I’ve Got Little To Nothing Today…

May 3, 2012

Happy Thursday…. blah.

It’s just ugly again today outside and I had a bunch of weird and confrontational dreams last night and didn’t get good sleep, plus I’m supposed to write an article due next Wednesday and no one that I’m supposed to get quotes from has responded back with quotes yet, which is making me feel wonderful and not nervous in the least bit.

The dreams? One, I was fighting zombies in one of them. Of course, everything was going well up until the point that I killed maybe my 6th or 7th zombie using this enormous butcher knife. It was going well until I stabbed this 7 foot tall 400 pound muscular crazy looking zombie in the head a few times right in the middle of the head, but he didn’t die and grabbed me and bit into my neck and I woke up. So that was a fun dream, right?

The other may have been even weirder. I was at a football game (I had a couple football related dreams last night) and it was the Giants and the Patriots and somehow my Dad and I were down on the sideline during the game. After one play, I noticed a little kid dressed as a football player laying near the sideline, but on the field and some other little kid was calling for help. I ran over there to try and help and there was some asshole middle age guy yelling that I knew something about why this kid was seemingly unconscious. I was yelling at him and trying to get answers from him. Eventually, it turned into an almost fist fight and then it started to come clear that this guy probably did something to the kid, so I started yelling at him to tell me what he did and I woke up. Fun dream, right?

Why can’t I just dream about Kate Upton doing that “cat daddy” dance over and over and over and over and over again?

What else?

Robbles’ first clip from the movie Cosmopolis is out. It looks … captiva… scintilla… it looks Cronenbergian.

What else?

People usually blame Americans for all the bad taste we supposedly have and that’s because that’s a simple cliche that we can throw around without really thinking about anything. I imagine those people don’t actually look around to see what the rest of the world is into because they have horrible taste too. You can see this specifically from overseas box office reports, the fact that every country ever has aDancing with the Stars, but no proper healthcare, and … music. Have you heard music from other countries? GOOD GOD. It’s hard to imagine pop songs that are poppier than Katy Perry, but that’s only if you haven’t ever listened to music from other countries. Anyway…

The Avengers for whatever reason is out overseas first and has been in these “overseas theaters” for 8 days. I don’t know where technically the “overseas theaters” are, but so far they’ve made $281.1 million. If you would like to refer to your journal of past overseas box office numbers you will recall that Captain American in total made $192 million, Iron Man made $267 million, Thor made $268 million, and Iron Man 2 made $311.5 million. So in 8 days, The Avengers has eclipsed all but one of those numbers and clearly will eclipse the last sooner than later. Meanwhile, the movie opens this Friday and there are midnight screenings I suppose tonight and it’s going to make a BILLION DOLLARS this weekend.


I just read this fact…

Men at Work’s album Business As Usual sold 15 million copies worldwide in the early 1980’s. That INSANE! I like “Who Can It Be Now?” and “Down Under” as much as the next person, but COME THE FUCK ON!

I can’t fight it. I would’ve bought it too. Although, I wasn’t alive when it came out.

I feel a little bit better after listening to “Down Under”. I won’t lie.


One Response to “I’ve Got Little To Nothing Today…”

  1. Hi! I hope you get your quotes. I hope you get to drink some, what is that stuff you really like now? Something cinnamon? Yeah, and I met a guy who runs some kind of MMA thing in NJ-he was visiting my mini-man’s dojo for a board-breaking event, and he signed the little guy’s broken board piece…cool, huh? No, I can’t remember his name, sorry! Have a nice weekend, I’m going to try to find Bel Ami on Amazon VOD now….you did not review that one, I’ll fill you in later, mkay?

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