Kristen Stewart Wants IT Wants You To Have A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December 29, 2011

We do… or I do.

Happy Thursday!

I have no year end list of my favorite this or my favorite that, but if it is just between the two of them then I’ll choose “that”.

“THAT” IS THE BEST IN 2011!!!!

Outside of that, I’m not going to recap what happened this year because every other website is doing as such.

There was a lot of wild stuff that happened this year. Osama Bin Laden was killed, the tsunami/earthquake that rocked Japan and I got an iPhone 4. Just crazy stuff. The NFL and the NBA both went through lockouts, Tim Pawlenty went extinct, Vancouver rioted and so did London, and I saw Thor in 3D and hated myself for doing so ever since. There have been ups and downs – mostly Alison Brie’s gorgeous bosom in gif form a million times over. Obama declared the end of the Iraq war, the Northern coast of Africa had an extreme face lift, Kim Jong Il is dead and Lady Gaga put out a shitty album that sound like Cher/Madonna/Shania Twain covers.

It has been a year full of days, 365 of them to be exact, with a myriad of hours, 24 per day, filled to the brim with a precise amount of minutes, 60 to an hour, and it all meant each and every second, 60 to a minute, was another experience to grow and become better from.

I don’t have all the words, dictionaries do, to express my thoughts and feelings about 2011.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and since I’m shy of 300 words for the moment, I will share two pictures with you that could sum up 2011 for me…

The first…

This is myself and a friend last night or early this morning doing some very early 2012 celebrating.

I hope your New Years Eve celebration is at the very least as festive as it was in this very 7-11 at 1:30am in Spring Lake, NJ.


To all that this website is beholden to…

Hey there 2011, who is metaphorically behind me at this moment and every moment from there on after…

Are you enjoying the view?

I want IT.

I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful end to 2011 and a beautiful start to 2012.

See you next year… unless Y2K12 gets us first!


One Response to “Kristen Stewart Wants IT Wants You To Have A HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  1. Your friend looks kind of turned on. Or maybe intoxicated… INTOXICATED WITH PASSION.

    Happy New Year! To you and the common taters and the Wantess too, I suppose.

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