I Watched A GOOD Movie Last Night Named “Another Earth” – Let’s Talk About It

January 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I haven’t seen a new picture of Kristen Stewart since mid-November. I’m starting to go insane! Is she ok? Has anyone seen her?! Of course, they haven’t seen her because if she had been seen there would be photographic evidence of that seeing. You see Barack Obama – you take a picture of him. You see Hugh Jackman – you take a picture of him. You see Kristen Stewart – she appears, WANTS IT and you take a picture! Basically, no pictures in two months means she may or may not be missing forever. Put an APB out on a white chick, most likely brunette although sometimes her hair kind of looks reddish and who knows she could have died it blonde or black because that has happened, she’s probably only 5’4″ or so, but she’s really well proportioned and it makes her legs look a hundred feet long it’s kind of an optical illusion, she stammers, bites her lip, probably playing with her hair after every other word she says, anti-social, and SHE WANTS IT! She wants IT more than any other living thing you’ve ever seen want anything! And she will not stop wanting IT the entire time she is in your view.

So… yeah.

I watched a movie last night!!!!

It was really good.

Another Earth was a movie I did not hear a single thing about when it wasn’t in any theaters, but in December when people started writing their wrap-up of 2011 articles and doing their “best of” 2011 movies lists – Another Earth was frequently mentioned. I was curious already considering there weren’t many “best of” type movies in 2011 and Another Earth was also being called a “sci-fi” movie and I hadn’t heard of it, so my interest was piqued.

Add into that, in the comments section of one article – yes, I read the comments section… all comments section – a humanoid anonymous commentator said that they loved Another Earth and that the last three seconds were amazing. 3 seconds? As in 1 – 2 – 3? That THREE seconds? And they were amazing? Added interest? More like multiplied or squared or multiplied to the exponential of N and N is a really high number. I needed to see the movie with the “amazing” 3 seconds.

Thankfully, the rest of the movie – the other 91 minutes and 57 seconds – were entertaining as well.

It’s an indie movie through and through, but it’s one of the separate breed of indie films where the guy making it is also good at computers and with that has some nice special effects that are used sparsely and with that makes it feel beyond an indie movie for a moment or two. I would say this movie is a cross between Primer and Monsters. Both movies I liked and out of the two of them, I would say it is more like Primer than Monsters, which is a good thing because Primer is better than Monsters. What I mean by that is the movie is focused more on the storyline, acting, cleverness of the idea than in Monsters, which was focused more on the beautiful face of the main character and that at some point we were going to see some big ridiculous special effect in this low budget movie.

That’s not to say that Brit Marling, the blonde in the poster above, isn’t fun to stare at for 90 minutes because it certainly is, but she does do a good job acting as well. She was actually on an episode of Community, but I don’t really remember her from it. Either way, Brit does a good job as our main character. It is also helped that she has a good/great veteran character actor playing off her in most of the movie: William Mapother. You may remember Will from Lost when he played Ethan one of those dastardly Others. He’s been in a bunch of stuff outside of that as well. Anyway… the two of them are in the movie as well as a fairly random Kumar Pallana who you would remember as Pagoda in The Royal Tenenbaums. 

Good flick. The sci-fi-ness of the movie is more an added spice than the main dish. The main dish is really a drama between two damaged people, but the beginning and end is zested with some sci-fi. I do love light sabers and laser beams and hover boards and alien spacecrafts, but sci-fi can be simple too and with that it can really add another lively element to a small idea. Well done to everyone involved in the movie.

And yes the last 3 seconds are amazing.

Amazing is an odd word choice, but yes they’re very good. It’s definitely an ending that leaves you wanting more.

I did mention Primer and Monsters in there. I know I’ve written about Monsters and how the movie is almost 1.5 hours of this…

That’s Whitney Able and you kind of just watch her face in slow motion for most of that movie and then you see aliens have sex. That’s Monsters and it’s pretty good.

Meanwhile… Primer…

… is excellent.

I’m a big fan of this movie Primer. It’s from 2004 and cost under $10,000 to make and it is a good good good good good movie. It’s about a bunch of smart guys who really aren’t using their brains for anything special at work, so they get together in the one guy’s garage every so often to try and create some ingenious scientific thing so that they can patent it and make the money off of it and not have to work their boring cubicle job. What they end up creating is a time travel device. From there, the movie – without any special effects or anything – makes a dark and simple time travel movie that is also realistic, if there is such a thing. Also, the main actor is the director, the editor, did the music and everything.

It’s probably the most clever movie especially for the money it cost to make. Generally, really cheap movies translate to 1 of 2 varieties – the cutest love story ever told or horror. It’s either 500 Days of Summer with less bells and whistles or it’s Paranormal Activity/Blair Witch Project type stuff. Either way… Primer is neither and at the same time it deals with time travel and the affects of it in a way that hasn’t been dealt with.

Meanwhile, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is about as entertaining as watching paint dry in your flat in London-town.

Anything else going on in this wild and crazy world?

Anything I should be covering?

I was going to write a whole expose on the Kim Kardashian vs. Amber Rose feud, but I fall into a catatonic state after I look at too many pictures of them. Also, neither of them is with the guy that they were with when there was a problem, so why can’t the two of them just kiss and make-up? Right? Like literally… could they just kiss? Like all the time. In all honesty, Kim Kardashian’s sex video is the best celeb sex video, so I’m sure she can make an excellent sequel with Amber Rose. It is what the people want!

So yeah… MOVIES!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “I Watched A GOOD Movie Last Night Named “Another Earth” – Let’s Talk About It”

  1. Kimberlesk said

    Regarding Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy — I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!! I wasted 2+ hours of my life over the weekend watching this movie and I want them back! Srsly, I needed to look up spoilers on the internet during the movie to figure our WTF was going on!

    As for Another Earth — really, really good — I really enjoyed that and I agree on the special effects. Perfectly done and just enough. The end was jaw-dropping good!! I absolutely wanted more!

  2. KStewBoy said

    In absence of any new pictures of Kristen, I have to thank you for pointing me in the direction the lovely Ms. Brit Marling. I will be seeking a copy of Another Earth this weekend.

  3. Michelle said

    I saw ‘Another Earth’ and I liked it. Amazing scene with a guy playing a saw – how many movies have that?! Do you know if that scene is on Youtube or anywhere else on line? I am trying to find it but all I found was an MP3 of the music on the composer’s website

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