Hines Ward Is Making Me Cry Like A Little Girl…

March 20, 2012

… a little girl who loves the…



Happy Tuesday!

I am listening to Hines’ retirement speech and as said as it is to hear it, it is a good moment. Hines played for 14 years as a Pittsburgh Steeler and they were great years. Noticeably, in the past year, Hines wasn’t playing the way Hines used to play as time had begun catching up to him. At the end of the season, the Steelers did not re-sign three veteran players James Farrior, Aaron Smith, and Hines Ward. Hopefully, Aaron retires as well, but it is a bitter sweet moment seeing Hines retire. He should retire. It is always truly depressing watching an athlete play past their own abilities and then start getting roughed up by the next generation. With this, Hines will not tarnish any of his legacy and even more so won’t put himself needlessly out there on the field gambling whether or not he could get injured badly at the end of his career.

As for Hines’ career – 1000 receptions, 2x Super Bowls, MVP of the Super Bowl, 4x Pro Bowl, and has decleated at least a dozen defenders including Ed Reed, oh yeah and he broke the jaw of that dude in Cleveland, AND won the Dancing with the Stars!

Hell of a career. Hines easily goes down in history as one of the best Pittsburgh Steelers to play the game and there are a shit ton of those guys. But also, Hines is a Hall of Famer. I think people may look at his stats in comparison to some other wide receivers who have better numbers, but I don’t think those guys have as much clout as Ward does with how he played the game, being a team player, being known for more than just catching passes, and, of course, being apart of 2 Super Bowl winning teams and being the MVP of one of them.

Hines’ retirement speech was mostly based around he couldn’t imagine wearing another team’s uniform and not being cheered on by “Steeler Nation”. It is something that few teams experience – players retiring because they can’t imagine playing for anyone else or being cheered on by anyone else. It’s something that I’m glad I’m apart of in my small way. I’m glad it has worked out that I rooted for a team at a young age that has only lived up to be what I would want to cheer for.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins are getting smashed by players saying that they would never want to play for them and they’re whiffing on signing people, getting rid of good players, and just signed a mid-30’s QB who had back surgery last year and didn’t play a snap all last year… something needs to change in Miami.

Peyton going to Denver? Seemed like the likely choice when it comes down to it. If Peyton wanted to stay in the AFC then his choices were Denver, Tennessee, and Miami. Tennessee was a novelty pick with Peyton playing in college there, but he didn’t play in college for the Titans. Miami is what I just said they are with Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross apparently being big douches to these players. So, we’ve got Denver left with buddy boy John Elway, guarantee starting position, and a better than average defense. It all comes down to whether or not Peyton can still take a hit. If he can then he can play, if he can’t then Denver is fucked.

I think Kansas City has gotten a lot better.

The Jets are still the exact same Jets. Signing LaRon Landry is a fun signing because he’s famous and built like a brick shit house, but I don’t think he closes any holes that their defense has.

The Patriots seem to be revamping their offense, but come next year teams will still need to worry about the same three guys they had to worry about this season most of all: Welker, Hernandez, Gronkowski.

Who else?

Meh… I talked so much football yesterday I’m almost worn out right now about it.

I can’t wait to see the draft and then Hard Knocks and then football. It’s so depressing it is all so far away.

First day of Spring, huh?

It felt like it was Summer yesterday. I was wearing a button down shirt and jeans and was sweating my nuts off yesterday.


One Response to “Hines Ward Is Making Me Cry Like A Little Girl…”

  1. PWG said

    I keep trying to comment from my phone and getting cockblocked. Just so you don’t think you’re talking to the void and all, I had quite a rant about how not funny Will Ferrell is yesterday and it wouldn’t let me post because of some WordPress authentication thing.

    $96 million for five years? Mmm hmm, we’ll see. My prediction was $42 million for a 3-year contract. They’re dealing Tebow to Jacksonville or some shit, and Quinn is gone. Now all of a sudden it’s all riding on Manning, who I’m going to start calling Colt Bronco. That should totally be his porn name.

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