Anne Hathaway’s favorite accessory is her BOOBS

July 18, 2012

Hello again, my friends.

My friends who want to read about or see pictures of Anne Hathaway’s boobs.

Before we even get into the discussion, let me just make my point early and as often as possible…

Oh that’s a lovely shir… BOOBS.

Yes, lovely boobs – indeed.

No necklace needed. No jewelry of any sort needed. Not even a top half of the shirt needed. Because once you see them, you never stop and they never stop looking great. Boobs.

That’s right. What’s the fashionable accessory that never goes out of style Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall?

Say it with me…


Specifically, yours or Anne Hathaway’s.

It’s really quite incredible how boobs go not only with any outfit one can imagine, but in any style or variety or color or really any event one could possibly attend.

Boobs are the universal remote of clothing.

Are you even reading the words I’m typing at this point?

I can barely hear my own inner monologue to type this because the BOOBS are just so loud and all encompassing at this point.

When boobs are present they might as well be emitting a high frequency sonic pulse through the air the disrupts cognitive functions, hearing, and causes blood to shift focus from the brain to the groin area. They’re a terrorist attack on my life!

If you notice, Anne Hathaway’s boobs look great in red.

And they also look great in…

Other red!

When people talk about the best invention since sliced bread, that just makes me believe there was a period of time when there were no boobs and only bread loaves with no sharp objects to be found. I can’t believe human existence even survived this truly dark age.

If someone wanted to argue that I might be able to get more work done if there were less boobs in the world or on the internet, they would probably be absolutely right. At the same time, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN THAT WORLD?! What’s the fucking point? It’s like saying you want to live in a world without… I don’t even know what is a good comparison. Can we create a hybrid of puppies/laughter/all happiness/booze/the existence of beauty/sports and turn it into one thing and not call it “boobs”? Because that’s what it would be like to lose boobs.


They could use this picture for one of those police training tests where you can see how many details you can pick up in a picture or setting in a split second. They could give you and everyone else in the existence of life in space and time in the universe this test and everyone’s answer would be…


It doesn’t matter what language you speak or time period you’re from or distant planet you come from, your answer would be BOOBS. That’s it. B-O-O-B-S. Boobs.

I mean look how versatile Anne Hathaway’s boobs are.

They’re sticking out the side…

They can stick out the top with this curve thing going on.

It’s like they’re a Rorschach art project and all my subconscious is saying is, “God bless you, Anne Hathaway. And your boobs.”

Good God.

Maybe the most interesting thing about Anne Hathaway’s boobs is that as many times as we’ve seen then, we’re ready to see them again. There’s no saturation level too high with Anne Hathaway’s boobs. Actually, that can be said of pretty much any female in the world that you’re not related to, but let’s just stick to Anne.

Anne Hathaway has graciously presented us her boobs in several movies and really why stop.

Off the top of my head, “Havoc”, “Brokeback Mountain”, and “Love and Other Drugs”. Those three movies show off Anne Hathaway’s boobs. These boobs are so powerful that even in a movie about two gay cowboys being gay in the mountains, that Anne Hathaway’s boobs had to be shown and someone had to pretend like they were having sex with them… her. Anne. A movie about gay guys had to have a scene of someone (Jake) having sex with Anne with her boobs showing. Brilliant!

The boobs look perfect with long hair pulled back.

The boobs are selling this dress with long hair just coming right over them like the hair can’t keep itself away from them.

Short hair… you get the fucking picture. Boobs.

Honestly, I don’t boobs even boobs know boobs what boobs I’m writing boobs because boobs after looking boobs at all these pictures boobs all my brain wants to do boobs is stare boobs at these boobs. Boobs.

I really want to see “The Dark Knight Rises” already!

I’m going to go to a midnight screening on Thursday because I just cannot wait at this point.

I’ve heard and I’m expecting Anne to be great as Catwoman. I’m not expecting to see her boobs nekkid like in “Brokeback Mountain”, but I’m sure her boobs do come into play in some capacity. Her boobs look good in the Catwoman outfit even if they’re all covered up in leather/spandex/whatever.


Happy hump day.

4 Responses to “Anne Hathaway’s favorite accessory is her BOOBS”

  1. PWG said

    You know what? I have boobs that I can look at pretty much any time I want, and you’re right: boobs are pretty great, and I also don’t get tired of looking at them.

    But I don’t actively seek out boob viewing opportunities, and I probably only look at my own two or three times a day when I’m getting dressed, undressed, or am just sad about the state of politics in the good old U S of A and don’t have access to pictures of puppies.

    I looked at them just now though, for no good reason. They’re fine.

  2. NixHaw said

    What an timeous post. I was just reading a story last night where the heroines “pink nipples stared back” at her in a mirror. Betcha Anne Hathaways boobs can’t do that.

  3. subboytoy said

    omg! shes a doll=) she is stunning gorgeous hott n soo sexy! beautyfull lovely cute funny smart n she has an amazing personality too! she has got “it” all! she is awsummm! from her lovely face too her fabulous Feet! ii read a survey recently that rated her feet n soles as the prettyest n sexyest! lol guess im gunna have to start checkin out hott girls feet/soles ahaha didnt know ii thot girls feet were pretty till ii seen katy perrys cute n pretty feet n nice smmooth soles! teehe ;–*blushes* ;-)subboytoy ; -)) Bobby

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