Munnday Funday And By That I Mean I Saw Those Olivia Munn Pictures!

March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

You survived the weekend!

Actually, I survived the weekend! Which I won’t lie was touch and go there for a minute. Drove up to Boston on Thursday, got drunk each day that I was there, ate some wildly unhealthy food generally in the balance, and on the Sunday afternoon drive back my acid reflux was tearing through me like the John-Hurt-stomach-opening-birth-scene inAlien. Either way, I’m here now.

I had never really spent any time in Boston, Mass before and my first impression is that it’s a lot like Philadelphia.

It’s a living monument to US history, the nice places have red bricked ground, filled with bars and restaurants, and there are areas of the city you wouldn’t go to in the shining Sunlight of day on a double-dog-dare.

The big difference I noticed was black people or lack there of. There are a billion trillion more black people in Philadelphia than Boston. I know that Boston has black people, but it’s a drop in the bucket in comparison. There are enough white people acting black to make up for some of the inequality with black totals.

Linked to the ethnic diversity, Boston is filled with ASIANS! Tons of them. There may be more Asians than anything else. So many. Now, I do know that Asians being from Asia biggest continent and all can look very different and can be very different, so let’s just look towards the more stereotypical Asian of the variety that has the more Chinese, Korean, Japanese aesthetic. I presume it is because of M.I.T. or possibly Harvard as well, but todo los Asians in Boston.

Philadelphia is similar, but instead of those Asiasn, they’ve got the sub-continent Asians as in Indians. Not the ones that we oddly call Native Americans sometimes, but the ones actually from INDIA as in the 1.5 billion of them in India. That is because of UPenn. Either way, Asians, sub-continent Asians… it’s all the same. It’s an enormous amount of smart people that are not white, black or hispanic.

What else?

Oh yeah, go to the Harpoon brewery……. NOW!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!

Apparently, they do brewery tours at Harpoon on the weekend, which I’m sure they do a good job with and could be a good time, but go to Harpoon during the week and do a “tasting”. It is free – all though you do feel inclined to tip, which I of course did because I’m a good guy I don’t know why you think otherwise – and it is an hour long. You are given a tasting glass and a set of 15 different beers on tap and two bartenders who work as such and as information centers about the Harpoon beers. For about 20 minutes of the hour, you get to hear about the history of Harpoon and an explanation of each of the 15 beers. The other 40 minutes, you get to drink as many of those beers as you want/can. I must’ve tried about half of the beers that range from kind of fruity beers to a 12% that tasted like it was honey wine. Great place.

I did go to Sam Adams as well. They do a pretty standard tour, which is cool and they explain stuff about making beer et cetera. At the end, you get to try 3 beers. It was a pretty run-of-the-mill tour, but you do get to keep the tasting glass and if you go to a bar called Doyle’s, which is about 500 feet from the brewery and order a Sam Adams there then you get to keep that pint glass as well. So, if you’re a sucker for free beer company glasses, which I think many of us are then Sam Adams is definitely worth the time.

For anyone who is reading this and does know Boston well these are the rest of the places I went that I can remember… Hungry Mother (the greatest place ever), The Whiskey Priest, Sea Dog Brewery, Good Life, Saus, and Spike’s hot dogs.

What else?


On Saturday night there were two women’s MMA fights at 135 pounds aka the bantamweight division.The fights were on Showtime for the company Strikeforce.

The first was a number one contender’s match between Sarah Kaufman and Alexis Davis. IT WAS A BLOODY BRAWL!!!! Fuck yes! Seriously, people don’t get that if you want women’s equality in sports then MMA has given it to you. The chicks fight just like the men and on a lot of nights – better. This was the best fight of the night bar none. The main event, which I’ll get to was crazy exciting, but short. Meanwhile, Sarah and Alexis went toe-to-fucking-toe for 15 minutes. The first 10 it is Sarah beating up Alexis with Alexis not stopping. The last 5 minutes, Alexis finally gets her opportunity and lays a whooping on Sarah for that last round.Two rounds to one is a win for Sarah, but Alexis looked great in that fight. She may not have won, but she is clearly one of the better female fighters in the world and would be a tough fight for anyone including Sarah Kaufman who is top 3 women in the world.

The main event was just an adrenaline rush between Miesha Tate (the champ) vs. Ronda Rousey (the challenger). Rousey had been talking a lot of trash and in some people’s eyes was kind of the beloved anti-hero going into the fight, which was made even better with her “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett walkout music. If you didn’t read my extensive article on Rousey then shame on you, but Ronda is a 2x Olympian and 1x bronze medal winner in Judo – which was the first women’s Judo medal in US history. She also just turned 25 last month. Miesha and Ronda have no love loss for each other and the two came straight across the cage at each other and just started teeing off. Ronda does what she does best and flipped Miesha to the ground and pulled off an arm snapping armbar, but Miesha somehow fought through the pain and ended up rolling out. The two tussle some more with Ronda scoring two more takedowns and then Ronda grabbed another arm and wrenched on this one worse than the other and it literally looked like she had folded Miesha’s arm in half. Miesha tapped. Ronda is the new champion. Somehow, Miesha’s are didn’t get broken, but we’ll have to wait and see about ligament damage. Amazing fight and career thus far for Ronda.

I highly highly highly highly suggest you watch these fights. If you haven’t seen a chick MMA fight before then you MUST see them. And if you have then you DOUBLE MUST see them. I’m sure a few of you are clever enough to know where to download illegal things, but may I suggest typing into google “miesha tate vs. ronda rousey fight video” and “alexis davis vs. sarah kaufman fight video” might be a good start. They need to be watched.

What else?

Well, I did reference Munn, Olivia Munn. The pictures are nothing naughtier than you haven’t already seen of her in many magazines. The only difference is that there are a couple with text on them that are Penthouse sex fantasy material that presumably Olivia wrote or presumably someone just wrote on there saying she wrote it. And there’s a naked shot, but her head isn’t in the picture. Either way, she’s a sexy lady which we already knew.

What else?

I don’t know.

You tell me!

I was drinking in Boston for the past 4 days and watching cage fights on my computer, so maybe you need to tell me what’s up?!


I love you?


2 Responses to “Munnday Funday And By That I Mean I Saw Those Olivia Munn Pictures!”

  1. I assume you’re not addressing the leaked Christina Hendricks pictures because if you even so much as think about them for a millisecond your pants explode violently.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Wooo… just saw the alleged Christina Hendricks photo… singular. Unless there are more, I only saw the one. I NEED MORE! And preferably with her face in there as well and maybe in some roleplaying outfits. And photos of her butt and other stuff as well. Maybe just one where she’s just lightly kissing the receptionist who married Don at the end of last season.

      I’m not asking for too much here.

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