Happy MLK Day… I’m Probably Going To Go Eat Pancakes

January 16, 2012

Happy Monday! Happy Holiday! Happy Existence of Martin Luther King, Jr.!

I hope you are all having a wonderful break from your jobs and if you are stuck at work then you should spend the afternoon lecturing them about a man, a Georgia man, who took the greatest nation on Earth’s attention like wildfire and whose spirit and whose beliefs and whose courage helped change this country of people to a new direction that would eventually lead to my own undisputed love for the people that we are and can be in the future. The United States was a great country in the 1960’s, 50’s, 40’s and so on and did accomplish many great things before 1964, but if you want to honestly look me in the eye and tell me that a government and people who lived in a world that had yet to fully declare their unabashed hatred for racism was a better place to live and say you were from then it was after 1964 then you are out of your fucking mind. Human beings are beautiful and Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for the beauty in all of us as people. I can’t imagine living in a country without Civil Rights for its people and I’m glad I haven’t. I was born in 1983 and, yes, there was racism in 1983 and there is still heavy amounts of racism to this day even with the election of a black President. But in 1963, not only was there racism, but it was accepted, supported and there was recourse against. In today’s world, there is hatred in people’s hearts and you will never be able to cure all of it. It will always be a percentage out there. But we have made great strides to shrink that percentage and one major indelible moment was when our nation’s government, our laws took those people to task for their racism and now would hold them accountable for it. Our government is not our enemy and it shames me seeing some politicians trying to make that lie the truth by dishonoring the people who elected them. I love this country. I love it because it breeds men like Martin Luther King, Jr. and it breeds men who in 1964 who had been elected into the governing body of this country took his ideas and tried to make them reality.

I hope you have a great day.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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