Moonrise Kingdom is Harry Potter fan-fiction and other things…

May 29, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

We have survived the weekend together! We are still here and we’re hustling and bustling and awake… that’s the most important thing. We awoke.

As we are awake, let’s talk a couple things…

The first being Wes Anderson’s newest epic…


It was excellent as always.

Wes has yet to make a movie that I wouldn’t describe as anything less than excellent. I love all of his work. His movies are punctuated in every frame and every word uttered and every look given and every musical note played by Wes. It is very specific to that man. I could see a person who doesn’t like his movies never liking his movies and that horribly out of touch person I pity. I think it would be a sad life not being on the winning team of loving Wes’ works.

As for Moonrise Kingdom, it’s a great subtle adventure movie about a young boy and girl who feel like social outcasts who run away together into woods. The parents of the girl, the cub scout master of the boy, the local police sheriff, social services, a rival scout troop, all the cub scouts you can imagine and a dog named Snoopy are put in charge of finding these two innocent lovebirds as the forage a new life for themselves in the wilderness. I wouldn’t say this movie is for kids even though there are a lot of kids in it. I think the movie is for adults. The characters are generally a mix of grown-ups interacting with children and vice versa and neither appears to have evolved too much emotionally or intelligently past the other.

Funny, screwy, bits of honesty, and you leave the theater satisfied or at least Wes fans will.

One thing though I kept noticing that was throwing me off was that the kids reminded me of Harry Potter so much…

This is our main character Sam. He has the glasses like Harry Potter, is an orphan, an outcast, and getting into trouble.

This is Suzy. She is our Hermione. She kind of looks like Emma Watson to begin with. She comes from a family, but she is unique to them and also gets into trouble and has no friends and is looking for something more. Also, she acts a lot more grown-up than she is.

The two of them run away together because at first they both recognize they need to get away and secondly they realize they love each other.

Are you telling me, there isn’t some Harry Potter fan-fiction out there about Harry and Hermione running away together? There has got to be at least a couple of those. Now, I know fan-fiction tends to bend the reality of the original story by a lot by having vampires now as office workers or ninjas now as doctors or what have you, so how far off is it that Harry Potter could be a cub scout and Hermione could just be the cute/nutso chick on the same island.

That’s another thing! They live on an island called New Penzance that is in New England. I’ve heard of another island and it’s called ENGLAND that is in ENGLAND which is where the Potter et al were. So, instead of wizards and British accents. Cub scouts and white collar fishing towns.

It’s hard to tell here, but the kid with the white shirt and the red cross on it standing behind Ed Norton… that kid is the jealous Ron Weasley.

In Harry Potter, Ron gets to put it to Hermione and in this fan-fiction rewrite Ron is actually the psychopath lead scouts who wants to stop Harry and Hermione by any means necessary. The rest of the scouts could be any assortment of Hogwarts kids who take orders early on and then grow a back bone later.

The rest of the people? Well, I guess Ed Norton could be one of the Hogwarts teachers and Bruce Willis is Dumbledore who is straight in this movie as opposed to the raging queen he is in the Harry Potter movies. Social Services is a female Voldemort. I think you can really just fill in the blanks of who you want where. It is fan-fiction afterall.

The main point is that the raccoon hat wearing, four eyes having kid is Harry Potter and he ends up with the European dressed Hermione.

So there’s that…


The UFC fights were great. Tons of stoppages. Three fights went to decision and the rest ended and ended quickly. The five fights on the main card went something like this: 1st round submission, 2nd round TKO, 1st round KO, 1st round TKO, 2nd round TKO. I believe that was the order of events, so it was a fun and quick pay per view. The undercard hosted the three decisions as well as a few KOs and submissions. It was an interesting night of fights of dudes just going after it. A lot of highlight reel material.

Basketball… well… the 76ers lost. And the Spurs won. And the Heat just won. I’m pretty comfortable with all of that because that’s what I expected to happen. I think the Spurs will continue to win and make the finals and same goes for the Heat. I don’t think either team will sweep, but they’ll get there.

Game of Thrones did a great job handling the Blackwater battle. Sure there were things missing as there always will be, but it was another good episode and what they did keep they did well. Another great episode for Cersei and Tyrion. Next week’s should be interesting as they will wrap up the storylines for basically everyone else. Or wrap them up for this season. Nothing ever concludes definitely in this book series.

Girls and Veep had strong episodes like always. A lot of growing experiences for all the characters in Girls. For Veep, I’m thoroughly into this show. I can’t wait to see each episode and how it evolves next.

Outside of that, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend and I would love to hear about them or your thoughts about life or any Harry Potter fan-fiction that is inappropriately sexually charged that you’re working on or whatever else you have rolling around in that brain of yours.

2 Responses to “Moonrise Kingdom is Harry Potter fan-fiction and other things…”

  1. Well, that all works surprisingly well… Though I would’ve said the injured kid was Malfoy, but then you wouldn’t have a Ron. So maybe the three little brothers are Malfoy and his two bully friends instead, since they were sort of little shits.

    I feel like “Sam” could be the next generation’s Joseph Gordon Levitt.

    I also feel like sometimes Veep should just be called “Buster Gets A Job” and I’m totally ok with that.

  2. tiffanized said

    Three things I did NOT do this weekend:
    1. Win a pinup contest.
    2. See Moonrise Kingdom, Veep or one single UFC fight.
    3. Learn my lesson about replying to texts from a person I had renamed “Shithead” in my phone contacts.

    I’m particularly sad about the second one.

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