drug dealing mobs. Anyway, the one mob comes looking for the stripper/junkie/mom and they kill her and kidnap the kid to use in one of their other horrible schemes – they use them to make drugs and once they eventually drop and die from the fumes, they sell the kids’ organs on the black market. Anyway… turns out that keeps-to-himself neighbor is actually a former special ops military guy who wanted a boring life because he was tired of all the gun play and the death from that life. So… he ends up getting wrapped up into this by trying to save the little girl’s life from the drug mobs and in doing so pretty much kills every bad guy in South Korea. It’s excellent.

THE ROBBER (Germany) – Good movie and had been waiting to see this for awhile. This movie is more thriller and drama than action. The story is based upon the true story of Johann Kastenberger who was a famous Austrian marathon runner, bank robber and … murderer. First and foremost, the Johann in the movie is apparently a billion times better as a human being than the Johann in real life. In real life, Johann killed at least 3 people and also abused his wife and so forth. I’m not saying Johann in the movie doesn’t do some of that, but if you see the movie you’ll see he really isn’t AS bad. Anyway, Johann was a national hero runner for the Austrians and won many races and so forth. He also was a robber as the title suggests. The movie begins with his release from prison where he spent 6 years for an attempted robbery. Once he gets out, he begins his marathon running ways and rips off a string of robberies. At the same time, he reconnects with his former girlfriend. The movie has a few great chase sequences with Johann using his incredible speed and ability to run for incredible distances to get away from police. It’s a good movie and the ending is apparently much nicer than the one that happened in real life.

Also, this woman is in the movie…

Her name is Franziska Weisz. She plays the girlfriend of Johann.

Just a little and completely obvious look into the mind of your typical male (me), as soon as she appeared on screen my thoughts were “Please God, let her get naked in this movie” and SHE DOES! So there’s that. The nudity is a little artsy, but it is still nudity as compared to no nudity. Oh man was it great though because I’ve never heard of her before and I’m like WOW they got a really hot chick to play this guy’s girlfriend – how great would it be if she also got nekkid… BOOM! 20 minutes later and there she is in her birthday suit and by that I mean with her boobs out and you can see the profile of her butt.

Good movie.


HOMELAND – I watched the first episode of Homeland last night. Good show. Everyone kept telling me how good that show was. By everyone I mean my parents and Conan O’Brien. I watched it and it was good. If you have Showtime, Homeland has all its episodes right now. The show is split between two peoples’ perspectives right now. The first is Claire Danes who works for Homeland Security or something or the CIA or something again. She works for the US government and she’s trying to stop terrorists from attacking us again. She gets a message from an informant right before he is killed that there is a terrorist plot brewing and it has to do with a POW that was turned. At the same time, we have Damien Lewis’ storyline of being a recently rescued POW who has been suspected dead for like 9 years I believe. So, is he the POW that has been turned? We get glimpses of the torture he has been through in the first episode and that he is lying about some of the stuff he went through. So maybe he is the terrorist, maybe he isn’t and Claire Danes is just nuts…

Either way… the first episode rocked because this chick…

gets NAKED!!!!!

Yep. That’s the Brazilian beauty Morena Baccarin who you may remember from V or Firefly/Serenity or some other random television shows. Anyway, she’s gorgeous and the first scene she is in she’s completely naked and seriously God bless her and the people of Homeland for that.

I think Claire Danes gets naked to… or I could be making that up. It seems like she’s going to get naked. We do see her wipe her vageen down with some wet toilet paper. I’m just saying that does happen. She’s clothed when she does it, but it does happen.

Also, speaking of… have you noticed over the past decade or so how many women pee in movies and television shows? It is really in movies more than TV. But if you’re watching a movie and the main character is a female then you have I think at least a 40% chance of seeing her peeing in the movie. I’m not sure why that started or what that means about our society, but we do see it happen a lot.

I haven’t seen Young Adult yet, but I do want to see it and I’m putting a $5 bet that we see Charlize Theron pee in that movie.

Was that post random enough?

How has your week been thus far?


2 Responses to “Random Wednesday Post Is Random”

  1. Nix said

    Good week. Short week. An ‘I-am-now-on-leave-for-3-weeks-3-days-into-the-week’ kinda week. So I am pretty satisfied with this particular week.

  2. You know, sometimes I get the feeling that you like naked ladies a lot…

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