Kristen Stewart Wants IT presents: PUPPY!

July 6, 2012


Happy (couple days past) Fourth of July! YEAH! U-S-A! U-S-A!

On the fourth, I drank a few classy whiskey drinks, got inebriated off of them, watched fireworks, drank some vodka drinks, got inebriated off of them, watched a movie, and fell asleep.

What I awoke to the next day was this…

Her name is Chloe.

She’s a Shih-Tzu, Maltese mix.

She really didn’t do anything yesterday. It was a big day for her. She kind of just slept a lot. She barely ate or drank anything if at all. She peed on herself twice.

After a night’s sleep, she’s currently just scurrying around. She keeps trying to teeth on the rug or on the table’s wooden chairs. I keep doing the Cesar Milan sharp breath noise and then throwing a miniature stuffed monkey toy at her. She seems to understand why I’m doing that kind of. She’s made a few noises, eaten some food, drank some water. Outside of that, she’s skiddish, but has given me some licks when I get onto the ground closer to her eye level.

She’s about 4 pounds now and will DOUBLE IN SIZE(!) to around 10 pounds.

So, we’ve got 4 dogs in the house and my sister spending the weekend, which will make it 5 with her golden retriever.

We’ve had 4 dogs before and this line-up is pretty similar. A golden (instead of a different golden), a miniature dachshund (the same from the original line-up), a miniature poodle (instead of a West Highland white terrier), and, now, this pint sized half-breed (instead of a tea cup poodle). Pretty similar sizing through and through.

As for me, I’m watching UFC 148: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II this weekend. I’m stupid excited for this fight and I bet my stomach will be filled with crazy nerves and my leg will be shaking the entire time.

It’s been two years since their first fight, which was a wild wild fight. It was deemed “Fight of the Year” let alone “Fight of the Night”. It’s about the best rivalry in the UFC at this moment in terms of actual action in the cage as well as hype and lead up outside of it. The last fight was in August of 2010 and I watched it in Philadelphia and a former commenter was there as well by chance and at some point I accidentally spilled a drink on her. I’m smooth ladies… smooth.

I haven’t done my preview for July movies yet and I screwed up not doing it yet. But in reality there are really only two movies coming out in July…

The AMAZING Spider Man




Spider-Man opened on Tuesday and it’s getting good reviews. Most of the bad reviews are focused on how completely unnecessary this reboot is, but they think the movie is fair. Others are criticizing it saying it’s not that fun and it doesn’t wow and it’s just a lot moodier. Either way, it looks watchable and I’m betting I’ll see it sometime this weekend. I agree it’s an unnecessary reboot, but the original cast didn’t want to continue and Sony did, so they got some other people to fill their roles.

It’s more or less just another movie setting up an eventual sequel, which pisses me off, but that’s the name of the game.

Also, Katy Perry’s movie comes out this weekend. I really have no idea who the market is for this movie, but I suppose young girls, but why. Why would they really want to see this? Is Katy that interesting? Also, it’s in 3D I believe. Again, I’m not sure if that is great for young girls. It would be better for me if Katy’s boobs were in 3D the whole time, but again the movie isn’t for me.

Either way, that’s pretty much what July is about. I already talk a decent amount about Batman to begin with, so obviously I’ll talk about how unbelievably excited I am for The Dark Knight Rises. I rewatched Batman Begins the other day and I watch The Dark Knight about every other week anyway.

I hope you had a great 4th!

What did you do?

I hope you have a great weekend.

2 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Wants IT presents: PUPPY!”

  1. Kim said

    Chloe is adorable!! enjoy!

  2. nixhaw said

    A Shih-Tzu, Maltese mix?! Good luck with all that adorable 🙂

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