This Week In Kristen Stewart Wants IT #FOX

January 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

Again, you somehow made it. You somehow made it to the end of this week without succumbing to the world’s chaos and/or eating yourself into a coma on pancakes and syrup. It’s difficult to make it through each week when both of those options are readily available to us at all times. We have the freedom to chose to eat pancakes until our untimely demise and seriously that option plagues me every waking second of my life. I imagine it does for you as well. I can think of 10 places within 3 miles of where I’m sitting that makes pancakes and a couple of them are open almost 24 hours a day. So it’s a struggle.

Either way, we made it. We made it together. We are survivors!

Anyway… I’m not sure what I’m talking about anymore or what to talk about anymore.

I feel like the weeks news is non-existent. What is happening anymore?! The Republican nominee race is still going on and is still Romney’s race to lose and is still funny, but sort of crazy boring at the same time. Everyone getting so hyped on Newt was just like them getting hyped on Ron Paul or Santorum or Herman Cain or Bachmann or Pawlenty or any of the other people they got hyped on until the next week when they forgot about them and moved on to the next person. I mean for three days there before New Hampshire people were getting hyped on Jon Huntsmen and 4 months prior to that people were getting hyped on him as the guy that no one had ever heard of and in the end no one still has never heard of him. It’s a 24 hour news cycle so you fill the gaps as best you can. Oh yeah, we found an esoteric straw poll orchestrated by some .com that asked “which candidate would you vote for if you voted on likeability mixed with best hair and who you would think would be tough on Congress and enjoy watching an episode of Three’s Company?” Well, maybe Rick Perry wins there and then Wolf Blitzer does 15 hours on that and you get tricked into think Rick is even in the race or had a shot at winning the race at any point.

Seriously, there was a few week stretch in 2007 that John McCain was running against the judge from Law & Order and people honestly believed the judge had a shot. Are you people nuts?!

Anyway… that’s still happening.

It’s Friday and Friday means… not much. There are not too many new movies out there worth seeing if you’re planning on going to the theaters. There is still Haywire, which I recommend for Gina and not really for the rest of the movie. Of the new movies coming out, Man on a Ledge looks to be the best because I cannot think of anything else coming out today. So, Friday might be best served getting good and drunk until you cannot remember Friday or what happened throughout the week.

As for Saturday…

CAGE FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!



There will be at the very least THREE FIGHTS LIVE AND FREE ON FOX.

The fights are…

Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman

Middleweights! 185 pounders! Demian is a Brazilian gentleman with a good deal of experience who has previously fought for his weight class’ title. He is primarily a submission grappler with his blackbelt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but he has been improving his stand-up by leaps and bounds. Chris Weidman is a former NCAA Division I national champion wrestler from Hofstra University. He is young in the sport of MMA, but is undefeated and has shown amazing submission grappling in his short career. Weidman stepped up to take this fight on less than two weeks notice as Maia was originally scheduled to face someone else on this card who is in this next fight…

Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

Middleweights! Again! Two of the mouthiest dudes in the UFC will square off in a title eliminator match meaning that whoever wins will get to fight for the middleweight belt against Anderson Silva later this year. Bisping was set to face Maia, but Sonnen’s originally opponent Mark Munoz dropped out of the fight due to injury. Now it is the loud mouth Brit Bisping against the even louder mouthed American Sonnen. Bisping has an incredible record in MMA, won the Ultimate Fighter crown in season 3, and is known for his speed and kickboxing. Sonnen is a grinder, a highly decorated wrestler for the University of Oregon, and he was within in a couple of minutes of winning the belt from Anderson Silva two years ago. These two are sound bite machines and are fighting for a shot at the title, so it should be great. Also, they’re both not used to the switch in opponent, so that’s interesting as well.

And the main event…

Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

Light-Heavyweights! 205 pounders! Rashad has only lost once in his career at that loss cost him the UFC light-heavyweight championship that he had recently won. With a win over Phil Davis, Rashad will get another title shot against the current champion Jon Jones who he has legitimate beef with as they used to be friends/training partners. Rashad is a former collegiate wrestler out of Michigan State, but his best skill in MMA is his powerful strikes. He has earned knockouts with his fists, feet, knees and so forth. As for Phil Davis, he is a former NCAA Division I national champion wrestler from Penn State University who has quickly gone 9-0 in MMA and has shown wild abilities for a fighter so young in his career. He is big, strong, athletic and a win over Rashad would be monumental. It is not guaranteed that if Phil wins he will get to fight Jon Jones, but depending on how he wins he might get that shot. Either way, if Davis wins then he is not far from a title shot at all.

I’m fucking PSYCHED!!!!!

The fights are in Chicago at the United Center where the Bulls play and all that good stuff.

What else?

That was your Saturday night – drinking, eating, boner poking and CAGEFIGHTS.

As for Sunday… I’m legitimately planning on getting the ROYAL RUMBLE on PPV.

I always loved the Royal Rumble and with no football until next week, I will be entertainment-less come Sunday evening.

I’m planning on getting it. I haven’t watched a WWE PPV in at least a year. I had gotten the past two Wrestlemania’s before that. The ones highlighted by Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker’s match.

With the UFC fights on for free, I may be spending some bucks on the WWE this weekend.

What else?

Well, there was this I saw…

Kristen Stewart wants IT.

It also looks like she GOT IT in this picture.

Like she GOT IT like a couple seconds ago and now she’s reveling in it.

Either way, wants IT and gots IT … that chick is doing something with IT.

I hope you have a great weekend.

I love you, long time.

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