Being Compared To A Male Character From “FRIENDS” Is Always Good

June 20, 2012


To all of the Miami Heat fans or people rooting for the Miami Heat, at least.

You OKCers are probably a little down in the dumps even though if your team can stay together through the offseason will be THAT much better going into next year. You’ve got a wildly great team. It just so happens there’s also a bunch of greats in Miami too. In all likelihood, we could be seeing these same two teams in the FINALS next year.

From a purely basketball fan stand point, this playoffs has been amazing. I think there has been some great play by new stars who you’ll be rooting for for years to come. Exciting games with talented teams and a lot of crowd noise. Also, I don’t think there has been anything too ugly this year to besmirch the playoffs. At least none that I can remember.

In the East, the Sixers looked great (first time in a long time), Celtics looked great (and everyone thought they were broken down old men), the Pacers showed some great promise (team hustle), and the Heat have gone to back-to-back NBA finals kind of solidifying that “the decision” as stupid as it was made that it was the right one.

In the West, Lakers still have spark without Phil Jackson (just not enough of it), Spurs looked infallible (until the Thunder got a hold of them), Clippers! THE CLIPPERS WERE IN THE PLAYOFFS AND MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST ROUNDS (never thought I would see the day), and the Thunder are a juggernaut and will be for years (win or lose).

Either way, let’s talk about the TV show FRIENDS for a moment.

The other day I was thinking about how people are like “you’re the George Costanza of the group” or “you’re the Jeff Winger of the group”. I don’t who the fuck these people are who make these comments and I don’t know who their boring ass friends are that they say these things to, but when it comes to the male threesome (that’s what she said) on
Friends – you can’t get a bad comparison.

If you’re Chandler, Joey, or Ross then you’re gold. None of them have any real problems. They’re all filled with positives.

To illustrate this, I wrote a little dialogue sequence between three imaginary friends named #1, #2, and #3. The scene begins right after #1 has just said something funny and the other two friends have laughed heartily because of it. Oh and for the sake of realism, imagine that they’re all white. I don’t think there is a section on the universe that people of other races are having this conversation about Friends.

#1 – I think I’m the Chandler of the group.

#2 – You mean the funny one?

#1 – Yeah, I’m quick witted, always trying to make people laugh.

#2 – Yeah, sure. I can see that. I wouldn’t argue that you weren’t funny.

#3 – What does that make me?

#1 & #2 – You? Joey!

#3 – So, I’m the lovable, but sort of dopey Italian heart throb who gets with all the
hot chicks? I’m more than fine with that.

#2 – What does that make me? Ross?

#1 – I guess. He’s the last one.

#2 – I’m a successful scientist who bangs Jennifer Aniston?

#3 – Not bad there.

#1 – Not bad at all.

#2 – You really can’t get a bad Friends character. They all lived pretty miraculous

#3 – Good show. I know it was super popular, but dare I say still underrated.

– end scene –

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have.


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