SHIBA INU PUPPY CAM For All The Gold In Fort Knox

June 12, 2012

Happy Martes!

No one talks about Fort Knox anymore unless there are parallel dimensions out there and in one of them a platinum blonde Jeremy Irons is raving about it.

What have I been up to since we last met on this blog when I gave my hilarious review for “Prometheus”?

PUPPY CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been dedicated to watching the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam because it’s FUCKING BACK! AND WITH AUTHORITY!

I have no idea how to embed something from ustream onto this website, but either way CLICK THE LINK and NEVER STOP WATCHING AGAIN.

There are 5 Shiba Inu puppies that are less than a month old. 4 are brown and 1 is white. 2 are girls and 3 are boys. The brown ones where different colored collars to set them apart. And THEY ARE THE CUTEST FUCKING THINGS TO EVER EXIST! THEY ARE GOD’S TEARS FORMED INTO PUFF BALLS OF YAWNING!

What do these pup wup pups do?

Not a Hell of a lot. Mostly because they’ve just started breathing life within the past month.

For the most part, the 5 of them sleep. They sleep for like 2 minutes and then get up and move because they’re constantly on the move. Where do they go and how do they end up? That’s the greatest piece of entertainment. Sometimes they go off to a corner, stumbling drunkenly along the way. Other times they find the closest relative of theirs and climb onto them like they’re a living mattress. And the best of all, they will fall face first into one of the others’ crotches or butts.

Yesterday, there was a moment where I believe the green collared one climbed over the white one and left a piece of poop behind right on white’s shoulder. YOU CAN’T WRITE THIS STUFF!

It’s absolutely more entertaining than anything else on TV yesterday. Stanley Cup playoffs? Pffffftttt… if you’re a Kings fan maybe. But who really is a Kings fan? No one. Tonight there is Workaholics which is the funniest show on TV, but that’s only a half hour away from Puppy Cam. Last night, I even watched Conan in Chicago while the Puppy Cam was just sitting there open on my laptop. I CAN’T STOP WATCHING!

Currently, these pups are the 4th litter of Shiba Inu’s and 4 = D in the alphabet, so all the pup’s have a D name.

Daiichi – Blue collar
Meaning – First (as in first boy)

Dango – Green collar
Meaning – Dumpling


Dosha – Pink collar
Meaning – Earth & Sand

Daisuki – Purple collar
Meaning – Lovable

Dakota – No collar
Cream girl

I’m not in love with the names honestly. I will continue to call them by collars and “white one”.

I haven’t mentioned the mother yet, but every so often the wonderful mother of these puppies comes into their socialist shared bed and gives them a tongue bath or noses them around or is ganged up on by the puppies for feeding time. Not to say that this is a possibility, but any woman that has breast fed should be thankfully she didn’t have to feed a litter of 5 or 4 or even 1 Shiba Inu puppy because they are the furthest thing from gentle with those nips. It gets violent at dinner time.

I wish I could be paid to live tweet about this amazing Puppy Cam because I will only go into the pour house sitting and staring and watching these puppies grow little by little over the next few months until my retinas have burned away and I am covered in bed sores and everyone has abandoned me. PUPPY CAM! YOU WILL BE MY UNDOING! But I love you. I love you, Puppy Cam.

Puppy Cam is more addicting than Bath Salts and Battlestar Galactica.


6 Responses to “SHIBA INU PUPPY CAM For All The Gold In Fort Knox”

  1. Kim said

    Thx — that puppy cam is too effing cute! There goes any free time I have and probably most of my work time too! Luv this!

  2. It is taking all of the strength within my being to refrain from watching Puppy Cam while at work. Someone’s gotta answer these pointless emails and do these mundane tasks!

  3. tiffanized said

    I’m watching. At first, they were all asleep sort of on their backs seemingly dreaming of running. Then their mom came in and the white one couldn’t get to a nipple so she started climbing over the mom and then the mom LICKED THE PUPPY’S ASSHOLE for a minute. I’d like to point this out as poor parenting. Now they are all play fighting. The white one is fighting with her own leg–she’s clearly the idiot of the litter. She fell asleep. One of the other puppies stepped on her vagina and she didn’t even wake up.

    They fall over a lot, don’t they? It’s very cute. A little TOO cute. Maybe someone is under the little puppy bed knocking them over from underneath. There’s no way puppies are this cute all the time. Maybe they’re robots? Robot puppies. Pupbots.

    • There’s a lot of asshole-licking. Like a lot a lot. I usually have to look away at those times.

      I think your hypothesis about the white one being the dumb one is right. There’s the getting pooped on, stepped on and self-chewing. Plus I watched her try to nurse from the mother’s asshole earlier, so… But she’s also kind of my favorite because she looks like the tiniest polar bear baby.

  4. Illy said

    Do you really think there is gold in Fort Knox? Lol. Your a character. 🙂

  5. nixhaw said


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